Langston Shuns PAC and Special Interest Money

by lewwaters

By now most have undoubtedly seen the television ad hawking David Carrier’s vow and refusal to accept Special Interest and PAC money and even the Columbian’s report of his campaign initially accepting an illegal contribution from another legislative district, which was subsequently returned.

The excuse listed of the Special Interest and PAC monies he did receive come across a bit lame, in my opinion.

Discussing the acceptance of Special Interest and PAC after viewing the last Presidential Debate at Republican Party Headquarters last week, Office Manager, Cindy Langston, wife of State Senate candidate Tom Langston, came up the small group and told us that Tom accepts no Special Interest or PAC money, at all.

We all have heard Political Candidates make claims that cause us to be skeptical and initially, I took Cindy’s claim with a little skepticism too. After all, it is just too easy to find out to who contributes to the candidates by a simple visit to the Public Disclosure Commission’s website, which is updated frequently.

It was a very pleasant surprise to discover that Tom and his wife are truthful. He has indeed not accepted PAC or Special Interest money and his acceptance of the money from the 49th Legislative District is legal as he is running for office within the 49th Legislative District.

Langston PDC Report

Langston PDC Report

Tom’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Craig Pridemore, lists several PACs he has accepted donations from, including the same Seattle law firm that specializes in asbestos litigation that David Carrier states is “from an individual employed by the firm who wished to remain anonymous.”

Pridemore PDC Report

Pridemore PDC Report

Unlike Carrier, I have never heard Pridemore make a vow to not accept such donations and again, accepting from Special Interest and PACs is not illegal. They can leave a candidate beholding to such groups, as we all know, but they are completely legal to accept.

Langston, desiring a more business friendly environment for Washington State, opposes any effort to impose an income tax on us. Strangely enough, Pridemore’s issue’s page is blank, leaving the voters will little information on just where he stands on current issues affecting the state.

Langston’s page prominently displays his stand on the issues and his pledge to the voters in dealing with them.

Pridemore, not willing to make his stand known to the public on his campaign website, leave us wondering if once again he would cave in to others on an income tax since we are again facing a severe budget shortage and as he said in 2005 after voting against his stated principles in raising taxes on Tobacco and Alcohol said, “The Senate has balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless,” even though it was he who cast the deciding vote in passing the legislation.

To Pridemore’s credit, he did later sponsor a tax rebate bill, but even that could face elimination with the current severe budget shortfall we face since Democrats took control of the State Government.

Langston opposes the Light Rail project across the Columbia River that the CRC desires to impose upon us, in spite of voters rejecting it. Pridemore chaired that same commission previously. Does he also advocate strapping commuters to Portland with tolls should they choose to exercise their freedom to drive their car? Does he prefer to force commuters to use public transportation; joining Portland and Vancouver’s Mayors desire to “force people out of their cars?”

Tom Langston has shown himself to be a man of conviction who stands by his word, something we saw Pridemore vote against in 2005. Could that have something to do with his rapid rise in powerful committees in the Senate?

With the serious budget shortfall we face, we need a businessman to represent us, someone who has had to work to make a payroll and keep costs down to turn a profit and stay in business. Saying we need to “trim the fat” in our budget and actually doing it are often very different. Tom Langston knows how to do it.

Craig Pridemore has shown us he is willing to compromise his own principles on our backs.

Join me in voting for Tom Langston, Senator for the 49th Legislative District. Let’s return Washington State to sound fiscal footing and get back on track to improving Washington’s economy and drawing businesses and jobs back to Washington State.

5 Comments to “Langston Shuns PAC and Special Interest Money”

  1. Hi Lew–

    Nice to see that Langston is holding to his commitment to shun special interests. And not shouting it from the rooftops!

    What channel did you see Carrier’s commercial on? We haven’t seen anything yet, but we stick mostly to Fox News here in the office.


  2. Hi Jami, I saw the commercial on one of the cable channels, not the Fox News Channel. It might have been a local channel, but I can’t be sure, I rarely watch any network TV. I’m thinking it might have been True TV, Discovery or one of those.

    In researching this, I also noted that the Law Form Carrier claims is just an individual who prefers to remain anonymous, made two donations of the same amount to Pridemore. To me, that says this “anonymous” donor is really getting around.

  3. Tom Langston will make an excellent Senator for the 49th District. My family and I fully support him because of his family values, his commitment, his work ethic, and his leadership. Join us and vote for Tom Langston as our next State Senator.

  4. Tom is a genuine and sincere individual who will stand up for his beliefs. He has my family’s support and you will find me on his PDC because I know he will represent my values much more than his opponent. He will use common sense in attracting business to our community instead of light rail to send us across the river. He will use common sense in recognizing the way to improve education is to provide more choice for families, not to send more money. He will work to increase the amount of money that gets to the classroom instead of to the administration. He has proven he can create jobs by starting his own business. He is honest and hard working. We need him in Olympia.

  5. Nancy & Sharon, you are both correct. We need Tom in Olympia.

    Sharon, I especially like where you said, “He will use common sense in recognizing the way to improve education is to provide more choice for families, not to send more money. He will work to increase the amount of money that gets to the classroom instead of to the administration.”

    Almost every year we are told how poor our schools are doing and the children are being deprived and the solution is to raise property tax and float more levies. Yet, by the next election, the story is the same and once again, taxes must be raised levies floated and the schools do not change.

    We keep paying and paying and receive poor results for our money. It’s time to correct that and I think Tom is one man who would see to it that our money goes where it is really needed instead of to cronies.

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