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July 31, 2008

Wanton Vandalism Not Necessarily A “Hate Crime”

by lewwaters

Like many, I was angered and outraged to read that Frank Wastradowski’s 1993 Plymouth Sundance was vandalized with the words “White Poweretched into the paint. Mr. Wastradowski is an Obama supporter and proudly displays his choice in his yard.

Vandalism is a crime and no one should be vandalized because they exercise their freedom of speech and support the candidate of their choice.

Mr. Wastradowski and some others see this is a “Hate Crime,” which I feel is going a little too far. It appears more like kids to me who think this type of misconduct is “kicks.” That doesn’t excuse this crime or justify it, not by any means. But really, a “Hate Crime?”

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Hate Crime as,

“any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation)”

It is unknown so far just who did this wanton act of vandalism, but it has all the marks of stupid kids who think damaging others property is “fun and kicks.” I really can’t see Supremacist groups, who try to maintain a low profile, vandalizing one White person over their support for Obama and leaving hundreds of others alone.

During the 2004 campaign season, I supported President Bush and also exercised my free speech by placing signs in my yard. They were stolen a few times, as all Bush signs were on my street one night. Paint balls were shot at my house. My American Flag was stolen. Kerry signs were placed in my yard to replace my Bush signs. One Halloween, two adult “trick or treaters,” with a child, drove up in front of my home and came to the door. I thought it a bit strange for adults to be in costume with a child and also asking for candy, but the world is strange today. As I gave the trio some candy, one of the adults thrust Kerry campaign literature into my hand and ran off.

Once, when I proudly displayed my Bush ’04 sticker on the back of my truck, as I was stopped at a stop light, a motorist pulled alongside in the right turn lane, rolled down the window of is car and spat on my truck, then hurriedly turned right.

Every time I complained about any of the incidents above, I was told it was just kids, don’t worry about it. No one cried it was a “Hate Crime” because I supported Bush, no matter how much it upset me.

This past April, the Columbian reported on the case of Christopher Reinhold, the son of a Battle Grounds Deputy Mayor, charged with sending racist e-mail messages about city councilman Paul Zandamela, a Black Man.

No one seemed to cry “Hate Crime” in this incident, which I feel would be closer to the definition than the despicable act of vandalism done to Mr. Wastradowski’s car.

I can’t blame him for being angry and upset. I was too when what I listed above happened to me. I even wrote a letter to the editors at the Columbian about the acts, which did not get printed, for whatever reason. No big deal, though, it got it off my chest.

No one cried “hate crime” when American flags were burned on top of Veterans graves last Memorial Day on Orcas Island last year. No one cried “hate crime” as Veterans Memorials were being vandalized across the country in the past years. No one has cried “hate crime” as President Bush has been belittled and defamed in all imagineable ways. Only when some disagreeable act happens to an Obama supporter do we hear the cry now.

Tim Probst, Democrat running for the representative of the 17th District says,

If someone scratches ‘white power’ on a car, it’s important that we send a message as a whole that our community doesn’t accept racism.”

Mr. Probst, our community doesn’t accept racism, or wanton vandalism. Democrat or Republican, it is unacceptable. Playing the race card for political points should be just as unacceptable, but it doesn’t appear to be so today.

Since Barack Obama has become the Democrat Parties presumptuous nominee, we have seen an increase in cries of racism, just for opposing or questioning his stance on the issues. Now, do the cries of racism extend to supporters if some kids pull bonehead stunts as keying their car?

Blowing it further out of proportion, Chris Bassett said,

Obviously, there is an element in Clark County that feels it’s OK to do these things. [The Wastradowski’s] were just expressing themselves and the vandals were trying to intimidate them into silence. And that’s very troubling.”

As said earlier, this act of vandalism deserves to be punished, if they hopefully find out who did it. I sincerely hope they do find them and make them atone to Mr. Wastradowski for the damage to his car, even if already repaired.

Bassett, a Clark County Democrat, has in the meantime, issued a call for donations to help the Wastradowski’s have their car repaired through emails to other Democrats. So far, according to the Columbian, $200 of the expected $2,000 has been raised.

I sympathize with the Wastradowski’s and sincerely hope their car gets repaired. But please, don’t we have enough problems coming together as people without crying “Hate Crime” and “racism” every time something unpleasant will happen to an Obama supporter or someone questions Obama’s values or stand on the issues?

July 27, 2008

Columbian Editor Hangs On To BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome)

by lewwaters
Logo of Clark County

Logo of Clark County


In John Laird’s July 27 Columbian Editorial, “Of budgets, bridges and bullies, How to build a weak argument,” one would expect an Editor to build a better argument than falling back upon the tired “Bush and the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election,” in reference to calls of “Don’t let Seattle steal this election” regarding the upcoming Governors race between incumbent Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi.

Shouldn’t an Editor know that in 2000 it was the Democrats who moved the Florida Recounts to the Courts in the first place? Shouldn’t he know the US Supreme Court ruling only prevented the changing of election laws by the Florida Supreme Court in mid-recount to the benefit of one candidate?

Shouldn’t an Editor know that the 2004 Governors race had upwards of 70% of Washington voters, Democrat and Republican, desiring a revote due to the closeness and the dubious King County recounts?

Or, is John Laird one of those Democrats who see the 2004 Washington Governors race as “payback” for the 2000 loss in Florida we heard in 2004?

Seattle and King County seem to have a history of “discovering” extra-uncounted votes in ballot boxes that nobody seemed to know about when a Democrat is lagging behind a Republican in a close race.

Likewise, in the same editorial addressing the voter approved I-747, doesn’t Mr. Laird see a sense of payback in that the only areas local government seems able to trim the budget is in the cutting of “vital services” after voters capped Real Estate Taxes in 2001 and our Property values have declined this past year? Did he miss that in 2007 the Washington State Supreme Court ruled I-747 as unconstituional and voided it?

Even for an editorial, I should think the Columbian’s readers and Clark County deserve better.

July 27, 2008

Meet The Candidates for the 49th District Position 1

by lewwaters

Recent interviews were held by CVTV with all three candidates currently running to replace Representative Fromhold, who is stepping down.

John Nyberg (R), Debbie Peterson (R) and Jim Jacks (D) all appear before the camera and lay out their desires for Clark County.

CVTV Clark County

Click on each candidates name and listen and watch. To me, Debbie Peterson is the most knowledgeable and comfortable discussing her views and desires.


July 25, 2008

Who Is Christine Webb?

by lewwaters
July 25, 2008

The Columbian Endorses a Democrat. So What’s New?

by lewwaters


In today’s Columbian paper, “In Our View” comes out heavily for Democrat Jim Jacks to replace outgoing Rep. Bill Fromhold for the 49th Legislative District.


Of Jack’s opponent, Debbie Peterson, they state, “she lacks the breadth and the ability to clearly and concisely discuss an issue” after telling us she is a teacher and has worked as a financial specialist for the Vancouver Housing Authority.


Moreover, they call many of views “unrealistic” without presenting anything but her opposition to a new I-5 bridge with light rail, something both the Columbian and Jacks wish to cram down Clark County’s throats.


Of Jacks experience, they tell us, “Jacks was the Southwest Washington representative for Gov. Chris Gregoire” and “he was the citizen advocate for the city of Vancouver.”


So, we have a Republican who opposes a new bridge with light rail who is dumped on by the Columbian and a Democrat who they endorse with close ties to our controversial governor who spends our taxes like mad and leaves us a huge deficit, but who embraces Portland’s notion of forcing light rail on us.


No bias there, right? Is tha twhy they provide Jacks link to is campaign website, but not Debbie Peterson’s?


To be fair, I have never met and spoken with Jacks, but have Debbie Peterson. I find her well able to express her views, as a teacher should be able to.


With Jacks, I fear we will end up with more Gregoire attitude in Clark County and out of control spending, resulting in outrageous taxes paid by us all.


I think when it boils down, we will discover the Columbian prefers Jacks because he, like them, wants us to have Light Rail, whether we want it or not.


Doesn’t it strike you as odd that although we voted it down last time on the ballot, we are getting it anyway? And it comes from Portland’s Light Rail, not our own. So, who will benefit and profit from it?


And most importantly, since it will not be able to pay for itself, who will pay for it? That’s right, you and me.


With such obvious bias and opposition to the desires of the citizens of Clark County, it is little wonder the Columbian’s revenues are down and people are being laid off.


As I tell them every time they ask me to re-subscribe, “Drop the Liberal Bias and report news fair and equitably and maybe I’ll buy your paper again.”


Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath on that.


The Columbian may endorse who they please, but Clark County Conservative endorses Debbie Peterson.

July 21, 2008

Delavar Shares Ron Paul’s Naiveté

by lewwaters

I was somewhat surprised last evening to receive an email from Candidate Michael Delavar about midnight. No, it was not the usual run of the mill “vote for me” email, but a personal note asking why, back on May 26 on Victoria Taft’s forum, I said I would not vote for Delavar and would cast a vote for Democrat Brian Baird instead, due to his support for winning in Iraq now.

Apparently, Delavar, 34, considers himself the sole conservative running. In subsequent emails, he speaks of the race as between him and Baird, neglecting that the Washington State Republican Party unanimously endorsed the candidacy of Christine Webb, not Michael Delavar, to run against Baird and another Democrat anti-war activist, Cheryl Crist.

I’ve never met Delavar, Crist or Webb, but I have Brian Baird. Even as a Republican I was going to vote for Baird over Delavar, but due to Baird’s joining fellow Democrats in not supporting the Broadcaster Freedom Act, I am having second thoughts on that.

Currently Delavar appears ahead of Webb in gaining enough votes on our August 19 Primary to face Baird, but Webb is a late starter and just getting going.

Delavar can be found on many Ron Paul forums, supporting his failed run this year. Paul considered himself a conservative Republican, but has a history of being a lifelong Libertarian, losing a previous bid for the presidency under that parties banner in 1988.

Delavar and Paul both have some excellent fiscal ideas that I agree with. Then again, even a broken watch shows the correct time twice a day.

I was a bit surprised that a candidate for the House of Representatives would be thin skinned enough to contact a single voter who expressed opposition to him for an explanation of why. Out of the thousands of voters in the 3rd Congressional District, surely one little voter isn’t all that important for one who claims to have “jumped ahead” of an incumbent.

Most disturbing to me was his reply after I told him that I cannot support any candidate that advocates withdrawing from the War on Terror prematurely, as we have often done since WW2, leaving allies at the mercy of enemies who have historically slaughtered millions of innocent civilians as we turned a blind eye. I also stated that I could not support anyone who advocated the use of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, essentially outsourcing the defense of our nation to mercenaries.

So, I was somewhat taken aback that someone considering themselves to be a Conservative Republican would reply with, “one question we have to ask is whether the Republican party has become the party of war.”

Being a Viet Nam Veteran myself, I do not like war, but understand that our liberties and freedoms are ensured and protected by our Brave Troops fighting on our behalf to prevent another September 11 attack upon our country. I do not see the love of freedom and liberty, understanding the price that must be paid and has been paid since our country was founded, and being willing to pay that price as being “the party of war.”

I am left with the impression that Delavar, like Ron Paul, feels we brought the attacks of September 11 on ourselves.

Delavar also asked, “What about being pro-life, fiscally conservative, for securing our borders without amnesty, and protecting our sovereignty? None of those things seem to be important to our supposedly “conservative” Republican party. Only war.”

As I see it, Delavar is completely missing the boat in what we are fighting. Of course, if we lose this war, or just walk away and allow the Iraqis and Afghanis to flounder as Al Qaeda and the Taliban take over two countries to base out of, of what use will the other issues be once the suicide bombings and I.E.D.’s begin within our borders?

Additionally, Delavar said, “If we want bankruptcy as a nation, we should stay in Iraq and Afghanistan until the cows come home.”

Does it escape him that “the cows” haven’t yet come home from Japan, Germany and South Korea, not to mention hundreds of other bases around the globe in some 60 years? That hasn’t bankrupted us. He must not realize that the cost of fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan currently amount to less than 4% of our GDP, hardly bankruptcy range, I believe.

Explaining to him that as a Viet Nam Veteran, the thought of abandoning another struggling country to their fate against a heavily armed enemy, as we did Viet Nam, which culminated in millions of innocent lives being lost in South Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos, was abhorrent to me, the reply of “Yes, there are some unpleasant possibilities that might come about when we leave. We don’t know exactly what will be happening until that happens,” was elicited.

I don’t know about you, but millions of innocent people slaughtered because of what they believe, many thousands more dying when escaping a Communist nation in rickety boats, is a bit more than merely “some unpleasant possibilities.” I place more value on life than that.

Earlier on he was mentioning his “pro-life” stance in opposing abortions, as most of us do. How pro-life is it to support a child being born but consider millions of innocent men, women and children being slaughtered as an “unpleasant possibility?”

Little wonder that the July 22, 2008 “In Our View” section of The Columbian says, “Michael Delavar, is trying to seize on the Ron Paul passion that rose but now fizzles among many conservatives. He and others made big noise at the Clark County convention, but the real news occurred in the February GOP primary when Paul earned less than 7 percent of local votes.”

This Conservative Republican has no intention of standing by as Ron Paul Libertarians step in and take over the Republican Party as Liberals did the Democrat Party. The GOP is fractured and does need repair, but not adopting the views of a whiner as Ron Paul who can’t even see who our enemies are, in spite of three decades of attacks against us.

Support our Troops. Support their mission. And, help return the GOP to its true conservative base by voting for Christine Webb.

July 13, 2008

Kennedy Snows Clark County

by lewwaters

rfk-jrAs I’m sure most Clark County residents know by now, we were recently treated to a visit by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who spoke before attendees at the second annual Southwest Washington Sustainability Conference this past Thursday evening, held at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Kennedy, a self styled resolute defender of the environment visited our fair city to lambaste us on the environment and charge President Bush as “the worst on environmental issues of any president we’ve had in our history.”

Kennedy told the audience, many of who paid over $300 to attend, “Americans [can] save the environment by unleashing the power of the free market.” Kennedy, one of the heirs to the vast Kennedy family fortune claimed, “There’s no stronger advocate for free-market capitalism than myself.”

He went on to compare “naysayers” to the Global Warming farce to “slave traders” in Britain over 200 years ago. He then went on to glorify the Industrial Revolution that expanded our economies after the abolition of slavery, apparently unaware that the very Industry he glorified depends heavily upon the very fuels, coal and oil, to fuel their output.

Ironic that he would state, “We don’t need to abolish carbon to understand it is the principal drag on American capitalism. We could be creating jobs in this country that can’t be outsourced,” in regards to alternative energy sources currently being explored by many.

Ironic because it is none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who rails against coal use for generating electricity, yet opposes a windfarm in his own back yard in Nantucket Sound claiming it would cost twice as much as gas fired electricity, but also because, if you read between the lines, it would spoil his view and his private boating pleasure time, as well as other wealthy residents of the area.

Kennedy joins a growing list of hypocrites who advocate us giving up pleasures and lifestyle for the environment, while they lavish themselves in wasteful luxury at our expense. It is okay to erect such forms of electrical generation in our back yards, but not the back yard of the Royal Family of Kennedy!

How many “free market jobs” would be gained building 130 windmills and maintaining them?

He explains,

These turbines are less than six miles from shore and would be seen from Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Hundreds of flashing lights to warn airplanes away from the turbines will steal the stars and nighttime views. The noise of the turbines will be audible onshore. A transformer substation rising 100 feet above the sound would house giant helicopter pads and 40,000 gallons of potentially hazardous oil.”

He then goes on to claim,

According to the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the project will damage the views from 16 historic sites and lighthouses on the cape and nearby islands. The Humane Society estimates the whirling turbines could every year kill thousands of migrating songbirds and sea ducks.”

But, views and migrating birds in other regions won’t have to give up something?

The Oregonian tells us of this visit, “RFK son faults Bush’s environmental practices,” neglecting that the Court Rejects Bush’s Signature Air Pollution Rule, angering some environmentalists who sided with President Bush on this act.

Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, who has been critical of the Bush administration in the past, supported this effort by President Bush to clean up the air back east, possible even in Kennedy’s own back yard.

Mr. O’Donnell said, “This is without a doubt the worst news of the year when it comes to air pollution.”

Yet, Kennedy would have us believe that it was Bush who abolished the central provision of the Clean Air Act, three years ago, making it ineffective!

Not wasting any effort at bashing President Bush and conservatives, Kennedy even invoked the need of the Fairness Doctrine saying, “We’re the best-entertained and least-informed people on the face of the Earth.”

Yet, who is it that stifles any honest discussion or evidence against their precious scam of Global Warming? You guessed it, Kennedy and his fellow environmentalist hypocrites! They do not want you informed, they want you indoctrinated in their view and their view only. They want you to give up liberty and freedom while they keep theirs.

Don’t be fooled by these people. It is not saving the planet they want, but Control of the planet.

I wouldn’t doubt that Kennedy, like other environmentalists and Democrats who champion us giving up our lifestyles and paying taxes or “carbon credits” to them, flew into PDX by a fuel drinking private jet, lavishly laid out for maximum comfort to him and the few people who may have flew with him.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he arrived at the Convention Center by luxurious SUV or limousine too.

July 5, 2008

Vancouver appears ready to OK light rail?

by lewwaters

According to an article appearing in the Oregonian, July 5, Vancouver residents “appear ready” for Light Rail.

Allan Brettman tells us, “If opinion polls are to be believed, if a recent public hearing is any guide, the popular consensus has opened Vancouver’s door to light rail.”

Would the “opinion poll” he mentions be the poll of 540, with only 104 actually being in Clark County?

We know the City Councils of both Vancouver and Portland desire to shove Light Rail down our throats, along with Tri-Met and C-Trans, so their claims of being ready are only to be expected.

Acknowledged is that we rejected Light Rail by a 2 to 1 margin the last time it was voted on. So, it is by surprise we read in the article, “But perhaps a clogged interstate, a changing population and $4-a-gallon gas have converged so that it won’t be much of a surprise Monday night when most members of the Vancouver City Council vote to support a light-rail line and new interstate bridge over the Columbia River.”

We are also told in the end of the article, after all the posturing over just where it should end being the only contentions of the council, “Vancouver voters probably will need to approve a sales tax increase to pay for light-rail maintenance and operations.”

“But city officials note much has changed since the light-rail referendum was defeated 13 years ago.”

Okay, since “it is in the bag,” so to speak, why not put it before the voters again?

Could it be they dare not trust Clark County residents to think for ourselves?