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July 27, 2008

Columbian Editor Hangs On To BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome)

by lewwaters
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In John Laird’s July 27 Columbian Editorial, “Of budgets, bridges and bullies, How to build a weak argument,” one would expect an Editor to build a better argument than falling back upon the tired “Bush and the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election,” in reference to calls of “Don’t let Seattle steal this election” regarding the upcoming Governors race between incumbent Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi.

Shouldn’t an Editor know that in 2000 it was the Democrats who moved the Florida Recounts to the Courts in the first place? Shouldn’t he know the US Supreme Court ruling only prevented the changing of election laws by the Florida Supreme Court in mid-recount to the benefit of one candidate?

Shouldn’t an Editor know that the 2004 Governors race had upwards of 70% of Washington voters, Democrat and Republican, desiring a revote due to the closeness and the dubious King County recounts?

Or, is John Laird one of those Democrats who see the 2004 Washington Governors race as “payback” for the 2000 loss in Florida we heard in 2004?

Seattle and King County seem to have a history of “discovering” extra-uncounted votes in ballot boxes that nobody seemed to know about when a Democrat is lagging behind a Republican in a close race.

Likewise, in the same editorial addressing the voter approved I-747, doesn’t Mr. Laird see a sense of payback in that the only areas local government seems able to trim the budget is in the cutting of “vital services” after voters capped Real Estate Taxes in 2001 and our Property values have declined this past year? Did he miss that in 2007 the Washington State Supreme Court ruled I-747 as unconstituional and voided it?

Even for an editorial, I should think the Columbian’s readers and Clark County deserve better.

July 27, 2008

Meet The Candidates for the 49th District Position 1

by lewwaters

Recent interviews were held by CVTV with all three candidates currently running to replace Representative Fromhold, who is stepping down.

John Nyberg (R), Debbie Peterson (R) and Jim Jacks (D) all appear before the camera and lay out their desires for Clark County.

CVTV Clark County

Click on each candidates name and listen and watch. To me, Debbie Peterson is the most knowledgeable and comfortable discussing her views and desires.