Republican “Meet and Greet”

by leaortiz

I decided to go to the “Meet and Greet” at the Republican headquarters over on 78th street.  I am not a PCO.  I want to let everybody know what I witnessed.

I am not a politically involved person, but what I saw happen there was nothing but dirty.

This was held for all of the PCO’s (Precinct Committee Officer’s) to get a chance to meet and chat, just get to know who we are working with to accomplish our goals. I was really looking forward to what was scheduled for us.

Here is what happened.  Once our gathering  commenced, someone barged in the door and made a scene.  He wanted to know where the Michael Delevar signs and stickers are, and why there aren’t any displayed.  He was loud and negative.  There were two or three Michael Delavar PCO’s, and yes that is what I will call them.  Here is why, they wore shirts displaying the name of Michael Delavar.  These three to four guys did nothing to help the upset and angry man even though they heard him.

I found out later the very angry man is someone named Alex, I do believe a PCO, don’t know for sure though.   A PCO? I don’t know.

My husband who is 60 years old, a Vietnam Veteran, with high blood pressure, and has recently recovered from Bells Palsy, was bombarded by these Micheal Delavar supporters.  One then two, then the third, and finally the angry Alex.  What was the topic about?  Ron Paul.  Trying to force my husband to support a candidate that does not see the importance of protecting our nation from terrorism.

This whole thing turned into a Michael Delavar campaign event, which is not what was scheduled.  Watching them take over our headquarters was upsetting to myself and my husband.  Here is why.  They do not support any other of the Republican or GOP candidates.  They only have one agenda.  That would be to bring into Congress someone that supports and is funded by Ron Paul supporters.  They have no desire to advance any of the other candidates.  ONLY ONE.

In the end they bombarded my husband to the point that he had to leave.  I watched this as when one would leave the conversation another one would step in. I am sure they feel as though they accomplished something grand.  Trying to FORCE allegiance will not work.  Socialism will not work.

How much of their monies and time is advancing the Republican Party candidates? NONE, except Delavar.

Michael Delavar needs to squash this problem and let his people know that trying to bully people will not win him votes nor accomplish anything.

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