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October 30, 2008

SRCC Files Complaint Against SDCC For Illegal Contributions to Carrier Campaign

by lewwaters

In a release today, Brent Ludeman, Executive Director of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee announced that he has filed a complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission against the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee alleging they both “violated their aggregate contribution limit” and “making contributions in excess of the 21-day $5000 limit” to David Carrier, running to unseat Republican Don Benton in the 17th Legislative District race. (copy of email received below post)

Stating Democrats had a contribution limit of $50,633.60, the complaint states “Senate Democrats have given directly or made in-kind contributions of more than $90,605 to Carrier’s campaign.”

This is not the same $1,000 the Carrier campaign was required to return to the 49th Legislative District Democrats earlier, which Carrier explained away as his “volunteer Treasurer accepted the contribution …. without knowing this type of contribution was prohibited.”

This is a new complaint filed over the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee contributing money to the Carrier Campaign in the sum of $50,000 “after the 21-day $5000 limit had passed.”

Ludeman also alleges in the complaint that of the $50,000 contributed, “$46,605 were made as in-kind contributions that cannot simply be returned.”

A file listing these contributions has been made available here.

Carrier built his campaign around a pledge of not accepting Special Interest and PAC contributions. When it was pointed out that he had accepted such contributions, Carrier attempted to explain and justify them here. (see comments)

The troubling aspect of David Carrier’s candidacy is that his words just do not add up. Beyond the promise of not accepting special interest and PAC money, he states on his web site, “Taxes represent an investment in our future and our children’s future. They are the dues that we pay for education, public services, and infrastructure.”

Additionally he claims he will not vote to implement an income tax, yet he also claims to advocate a “progressive tax.” That means the more you earn, the higher percentage you pay.

In spite of Clark County voters rejecting the idea of Light Rail from Portland into downtown by a 2 to 1 margin, Carrier aggress with the CRC on adding Light Rail to a new bridge to replace the aging I-5 bridge. He justifies this by relying on a questionable poll that only included 104 Clark County residents.

Of late he has jumped on the bash Bush bandwagon citing, “For the past 8 years we’ve been told that the economy is fine, that free markets will take care of themselves, that we can’t afford to do anything to help working people.”

He totally neglects that our economy went south after his party gained power in both the House of Representatives and Senate and began imposing minimum wage increases, which led to increased unemployment nationwide.

Carrier claims to be an “economist,” but makes no mention of his parties complicity in the economic downturn due to requiring risky home loans be made to those lower income people who could not afford to repay them, which Congressional Democrats blocked all efforts by both Republicans and President Bush to get regulations passed to prevent the economic meltdown we are now in.

Can we afford to send someone to Olympia that ignores his party’s share of the blame for the hardships we now face?

Carrier tells us, “In general I do not support tax increases, and do not support an income tax in the state of Washington.” Yet, from his own Priorities page we see,

“This year the City of Vancouver is facing a structural deficit of over $6 million. Since 2001, city departments excluding police and fire have absorbed a combined $14 million in cuts. As reported in the Columbian, the factors contributing to Vancouver’s budget shortfall:

An estimated $40 million has been lost in the past 7 years as a result of two voter initiatives, one capping property tax increases, the other lowering car tabs to $30 each.

An estimated $67 million has been lost in 10 years as the city phased out the local business and occupation tax.

Vancouver loses an estimated $10 million a year in sales tax revenue as shoppers travel to sales-tax-free Oregon.”

He also states on the same page, “Taxpayers have a right to vote on tax increases. They should also vote on tax cuts, after being fully informed of the consequences for public safety and education. Politicians should be required to identify which government services will be eliminated…”

Am I the only one to notice that the only areas Democrats ever seem able to cut spending on is in needed community services? Does he not see that eliminating the Light Rail proposal would save billions? Does he not see that eliminating entitlements to Illegal Aliens would also save citizens massive dollars? As we all know, government spending is bloated and out of control, but Carrier can only recommend cutting needed services should tax revenues not meet the states expectations.

Don Benton has served us faithfully and voted to keep our taxes at a fair level, which places more of our hard earned money in our own pockets to spend as we see fit.

Carrier makes a lot of smoke about helping us, but when looking at his claims objectively, will end up costing us a lot of money in taxes.

Add this his violating his own oath in accepting Special Interest and PAC money and now Illegal contributions and I see someone we just cannot afford in Olympia. Since his party gained power in Washington 4 years ago, our annual budget surplus has disappeared and been replaced by a projected multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.

To be fair, I do not believe Carrier accepted any of the contributions knowing they were illegal. A novice politician, I feel he is just naïve and as such, will show up in Olympia green as can be and easily manipulated by seasoned politicians who desire our tax dollars be spent first in King County, where their votes come from.

In times like this we need experience and someone with a record of fighting to keep our taxes down and reasonable. We need someone who fights against wasteful projects that will bankrupt us. We need someone who really does represent us.

Clark County needs Don Benton back in office as State Senator for the 17th legislative District.

Copy of email announcing GOP complaint:

From: Brent Ludeman [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 1:38 PM
Subject: Complaint


I would like to file a complaint against the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee for violating both their aggregate contribution limit and for making contributions in excess of the 21-day $5000 limit to David Carrier in the 17th Legislative District.

Despite a contribution limit of $50,633.60, the Senate Democrats have given directly or made in-kind contributions of more than $90,605 to Carrier’s campaign. I have attached an excel file with the illegal contributions highlighted.

Additionally, four of the contributions, totaling $50,605, were made after the 21-day $5000 limit. Of those contributions, $46,605 were made as in-kind contributions that cannot simply be returned. These illegal contributions have been used to further Carrier’s campaign in a way that will have irrevocable harm.

It is clear that these illegal contributions will impact the election results. The damage is done. Given the serious nature of this violation, I request an immediate investigation and for the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee and the David Carrier for Senate campaign to be penalized to the maximum extent of the law for these multiple violations.


Brent Ludeman

Brent Ludeman
Executive Director
Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Cell: 206.XXX XXX

October 29, 2008

Dino Rossi Subjected To Democrat Dirty Tricks

by lewwaters
Veterans For Dino Rossi

Veterans For Dino Rossi

Obviously realizing there is better than even chance they will lose the governors race by a large enough margin even King County couldn’t find enough “lost & misplaced” ballots to steal another election, Democrat partisan lawyers have subjected Republican candidate, Dino Rossi to a trumped-up, politically timed legal accusation.

This maneuver is so egregious that even the normally left-winged Seattle Times ran an Editorial labeling it a farce!

Since Christine Gregoire managed to “discover” enough lost and misplaced ballots in the third recount to steal the 2004 governors election, she has broken nearly every campaign promise she made.

And now, eager to retain power, her minions have used the courts to not only make negative headlines in regards to Dino Rossi, but to deny him hours of valuable campaign time, which includes causing him to have to cancel an important appearance before the Seattle Rotary Club, where Gregoire had already made her appearance, unhindered.

Subjected to a four hour grilling that should have taken no more than a half-hour, the Democrat partisan lawyers actually called King County Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas requesting even more time to subject Dino to this ridiculous display of partisan dirty tricks.

Besides subjecting Dino to a total waste of his precious time this close to the election, the effort is to get his name connected to their lawsuit filed against the Building Industry Association of Washington, that suit itself also being little more than a political nuisance suit filed by two former state Supreme Court Justices, Robert Utter and Faith Ireland, both Gregoire supporters.

Liberal legal activist, Knoll Lowney who is representing the justices claims, “The magnitude of [the BIAW] apparent violations is unprecedented.” Lowney has previous history of filing politically motivated frivolous lawsuits against Republicans during campaigns.

One of Dino’s attorney’s, Mike Patterson rightfully said,

“This is totally politically motivated to make Dino Rossi unavailable for his campaign in a close election.”

Former Sen. Slade Gorton and former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay, both Republicans issued a statement saying,

“The Court’s decision to require Dino Rossi to testify in a deposition less than one week before the election is outrageous. In any other case where, as here, a witness is not a party in the case, the court makes every effort to accommodate that witness’ schedule. Not in this case, though, where a group of partisan lawyers asked a King County judge to take an emergency deposition of Mr. Rossi involving a case in which he is not even a party.

A judge should insure fairness for a candidate who is the victim of an obviously political lawsuit. Sadly, that is not the case here. Yesterday, a King County judge gave these political attorneys license to abuse the court system. Adding insult to injury, the judge stated that a deposition will allow Rossi to “confirm — or dispel — the allegations before the election.” Any judge knows that a deposition taken by a hostile lawyer won’t prove the truth of anything. We have never seen a judge issue an order for immediate depositions in any other case of this nature.

This isn’t law – this is partisan politics and it stinks. Requiring Dino Rossi to leave the campaign trail and be subjected to a partisan deposition in the last week of the campaign is wrong. Governor Gregoire should call off this unfair attack against Dino Rossi.”

Eric Earling of SoundPolitics notes,

“Let’s just not pretend, however, that this is anything other than using the judicial system for a partisan, political stunt.”

An email from the Rossi campaign this evening says,

“What took place today had nothing to do with our struggling economy, our high school dropout rate, or any of the issues this race should be about.” It continues, “Christine Gregoire and her backers are willing to do and say anything to keep the Governor’s office. Her campaign is abusing our justice system by using judicial theatrics and negative headlines to try and distract from our positive message.”

The dubious recounts of 2004 showed how eager Democrats are for grabbing power any way they can and holding on to it. Even the current Democrat messianic candidate for president has shown the willingness of Democrats at power grabbing, aided fully by an in the tank media.

The only way to stop these out of control Democrats in their ‘putsch’ towards Socialism is to take a stand and vote Republican. Even if a life-long Democrat, party leaders need to be shown we are fed up with such dirty tactics as they continually engage in.

Let’s get behind Dino Rossi and reelect him to the Governor’s Office by a large enough margin to avoid another shady recount. Throw these dirty tactic-using Democrats out on their ear.

Washington residents, we deserve better than we have been receiving from Democrats. It isn’t the old Democrat party of years ago but a caricature of the party that used to actually care about people over political power.

As the Seattle Times Editorial properly notes, Dino Rossi “would make a fine governor.”

Reelect Dino Rossi

October 27, 2008

Food Stamp Frenzy? The “Other” America?

by lewwaters

A CBS report on hardships faced by citizens struggling to feed their families in an American community.



It may seem cold-hearted, but to me these people in the video are well dressed, one wearing an Armani top, adorned in nice jewelry and if you note at the end, loading their groceries in a very nice, and expensive, SUV.


I cannot fault people for wanting to look and dress nice, but what about priorities? Of course, the clothes could have always been purchased second hand or at a clearance and overstock store, costing much less. The SUV is a bit harder to understand for struggling people, though.


Still, none of this is a condemnation of these people shown. The salaries mentioned seem awfully low for their professions. They require commitment and education and surely deserve better salaries than mentioned. Since this was from a major metropolitan city in America, I have to wonder why the salaries of these people are so low.


Something just didn’t add up for this report, until it dawned on me. This report is about Chicago, Illinois, home of Democrat presidential candidate and former State Senator for this city, Barack Obama.


Is this what he accomplished for the people he served before as a State Senator? Is this the result for the people he now serves as a U.S. Senator?


More importantly, is this how he intends to serve the American People as President?


CBS, unwittingly I’m sure, has shown us how Barack Obama has represented the people in his district containing Chicago.


Are we ready for him to turn all of America into a struggling community as this?


I’m not! I’m voting for McCain/Palin where a look back at the people they represent shows much prosperity and less struggling to get by.


October 25, 2008

Local Illegals & Bleeding Hearts Object To I-409, “Respect For Law”

by lewwaters

For the past few weekends, my wife and I have been joining in the effort to gather signatures for the petition for I-409, a citizens initiative to “encourage” the legislature and authorities to deal with Illegal Immigrants. The purpose of the petition is to qualify the initiative for the 2009 ballot, should our legislature decide to not act on it.

We have been at gun shows both in Portland and at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Of late, we have received permission to set up outside of retail stores, so long as we do not harass patrons and comply with distance and sign requirements, as laid out by the retailers.

We have only been too happy to comply.

Overall, response has been good as many Clark County citizens share the concern over the influx of Illegal Immigrants into our community. A few, though, seem to feel they have the right to shout vulgarities, issue threats and harass the signature gatherers either by confronting us or filing false charges to the retail managers inside the stores.

Many of those acting in such a manner have every appearance of being Illegal Immigrants themselves and act upon the assumption of their right to interfere and stop American Citizens from exercising our constitutional right to seek redress from the government by gathering signatures on the petition to force Washington State to stop granting drivers licenses to Illegals, have employers use e-verify to ensure potential employees are legally entitled to work in America and to give Law Enforcement within the state the tools needed to enforce Federal Immigration Laws.

Some of the minor examples of the outrage expressed by Illegals are their driving by the table, music blaring and flashing a Washington Drivers License at us, before they hop their cars and speed off.

Some feel the need to call us vulgar names, even though at times it is women gathering the signatures and of course, women and children entering and leaving the stores. Others don’t understand that we may understand foreign vulgarities they spew and spew them in their native language.

Of late, some have stopped by with Oregon License plates to confront the gatherers and attempt at inciting an incident. Last weekend, a woman stopped by and asked to sign the petition. Once the pen was in her hand, she scrawled “F**K YOU!” across the petition, an illegal act itself.

Following her out in the parking lot to obtain her license number to report her to the Police, she could only scream she was being “stalked.” Brave lady.

Cat calls of “racist” are common as well as “pigs” and other infantile sophomoric name-calling as “Nazi’s,” “Fascists,” and generally “bad people” that want to force others to go hungry and not have jobs.

Today, one from Oregon thought he could intimidate my wife by going nose to nose with her yelling what a “racist” she is. Bad move, amigo. My wife, born of a Mexican father and White mother and raised mostly by a Black stepfather is about the least racist person I have ever met.

He was shocked that his intimidation did not work and neither was his screaming he works with lawyers and was going to take photos of the signature gathering effort. After he left, also driving by with his truck dragging its tail end and snapping cell phone photos, my wife did comment that he could use some Listerine. Another woman who witnessed the encounter congratulated my wife for standing firm against this interloper.

Another stopped by to express his anger by threatening to turn the table over, while his wife (I assume) was calling him and telling him to stop making such a fool of himself in public.

Lest you think it is only Illegals that confront us, we have had several bleeding hearts spew forth the same swill, asking who would we have pick our fruit and vegetables should they return to their country.

The amazing thing to me is that these bleeding hearts apparently only see immigrants as slaves to do our work we don’t want to do and to keep prices low by working for slave wages in substandard conditions. Did we not fight a war once to end such treatment of people in our country?

It escapes these bleeding hearts that if immigrants came her legally, they would not be subjected to such mistreatment, as the Korean man I am sponsoring for citizenship is doing. As complicated and wrapped up in red tape as the proper procedure is, he is following it and works a decent paying job, receiving the same treatment as any other worker, with no worries about I.C.E. raids.

Parents stop in front of us to “teach” their children how wrong we are for following the constitutionally mandated procedure to change our laws, instead of teaching them they have the right, under our constitution, to follow the same procedure to counter laws they feel may be unjust or in need of strengthening.

The anger expressed by both bleeding hearts and Illegals at a citizen effort to enforce our laws just amazes me. I am left wondering what other laws we may ignore on a whim, with impunity.

Totally ignored is that those entering our country illegally may be bringing diseases back into the country that we had eradicated, drive wages down by working for less minimum wage and drain our economy by taking benefits originally set-up to help legal citizens.

Billions of dollars are sent back to native countries that never circulate in our economy and fall into the hands of corrupt officials in native countries.

Oregon passed a measure denying Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses last year, but they simply come to Washington and obtain a Washington Drivers License, return to Oregon and when able, transfer to an Oregon License, circumventing their laws.

Totally unnoticed by those who stop by our table to incite trouble is that after they leave, several bystanders walk up and sign the petition, many saying they originally weren’t going to, but after what they just witnessed, will.

If the effort is to stop this initiative, it isn’t working. Americans have this habit of seeing through facades and charades eventually and joining in efforts to correct wrongs. For every scene caused by these people, we not only gain signatures but also end up sending petitions with many to gather signatures of their friends, neighbors and relatives.

I have no doubt we will collect the needed signatures in time to place this initiative before our legislature or on the next ballot.

If you go shopping and see a table set up and it is us, don’t be afraid to show your support. Stop by and sign the petition, if you are of mind to. We welcome you and will not do you any harm.

If you don’t care for what we do, don’t sign the petition it’s that simple. But please, just walk on by. Scowl if you wish. Grunt and groan if you desire, we don’t mind. But, if you feel you have the right to interfere with our legal signature gathering effort, you are only hurting your side and showing others what an ass you are.

October 23, 2008

Under Gregoire, 1300 Sex Offenders Lost!!

by lewwaters

Unbelievable that so many sex offenders just disappear within our state, whereabouts unknown. Little wonder, as the below ad shows, so many Police Guilds support Dino Rosi for Governor.

The Seattle PI makes a note to tell us that when Gregoire took office, over 1600 sex offenders were missing, as if that is considered some improvement, but they fail to recall that Gregoire replaced Gary Locke, also a Democrat.

Rossi promises increased use of GPS monitors for these criminals that prey on innocent citizens, requiring those most dangerous to wear them for life.

We need to re-elect Dino Rossi and send Republicans to Olympia and return our state to sound footing.

October 21, 2008

Langston Shuns PAC and Special Interest Money

by lewwaters

By now most have undoubtedly seen the television ad hawking David Carrier’s vow and refusal to accept Special Interest and PAC money and even the Columbian’s report of his campaign initially accepting an illegal contribution from another legislative district, which was subsequently returned.

The excuse listed of the Special Interest and PAC monies he did receive come across a bit lame, in my opinion.

Discussing the acceptance of Special Interest and PAC after viewing the last Presidential Debate at Republican Party Headquarters last week, Office Manager, Cindy Langston, wife of State Senate candidate Tom Langston, came up the small group and told us that Tom accepts no Special Interest or PAC money, at all.

We all have heard Political Candidates make claims that cause us to be skeptical and initially, I took Cindy’s claim with a little skepticism too. After all, it is just too easy to find out to who contributes to the candidates by a simple visit to the Public Disclosure Commission’s website, which is updated frequently.

It was a very pleasant surprise to discover that Tom and his wife are truthful. He has indeed not accepted PAC or Special Interest money and his acceptance of the money from the 49th Legislative District is legal as he is running for office within the 49th Legislative District.

Langston PDC Report

Langston PDC Report

Tom’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Craig Pridemore, lists several PACs he has accepted donations from, including the same Seattle law firm that specializes in asbestos litigation that David Carrier states is “from an individual employed by the firm who wished to remain anonymous.”

Pridemore PDC Report

Pridemore PDC Report

Unlike Carrier, I have never heard Pridemore make a vow to not accept such donations and again, accepting from Special Interest and PACs is not illegal. They can leave a candidate beholding to such groups, as we all know, but they are completely legal to accept.

Langston, desiring a more business friendly environment for Washington State, opposes any effort to impose an income tax on us. Strangely enough, Pridemore’s issue’s page is blank, leaving the voters will little information on just where he stands on current issues affecting the state.

Langston’s page prominently displays his stand on the issues and his pledge to the voters in dealing with them.

Pridemore, not willing to make his stand known to the public on his campaign website, leave us wondering if once again he would cave in to others on an income tax since we are again facing a severe budget shortage and as he said in 2005 after voting against his stated principles in raising taxes on Tobacco and Alcohol said, “The Senate has balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless,” even though it was he who cast the deciding vote in passing the legislation.

To Pridemore’s credit, he did later sponsor a tax rebate bill, but even that could face elimination with the current severe budget shortfall we face since Democrats took control of the State Government.

Langston opposes the Light Rail project across the Columbia River that the CRC desires to impose upon us, in spite of voters rejecting it. Pridemore chaired that same commission previously. Does he also advocate strapping commuters to Portland with tolls should they choose to exercise their freedom to drive their car? Does he prefer to force commuters to use public transportation; joining Portland and Vancouver’s Mayors desire to “force people out of their cars?”

Tom Langston has shown himself to be a man of conviction who stands by his word, something we saw Pridemore vote against in 2005. Could that have something to do with his rapid rise in powerful committees in the Senate?

With the serious budget shortfall we face, we need a businessman to represent us, someone who has had to work to make a payroll and keep costs down to turn a profit and stay in business. Saying we need to “trim the fat” in our budget and actually doing it are often very different. Tom Langston knows how to do it.

Craig Pridemore has shown us he is willing to compromise his own principles on our backs.

Join me in voting for Tom Langston, Senator for the 49th Legislative District. Let’s return Washington State to sound fiscal footing and get back on track to improving Washington’s economy and drawing businesses and jobs back to Washington State.

October 13, 2008

Carrier Accepting Special Interest Money After All?

by lewwaters

David Carrier, Democrat challenger to Republican Don Benton for Washington State Senate, 17th District, has maintained on his web page, “I am the only candidate for State Senate who did not accept contributions from lobbyists and PACs. My only interest is to represent the voters of this District.”

Clicking the link provided by David brings us to his page attempting to show his contributions received versus Don Benton’s expenditures, along with the following,

David also provides a link to Washington’s Public Disclosure Commissions search page for us to see how he is not accepting special interest money. It is somewhat complicated to get through, but I found by going to directly to the PDC page, searching the database is much easier. No matter, whichever way I access the page brings back the same results of those who are contributing to Carriers campaign.

For all the noise he makes about not accepting any money from special interests, I was somewhat taken back to see two contributors listed, Bergman & Frockt, PLLC of Vashon, Washington and the Roosevelt Fund of Seattle.

Bergman & Frockt seems to be a Law Firm located in Vashon that specializes on asbestos litigation. In fact, their site lists them as “The Northwest’s Leading Firm In Asbestos Litigation.”

The Roosevelt Fund P.O. Box 9100 Seattle is a Liberal Political Action Committee with a long history of collecting and distributing funds to Liberal Democrats in opposition to Republicans.

It must be said here that receiving these funds from these two special interest groups are neither illegal nor politically improper. However, they do indicate that Carrier either has decided to accept special interest money or isn’t paying attention to donations he receives.

It is David Carrier who complains about similar funds being accepted by Senator Don Benton while posting prominently on his own web page, “I am not accepting contributions from special interest groups.”

Even in articles by the near bankrupt Columbian, Carrier maintains he “has taken no money from special interest groups.”

I have previously addressed Carriers numbers and claims not adding up, here and here. Likewise, these two contributions don’t add up with this prominent claim “I am not accepting contributions from special interest groups.”

Little wonder that the financially troubled Columbian endorses Carrier over Don Benton, even to the point of misrepresenting Benton’s position of the I-5 bridge replacement proposals.

They claim, “[Benton] is even opposed to the proposal for replacing the decrepit and dangerous Interstate 5 Bridge.” Truth is, Senator Benton’s views were published by the Columbian March 2, 2008 with his article, “Third river crossing is best solution

Little wonder the Columbian is in deep financial straits. As much as they point at Senator Benton’s ability to raise funds, you would think they would have seen Carriers ability to receive funds from special interests as well.

With their inability to properly manage and profit from local news, are they sending us another mis-manager?

Either you accept from special interests or you don’t, David. You can’t have it both ways.

October 12, 2008

Republican “Meet and Greet”

by leaortiz

I decided to go to the “Meet and Greet” at the Republican headquarters over on 78th street.  I am not a PCO.  I want to let everybody know what I witnessed.

I am not a politically involved person, but what I saw happen there was nothing but dirty.

This was held for all of the PCO’s (Precinct Committee Officer’s) to get a chance to meet and chat, just get to know who we are working with to accomplish our goals. I was really looking forward to what was scheduled for us.

Here is what happened.  Once our gathering  commenced, someone barged in the door and made a scene.  He wanted to know where the Michael Delevar signs and stickers are, and why there aren’t any displayed.  He was loud and negative.  There were two or three Michael Delavar PCO’s, and yes that is what I will call them.  Here is why, they wore shirts displaying the name of Michael Delavar.  These three to four guys did nothing to help the upset and angry man even though they heard him.

I found out later the very angry man is someone named Alex, I do believe a PCO, don’t know for sure though.   A PCO? I don’t know.

My husband who is 60 years old, a Vietnam Veteran, with high blood pressure, and has recently recovered from Bells Palsy, was bombarded by these Micheal Delavar supporters.  One then two, then the third, and finally the angry Alex.  What was the topic about?  Ron Paul.  Trying to force my husband to support a candidate that does not see the importance of protecting our nation from terrorism.

This whole thing turned into a Michael Delavar campaign event, which is not what was scheduled.  Watching them take over our headquarters was upsetting to myself and my husband.  Here is why.  They do not support any other of the Republican or GOP candidates.  They only have one agenda.  That would be to bring into Congress someone that supports and is funded by Ron Paul supporters.  They have no desire to advance any of the other candidates.  ONLY ONE.

In the end they bombarded my husband to the point that he had to leave.  I watched this as when one would leave the conversation another one would step in. I am sure they feel as though they accomplished something grand.  Trying to FORCE allegiance will not work.  Socialism will not work.

How much of their monies and time is advancing the Republican Party candidates? NONE, except Delavar.

Michael Delavar needs to squash this problem and let his people know that trying to bully people will not win him votes nor accomplish anything.

October 12, 2008

No Good Choices In 3rd Congressional District Race

by lewwaters

NOTE: This post addresses the 2008 election, not the current 2010 campaigns.

Elmer Fudd For Congress

Elmer Fudd For Congress

With just 3 weeks left until the November General Election, I had hoped to see a good challenge to Democrat Brian Baird from Michael Delavar, running as a Republican. I previously wrote of my dilemma in who to support in this race in hopes that Michael would see the light and get behind our Troops and their Mission, both in Iraq and Afghanistan in fighting radical Jihadists.

All hopes that he will see the light were dashed yesterday, not so much by Michael, but by supporters of his who have snuck into the Clark County GOP as PCO’s and have shown their intent to follow other Ron Paul Libertarians in a nationwide attempt at taking over the Republican Party.

Visiting Michael’s web page I see that he clings to the Ron Paul notion of abandoning the current fight and outsourcing our defense to mercenaries by using the ridiculous and outmoded Letters of Marque and Reprisal, outlawed by other nations for over a century. With Victory within sight in Iraq, our Troops would be withdrawn and the Iraqi people abandoned, just as the anti-war left Democrats caused with the Viet Nam War, resulting in untold millions of innocent Vietnamese and those who stood up against the Communists to simply disappear.

Getting back to yesterday, October 11, 2008, all newly elected PCO’s were invited to the Clark County GOP Headquarters office in Hazel Dell for a “meet and greet” get together and to receive some instructions on just what the responsibilities of PCO’s are to the party.

Entering the office, the first thing I noticed was several in attendance wearing Michael Delavar T-Shirts and holding campaign signs. Shortly after the meet began, another person entered and the first chance he got, interrupted Party Chair Ryan Hart demanding to know where all the Michael Delavar campaign literature and signs were. Alex, I believe his name was, went on stating the Delavar IS the Republican candidate and his literature should be prominently displayed along with local candidates. While I obviously don’t know for sure, I have every reason to believe this was a pre-planned confrontation.

Michael Delavar did not receive the party endorsement before the primary election and has not received it since he defeated Christine Webb, partly due to his refusal to endorse the GOP ticket for president, Ron Paul being his candidate of choice.

Mr. Hart aptly parried the interruption with word that the Baird/Delavar race is a Federal Race and endorsements would be from the state party level and informing ‘Alex’ that he had just informed all Michael Delavar supporters to visit Michael’s web page for information and updates.

The meet broke up into individual visits and discussions after our responsibilities were outlined with the Michael Delavar supporters in attendance minigling and turning the event into a campaign event for Delavar.

For some reason, perhaps my outspoken opposition to Ron Paul, I felt targeted as 4 Delavar/Paul supporters confronted me one after the other without let up with their rhetoric and Bush-hating message. ‘Alex’ was the last and most vociferous, following the recent call of Democrat Barack Obama of “argue with them, get in their face.”

I don’t respond well to bullying tactics as ‘Alex’ got in my face and leaned in towards me. Feeling something welling up inside of me I haven’t felt since serving in Viet Nam, I abruptly left, rather than knock ‘Alex’ and his infant son he had draped over his shoulder on his ass.

‘Alex’ lost any support I was trying to have for Michael with his pro-Ron Paul lunacy and circular anti-war argument. If Baird weren’t so much of a Pelosi following liberal, I’d vote for him out of spite.

Republicans, wake up. While we are focusing on a National Race to stop the Marxist Obama and his minions from seizing America, we have being infiltrated by Ron Paul followers with their hidden anti-war agenda and desire to take over the GOP with the Libertarian view.

I stumbled across an entry in a Ron Paul forum from Michigan that was posted earlier this year. The title, “Take Over the GOP! Join the Republican Liberty Caucus, Ron Paul is a Member!” speaks volumes to me. Within that post, we read,

“We attend GOP events to cultivate relationships within the Republican Party and identify like-minded party members. We also work with single-issue groups and combine forces to pursue mutual interest. Essentially, our mission is nothing short of changing the GOP’s political culture to one rooted in libertarian ideals.”


“I know many of you probably are concerned that, by joining the Republicans you will be assimilated to the point where you may have to sacrifice your principles and beliefs. That is why I urge you to join us because we operate, although within the GOP, completely independent of the party’s leadership. None of our funds go to the Republican National Committee because we are well aware that their agenda is to elect people and not necessarily promote the ideals of liberty and freedom.”

Twenty four pages of comments and replies are very telling on their true intent.

Michael Delavar prominently displays the endorsement of this “Republican Liberty Caucus” on his web page.

On the Mainstream Libertarians web page are instructions on becoming Precinct Committeemen and obtaining lower level offices to build the “movement” from.

Also telling is a post by Eric Dondero, considered a traitor to the Libertarian Ron Paul Revolution by faithful followers of RP, outlining discovery of a restricted web site for RP followers use earlier in the year by Washington States own Sound Politics and instructions on “assimilating” to the GOP as they infiltrate our party.

As we know, Ron Paul failed in all attempts to win the nomination, but his movement, they call it a Revolution, has not ceased. In fact, they claim they “have only just begun.”

This ‘Ronulan,’ or as I prefer to call it, ‘Paulistinian,’ movement has taken on cult-like status. As seen in ‘Alex’ yesterday, speaking against RP is considered ‘blasphemy’ and met with tempestuous confrontation, in your face arguing and yes, shouting down your view along with ridicule of your views, even if a War Veteran, as I am.

What could I possibly know about War, right? I didn’t read the books or fall for the Paulistinian movement; I only served in the war.

As any Right Wing blogger can tell you, any posts revealing or opposing Ron Paul during this elongated campaign season has been met with your blog being deluged with angry Paulistinians “correcting” you and “setting you straight.” It has been and continues to be a well-organized ‘putsch’ from within the GOP by anti-war elements that seek to undermine our country during war and blaming terrorist attacks on America over the radical Jihadists themselves.

In June 2008, Brian Iannucci wrote Why the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is not Republican at TownHall. He further reveals where they lack true Republicanism and conservative ideals.

I was hoping to see a good conservative Republican challenge Baird this year, but it doesn’t appear so. Baird with his liberalism won’t receive my vote, nor will Delavar with his anti-war libertarian pro Ron Paul rhetoric.

I guess I’ll just write in Elmer Fudd!

October 10, 2008

Jon Haugen Offends Me

by lewwaters

Yes, Democrat Jon Haugen does offend me. While he has served our country, I assume with honor, I find it quite telling that he relies on slinging mud towards Joseph Zarelli in his attempt to unseat him.

Aren’t we tired of this mudslinging yet?

In his youth, Zarelli was allegedly caught with drugs, years ago and admitted to using them. Does he still use drugs? No! But, listening to Haugen’s rant, “UNLIKE JOE ZARELLI: I have never been arrested, been arrested with cocaine.”

Zarelli was not charged with any drug charges long ago, but that didn’t stop Haugen from sending letters out to all who endorsed Zarelli claiming, “I just wanted to make sure those who endorsed him were aware of his criminal background.”

Haugen, who claims to be a Christian, seems to have forgotten Jesus’ words at John 8:7, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…”

While I am sure Haugen’s service and youth were exemplary, are we to believe he is sinless? As a young man in the Navy, did he follow others who often used prostitutes while in foreign lands or tried some drug, mostly marijuana? We don’t know because he doesn’t mention his own youthful experiences, only slings mud at Zarelli.

What lurks in his past remains unstated.

Running as a Democrat, are we to believe that Haugen also opposes the nomination of and election of the Democrat presidential candidate because he too used drugs, cocaine, in his youth? I find that hard to accept myself.

But, the above isn’t what offends me. What does offend me is reading on his website, “Elected Experience: I am not a politician. Please vote, vote to honor the sacrifice of our military. I ask for your vote.”

As a two tour Viet Nam Veteran, I find it highly offensive to claim voting for a candidate “honors the sacrifice of our Military,” especially when the very party Jon Haugen is a member of is currently trashing Senator John McCain, Viet Nam Veteran, Naval Aviator, former Prisoner of War and long time Senator.

Does trashing that Veteran to elect a non-Veteran with ties to a domestic terrorist “honor the sacrifices of our Military?”

Sleazy politics seems to be the norm with Democrats today. Mud slinging is an act of desperation. It’s time we gave the mudslingers their just rewards and throw support to their opponents.

October 9, 2008

Who To Trust With Our Tax Dollars? Debbie Peterson or Jim Jacks?

by lewwaters

For some time now I have been telling you about the poor performance of Jim Jacks versus Debbie Peterson in the August League of Women Voters Debate. I even posted the video of Jacks saying he doesn’t know how to solve the tax problem and where he actually blames out of control spending on you, the taxpaying citizens of the 49th Legislative District.

What I didn’t show you was the magnificent answer to the same question posed to Debbie Peterson, who did her homework and put forth sound ideas on solving the tax problem and the projected multi-Billion dollar deficit we face in Washington State.

The following video’s will show you who we should trust to send to Olympia to represent us and care for our tax dollars properly. We work hard for this money and as difficult as it is to stretch a dollar today, we need sound ideas and someone who has a command of the situation, not someone who intends to “listen and learn” and admits he has no idea of what to do.

Now, “listen and learn” what Jim Jacks has to offer.

Do you think that we citizens are to blame for the out of control spending? Is the spending from Olympia due solely to services and not excessive entitlements?

As Debbie said before her reply above, our state population has increased 125% in the last 48 years, but the spending has increased 400%! 400%!!!!!

My choice is obvious. We need Debbie Peterson to replace retiring Bill Fromhold. We deserve a Representative who has ideas and who will work for us, not rubberstamp a parties agenda while “listening and learning.”

For Pete’s Sake, elect Debbie Peterson, 49th Legislative District, position 1.

“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no
way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to
either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot

October 3, 2008

Voters Registration Deadline

by lewwaters

Vancouver, WA – The Clark County Elections Office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday October 4 because that is the last day to report a change of address for people who want to vote in the November election. It is also the last day to register to vote in Clark County if you have previously registered somewhere else in Washington.

Register or update your address:

. Online at until midnight October 4

. By mail using an official form postmarked by October 4 to:

Office of the Secretary of State
Voter Registration by Mail
PO Box 40230
Olympia, WA 98504-0230

(Official registration forms are available during business hours at public libraries, public schools, city and town halls, auto license agencies, and the County Elections Office.)

. In person at Clark County Elections, 1408 Franklin St., Vancouver, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through October 4

From October 6 to October 20, you can register only if you are not registered anywhere else in Washington and only in person at the Elections Office. The Elections Office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during that time. In addition, it will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday October 18. All voter registration for the November election will end Monday October 20 at 5 p.m.

Voters have options to help them vote privately and independently if they have difficulty reading or marking a ballot. Visit or call the Elections Office at (360) 397-2345 for more information.


October 1, 2008

Association of Washington Business Announce Endorsements

by lewwaters

The September 30, 2008 Columbian Political Beat treated us to announcing some of the Association of Washington Business Political Endorsements.

Actually, Kathie Durbin seemed to make more of a point as to which Republicans did not receive their endorsement and informing us that the AWB endorsed 12 Democrats.

To be fair to Kathie, while she did announce which local Republicans they did endorse, she somehow neglected to mention their endorsement for the most important race facing us, the Governorship. They endorsed Dino Rossi over Christine Gregoire.

While mentioning they did not endorse local Republican candidates, somehow the names of the local Democrats they did not endorse escaped mention.

A full list of candidates from both parties they did endorse may be seen at AWB Endorsements.

As I mentioned, Kathie does make a point of letting us know that 12 Democrats were endorsed by the AWB, I count 14 if you include the Lieutenant Governor and State Auditor offices. She does not let us know that they endorsed 58 Republicans, though and 1 Independent.

While I am disappointed at the lack of endorsement of some candidates, they have the freedom to endorse whomever they deem worthy of office. I do not find any criteria used to arrive at their endorsements, so I won’t speculate.

Particularly disappointing is seeing they did not endorse Tom Langston, Joseph James or Debbie Peterson, who Ms. Durbin identifies as, “the Vancouver schoolteacher and third-bridge proponent who is running against Jim Jacks.”

I find Debbie to be much more than that and see Kathie’s description as a slur on Debbie Peterson, especially knowing that the Columbian endorses Jim Jacks, who you may recall answered a question at the League of Women’s Voters Debate on changing Washington’s Tax System with, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert.”

Debbie Peterson expressed clear and pertinent ideas on solving the projected multi-billion dollar tax deficit we face.

Tom Langston is a very capable candidate, but seems to lack the polish a more experienced politician like Craig Pridemore possesses. That is not a slur against Tom because that political polish often hides true political intent from voters and I find it refreshing to see and hear a candidate who portrays honesty and sound principles. Tom is a business owner himself who would take with him to the Senate business experience in turning a profit without having to rely on raising taxes as the sole means to prevent he projected deficit Governor Gregoire has us currently facing.

Likewise, Joseph James comes with a business oriented background and has received several other endorsements from professionals.

Most disappointing from James’s opponent was seeing his web page resorting to the old dirty tactics of mud throwing instead of standing on his own merit. Aren’t we tired of that yet?

Ms. Durbin also makes a point to let us know that Micheline Doan did not receive their endorsement either. Reading her description of Michelene we see her described as, “the anti-tolling activist and president of the Clark County Republican Women’s Club.”

I find it curious that Ms. Durbin seems to rely on such demeaning descriptions of Republican candidates, especially the women, while not mentioning that the Democrats may be “tax and spend,” “big government proponents,” “leftwing activists” or “Public Transportation Activists.”

She does make certain to mention certain Democrats, but makes no mention that they too did not receive the coveted Association of Washington Business endorsement.

Then again, the Columbian never has reported on Jim Jacks lack of preparation or coherent answer at the League of Women Voters Debate against Debbie Peterson.

Endorsements do make news and are important, if we wish to follow others instead of relying on our own common sense. We can usually expect conservative organizations to endorse Republicans and you can bank on Unions and leftist groups to endorse Democrats, sometimes blindly it seems.

Rather than rely on endorsements, though, I encourage all to study each candidate, read their web sites and if possible, meet them at public events. We each receive but one vote per race and it is up to us to decide who represents us, not the Columbian, Unions or even the WAB.

Listen to why they may endorse or oppose a particular candidate, but place more importance in your own common sense, not what someone wants you to hear.

Look past the bias of our local paper and partisans, do your homework and let’s send the best candidates we can to Olympia.

Give these Republican candidates a chance and you just may discover how they can shine instead of taking away from us for pet projects.