Joseph James: Ready To Represent the 17th Legislative District

by lewwaters

Now that the dust has settled from our first ever top two primary, we can take closer looks at those we will be electing to represent us in Olympia. One race that merits attention is who will replace Republican Jim Dunn for Representative of the 17th Legislative District.

As we all know, Dunn fell from grace with the Republican Party and lost the primary to challenger, Joseph James. James will be facing off against Democrat, Tim Probst.

Looking over their campaign websites, both seem qualified, both seem to be family oriented men and both seem to care about our community. But, one will be elected to represent the 17th L.D., so voters must make that difficult choice.

Both men have received numerous endorsements from members of their respective parties. Probst has received the endorsement of labor unions locally, as Democrats most often do.

Joseph James

Joseph James

Tim Probst

Tim Probst

James has received the endorsements of the Human Life Political Action Committee and the Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee, as Republicans most often do.

Both have an impressive array of endorsements from citizens and businessmen, it seems right along party lines. Ultimately, though, only one will be selected and sent to Olympia.

Recently the Columbian made hey out of a slip on James part. Staff writer, Kathie Durbin made a point to ask us, “Is Republican legislative candidate Joseph James math-challenged?” James’ campaign sent out a flyer claiming, “over 90 percent of transportation funds go toward mass transit,” whereas “only 3 percent of us use mass transit.”

Since there is a question of the accuracy of the numbers, Ms. Durbin turns to Dena Horton, the Chair of the Clark County Democrat Party. Ms. Horton, in a purely partisan moment, asks, “How can Joseph James claim to be working for our trust when we can’t even trust him to do his homework on an issue as important as transportation?”

The Columbian isn’t known for fairness when it comes to dealing conservative Republicans, so I was pleasantly surprised to read a letter to the editor on August 27th from Doug Simpson, the consultant who supplied the information to James. Simpson said,

Point tripped up by typo
In the July 17 editorial, “Campaign alert,” it was stated that candidate Joseph James’ consultant “conceded the 90 percent figure came out of thin air and that he didn’t know how much of the state’s transportation dollar goes for mass transit as opposed to highways, ferries, etc.”
Allow me to set the record straight. I am that consultant, and I did not say or imply that, and I feel that reporter Kathie Durbin’s agenda in the July 15 story, “Candidate’s claims called ‘inaccurate’,” was less than unbiased or professional.
News organizations know it’s impossible to avoid every typo, even after proofing. As James’ consultant, I let him down because of my own typo. My apology goes to him and to the public. It is disheartening for any candidate when errors are knowingly used against them for political gain.
The point was that a disproportionate share of transportation dollars goes to transit, which moves an extremely small share of daily trips.
Doug Simpson

I can personally attest that C-Trans buses that run along my home and stop at the Bus Stop some 20 feet from my kitchen window are rarely filled with more than 4 or 5 riders. Traveling around Clark County I rarely see a C-Trans Bus even half-full. Yet, after voters rejected a taxpayer subsidy to retain many of these routes, C-Trans pulled a switcheroo in 2005 with a special election, restricting votes from the whole County to those areas they considered “would benefit from bus service” the most. After an aggressive campaign, the measure passed and we now pay more sales tax to keep near empty buses running.

Looking backwards on this, Joseph James claim, even with a typo on numbers, was correct. Even if there was a typo on numbers.

Tim Probst, meanwhile, on his website, takes the safe path speaking vaguely on transportation and crediting one Democrat politician with providing for Clark County’s transportation needs, adding, “We can’t afford to allow one of our state representatives to ignore our transportation problems.”

Just who those that would ignore our transportation problems are remains unnamed.

As I indicated in an earlier article, Republican Senator Don Benton spoke out against a desired transportation project that would drain Clark County of tax money while providing little relief. Joseph James agrees with Senator Benton completely.

Democrats, almost down the line, advocate that very project, Light Rail, that would cost Billions of tax dollars, give us tolls for many years and not supply one extra lane of traffic across the Columbia River.

Probst states no specific position on the matter.

It leaves me wondering if Probst agrees with Vancouver’s Mayor Royce Pollard and Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams in their desire to “force us out of our cars?”

Probst deserves high marks for his help in encouraging passage of a resolution calling on the governor and legislature to enact “clean elections” legislation. We do need less mudslinging in our elective process. But, does Probst actually follow those “clean election” calls of his?

Probst has prominently displayed on his website the Columbian article mentioned above, with no mention of the clarification provided by the consultant.

He also links to some soft hit pieces from around the state by our Liberally biased media accusing Republican Joseph James of “stretching the truth.” This time over accusations of “inflating campaign contributions to make the candidate appear more legitimate” and for taking “liberties with the truth” because when explaining his opposition to tax increases, he refers to one as “Christine Gregoire’s Income Tax.”

We are led to believe that Governor Gregoire does not advocate a State Income Tax, which is in reality the true “taking liberties with the truth.”

Democrats desire to impose an Income Tax in Washington State is well known, statewide. The subject has continually come up for decades. As for Governor Gregoire, her words from an interview with the Spokesman-Review out of Spokane, are,

“We don’t have an electorate out there that will support it right now. Clearly, when I go across the state, the support’s not there. So much of it is, how are we going to educate them to the regressive tax system that we have in this state and how we need to have some sort of conversion over to a partial income tax. … So now’s not the time….”

“But it’s not as if it’s not a good idea. It’s not as if it’s not one that we shouldn’t pursue. It’s one that we just have to keep holding hearings and let time pass and eventually I assume we’re going to get there.”

Following some of linked articles prominently displayed on Probst’s site, we find Governor Gregoire’s Help Fight The Attacks site where we are told,

“Governor Chris Gregoire’s position is clear – she opposes a state income tax. Just look at the record:
Yakima Herald-Republic, 08/14/2008: “State income tax? Rossi’s attempt to tar Gregoire is spurious
Online Town Hall Meeting, 04/08/2008: “You know there has been some comments made by my opponent on this, and I guess he’s forgotten four years ago. Four years ago, I was involved in a hotly contested primary. My opponent was for an income tax, and I made it clear I did not support it. I haven’t changed my mind…”
Seattle Weekly, 05/05/2004: “Gregoire is flatly opposed to a state income tax.”
Spokesman Review, 07/18/2004: “Democratic rival Christine Gregoire is against an income tax…”

Yet, the same Spokane Spokesman Review in an April 25, 2007 article says,

“The chief reason for the regressivity of the tax code is that Washington is one of eight states without an income tax. It’s a tough sell, say leaders, including Gov. Chris Gregoire and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, who support the idea of adopting such a tax. They add that it’s just not the right time to push for it, because the public hasn’t sufficiently been educated on the merits.”

Is this the Democrats idea of those “Clean Elections” Probst brags about advocating? Or, is it just a catch phrase on how candidates may obtain donations for their campaigns?

Looking at the “Latest News” portion of his website reveals 3 of the 5 news articles shown are not about his abilities, but are against Joseph James. Isn’t that the same old tired campaign tactic we have grown tired of? Does he not have merits of his own to display instead of trying to tear down his opponent?

On the other hand, looking over Joseph James’ site, I find no negative mention of Probst.

James speaks specifically and admits errors on his part. Probst, described as a Democratic Party Activist, speaks in vague generalities, leaving out specifics about his ideas and plans, a common thread I find in Democrat Party candidates. We only discover their true intent once elected, when it is too late to properly vet them and our taxes have increased.

If you are as tired of the same old political spin we continue to get from Democrats, while being told they are for us and our taxes continue to increase, never solving the problems they claim they need increased taxes for and ending up with yet more tax increases down the road, then it is time for a shake-up in Olympia.

It’s time to elect Joseph James and Republicans and end this ever so slow yet ongoing slide towards Socialism.

Clark County needs Representatives like Joseph James in Olympia occupying the 17th Legislative District, position 1 seat.

13 Responses to “Joseph James: Ready To Represent the 17th Legislative District”

  1. Both first time candidates running for State Representative in the 17th District, Joseph James (Postion 1) and Micheline Doan (Position 2) will work hard for the citizens of the 17th. Joseph and Micheline not only have shown that they are ready to lead but have shown their commitment to the district by their hard work and by the results of the Primary. The 17th District Team of Don Benton, Joseph James and Micheline Doan will fight in Olympia to uphold the values that the 17th District wants: Less Government, Less Taxes. If you have not registered to vote, please do so today.

  2. Who has got more experience, regardless of party? The dog trainer or the operative?

  3. What you might ask, Frank, is who is closer to the Northwest? Who runs the same old dirty tricks and mudslinging?

    If we really want change, isn’t it time to bring in fresh people with fresh outlooks and business sense? Some who haven’t been drilled in the same old nonsense we continue to see?

    I’ll stick with James.

  4. Has anyone supporting Joseph James had anything to do with him before his run for office?

    I visited his business Dog Adventure Camp on Loop Road in Stevenson when I was thinking about boarding my dog over the holidaysa couple of years ago. The place was filthy with feces all over the property. Joseph’s explanation for this was “we just haven’t gotten around to it yet”. It was the dirtiest open style boarding facility for dogs I have ever seen. We had to apply pressure to him to be allowed to see where our pets would spend the night. It took him months to cash my check. He took days to return my phone calls.

    If his small business sense is what WA needs, based on my experience with him, either WA doesn’t need very much, or voting for James may be a mistake.

  5. Pretty crappy story 😉

    Let’s see, a “couple years ago?” And, you wish us to believe it hasn’t improved since and your experience disqualifies him to represent us?

    Let me guess, you are voting for Probst too, right?

    I’ll stick with what I said above.

  6. My experince with how he runs his business, while vague and dated, is applicable when viewed against his “promises”, which are worthless until made good. I have trouble with those “promises” based on my previous one time experince with him, which may be more experience than you have with the man and how he actually does business of any kind.

    Mr. James hasn’t earned a degree from an accredited school (the same school’s alleged diplomas have caused the suspension of many public officials of all types around the country), bought a “business man of the year” award from the republican party, and didn’t do a good job of running a (literally) clean business when I visited his Stevenson property. As a dog boarding customer, I can simply choose not to do business with him. As a possible constituent of whoever gets elected, we are stuck until the next election. A tougher position to be, I’d say.

    Call me jaded, cynical, ignorant, or even stupid, but don’t call me a democratic voter. Nice try at killing the messenger. Tell us, Lew: What experince with Mr. James have you had prior to his political aspirations?

    Can people change and improve? You’re damn right they can. Should the measure of a man be made based on his promises? No. If elected, he has a responsibility to keep his business as our representitive clean and open. If elected, I hope he does.

  7. Spam, last I heard, this is America and you can do business with whomever you choose. Personally, I don’t care whom you do business with.

    You are correct, we are stuck with whoever is elected and the last 4 years have shown me the fallacy of the last elections, as we face a multi-billion dollar budget deficit in spite of increased taxes, which the Democrats said would keep us solvent. Didn’t work so well did it? And what do we face now? More increased taxation, even though prospective candidates of the Democrats swear no tax increases, again?

    Funny you don’t wish to be called a Democrat voter. Last I heard there are only two names on the ballot, a Republican and a Democrat. Since you so vehemently oppose the Republican, whom should we assume you support? Elmer Fudd? After all, it was you who said, “based on my experience with him, either WA doesn’t need very much, or voting for James may be a mistake.”

    Personally, Probst leaves me unimpressed with his mudslinging instead of standing on his values and ideas. Probst says, “I strongly applaud the legislature and the Governor for creating a “rainy day fund” to ensure we are ready for fiscal emergencies,” while condemning the federal deficit which has grown since our country was founded and by members of both major parties.

    Did he somehow miss the multi-billion dollar budget deficit we currently face under the Governor he lauds for fiscal responsibility?

    As you indicate, words are cheap. How do we trust one who lauds a governor who brought us to such a deficit while raising nearly every tax we have in the state and who misleads Washingtonians, claiming she doesn’t support an income tax, when in truth, she says she doesn’t support one “at this time?”

    As one who faced Communists in the past, seeing candidates with links to socialist groups and espousing socialist views frightens me, especially given the heavy Marxist attitudes of the current presidential front-runner.

    And no, that does not mean I think Probst is a Communist, just another who went to the “accredited” institutions that indoctrinate students with socialist ideals.

    While I have no idea who you may vote for, considering there are only two candidates to choose from, unless you write in someone, I have to admit your dislike of James and not wanting to be labeled a Democrat voter does leave me confused.

  8. I’m sorry you are confused. As a lifelong registered republican, how do you think I’m feeling right now?

    I am growing tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. I am growing tired of the two party system, which makes me more frustrated now that there is top two voting. I refuse to vote democrat, so that leaves me with the obvious choice of writing in a candidate. The questions are: Who? Do they have a chance?

    The answers are basically: No one, because no one else has a chance in hell.

    The fact that in America, we have a choice, as long as the choice is between the two parties, and the best and brightest of our citizens are unwilling to run for public office, leaves me very cold at election time.

    As I said, I hope whoever gets elected can help us out. We deserve better than we’ve been getting.

  9. Well, spam, something we can agree on. I’ve only been Republican since Jimmy Carter’s first day in office, when he granted amnesty to draft dodgers.

    I too would like to see a strong and real conservative party rise up and break the grid lock between he power struggle of the two party’s.

    I am facing the same dilemma with Delavar and Baird and can’t see voting for either, for reasons mentioned in earlier postings. So, I understand your position there.

    This is also why I back James and hope if he wins, he will join with others to return our state to sound footing. Reading Probst’s website, I fear he would just continue supporting policies that have us facing the multi-billion dollar deficit.

    Like you, I hope whoever gets in sees the light on the excessive spending before we go under.

  10. Note to ronjeremy. Your vile comments have been deleted and will not be allowed.

    Why the anger? You idiots won.

  11. I here the newcomer. Not absolutely I will understand with topic. Explain, please.

  12. goolloog, it’s an election thing and past history now.

    As for the comment to ronjeremy, it too is history as I deleted some excessively foul and obscene comments left by it.


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