Who Is Christine Webb?

by lewwaters

5 Comments to “Who Is Christine Webb?”

  1. Christine will be last behind Delavar, Crist and Baird- she isn’t telling us anything! What will she do???? Look, Christine, your writer can’t sit on the floor with you. You wont have green yes and No signs to tell you how to vote, YOU have to stand for something.


  2. missygabalot, don’t be counting your chickens before they hatch.

    While Michael Delavar is a fine person, I’m sure, he has absolutely no experience of any kind in politics and government. All the Ron Pauliacs in the nation flooding the internet can’t change that.

    Why not take the opportunity to list all of his qualifications that shows he has the experience to hold office? Perhaps because you can’t?

    He would serve your agenda better had he ran for a lesser office to get his feet wet.

    Just remember, all the stacking of internet polls ya’ll did for Paul didn’t fan out in reality, did they?

    In spite of National Media manipulations, Americans can see the importance of finishing the mission in the Iraqi theater of the War on Terror. Ya’ll are on the wrong side once again.


  3. I might also add, if your platform is belittling your candidate only, you will fail.


  4. Please do not waste your time with Mr. Waters. He is a one issue blogger. The rest of the issues matter not. Good night.


  5. Gosh Betsy, you waited two weeks to drop in just to say that? My grandson does better than that.

    But, I’ll say it again, the other issues will matter little if we end up fighting terrorists on our streets and in our malls.

    You are wrong about me being a “one issue” person. It is just I can see the dangers in continuing to ignore that one issue, as was done for the decades prior to 2001.

    You can only keep burying your heads for so long until that one issue bites you even harder than it has been ever since 1979.

    Sooner ot later it must be faced up to. I find it quite telling that we have not suffered another major attack against our interests since taking it back to them.

    And now, you and other misled people would return to the days of a major attack every couple years, each getting stronger?

    You Paulistinians would do yourselves better by instead encouraging those who wish to pull the covers over their heads to pull them down and face the truth, freedom and liberty are under a major assault worldwide by a radical extremist group.

    No, Betsy, not a “one issue” person, just the most important issue, if we desire to remain free.


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