The Columbian Endorses a Democrat. So What’s New?

by lewwaters


In today’s Columbian paper, “In Our View” comes out heavily for Democrat Jim Jacks to replace outgoing Rep. Bill Fromhold for the 49th Legislative District.


Of Jack’s opponent, Debbie Peterson, they state, “she lacks the breadth and the ability to clearly and concisely discuss an issue” after telling us she is a teacher and has worked as a financial specialist for the Vancouver Housing Authority.


Moreover, they call many of views “unrealistic” without presenting anything but her opposition to a new I-5 bridge with light rail, something both the Columbian and Jacks wish to cram down Clark County’s throats.


Of Jacks experience, they tell us, “Jacks was the Southwest Washington representative for Gov. Chris Gregoire” and “he was the citizen advocate for the city of Vancouver.”


So, we have a Republican who opposes a new bridge with light rail who is dumped on by the Columbian and a Democrat who they endorse with close ties to our controversial governor who spends our taxes like mad and leaves us a huge deficit, but who embraces Portland’s notion of forcing light rail on us.


No bias there, right? Is tha twhy they provide Jacks link to is campaign website, but not Debbie Peterson’s?


To be fair, I have never met and spoken with Jacks, but have Debbie Peterson. I find her well able to express her views, as a teacher should be able to.


With Jacks, I fear we will end up with more Gregoire attitude in Clark County and out of control spending, resulting in outrageous taxes paid by us all.


I think when it boils down, we will discover the Columbian prefers Jacks because he, like them, wants us to have Light Rail, whether we want it or not.


Doesn’t it strike you as odd that although we voted it down last time on the ballot, we are getting it anyway? And it comes from Portland’s Light Rail, not our own. So, who will benefit and profit from it?


And most importantly, since it will not be able to pay for itself, who will pay for it? That’s right, you and me.


With such obvious bias and opposition to the desires of the citizens of Clark County, it is little wonder the Columbian’s revenues are down and people are being laid off.


As I tell them every time they ask me to re-subscribe, “Drop the Liberal Bias and report news fair and equitably and maybe I’ll buy your paper again.”


Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath on that.


The Columbian may endorse who they please, but Clark County Conservative endorses Debbie Peterson.

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