Jon Haugen Offends Me

by lewwaters

Yes, Democrat Jon Haugen does offend me. While he has served our country, I assume with honor, I find it quite telling that he relies on slinging mud towards Joseph Zarelli in his attempt to unseat him.

Aren’t we tired of this mudslinging yet?

In his youth, Zarelli was allegedly caught with drugs, years ago and admitted to using them. Does he still use drugs? No! But, listening to Haugen’s rant, “UNLIKE JOE ZARELLI: I have never been arrested, been arrested with cocaine.”

Zarelli was not charged with any drug charges long ago, but that didn’t stop Haugen from sending letters out to all who endorsed Zarelli claiming, “I just wanted to make sure those who endorsed him were aware of his criminal background.”

Haugen, who claims to be a Christian, seems to have forgotten Jesus’ words at John 8:7, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…”

While I am sure Haugen’s service and youth were exemplary, are we to believe he is sinless? As a young man in the Navy, did he follow others who often used prostitutes while in foreign lands or tried some drug, mostly marijuana? We don’t know because he doesn’t mention his own youthful experiences, only slings mud at Zarelli.

What lurks in his past remains unstated.

Running as a Democrat, are we to believe that Haugen also opposes the nomination of and election of the Democrat presidential candidate because he too used drugs, cocaine, in his youth? I find that hard to accept myself.

But, the above isn’t what offends me. What does offend me is reading on his website, “Elected Experience: I am not a politician. Please vote, vote to honor the sacrifice of our military. I ask for your vote.”

As a two tour Viet Nam Veteran, I find it highly offensive to claim voting for a candidate “honors the sacrifice of our Military,” especially when the very party Jon Haugen is a member of is currently trashing Senator John McCain, Viet Nam Veteran, Naval Aviator, former Prisoner of War and long time Senator.

Does trashing that Veteran to elect a non-Veteran with ties to a domestic terrorist “honor the sacrifices of our Military?”

Sleazy politics seems to be the norm with Democrats today. Mud slinging is an act of desperation. It’s time we gave the mudslingers their just rewards and throw support to their opponents.

9 Comments to “Jon Haugen Offends Me”

  1. Tuesday, I was at the Vancouver candidates’ forum put on by the League of Women Voters. You headline caught my eye, because Tuesday, Jon Haugen did exactly that: offend me. He had little substance on issues, and spent most his time personally attacking Zarelli’s supposed lack of character. It was blatantly obvious who had the most integrity when a put-out Zarelli responded to similar attacks you write here about by sticking to the issues, despite his opponent’s offensive remarks from less than ten feet away.

    Advice to Haugen: stay away from public appearances if you don’t want to lose yourself any more votes.

  2. I live in the 17th District, but I figured I oughta weigh in on this too.

    You see, I’m a veteran of 20 years in the Navy, and I don’t see how voting for anyone “honors the sacrifice of our Military”. Now if Haugen would like to release his military record, and make them available for people like us to review here online where he made that outrageous statement, we will see what the character of Haugen’s service was and decide whether it’s worthy of honoring or not…

    I’ve kept an eye on Joe Zarelli over the years and I like what I see and hear about him. His record of service is right before us, and it’s worth honoring with your vote.

  3. Cory, Bob, thanks for your insight. I too don’t live in the 18th but also don’t care for the method of campigning we are seeing nationwide from the alleged “tolerant” left who resort more to mudslinging and denigration of their opponent than standing on their values and ideas on the issues.

    Haugen is a prime example of that as are those who recently issued their partisan “report” on the Wasilla Witch Hunt.

  4. As I remember, The Baird campaign did the same thing when Joe ran for his seat in Congress. Haugen is just using the democrat playbook.

    I do live in the 18th and have casted my vote for JOE!

  5. elder, Democrats constantly cry about “dirty tricks.” I have received over 30 emails from different National Democrats in the last week at my throwaway email address claiming all the “dirty tricks” Republicans are using to “steal the election.”

    Not one word about how they work so diligently to block Military absentee ballots every election or manage to “discover” lost or misplaced ballots so often in recounts.

    They ignore cooked polling, insisting they are accurate, when they heavily favor Democrats.

    Diebold machines were unreliable and tampered with when Democrats lose, but they had nothing to say against those same machines in 2006 when Democrats won.

    Look at the National election. We heard everything imagineable about Sarah Palin, mostly lies. Yet, we cannot get confirmation of where Obama was actually born or his past relations with known and admitted Domestic terrorists, slum lords and hateful reverends.

    I can’t vote for Joe, but would if I could. I’m in the 49th District and will be casting my vote for Tom Langston over Craig Pridemore.

    The demonization of the Republican party, a ploy right out of the Bolshevik play book, has to be exposed for what it is, a coup de tat attempt at recreating the failed Soviet Union in America by Democrats!

  6. Excuse me. But i do not like what i see here. I speak for those of us who KNOW Jon Haugen PERSONALLY .. for the last 7 years.
    i know that he is an active participant in every political matter at hand and does his best as a citizen to vote according to how he feels he can help his community.

    honestly. you people are nuts if thats all you see is “mudslinging”. lets try and see what Joe has done for us in the last 13 years.. or better yet HASNT done and looked at what hes bought himself with OUR tax money.
    new office furniture? claiming bankruptcy while still in the seat, filing for unemployment and taking our money living off of it? wow.
    nice people. good job in your decisions.
    i know for a fact whatever campaign money Haugen doesnt use, which is a lot, he is giving back! so much as what Joe can say.
    you all are unbelievable.

  7. “While I am sure Haugen’s service and youth were exemplary, are we to believe he is sinless? As a young man in the Navy, did he follow others who often used prostitutes while in foreign lands or tried some drug, mostly marijuana? We don’t know because he doesn’t mention his own youthful experiences, only slings mud at Zarelli.”

    My father graduated from the Naval Academy in the top third of his class. He never used drugs or used prostitutes. It’s pretty incredible that you can degrade his service to the country like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. My father has attended church regularly all of his life and encouraged this same behavior in all three of his children. He doesn’t claim to be a Christian, he is a Christian. I am embarrassed by you. Who are you to say what the relationship between God and a human being is. Perhaps, you need to spend a little less time critiquing others, and a little more time critiquing yourself. Although he didn’t win, I am so proud by the way he ran his campaign.

  8. Sorry, Allison, but just my own daughters, you know nothing of what your father did before you were born. Neither do I, that is why I asked.

    You can be embarrassed all you wish, I have every right to question your fathers candidacy. As an American citizen and a Viet Nam Veteran, I retain that right.

    Be proud of your father, like any daughter, but he engaged in sleaze and lost.

    Deal with it.

  9. Kristen, consider yourself excused.

    What’s with this “you people” crap? Didn’t you hear, we are all “together” now that Socialism reigns.

    Funny how we can only be “together” when Liberals rule the majority.

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