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June 26, 2008

Forcing You Out of Your Car

by lewwaters

Re-Posted by permission

Yes that is right! Mayor Tom Potter of Portland Oregon was interviewed by Bob Miller of KPAM 860 talk radio. The I-5 bridge from Vancouver to Oregon needs to be replaced, it is just to narrow and too old. Looks like the only way to get a new bridge comes with a huge price to pay. Seems like bringing in a new bridge will be a package deal, it will come with light rail, like it or not.

I have linked to the interview (06/25/08 – Mayor Potter endorses new I-5 bridge, about 8 1/2 minutes in) where the mayor of Portland actually tells Bob that bring light rail is a way to force us out of cars. I could not believe what I had just heard, and apparently Bob felt the same way, and had to ask him again.

Not to mention it will open up a huge city to our small town of Vancouver, along with it’s crime rate and nonchalant attitude of bicycling in front of moving autos.

I have paid quite a bit of money to park there when I work; I have gotten parking fines for parking in the wrong places. There is no parking in downtown Portland, and it is hard to navigate to a jobsite with so many bicycles that don’t respect the laws of the road.

I have made my decision to boycott downtown Portland, if they want someone to do my work, look to one of their own. I don’t want to have to deal with that greedy communist city, all it’s fines and parking lots, where they want to force people to do what they want. Sounds like the Taliban in disguise.

Every time I have to travel there, I tell my husband it seems as though I have entered into another country that is removed from America.

I say let’s force Tom Potter out of his stretch limo or provided SUV, and force him to walk the streets or ride a bicycle for more than just photo ops.


June 26, 2008

Letter to Brian Baird RE: The Fairness Doctrine

by lewwaters

Sent June 26, 2008 1:10 AM

Congressman Baird, I write this to you utterly dismayed that America’s Freedom of Speech is threatened by the possibility of reinstatement of the so called “Fairness Doctrine.” I am very disheartened to learn that not one Democrat supports “The Broadcaster Freedom Act,” which only protect America’s Free Speech.


At a time when Freedom of Speech protects Racist Groups and those who desire to see America under Anarchy or radical extremism, how is possible that our own government is willing to curtail the Free Speech of those opposing one political view?


I understand this is aimed primarily at conservative talk radio, but do we really need to stop American’s from listening to what they desire? I hope not. I would no more support curtailing the free speech of people opposed to my views than I hope you and other Democrats would. Once an essential liberty as free speech is curtailed for one, how long before it is limited for others?


I recall when you met with fellow Veterans at the Gathering of Eagles in March 2007 when you said, “I can always find another job, but I cannot find another country.” Those are some of the most profound words I have ever heard from a politician in my life. Will we have the same country if we allow Speaker Pelosi to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine” and limit free speech of those she disagrees with?


That isn’t the America I fought for.


I told you when we met at the Memorial Day Commemoration this year at Ft. Vancouver, that although I am a Republican, you have earned my vote. I said that because I find you to be an honest and honorable man who will put partisanship aside.


I respectfully urge you to once again put partisanship aside and support “The Broadcaster Freedom Act” and help keep America’s Speech free.


Thank You

Lew Waters


June 25, 2008

No Light Rail for Clark County

by lewwaters

trimet-max-new-trainListening to local radio news, it appears that Mayors Royce Pollard and Tom Potter have decided we will have Light Rail, like it or not and totally ignoring that we Clark county voters said NO!

As can be expected, both the Columbian and C-Trans support the move to shove Light Rail down our throats and even tries to fool us by telling us polls show strong support for the idea, neglecting to mention that of the 540 respondents polled, only 104 were from Clark County.

This is our elected officials ignoring the clear statement of Clark County voters when the idea was rejected by a 2 to 1 margin.

Portland’s Max Line, which is what we will be tied to, has been beset with crime and delays, it is an expensive and inefficient system being forced on us. Outgoing County Commissioner, Betty Sue Morris admitted as much in her final State of the County speech this past February.

Still, we know we need to replace the aging I-5 Bridge to unsnarl the bottleneck seen on it twice daily. But, will the proposals accomplish that? Don’t bank on it.

The proposed replacement bridge will consist of 3-lanes in each direction, what we have now. Of course, Light Rail will be an additional lane, even though few people use public transportation into Portland now.

Estimated cost is over $4 Billion, including Light Rail. Eliminate Light Rail and that estimated cost is drastically reduced.

Once we have Light Rail along with a new bridge, we can expect tolls on the aging I-5 Bridge, the I-205 bridge and the new bridge once completed. Add to that taxes will undoubtedly go up as Light Rail will draw few riders and will require heavy subsidies by us, either in yet another sales tax increase or property tax increases.

Light Rail riders will pay as little as possible, to try to draw riders and we taxpayers will pay for it, just as we do now with nearly empty C-Trans buses in North County.

Once operating we can expect the criminal element that has been preying on Portland’s Max riders to make it into Clark Counties Light Rail and prey on our citizens too.

Portland politicians embrace proposed tolls as a means to discourage Clark County’s commuters from driving into Portland. That so many work there and pay Oregon taxes without any voice is ignored as Portland’s Mayor Tom Potter spoke to KPAM 860’s Bob Miller just this morning (downloadable MP3 at 06/25/08 – Mayor Potter endorses new I-5 bridge) and admitted it is a move to force people out of their cars.” (about 8:30 into the interview)

Did we elect these people to force us out or in to anything? Are we no longer the Land of the Free with freedom and liberty for all? Is this “representative government” when they intend to “force” us to do their bidding?

We aren’t being given a chance to reject this, as both Potter and Pollard know the voters don’t want it. The Mayors and Commissioners have rejected us voters as they have decided to shove this down our throats, like it or not.

We can’t reject it, but we can reject those forcing it upon us by voting them out of office next time up for reelection and calling, emailing or writing to them and telling them all where to shove their Light Rail proposals!

Let them know they work for us, not the other way around.

Tell them WE DON’T WANT THE LIGHT RAIL. We want a third bridge!


June 19, 2008

For Pete’s Sake, Vote Debbie Peterson

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson officially kicked off her campaign this evening at the Clark County Republican Party Headquarters in Hazel Dell. Debbie is running for Position One of the 49th Legislative District seat.

She gave a short talk outlining where she sees problems and that for the sake of Washington and Clark County, they must be dealt with.

She is well versed in the educational needs of our area, having over 20 years teaching experience herself.

Speaking with Debbie, concerning the recent loss of the $13.2 Million for Washington State Schools, this is a lady with her head planted squarely on her shoulders who deserves our support.

Keep an eye out as support grows for her campaign at and, For Pete’s Sake, Let’s elect Debbie Peterson.