GOP “Shunning” Delavar?

by lewwaters

Michel Delavar

Michel Delavar

While I have been laid up dealing with the onslaught of Bell’s Palsy, it would appear that Michael Delavar has picked up somewhat of an admirer in the Columbian’s Kathy Durbin. On Friday, September 11, she devoted two posts to Michael, here and here.

I can’t say she shouldn’t, Michael is a nice and likeable person, having met with him and talked face to face now. I even like him personally, I just have issues with his stance on fighting terror and keeping the American people safe.

After our somewhat contentious exchange through email weeks ago, I have to admit that getting the chance to meet him and having the brief discussion we had was a pleasure.

I do feel he tried to pigeonhole me a little when he asked if I were prepared for a Religious War, but seemed taken aback somewhat with my reply, “do we have a choice?”

Continuing, I explained that they have been coming after us for some time now and it isn’t because of our dealings overseas, it is because they genuinely dislike Western Culture in their misguided interpretation of the Islamic Holy Book, the Qu’Ran.

We saw this in history with many misguided interpretations of our own Holy Scripture and for the most part, have corrected much of it, at least to where incidents like the Salem Witch Hunts and the Inquisitions wouldn’t occur today.

Still, Michael did admit that when attacked, we should respond with “overwhelming force,” a step in the right direction towards keeping America safe, I feel away from any ill-fated notion of hiring mercenaries to fight for us.

Ms. Durbin seems perplexed as to why the Clark County GOP hasn’t endorsed Michael and states it is because he won’t support John McCain, Sarah Palin ticket, the GOP nominee for president. She laments how the party backed Christine Webb, who I also supported.

Did she forget her own employer, the Columbian in July, endorsed Webb over Delavar as well? At that time, they said,

For conservative voters, Webb offers a solid choice with her pro-McCain presidential views and her anti-tax, limited-government ideas. She drew an endorsement at her party’s state convention. The fourth candidate, Michael Delavar, is trying to seize on the Ron Paul passion that rose but now fizzles among many conservatives.”

As we all now know, Michael defeated Webb and has the spot to challenge Brian Baird in November, a task I hope he is up to, for his own sake. Unseating an experienced incumbent by a novice, while not impossible, won’t be easy to do.

Ms. Durbin claims the party is “shunning” Michael, but from what I witnessed of him interacting with party members a couple weeks ago, while he may not have an official endorsement, he is hardly being shunned.

I don’t claim to speak for the party and have no idea if they will issue an official endorsement, but he would do himself well to shy away from the policies of Ron Paul, if he expects to pick up more conservatives from the 3rd District. Although the Pauliacs had a good showing in the primaries, the general election will most likely be entirely different, with Paul not in the running and encouraging voters to back loose cannon candidates such as Cynthia McKinney.

Personally, I am left in quite a dilemma as who to cast my vote for in November. Baird has seen the light and now supports winning in Iraq and the War on Terror, which garnered him much vitriol from the anti-war left Democrats and which also drew Michael into the race. Like Michael, Baird was opposed to our efforts until a trip to Iraq and meeting with Iraqi’s and the Troops showed him this effort is well worth finishing victoriously.

Otherwise, Baird is a down the line Pelosi following Liberal. Michael is a strong fiscal and social conservative, but misguided, in my opinion, on victory in the war. At this point in time, I have no idea who I will cast my vote for as I see winning this war just as important, even somewhat more so, than many domestic issues.

Michael says,

One of my goals is to meet with businessmen and regular Iraqis and find out what they are dealing with on a daily basis, I also plan to meet with soldiers from the local area.”

I think this is an excellent idea, as long as he doesn’t travel there pre-disposed of the outcome of the trip.

Much like Brian Baird did, Michael just may come to realize what he has been fed by the likes of Paul and the National Media isn’t what is happening and our efforts are well worth finishing in Victory. He may even discover that we have had a definition of Victory all along and he, like many others, just refused to see it.

If Michael returns and realizes just how foolish Ron Paul has been with this notion of Letters of Marque and Reprisal and withdrawing our Troops back within our borders, returning to a failed position of isolationalism, Baird may be facing more of a challenge come November than he thinks.

Michael, go to Iraq with your eyes and mind open. Listen and learn to what, not only Iraqi’s, but our own Brave Troops, who continually volunteer to return have to say.

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  1. Lew Waters, please amend your article where you refer to the “failed position of isolationism.” This is an utter lie, as the opposite is true.

    An isolationist is one who wants to cut his nation off and isolate it from the rest of the world. Mr. Delavar believes in free trade, meaning completely and utterly free, uninterrupted, unmanaged, uninhibited, unmolested, unregulated, unfettered, uncompromised free trade with anyone and everyone, without any government interference.

    The isolationists are those, like Christine Webb, who support regulated trade treaties like NAFTA… The isolationists are those, like McCain, who support economic sanctions against other countries’ people, which does little harm to the leaders we wish to influence, and is a humanitarian crisis for the people in these countries.

    Paul and Delavar could only be considered isolationists if you believe that people can only communicate and trade through their respective countries’ governments, Mr. County Conservative.

    Conservatives used to believe that the power of society comes from the people, not the government.

    I try to avoid engaging in forum/blog debates on the internet, but I am tired of seeing the same senseless cliches used to wrongfully describe Americans who have read and understand history and want to preserve America’s constitutional republic, and the rights it re-affirms, as long as possible.


  2. Cory, I don’t play semantics. I call them as I see them.

    I know full well that Ron Paul prefers to call his ridiculous policy as “non-intervention,” but the proof is in the pudding.

    When it comes right down to it, what Paul advocates is what allowed World War Two to blossom into such the global bloody conflict it did until it was almost too late to turn it around.

    Delavar has only to realize the fallacy of Paul’s rhetoric in regards to International Relations, particularly fighting terrorists, to gain the opportunity to give Baird a real run for the money.

    Some of us, Cory, didn’t just read and study history, we took part in making it and have been trying to let people know the truth of it since.


  3. If you think that Michael can win by supporting the occupation of Iraq you are nothing short of delusional.

    You say that you want to win the war on terrorism? Studying history reveals the objective is not to win any war but rather to sustain it indefinitely for Geopolitical strategy. Knowing what you are fighting and what you are fighting for must come first. This has nothing to do with terrorism or Americans safety.

    If you really wanted to make our country safer you would support border security while exiting areas of the middle East. Our presence in the middle East is the reason these fundamentalists are willing to rally and die. If we were not meddling in there affairs they would NOT have the dedication and willingness to come hear and kill us. It is possible you believe that they will come here, but that is simply ridiculous. Anyone can come into our country any time they want right now and there is nothing we are doing over seas to change that. All we are doing is destabilizing the middle east, gaining military strategical positioning, control over foreign resources and making America less safe.


  4. Matthew, you poor deluded fool. If you have not noticed, we are no more “occupying” Iraq than we are Germany, Japan and the hundreds of other International locations we are stationed.

    I see from the rest of your rhetoric that you wish to hold Michael to the Pauliac creed and follow a moron like Ron Paul into oblivion. Oh sure, ya’ll made a squawk in the primaries here locally, but don’t fool yourself, you failed miserably in the rest of the nation. Your days are numbered, my friend.

    We fully believe in border security, but if you had any tactical experience, you would know that any barrier or method can, and will, be breached, it is just a matter of time. What support do you think you all would get by allowing terrorism to reign within the U.S. by waiting until the are active here to face them off?

    If, as you bray, our presence in the Middle East is what causes them to hate us so much, how do you explain the attacks against those who oppose our efforts there and attacks prior to our getting into the Middle East? Are you so deluded to believe that this is a brand new and recent fight? Son, it’s centuries old, long before the U.S. was even formed.

    I find it ironic that you doubt they will come here since they have already been here, twice attacking us and numerous times being intercepted.

    As for Michael’s chances of being elected, if you think your boorish Ron Paliac crap will attract more voters, you are seriously mistaken. Don’t for a minute think Christine Webb’s or Cheryl Crist’s supporters will just flock to Michael. They won’t, unless they see someone of like values and qualities, across the board.

    Michael has a good chance of either winning or at least worrying Baird and it won’t be by repeating the whiny little words of Ron Paul.

    Now, be sure to support and cast your vote for Cynthia McKinney, just like your senile lord said to do.


  5. Me again.

    Ron Paultardista-ites recognize greatness and have no problem denying respect where it doesn’t belong. Most of them I speak to have no intentions of supporting a third party presidential candidate that doesn’t have a similar platform and the record to back it up.

    However, It’s nice to see all of the sometimes crazed non-establishment parties come together advocating for the opening of the debates, so important and top-secret questions (monetary policy) can be asked and answered. I don’t support any current third party candidates, but I do support breaking the establishment’s hold on elections now, so when that statesman finally comes around that shares my platform (if not GOP), they’ll maybe have a fair chance at sharing their ideas in the debates.


  6. Well, Cory, so much for my trying to help Michael win some votes, huh? If you think Ron Paul supporters in Clark County can defeat Baird by themselves, that is delusional, as you say. Loud and brash doesn’t draw voters.

    When I was young I heard the same old crap about establishment this and establishment that and all that ended happening was those braying the loudest ended up forming another, are you ready for this, ESTABLISHMENT!!!!!

    Conservatism has been a stalwart of society for long before any of us roamed the planet. It is neither in need of change or updating.

    Too bad so many seem to think so.


  7. Conservatism has been a stalwart of society for long before any of us roamed the planet. It is neither in need of change or updating.

    Too bad so many seem to think so.”

    I agree; look up the saying Old Right.

    Thanks for the frank discussion with me. It’s much more likable than deleted comments.


  8. Cory, are you sure you wish to express such support for FDR’s “New Deal,” the mother of the modern welfare system?

    Conservatism does include many variants, but i will restate that it is not in need of redefining or restructuring.

    Since you lioke “old Right,” read it a bit closer. It mirrors Ron Paul’s attitudes more than you seem o have noticed.

    As for deletions, what good does that do? If I can’t stand on and defend my values and beliefs, what good are they?

    We are a strong and resilient people and will survive and hopefully, improve even more with expressions of difference.


  9. Mr. Waters,

    You acknowledge the worthiness of Michael Delavar’s “strong fiscal and social conservative” views. You contrast these favorably with Congressman Baird’s “down the line Pelosi following Liberal” ones.

    Yet you’re willing to forsake Delavar and the Conservative principles he’ll support for America and vote instead for Brian Baird merely because the Congressman wants what-is-taken-to-be a “win” in Iraq? If a victory for the principles of proper governance in our own country is indeed less important to you than the fate of some foreign land, then you should well consider changing either your perspective or your nationality?


  10. John, of what use are those principles if we end up having to fight terrorists within our own streets?

    We are and have been in a very perilous time, September 11 should have shown you all that. Paul is wrong that we caused it ourselves.

    As I told Michael, they have been coming after us for some time and we must face them. We cannot pretend they will just go away any longer and wait and hope they stay away.

    Sound conservative principles do not deflect suicide bombs and IED’s.

    It is much safer for us to fight them somewhere else than within our own ACLU whining country.


  11. If the ‘Islamic Barbarians’ hated anything about America, I wouldn’t say it is because we offer justice and liberty. Rather, since Lew Waters eluded to the traditional dogma of fighting all our enemies on their shores, and fighting to protect the home front, why is it that our borders are STILL not secure? Wasn’t securing the borders one of Bush’s major platform issues when seeking election/re-election? What has changed? Border Patrol are now being arrested for fulfilling their job description.

    Innocent American’s are being seized by the FBI and CIA without search warrants, shipped off to ‘non-existent’ prisons in foreign countries, and disallowed the basic Constitutional right of representation, speedy trial, and a basic warrant for arrest.

    When looking at the ‘war’, we as conservative American’s must ask ourselves, what does victory look like? Why are we ‘nation building’? Our Founding Father’s knew the detriment of ‘nation building’ and entangling alliances and warned against it!

    The basic question one must ask is; who is benefitting from this(aka, follow the money)…


  12. Hailey, in response to your first question, in a nutshell, Congress!!!

    You seem to forget that it is Congress, not the President, who passes legislation and who funds or defunds projects. Last I recall Ron Paul is from Congress.

    Instead of using the tired old canard of “what does victory look like,” why not supply what your idea of Victory would look like. We have ours and you refuse to see it, just play tired old games of semantics.

    Don’t fool yourself of being a “conservative American.” At best, a Libertarian/Republican American. Conservatism does not need to be redefined or updated to fit into Ron Paul’s lunacy; it is fine just as it is.

    Granting others the chance to build their own free society and achieve prosperity is hardly what I call “Nation Building.”

    Please supply a list of those “INNOCENT American’s” seized and shipped off to foreign lands by FBI &CIA and not receiving any Constitutional Rights. Tired old cliché’s and rhetoric are just that, tired and old.

    And finally, “who is benefiting from it all?” Oh, I don’t know, but I suspect that minimalizing radical Jihadism, encouraging backwards nations that treat women like scum and doormats to come into the 21st century, give ordinary citizens that before were subjected to death squads or squalor relief from them, not receiving needed heath care or basic human rights, allowing girls to receive an education and take part in their countries doings, raising children without the fear of being sold into White Slavery, elevating minority races within them to equal status of the majority, granting everyday citizens a voice in their governments as well as reaping a portion of their countries trade, and so much more, just might have a positive effect on the entire planet overall.

    Don’t waste your time coming back with “why aren’t we doing it everywhere else.” Once democracy and freedom take hold, it grows on it’s own and yes, we may end up helping another third world country elevate their people someday, down the road. In that respect, my crystal ball is still out for recalibration.

    What you really need to be asking is, “who benefits from allowing Jihadists and tyrants to continue to thrive?” Think about that one for a bit.

    Finally, if you feel continuing to advocate the failed candidacy of Ron Paul will help Michael Delavar pick up votes, you are seriously deluded. It isn’t up to voters to adapt to Michael, it is up to him to adapt to the voters he desires to represent. There is a reason Ron Paul failed in yet another bid for the presidency and it isn’t because we are the ones out of touch.

    I wish you well in elevating the Libertarian Party in prominence, but rest assured, you will not take over the Republican Party.


  13. We will never successfully spread American ideals by force. Why, because all the natives of these lands will worry about is how to protect the homeland from our American hegemonic asses blowing up their people and infrastructure.

    Your ideas on saving the world are not fiscally conservative, or conservative by any definition. “Conservatives” didn’t follow any of the ideas you advocate for until the CFR began controlling American foreign policy by promoting all their globalist goons to cabinet positions and everywhere else.


  14. Cory, Ron Paul did not get the nomination and will not get it. Time to get over yourself. He was only able to garner what, 35 delegates out of how many thousand?

    The only thing worse than beating a dead horse, is betting on one.

    For your information, we are not “spreading American ideals BY FORCE.” We have granted the Iraqi’s their chance at setting up their own ideals, bringing them into the 21st Century alongside of us.

    Freedom isn’t free and we did gain ours alone. If not for “foreign intervention” our own revolution would have failed miserably. I thought you studied history?

    Spare me the condescension on what a conservative is. Many of us were conservative before conservative was “cool.”


  15. Michael wants to separate himself from Ron Paul but people like yourself will not stop talking about it. The war is not the number one issue, not unless you are talking about the economy and fiscal conservatism. In that case we need to come home. If you are talking about Constitutional ethics, then again the answer is to come home.
    Those who thought that Ron Paul or Michael for that matter, had a chance of winning the election, are simple not grounded in reality. Winning in the political arena does not always equate to being elected to office.
    I am surprised that someone of your education could truly believe that Ron Paul’s influence is anything short of a political revolution brewing beneath the eyes of the media. Your disdain and disregard for the peoples strong Principled convictions is a prime example of the pessimistic model of our society.
    I hope that you are preaching propaganda and you do not honestly believe that all of the people who stood up and supported Ron Paul and even more oppose the current political establishment are going to fade away. Then again you maybe right. But I will never stop fighting for what I believe in.

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” — Wendell Phillips

    P.S. I would never vote for the green party and find that to be quite an insult.


  16. Lew, this is not a personal attacks forum, and you are not the end all. When parties refuse to allow changes to occur, thats when we see the stagnant groups of now. Both parties promising change, but really there is none. Both putting on the same hat out of the same bag.

    Yes, you are right, many of the issues I have are with Congress. I have a big problem when the person I elected to represent ME, fails to do so.

    This is not about Ron Paul, but about the issues Michael has to bring to the table. By not supporting Delavar, you are supporting Baird. Baird votes liberal Democrat 97% of the time, and the other 3% he just throws a few bones to those who cannot stand up for their ideals and the Constitution! Baird is a pro-choice, big government, big spending DEMOCRAT!

    Look at Delavar’s website, and if you have issues, email or call him.


  17. Hailey, this forum currently is as I designate it. That is why I set it up, to espouse my personal views within Clark County. It is hoped others would join for free to contribute their opinions and thoughts, but so far, it is only I.

    The changes needed for the GOP is to return to true and honest conservatism, not the watered down version offered by Ron Paul. Too many Republicans moved left and conservatives shied away. Ron Paul’s brand moves more away.

    As I see it, Michael has a decent shot, but not as a Ron Paul follower. The noise you all made in the primaries isn’t as loud district wide as you believe. You say it isn’t about Ron Paul, but that is all you all do is continue the message that failed to get him any more than 35 delegates nationwide. That’s a pretty poor showing.

    As for who I support, currently, neither. Many others will be just like me. As stated, that is my dilemma. Not supporting Michael currently is not automatically support for Baird, don’t even try that manipulative canard on me, I’m too old to fall for that.

    I cannot in good conscience cast a vote for someone who I feel would allow this current fight to be brought to our shores and my grandson’s have to fight it years from now, when we currently have them on the run and are decimating their numbers, while showing others we offer a better way for them, if they so choose.

    As for visiting Michael’s website, did you miss where I said I met and personally spoke to him? Who do you think took the photo above?

    Perhaps you should actually read through the post before commenting again.

    Matthew, you are entitled to your opinion, but it is only that.

    On the contrary, if you actually read my words, I am offering Michael a way to distance himself from Paul, not encouraging him to remain lock step with him. That is you Pauliacs doing that.

    As for the war, yes, for many Americans, they just rolled over and went back to sleep and pay no attention to it. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I cannot do that and allow what happened before to happen again.

    As I said to Hailey, you over estimate the impact of Ron Paul, he didn’t show all that well. You only delude yourself otherwise.

    As for vigilance, what do you think we are doing by finally standing up to the radical Jihadists? Has it escaped you that we have not suffered a terrorist attack since we took the fight back to them, unlike the previous three decades?

    If you wish a repeat of the blood and carnage that came with World War Two, keep supporting Paul’s call to abandon another struggling ally.


  18. You said to Hailey, “Conservatism does not need to be redefined or updated to fit into Ron Paul’s lunacy; it is fine just as it is.”
    The meaning of conservatism in politics is elusive. One election it means one thing and the next something else. To you it means one thing and to me another. If you are insinuating that the party does not need to change (again) I would argue that what it stood for in 2000 was much more Conservative then now and I want it back. We are now the party of out of control spending, big government, disregard for America’s sovereignty and privacy rights. We went from opposing government intervention to increasing support of intervention on a mass scale without the fiscal means nor end in sight.


  19. The main fallacy to your point, Matthew, is that if your brand of “conservatism” is what is necessary, you Ron Paul Libertarians wouldn’t be trying so hard to take over the Republican Party and convince all you are the true conservatives.

    Your Ron Paul Libertarian Party would be the major party on its own.

    Maybe there is a reason the Ron Paul Libertarian Party has never been able to get off the ground.


  20. Maybe there is a reason why so many Republicans are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Stop supporting empty rhetoric and get behind the values and principals that have long been held by the Republican party.



    Still trying to push that canard that you Libertarians and Ron Pauliacs are the rightful heirs to the Republican party?

    You bring nothing new to the table, you only think you do. We’ve seen it all before.

    The Times They Are A-Changin’

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Copyright ©1963;

    Like I said, if your message was what America needed or desired, you Libertarians would have no need to try to highjack the GOP.

    As for “cognitive dissonance,” you should look closer at yourselves in your attempted highjacking.

    Not gonna work.


  22. You seem to be grouping a lot of people into what you call Libertarians. I know a great many life long Republicans that simply want their party back. The fact of the matter is that the GOP party was highjacked by the Christan right during the eighties. Sense then it has been again highjacked by an neo Conservative ideology that’s principals are not in alignment with the Christan right nor most other republicans.

    As for “cognitive dissonance,” the disillusion is beginning to dissipate and I will help to liberate you and those like you from your inability to stand up for your beliefs. I know that they do not support and have never supported the liberal spending, unbalanced budgets, nation building, amnesty, big government and the loss of civil liberties. You have been left voting party line. this of course means that you are to vote for a candidate that does not support your values. While you rally behind a message without weight, you pat yourself each other on the back confident that you will be represented. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    If restoring the Conservative values to the Republic party fails then there will be no Conservative party just the continued illusion of one. You can talk Conservative until you are blue in the face but until your actions meet your words you are just another politician. If you think that you are helping your cause by fighting Ron Paul and his supporters you are sadly mistaken. These people want nothing more than accountability in Congress and the executive branch. Perhaps we could also restore accountability to our economy but pushing Congress to retake control over the production and distribution of currency where it rightfully belongs.


  23. Like I said, Matthew, you bring nothing new to the table. Every generation seems to think they have some unique idea only to discover it was all done before.

    Incidentally, I am not a politician.

    Yes, we do want the party back, but not to give it over to loons like Ron Paul. We will take it back from liberals and loons.

    I do give you credit for one thing, though. You haven’t ranted on about “those jooozz” yet.

    But, you keep on harping away, you might even pick up one or two more supporters.

    The only thing worse than beating a dead horse is placing a bet on one. You just keep on betting on that dead horse.


  24. The horse I bet on is is the Constitution, liberty and justice for all.

    Ron Paul simple brought people with different overall philosophical views together with commonsensical economics and straight talk about real issues rather than sound bites used to elicit mental framing and emotional reactions.

    Did you see Paul on Glen Beck or Fox 9/18/08?

    Ron Paul: This Bailout Won’t Be the Last

    Capitalism and a free market are the way to go, but that is only possible with a Democratic republic. Until we get back to a proper size and scope of federal government we will not have proper representation and we will not have a free market.

    Overview of America


  25. That’s what I like about you, Matthew, pissing into the wind doesn’t bother you at all. In fact, you seem to enjoy it.

    Uh, if you haven’t noticed, others aren’t too happy over the bail-outs.

    Unfortunately for you, your dead horse sits down in Texas thinking he’s important and the other will most likely be the next President.

    Ron Paul is a lunatic, but had some sound fiscal ideas. But then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    But you keep on thinking Paul has all the ideas if it makes you happy. Maybe next time he tries, when he is 77, he can acquire what, 36 or 37 delegates?



    Maybe you should do some deep introspection. Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

    Like I said, you bring nothing new that hasn’t been around before. I’ve already seen this stuff from others and they ended up ruining America for all of us. Ron Paul even sided with them back then.

    But, I’m sure David Duke will continue supporting him too.

    You sure join company with some weird people 😉


  26. Well I happy that I do not have people around me that support the war (occupation) through misleading rhetoric like “Support the troops”. You surround yourself with people that know how to be lead not people who know how to think.
    And what about all of the Republicans that jumped up and down after 9/11/2001 talking about nuking the entire middle east, turning it into a sheet of glass. Yea these people are not people I want in my party. I prefer people who think not just simply react with irrational and catastrophic proposals.
    You can dislike Paul and libertarian’s all you want, Paul by the way is pro life. But are you really naive enough to think that the GOP leadership wants a smaller less powerful government? Do you want a smaller less powerful government or has the Republican party completely transformed to support a massive centralized government with little oversight?
    dictionary results for: libertarian’s
    One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
    One who believes in free will.
    Yea that sounds terrible


  27. Earth to Matthew: RON PAUL LOST THE NOMINATION!!!!!! HE IS NOT IN THE RUNNING ANY LONGER. He never really was.

    There, I feel better now.

    Matthew, I recall many just like you 37 years ago when I came home from Viet Nam the last time and what they have been putting us through ever since. Don’t even try to tell me about Veterans or the Troops, been there, done that.

    Good luck highjacking the GOP for your standard bearer. We are aware of you guys and you ain’t going to succeed. Go build your own party under your own values.

    Now, since this post is about Michael Delavar, have you anything to say in that regard? Or, do you intend to continue arguing a moot point on pushing Ron Paul?

    Paul isn’t in the running, Delavar is. Will he mature enough to win more GOP support, or do you think you Pauliacs will carry him all by yourselves?

    I hope he does get to visit Iraq and speak directly to the Iraqis and the Troops, the real boots on the ground Troops, not the handful chosen for the anti-whatever stance.

    Once he returns, we will see where he stands.

    Finally, if all you desire to do is keep placing bets on the dead horse of Ron Paul’s candidacy, expect your comments to begin mysteriously disappearing. I have no intention of continuing entertaining moonbats.


  28. Lew,
    I am curious, are you able to think for yourself, or do you attain all information directly from the GOP and supposed ‘conservative’ media? Why don’t you pull yourself out of you comfort zone and actually research information.

    Do you agree with the McCain/Palin ticket about going to war with yet another country, Russia? Its interesting how we, as a nation, keep jumping to new nations to go to war with.

    I strongly urgue you to go back and read about the Letters of Marque and Reprisal,the Jefferson Letters,etc. The founding fathers have much for us to gleen from.

    I appreciate that you have a blog about your opinions. I may not agree with you, but I agree with all of us being able to freely express our said opinions.


  29. Hailey, do you even know what Letters of Marque and Reprisal were? By todays standards they would equate to outsourcing our defense to mercenaries, Blackwater.

    At the time of the Barbary pirates we did not have a professional military. We do today.

    Ever wonder why other nations abolished them over a century ago? Ever think about how other nations, many of those same nations Paul whines we need to listen to, would look upon hiring mercenaries to do our fighting?

    As much as I despise the UN and our membership in it, do you think they would sit by as we unleashed hired guns on others?

    Have you forgotten the Geneva Conventions, the very conventions and articles you all cry about being violated in regards of “prisoners” rights in Guantanamo bans the use of mercenaries?

    I do believe it isn’t me in need of “thinking for themselves.”

    I also wish you all would make up your minds as to who we are threatening war with on what day. Saying some sort of action “MIGHT” be in order under certain conditions isn’t calling for a declaration of war.

    When it comes to fighting terrorists, one thing forgotten by you all is that they have been at war with us for a long time. Isn’t it about time we fought back?

    Having served in one war doesn’t blind me to the fact that war was brought to us and fighting back is our only hope. I don’t like war, but I deeply dislike the thought of enslavement even more.

    Now, I’ll tell you the same thing I told Matthew. This post is about Michael Delavar, have you anything to say in that regard? Or, do you intend to continue arguing a moot point on pushing Ron Paul? Paul isn’t in the running, Delavar is. If all you desire to do is keep placing bets on the dead horse of Ron Paul’s candidacy, expect your comments to begin mysteriously disappearing.


  30. Hey Lew,

    You should do a post that shows just how important it is that Dino Rossi is our next Governor. A contrast of Rossi/Gregoire policies to show why Rossi will turn Washington around and make it a better place to live.

    Ron Paul’s not in the race any more, but what if all this energy expressed here was directed towards getting Dino Rossi elected, since he has common platform in terms of domestic policy?

    Who cares about the presidential race. It’s well explained by a bumper sticker that I saw that said, “We’re SCREWED 08!”.

    There’s common ground here, and lots of your readers would likely be more interested in Dino cheering than posts that deride fellow Republicans that share most of the platform you have. There are so many more important issues than the war, and I would like to see more of them covered here. What about those devils over at the City Council?


  31. Everything in its own time, Cory.

    Then again, many blog hosts are free and you could begin one yourself and freely express your views. No one is stopping you.

    Go ahead, show me how to do it properly.


  32. I haven’t looked here in weeks, interesting comments all. But one point seems to have been overlooked. Lew, you stated:

    “Has it escaped you that we have not suffered a terrorist attack since we took the fight back to them, unlike the previous three decades?”

    You ascribe this to our military efforts in Iraq, but I would argue that this success is AT LEAST as likely to be the result of the excellent police work and, post 9/11, full co-operation and sharing of information between the FBI, CIA, NSA, and international police agencies, as well as those of the Brits, French and Germans. In fact several high-profile terrorist actions against targets here in the US have been stopped due to the efforts of these agencies. Conversly, I am not aware of a single potential attack against the continental United States that was stopped due to our military activities in Iraq. Are you?


  33. Actually, Tom, I credit it to all the steps put in place after 9/11 by President Bush and others within his administartion. It was his policies that removed walls and gave all the tools needed.

    How typical, though, that you would steal any Valor due our Brave Troops and not see how all you mention gained the ability to do what they were prevented from doing during previous years.


  34. How deliberately (and typically) obtuse can you get, Lew? I have nothing but admiration for the valor of our brave troops. But as you fully know, that doesn’t address the larger issue – what specific potential attack on US soil was prevented by their mission? I can’t think of a single one – can you?


  35. Don’t even play that silly game with me, Tom. Obtuse you say? I’ve been one of the recipients of that “admiration” from so many for nearly 4 decades now.

    Ridiculous how you can once again claim “admiration” for our Troops, then deny they had nothing to do with the years we have not had a terrorist attack, even though it is they who have these barbarians engaged in far lands and are killing, capturing and yes, converting them.

    There mere presence there is a barrier between them and you.

    How dare you sully the memory of over 4,000 Brave Young Americans who voluntarily faced a gruesome enemy and gave their lives to keep America safe.

    How dare you deny that millions more who sacrificed their day to day lives, left their families behind and endured unmentionable hardships in stifling heat and unsanitary conditions have had any deterrent effect on attacks on our land.

    Instead, you have the gall to come here and cast dispersion on their valor by claiming the inability to think of a single incident they prevented? You cannot prove a negative.

    They are on the front lines in defending us and with the other tools made available, even those you and Paul think egregious, have prevented another attack.

    Here is something for you to chew on. Interrogations have revealed plans and neutralized them. Who captured the terrorists in the first place? Our Brave Young Troops, that’s who. Whether these barbarians were interrogates in country, at Gitmo or some secret prison anywhere, they were first engaged and captured by our Troops.

    You can’t think of a single incident? Try all of them and give these Brave Young Americans, our new Greatest Generation in my estimation, the credit they deserve.

    But don’t come here and try to play that stupid assed “I support the Troops but not the war” crap with me! I’ve heard and endured too many years of it to fall for it today!


  36. Attack dog verbiage and pious outrage won’t change the facts. The prevention of attacks on US soils is, to a very large extent, the result of outstanding and dedicated professionals in the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, and so forth. You hardly ever give these folks credit, yet virtually every documented interception of potential terrorist attacks on our soil post 9/11 is directly attributable to their actions.

    As to your other comments regarding the troops and the US military: In the United States, the President is Commander in Chief. If the President orders our troops to go, they go.Therefore it is entirely possible for our troops to be Brave Young Americans (as they indeed are), but for their presidentially-ordered mission to be ill-advised. I’m surprised that you can’t acknowledge something so obvious.

    Actually, I take that back. I’m not surprised.


  37. Tom, you try my patience. Pious? Hardly. Outrage? You bet! After the crap spewed towards me and the other 2.5 million who served also in Viet Nam, you bet your empty rhetoric outrages me.

    You have no idea the credit I extend to all those who are fighting terrorists. But, to deny our Troops their due is not only ridiculous, it is assinine.

    Your very words prove my point, but you are too self centered and ignorant to realize you bash the Troops with your comment about they blindly go on “ill-advised” missions, as ifthey are brain-dead robots. Has it escaped you that the reenlistment rate of these Brave Troops is above the norm? Do you not realize they may leave the military upon the end of their enlistment? Yet, they volunteer to go again. Why? Because they see it is NOT “ill-advised” and they see their efforts winning and protecting even sorry cretins like yourself.

    If there is any over compensation at all in my giving credit to the Troops it is to offset moonbats who deny they have accomplished good.

    Veteran Definition

    “A veteran – whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve – is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The ‘United States of America’, for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’” (Author unknown)

    Veterans Statement

    “I stood up, I showed up, I stepped forward.
    I raised my right hand, I stood in the gap, I walked in the fire.
    I did not run, I did not hide, I did not dodge, I did not evade.”


    I have nothing to prove, no one to convince, those who matter, already know.

    Those who don’t, never will. (Author Unknown)

    Like I said, don’t even try your crap with me. I can smell moonbats a mile away.


  38. As I’ve said many times, including out here, I support the troops – and their mission – in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I do not support our actions in Iraq. That’s my right as an American – and who the hell are you to imply that is less than honorable? Don’t try your crap with me either – I can smell a neocon a mile away.

    In any event, it’s apparent that you’re not willing to engage in a reasoned discourse on this topic, since you seem so intent on hollering, name calling, and wrapping youself up in knots. I give up.


  39. Spare me your condescending rhetoric, Tom. When you graduated High School in ’73 I had already completed two tours in Viet Nam and had been in Germany for two years, married with one child.

    It always amuses me how you people react to Veterans who don’t fall for you pandering rhetoric.

    You do have your rights, but so do I. You do not control this discussion, take it or leave it.

    As a Viet Nam Veteran and life member of Disabled American Veterans, as well as other Veterans groups, I have every right to label things as I see them. Although we are all granted that freedom by the constitution, a few of went beyond that and paid a price for those rights, yours included.

    Thank me very much.

    Funny how you can cry like the little titty baby you are about rights and name calling, then state “Don’t try your crap with me either – I can smell a neocon a mile away.”

    I can smell a hypocrite miles away too.

    Apparently you have fallen for the crap about Iraq not being worth it or that Bush Lied nonsense put out by the moonbat left. Of course you can’t handle the truth because it might shake your delicate senses. Then again, I doubt you have much tactical experience or knowledge.

    I won’t waste bandwidth arguing about Iraq, but it was righteous and necessary. Instead, try reading what a neutral Canadian discovered by actual research, not falling in lock step with leftist web sites…….. if you dare.


  40. Hi Tom,

    I helped spread the news in your precinct Tuesday…

    You have a helluva Debbie Peterson sign saturation in the northern half, for Pete’s sake. Made me smile. Hope the shindig is popular.

    Debbie – Thanks for fighting for us on the bridge deal… it’s appreciated.


  41. Cory, Debbie is a fantastic lady. I hope you get the chance to meet her.

    Further back I have some video posted of her comments at the CRCB meeting in August. Both she and Don Benton made some excellent comments.


  42. Hi Cory, Hi Lew,

    Someone had to take up the cause of the downtown businesses. When I first started talking with people re: the I-5 light rail/bridge fiscal disaster, I can’t tell you how many businessmen and women said that they (elected officials) weren’t hearing them.
    The backbone of our economy, and only Don Benton, Jeanne Stewart, Pat Campbell, Bette Sue Morris, and Jerry Oliver were willing to wade into treacherous waters. After spending hours researching the cost/benefits of this project and listening to our businessmen and women and the community, the solution was very obvious. This is not a good project for our city. It has been a privilege to be their voice at many meetings.

    Thanks to both of you for your support and gracious words.

    Debbie Peterson
    Candidate for the House of Representatives, 49th District, Pos.1



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