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September 20, 2008

The Columbian Shows Its Priorities

by lewwaters

I enjoy peeking in at the Columbian’s new blog site, Political Beat, from time to time. One can glean much insight seeing reporters truer thoughts and feelings that editors may not always let show in regular articles.

Jeff Mize treats us to just such insight in his September 19th posting, Gender-confused GOP?

Shameful that whoever wrote an RNCC release made a typo of using ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ in reference to Representative Brian Baird in his vote on the Pelosi backed sham energy bill sitting before the Senate currently.

Why it may be a sham is unimportant, just that someone made a typo.

In trying to leave a comment it came upon me that surely, Republicans are not the only ones to make typos or other gaffes, not that our local paper tells us about them if a Democrat slips up or says something improper, especially if that slip-up may reveal their lack of knowledge or qualification to be elected to office.

I thought specifically of Democrat Jim Jacks when, back in the August 5th debate with Debbie Peterson, was unable to supply a sound answer to the question, “Do you support any changes to the current Washington State tax system?”

After stammering around a little, he finally admitted,

I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert, I’m not a revenue expert. That’s part of what I believe a new legislator needs to do is to listen and learn and understand how decisions over here effect all these other systems.”

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, clearly stated her position of spending must be brought under control, brought out that if we get the Income Tax Democrats have wanted for some time, we will not lose the sales tax and our hard worked for money will just be taken for more wasteful and unneeded projects.

Voters deserve unbiased reports of comments as this by candidates, Democrat or Republican. I saw no mention in the Columbian covering this obvious lack of qualification by a candidate they have endorsed; robbing Clark County voters of much needed information in deciding who to select that will best replace out going Bill Fromhold.

On the other hand, it should be a relief to all Clark County voters to know that we will be kept abreast of typographical errors made in releases from Republicans.

September 17, 2008

How Easily The Masses Are Misled

by lewwaters

With word of car washing being banned in Clark County, I was reminded of how easy it is to mislead the public, especially if you claim it is for the environment.

Gullible people, many from the left, seem to fall for anything without regard to what it is, what it does or what it is for. Benefits mean nothing, so long as they jump on the bandwagon to ban some evil sounding substance, even to the water we drink.

Fortunately, according to a Columbian online poll, 86.2% of us see through this attack on liberty.

September 14, 2008

GOP “Shunning” Delavar?

by lewwaters
Michel Delavar

Michel Delavar

While I have been laid up dealing with the onslaught of Bell’s Palsy, it would appear that Michael Delavar has picked up somewhat of an admirer in the Columbian’s Kathy Durbin. On Friday, September 11, she devoted two posts to Michael, here and here.

I can’t say she shouldn’t, Michael is a nice and likeable person, having met with him and talked face to face now. I even like him personally, I just have issues with his stance on fighting terror and keeping the American people safe.

After our somewhat contentious exchange through email weeks ago, I have to admit that getting the chance to meet him and having the brief discussion we had was a pleasure.

I do feel he tried to pigeonhole me a little when he asked if I were prepared for a Religious War, but seemed taken aback somewhat with my reply, “do we have a choice?”

Continuing, I explained that they have been coming after us for some time now and it isn’t because of our dealings overseas, it is because they genuinely dislike Western Culture in their misguided interpretation of the Islamic Holy Book, the Qu’Ran.

We saw this in history with many misguided interpretations of our own Holy Scripture and for the most part, have corrected much of it, at least to where incidents like the Salem Witch Hunts and the Inquisitions wouldn’t occur today.

Still, Michael did admit that when attacked, we should respond with “overwhelming force,” a step in the right direction towards keeping America safe, I feel away from any ill-fated notion of hiring mercenaries to fight for us.

Ms. Durbin seems perplexed as to why the Clark County GOP hasn’t endorsed Michael and states it is because he won’t support John McCain, Sarah Palin ticket, the GOP nominee for president. She laments how the party backed Christine Webb, who I also supported.

Did she forget her own employer, the Columbian in July, endorsed Webb over Delavar as well? At that time, they said,

For conservative voters, Webb offers a solid choice with her pro-McCain presidential views and her anti-tax, limited-government ideas. She drew an endorsement at her party’s state convention. The fourth candidate, Michael Delavar, is trying to seize on the Ron Paul passion that rose but now fizzles among many conservatives.”

As we all now know, Michael defeated Webb and has the spot to challenge Brian Baird in November, a task I hope he is up to, for his own sake. Unseating an experienced incumbent by a novice, while not impossible, won’t be easy to do.

Ms. Durbin claims the party is “shunning” Michael, but from what I witnessed of him interacting with party members a couple weeks ago, while he may not have an official endorsement, he is hardly being shunned.

I don’t claim to speak for the party and have no idea if they will issue an official endorsement, but he would do himself well to shy away from the policies of Ron Paul, if he expects to pick up more conservatives from the 3rd District. Although the Pauliacs had a good showing in the primaries, the general election will most likely be entirely different, with Paul not in the running and encouraging voters to back loose cannon candidates such as Cynthia McKinney.

Personally, I am left in quite a dilemma as who to cast my vote for in November. Baird has seen the light and now supports winning in Iraq and the War on Terror, which garnered him much vitriol from the anti-war left Democrats and which also drew Michael into the race. Like Michael, Baird was opposed to our efforts until a trip to Iraq and meeting with Iraqi’s and the Troops showed him this effort is well worth finishing victoriously.

Otherwise, Baird is a down the line Pelosi following Liberal. Michael is a strong fiscal and social conservative, but misguided, in my opinion, on victory in the war. At this point in time, I have no idea who I will cast my vote for as I see winning this war just as important, even somewhat more so, than many domestic issues.

Michael says,

One of my goals is to meet with businessmen and regular Iraqis and find out what they are dealing with on a daily basis, I also plan to meet with soldiers from the local area.”

I think this is an excellent idea, as long as he doesn’t travel there pre-disposed of the outcome of the trip.

Much like Brian Baird did, Michael just may come to realize what he has been fed by the likes of Paul and the National Media isn’t what is happening and our efforts are well worth finishing in Victory. He may even discover that we have had a definition of Victory all along and he, like many others, just refused to see it.

If Michael returns and realizes just how foolish Ron Paul has been with this notion of Letters of Marque and Reprisal and withdrawing our Troops back within our borders, returning to a failed position of isolationalism, Baird may be facing more of a challenge come November than he thinks.

Michael, go to Iraq with your eyes and mind open. Listen and learn to what, not only Iraqi’s, but our own Brave Troops, who continually volunteer to return have to say.

September 6, 2008

Tom Langston Kicks Off Campaign

by lewwaters

Tom Langston

Tom Langston

Friday evening, September 5, 2008, saw the official kick-off of the campaign for write in candidate, Tom Langston in his bid to oppose Democrat Craig Pridemore for State Senator, 49th Legislative District.

Tom was a latecomer to this years’ race and needed to draw at least one per cent of the votes in the primary to qualify for the general election in November. He ended up doubling the minimum and qualified for the ballot, without even campaigning.

He penned a letter that was sent out by email announcing his write-in campaign to let voters know he was in the race.

Tom decided to enter the race to oppose Senator Pridemore due to no one opposing him in this years’ election. “I thought, ‘That’s not right.’ It’s just kind of snowballed from there. I’ve been getting calls from people I’ve never met in my life,” Tom said back in August.

He won the endorsement from Clark County’s Republican Party central committee executive board by a unanimous vote.

Friday’s campaign kick-off was well attended at the GOP Party Headquarters office at 78th Street and Hazel Dell Avenue in Hazel Dell, where Tom’s wife, Cindy, is now the Office manager.

Tom introduced himself to those in attendance and had yard signs available, along with some refreshments.

Tom believes in improving education, affordable health care options and responsibly dealing with the drug problems faced by citizens and our children today.

He opposes an income tax, citizenship rights for illegal immigrants and as a businessman himself, supports a sensible and balance budget. In reference to the out of control spending practiced by government, Tom says, “If the government were a business, we would NOT do business with them.”

Speaking with Tom briefly, on a one on one basis, I was impressed by his demeanor and desire to improve the representation of the 49th Legislative District.

Tom is still working on his website and it should be up shortly.

While incumbents usually enjoy a safe run, once Clark County voters get to know Tom Langston, Craig Pridemore just may be finding that Clark County is tired of the same old, same old from Olympia and is ready for real change.

One thing for certain, now that Tom is officially in the race, we do have a choice.

September 6, 2008

Palin Phobia In Clark County?

by lewwaters

Like many of you, I was pleasantly surprised to see Republican nominee, John McCain, choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate in the upcoming Presidential election this year. Equally pleasing was to discover she has family ties to our community.

Most surprising was to witness that after years of hearing how hard the Democrat Party was working to elevate women in America, they pushed aside a powerful and well known female candidate in favor of a junior Senator from Illinois who is only mid-way through his first term in the U.S. Senate and it was the Republicans, who we continue to hear are against Women, Blacks, Children, Veterans, Mothers, Dogs, Cats, Snails, Birds, the Environment, Taxes, Free Expression, the Poor, Small Business, Health Care, Social Security, Immigrants, Snakes, Music, Flowers, Spiders, basically everything excluding Wealthy White Males, that stood up and nominated the second ever woman Vice Presidential candidate and first ever on the Republican ticket.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Within mere minutes of the announcement, realizing they had been blind-sided by the nomination, left-winged smear merchants began digging into every aspect of her and her family’s lives.

By Sunday, August 31, the Columbian’s John Laird, first telling us how we men feel “tasered” by the mere mention of a powerful woman’s name, primarily Hillary Clinton, seemed somewhat perplexed and “baffled” that Sarah Palin had eclipsed Hillary in the limelight and the possibility of being the “next woman in the White House.”

He also graciously says that “legions of men” no longer feel “tasered.”

Could it be that “legions” of men have wanted a woman all along, but one that supported America and not a leftist restructuring of the country? From our Moms to Margaret Thatcher, powerful women have always been accepted by “legions of men” without feeling “tasered.”

Judging by the paranoid rumors broadcast and printed about Sarah Palin in just this week, it is liberal men & women feeling that “tasered” effect. Could that be the real “tingling sensation” Chris Matthews spoke of once?

Local citizen and retired Navy Commander, Larry Patella, a good conservative who is unafraid to speak his mind, recently penned an email complaining about the biased coverage our local paper gave the conventions. Sending it out to those on his email list, one recipient, 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller, seemed to take exception. He replied to Larry,

Palin is THE political light-weight. You mean to tell me she is the most qualified candidate in the entire national Republican Party to be McCain’s running mate? Pleeese! Royce Pollard is more qualified than Palin. She will diminish your ticket and quite frankly, I couldn’t have picked a better running mate for him myself.”

Moeller, who has a history of brash replies to constituents and those who disagree with him, must believe the liberal distortions about Sarah Palin. Otherwise, he would have seen that Mrs. Palin enjoys an 85% approval rating in her home state of Alaska.

Never one to quietly back down from arrogant politicians, Larry excoriates Moeller with a reply, in part,

Shame on you. You who has spent a political career fighting to give gays the same rights as other would stoop so low as to join the rest of the Liberal Socialist Democrats and the news media to Insult Sara Palin because she is a woman. How dare you imply she is unqualified because she is a woman who comes from a small town or compare her to Royce Pollard?”

Left unmentioned by Representative Moeller is that Royce Pollard isn’t running for high National Office, but Barack Obama and Joe Biden are and neither has a single days experience in running either a small town or a state. In fact, Sarah Palin even has more Executive experience than her running mate, Senator John McCain.

Left-winged, apparently shook up over this surprise announcement, sent out emails to subscribers “suggesting” letters to editors be written and sent in to newspapers all across the nation. They even supply “writing tips” outlining the debunked rumors and distortions being spread by the paranoid left in their effort to undo what appears to be a winning ticket.

Some have appeared in our local paper letting us “ignorant” Republicans know that adding Mrs. Palin to the ticket “turned the Republican campaign into a ‘Seinfeld’ rerun.” That I recall, Seinfeld enjoyed a long and popular run on TV and is still in demand in syndication.

Another letter tells us that 67 days isn’t enough time to learn of Sarah Palin and know whether or not she is qualified to be Vice President. No mention that the Democrats Presidential nominee is only mid way through his first term as a junior Senator, most of it being spent campaigning for the Presidency. Somehow, though, with no records being released from his home state, he is “immanently qualified” to assume the highest office in the land. But Sarah Palin’s years as Mayor and Governor isn’t enough to be in the Second Highest Office.

In a September 5 Columbian article, editor Lou Brancccio, attempting to show the Columbian as an “unbiased” news source, ends his piece with,

Rather than directly answer tough questions from the media (so far at least) she would simply prefer to say she’s not running to please the media, she’s running (dramatic pause required here) TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Oh. OK. I didn’t realize that,” concerning Mrs. Palin.

And again, no complaint that fellow “journalists” won’t even ask Senator Obama any “tough questions” at all

A competitor, the New York Times, published an editorial saying in part,

Where is it written that only senators are qualified to become President …? Where is it written that governors and mayors … are too local, too provincial …? What a splendid system, we say to ourselves, that takes little-known men, tests them in high office and permits them to grow into statesmen. This rationale may even be right, but then let it also be fair. Why shouldn’t a little-known woman have the same opportunity to grow?”

No, this wasn’t written in defense of Sarah Palin, but was published on July 3, 1984 in defense of New York Representative Geraldine Ferraro when Democrat candidate, Walter Mondale, nominated her for the office of Vice President.

Today, they join the chorus questioning Sarah Palin’s qualifications.

Todd Palin’s uncle, Doug Palin says, “She’s young and fresh and kind of a new face.” Many of us in Clark County couldn’t agree more. In spite of the ‘Palin-Phobia’ in the media and Democrat Party, once the partisan rhetoric is cut through, we find an honest and sincere mother of 5 who has the desire to really leave a better country for her children.

There is a very good chance that America is witnessing their first ever woman President.

September 2, 2008

Answering David Carrier’s Comment

by lewwaters

Thank you, David, for stopping by and attempting to take a specific stand.

However, there was no need to take the cheap shot, I prominently linked to your campaign site in the beginning of the article. That’s what the bolded words in blue are, links back to other sites.

Let’s take a look at what you said in your comment here.

Readers may want to refer to my web site for the truth about my positions- I would just like to set the record straight on a couple of items mentioned here:
1. I believe we should work for the common good because of my Christian faith, not because I am a socialist. The importance of working for the common good dates back to Jesus Christ, whose teachings and example I attempt to follow in my own life. You may recall that Jesus said that the second greatest commandment was to love one another.
2. In general I do not support tax increases, and do not support an income tax in the state of Washington. I support shifting the tax burden away from the middle class by closing tax loopholes and finding ways to make the tax system more progressive. For example, we should provide an exemption from property tax increases for seniors and people on fixed incomes.
I encourage readers to find out the truth by visiting my web site.

You say you believe in “working for the common good” due to your Christian Faith. Fair enough. You cite Jesus and claim it was his teachings that taught that. I assume you have fallen into the modern Liberal Christianity taught in many Churches today. The “Common Good” ethic Jesus taught was following God’s Word and living by it. It was a spirituality, not creation of a welfare state. Of course, since the New Testament had not been written until after his death, we must assume he was speaking of what we refer to as the Old Testament.

Granted, much in the OT is more of a historical recording, but a lot of it gives us principles we should follow, I feel. One thing the OT speaks of, and most “Progressive Democrats” ignore is found in Leviticus 19:9, 10 and 23:32.

9 ” ‘When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. 10 Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God. (NIV)

22 ” ‘When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God.’ ” (NIV)

God gave the Israelites a principle for carrying for the poor and under privileged, leaving crops in the field for them. What modern man neglects in their pursuit to redistribute wealth, is that it was left up to the poor and underprivileged to go out to the field and gather the left over crops.

That way, everybody ate, but all had to work to have their own food.

The modern welfare system advocated by the Progressive Democrats does not mandate that all work, just some and then they take from those who work the hardest and are the most successful. In other words, Progressive Democrats demand not only that the farmers leave more and more of their crops in the field for these “poor,” but that they process it and deliver it as well.

The concept of “for the common good” was put to a test in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. While thousands and thousands of well meaning citizens donated and traveled to help rebuild, how many of the “poor” sat idly by waiting for something to be done for them?

Neighboring communities in Mississippi hit much harder seemed to get back on their feet without as much begging and demanding others do for them.

In Jesus’ teaching about “loving one another,” is it loving for some to sit back and expect others to do for them? Is it loving to forcibly take from some and give to others, who show little or no appreciation? Is it loving to continue to take more and more from the successful, the ones who create the jobs and provide the means of wages, often losing jobs in the process?

Why punish those who supply the products and services we need, not only for survival, but also for supporting our families?

While I applaud property tax breaks for “seniors and people on fixed incomes,” shouldn’t you have a maximum amount of “fixed income” to receive the break, since many “Fixed Income Earners” are actually quite wealthy? Perhaps you meant “seniors on a limited fixed income?”

Giving breaks to the wealthiest “Fixed Income Earners” runs counter to your claims of “shifting the tax burden away from the middle class,” doesn’t it?

I always chuckle whenever I hear Progressive Democrats talk of “cutting taxes on the middle class,” every time they are campaigning. Somehow, it rarely seems to happen. We end up getting stuck with the bill anyways as out of control spending continues.

I find it peculiar for you to say, “In general I do not support tax increases, and do not support an income tax in the state of Washington,” yet also claim to advocate, “finding ways to make the tax system more progressive.”

Do you not realize that the classical progressive tax system IS the income tax? Progressive taxes are based upon ones income.

Here again, perhaps you don’t realize it, but Karl Marx also spoke of imposing a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax” in his 1848 Communist Manifesto.

Do you not also realize the I-5 Bridge proposal you agree with comes with a heavy tax burden and most likely tolls on the Middle Class?

Since you are “interested in shifting the tax burden from the Middle Class,” how about advocating the elimination of so many entitlements and wasteful spending? Would you be willing to sign a “No Income Tax or No Tax Increase” pledge to the voters?

Continually trying to “soak the rich” accomplishes little, other than losing jobs for the Middle Class and raising the cost of goods and services as well as creating class envy.

If you are really interested in giving the Middle Class and Poor a break on taxes, are you willing to work to eliminate our high gas tax and tobacco taxes? Since the majority of those who use tobacco are low wage earners, shouldn’t they receive a break there? With high gas prices, why do we continue to pay more to government than to the actual oil companies?

Senator Benton works to cut spending and eliminate wasteful spending, which would provide real tax breaks to all. Would you?

You claim that, “conservatism does not work.” Yet, Liberalism, Socialism, Progressivism, whatever you wish to call it, has never worked anywhere it is tried. You cannot tax a country to wealth. Redistribution of wealth only ends up robbing citizens of their basic innate desire to advance themselves by penalizing their success.

As you claim to be an economist I am shocked that a simple blue collar worker as I can know this and you do not.

Sorry if it offends you, but I stand by my original claim that you are just another “Tax and Spend Liberal.” You cannot claim to be against tax increases and advocate a “progressive tax system,” which increases taxes.

Senator Benton understands that. That is why so many support his returning to Olympia.

September 1, 2008

Joseph James: Ready To Represent the 17th Legislative District

by lewwaters

Now that the dust has settled from our first ever top two primary, we can take closer looks at those we will be electing to represent us in Olympia. One race that merits attention is who will replace Republican Jim Dunn for Representative of the 17th Legislative District.

As we all know, Dunn fell from grace with the Republican Party and lost the primary to challenger, Joseph James. James will be facing off against Democrat, Tim Probst.

Looking over their campaign websites, both seem qualified, both seem to be family oriented men and both seem to care about our community. But, one will be elected to represent the 17th L.D., so voters must make that difficult choice.

Both men have received numerous endorsements from members of their respective parties. Probst has received the endorsement of labor unions locally, as Democrats most often do.

Joseph James

Joseph James

Tim Probst

Tim Probst

James has received the endorsements of the Human Life Political Action Committee and the Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee, as Republicans most often do.

Both have an impressive array of endorsements from citizens and businessmen, it seems right along party lines. Ultimately, though, only one will be selected and sent to Olympia.

Recently the Columbian made hey out of a slip on James part. Staff writer, Kathie Durbin made a point to ask us, “Is Republican legislative candidate Joseph James math-challenged?” James’ campaign sent out a flyer claiming, “over 90 percent of transportation funds go toward mass transit,” whereas “only 3 percent of us use mass transit.”

Since there is a question of the accuracy of the numbers, Ms. Durbin turns to Dena Horton, the Chair of the Clark County Democrat Party. Ms. Horton, in a purely partisan moment, asks, “How can Joseph James claim to be working for our trust when we can’t even trust him to do his homework on an issue as important as transportation?”

The Columbian isn’t known for fairness when it comes to dealing conservative Republicans, so I was pleasantly surprised to read a letter to the editor on August 27th from Doug Simpson, the consultant who supplied the information to James. Simpson said,

Point tripped up by typo
In the July 17 editorial, “Campaign alert,” it was stated that candidate Joseph James’ consultant “conceded the 90 percent figure came out of thin air and that he didn’t know how much of the state’s transportation dollar goes for mass transit as opposed to highways, ferries, etc.”
Allow me to set the record straight. I am that consultant, and I did not say or imply that, and I feel that reporter Kathie Durbin’s agenda in the July 15 story, “Candidate’s claims called ‘inaccurate’,” was less than unbiased or professional.
News organizations know it’s impossible to avoid every typo, even after proofing. As James’ consultant, I let him down because of my own typo. My apology goes to him and to the public. It is disheartening for any candidate when errors are knowingly used against them for political gain.
The point was that a disproportionate share of transportation dollars goes to transit, which moves an extremely small share of daily trips.
Doug Simpson

I can personally attest that C-Trans buses that run along my home and stop at the Bus Stop some 20 feet from my kitchen window are rarely filled with more than 4 or 5 riders. Traveling around Clark County I rarely see a C-Trans Bus even half-full. Yet, after voters rejected a taxpayer subsidy to retain many of these routes, C-Trans pulled a switcheroo in 2005 with a special election, restricting votes from the whole County to those areas they considered “would benefit from bus service” the most. After an aggressive campaign, the measure passed and we now pay more sales tax to keep near empty buses running.

Looking backwards on this, Joseph James claim, even with a typo on numbers, was correct. Even if there was a typo on numbers.

Tim Probst, meanwhile, on his website, takes the safe path speaking vaguely on transportation and crediting one Democrat politician with providing for Clark County’s transportation needs, adding, “We can’t afford to allow one of our state representatives to ignore our transportation problems.”

Just who those that would ignore our transportation problems are remains unnamed.

As I indicated in an earlier article, Republican Senator Don Benton spoke out against a desired transportation project that would drain Clark County of tax money while providing little relief. Joseph James agrees with Senator Benton completely.

Democrats, almost down the line, advocate that very project, Light Rail, that would cost Billions of tax dollars, give us tolls for many years and not supply one extra lane of traffic across the Columbia River.

Probst states no specific position on the matter.

It leaves me wondering if Probst agrees with Vancouver’s Mayor Royce Pollard and Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams in their desire to “force us out of our cars?”

Probst deserves high marks for his help in encouraging passage of a resolution calling on the governor and legislature to enact “clean elections” legislation. We do need less mudslinging in our elective process. But, does Probst actually follow those “clean election” calls of his?

Probst has prominently displayed on his website the Columbian article mentioned above, with no mention of the clarification provided by the consultant.

He also links to some soft hit pieces from around the state by our Liberally biased media accusing Republican Joseph James of “stretching the truth.” This time over accusations of “inflating campaign contributions to make the candidate appear more legitimate” and for taking “liberties with the truth” because when explaining his opposition to tax increases, he refers to one as “Christine Gregoire’s Income Tax.”

We are led to believe that Governor Gregoire does not advocate a State Income Tax, which is in reality the true “taking liberties with the truth.”

Democrats desire to impose an Income Tax in Washington State is well known, statewide. The subject has continually come up for decades. As for Governor Gregoire, her words from an interview with the Spokesman-Review out of Spokane, are,

“We don’t have an electorate out there that will support it right now. Clearly, when I go across the state, the support’s not there. So much of it is, how are we going to educate them to the regressive tax system that we have in this state and how we need to have some sort of conversion over to a partial income tax. … So now’s not the time….”

“But it’s not as if it’s not a good idea. It’s not as if it’s not one that we shouldn’t pursue. It’s one that we just have to keep holding hearings and let time pass and eventually I assume we’re going to get there.”

Following some of linked articles prominently displayed on Probst’s site, we find Governor Gregoire’s Help Fight The Attacks site where we are told,

“Governor Chris Gregoire’s position is clear – she opposes a state income tax. Just look at the record:
Yakima Herald-Republic, 08/14/2008: “State income tax? Rossi’s attempt to tar Gregoire is spurious
Online Town Hall Meeting, 04/08/2008: “You know there has been some comments made by my opponent on this, and I guess he’s forgotten four years ago. Four years ago, I was involved in a hotly contested primary. My opponent was for an income tax, and I made it clear I did not support it. I haven’t changed my mind…”
Seattle Weekly, 05/05/2004: “Gregoire is flatly opposed to a state income tax.”
Spokesman Review, 07/18/2004: “Democratic rival Christine Gregoire is against an income tax…”

Yet, the same Spokane Spokesman Review in an April 25, 2007 article says,

“The chief reason for the regressivity of the tax code is that Washington is one of eight states without an income tax. It’s a tough sell, say leaders, including Gov. Chris Gregoire and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, who support the idea of adopting such a tax. They add that it’s just not the right time to push for it, because the public hasn’t sufficiently been educated on the merits.”

Is this the Democrats idea of those “Clean Elections” Probst brags about advocating? Or, is it just a catch phrase on how candidates may obtain donations for their campaigns?

Looking at the “Latest News” portion of his website reveals 3 of the 5 news articles shown are not about his abilities, but are against Joseph James. Isn’t that the same old tired campaign tactic we have grown tired of? Does he not have merits of his own to display instead of trying to tear down his opponent?

On the other hand, looking over Joseph James’ site, I find no negative mention of Probst.

James speaks specifically and admits errors on his part. Probst, described as a Democratic Party Activist, speaks in vague generalities, leaving out specifics about his ideas and plans, a common thread I find in Democrat Party candidates. We only discover their true intent once elected, when it is too late to properly vet them and our taxes have increased.

If you are as tired of the same old political spin we continue to get from Democrats, while being told they are for us and our taxes continue to increase, never solving the problems they claim they need increased taxes for and ending up with yet more tax increases down the road, then it is time for a shake-up in Olympia.

It’s time to elect Joseph James and Republicans and end this ever so slow yet ongoing slide towards Socialism.

Clark County needs Representatives like Joseph James in Olympia occupying the 17th Legislative District, position 1 seat.