Jim Jacks, “I Don’t Know How To Solve It”

by lewwaters

Clark County Citizens were treated to a debate by some of our candidates this past Tuesday, Aug 5., hosted by the local League of Women Voters. Through the graciousness of Clark Vancouver Television, you can download or simply view that debate, which I encourage you to do, especially the debate between Democrat, Jim Jacks and Republican, Debbie Peterson. Their debate begins about 40 minutes into the program, but is well worth watching.

Both Ms. Peterson and Mr. Jacks are vying for the 49th Legislative District, Position 1 seat currently held by Democrat, Bill Fromhold, who is not running for reelection. Neither has held political office at the state level before, but viewing the debate might just show you who is best suited for the position.

In July of this year, another website, the Washington Conservation Voters, who bill themselves as “The political voice for the environment,” and The Columbian posted their endorsement of Jacks saying,

Jacks is superior in civic experience, intellect, knowledge of the issues and the players, ability to express himself clearly and succinctly, and has sensible positions on the issues.”

Of Debbie Peterson they said,

Debbie Peterson, teaches in a private school and has worked as a financial specialist for the Vancouver Housing Authority. She is passionate about her causes, but she lacks the breadth and the ability to clearly and concisely discuss an issue, jeopardizing her effectiveness in the Olympia cauldron.”

In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. As you will see if you have the chance to view the debate, Debbie consistently gave thoughtful and concise ideas and opinions on the issues. Jim, for the most part, repeatedly stated that his job would be to “listen and learn” as well as “vote responsibly.”

The replies were vague, at best and even foolish occasionally. At one point he even claims that we, the voters, selected Governor Gregiore’s 9.5-cent gas tax increase. Our Democrat led legislaturegave’ us that tax increase.

Granted, in 2005 Initiative 912 was launched to repeal the tax and was defeated, statewide. But, does that mean we “chose” the tax? After many promises never to be kept were made and cries of how much the money is needed to improve our roads, Clark County voters narrowly defeated I-912 by a very slim margin. Or, does it indicate a big money campaign to keep higher taxes was waged? Of course, as gas prices soar and our roads fall further into disrepair, as monies are wasted “studying” a new bridge across I-5 into Oregon, as well as Light Rail being shoved down our throats without a vote, I would imagine many wish they could change their vote today.

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, was well prepared with facts and numbers to back her up. She at one point mentioned the stunning fact that our States population has increased by 120% over the past 40 years, while spending by the state has increased over 400%. Obviously, that cannot be sustained.

It is little wonder we are facing a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall with Governor Gregoire.

Debbie was spot on with calls for decreasing spending and streamlining government, while Jim kept on saying how he would “listen and learn” and “vote responsibly.”

When asked by the moderator, “Do you support any changes to the current Washington State tax system,” Debbie Peterson stated her position of spending must be brought under control. She brings out that if we get the Income Tax Democrats have wanted for some time, we will not lose the sales tax and our hard earned money will just be taken for more wasteful and unneeded projects.

I was utterly shocked to hear Jim Jacks go on about how we want services, we chose higher taxes before, revenues are down and more people need more services and such, but most shocking was to hear him say,

I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert, I’m not a revenue expert. That’s part of what I believe a new legislator needs to do is to listen and learn and understand how decisions over here effect all these other systems.”

CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.”

NOTE: He never actually answers whether or not he supports a change in our tax system, i.e. a State Income Tax.

Nowhere in his verbiage did we hear whether he would join in support of imposing a State Income Tax, or whether he would avoid it. Nowhere did we hear if he would trim the fat in Olympia and in State expenditures. Nowhere did we hear that “intellect, knowledge of the issues and the players, ability to express himself clearly and succinctly” that others said he possessed.

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, clearly and concisely expressed her vision and ideas for all to see.

Clark County voters are we in the 49th Legislative District prepared to send someone to represent us who openly states, “I don’t know how to solve it?” Do we need a legislator in Olympia equipped with training wheels, being led around by others from up state, who have shown the propensity to ignore us down here and take our taxes up north?

I ask that you join me in talking to Debbie if you meet her. Ask her and see how close her views, thoughts and values mirror your own.

Above all, For Pete’s Sake, let’s elect Debbie Peterson for the 49th Legislative District, position 1 and send someone well qualified to Olympia to represent us. We don’t need someone with close ties to Christine Gregoire who “doesn’t know how to solve it.”

11 Responses to “Jim Jacks, “I Don’t Know How To Solve It””

  1. Lew,

    I was pleased with the debate as well. As a thirty year resident of the 49th, I have had my finger on the pulse of the District for a long time and in different capacities. The issues that Ann Ogle addressed are of huge importance to the great citizens of this district. I will work to stop reckless spending, strangleholds on insurance companies, and poor transportation planning policies. I look forward to being a participant in solving our state’s dismal dropout rate. This is a great, new day for our state, as we look forward to new, problem-preventing ideas from responsible, transparent, elected officials.

    Respectfully submitted and with the District’s best interests in mind,

    Debbie Peterson
    Candidate for the 49th District, Position 1

  2. Ha Ha! I think it’s funny. How about Debbie think back to her interview with the Columbian when she BLEW the interview. You have no plan just borrowed ideas.

  3. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Kristina. It wasn’t Debbie who blurted out before the public, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m no tax expert” in regards to changing our tax system.

    If that escapes you, changing our tax system means giving us an income tax, with all of our other taxes. If you don’t like keeping more of your own paycheck, then go ahead and support and vote for Jacks in November.

    After all, his job will be to go to Olympia to “listen and learn,” instead of representing the people of the 49th Legislative District.

    As for a Columbian interview, who really cares? They are Jacks hip pocket already. Watch the debate between Debbie and Jacks from the Womens League of Voters to see who really has the ideas. It is still available from Clark Vancouver Television.



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