Local Illegals & Bleeding Hearts Object To I-409, “Respect For Law”

by lewwaters

For the past few weekends, my wife and I have been joining in the effort to gather signatures for the petition for I-409, a citizens initiative to “encourage” the legislature and authorities to deal with Illegal Immigrants. The purpose of the petition is to qualify the initiative for the 2009 ballot, should our legislature decide to not act on it.

We have been at gun shows both in Portland and at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Of late, we have received permission to set up outside of retail stores, so long as we do not harass patrons and comply with distance and sign requirements, as laid out by the retailers.

We have only been too happy to comply.

Overall, response has been good as many Clark County citizens share the concern over the influx of Illegal Immigrants into our community. A few, though, seem to feel they have the right to shout vulgarities, issue threats and harass the signature gatherers either by confronting us or filing false charges to the retail managers inside the stores.

Many of those acting in such a manner have every appearance of being Illegal Immigrants themselves and act upon the assumption of their right to interfere and stop American Citizens from exercising our constitutional right to seek redress from the government by gathering signatures on the petition to force Washington State to stop granting drivers licenses to Illegals, have employers use e-verify to ensure potential employees are legally entitled to work in America and to give Law Enforcement within the state the tools needed to enforce Federal Immigration Laws.

Some of the minor examples of the outrage expressed by Illegals are their driving by the table, music blaring and flashing a Washington Drivers License at us, before they hop their cars and speed off.

Some feel the need to call us vulgar names, even though at times it is women gathering the signatures and of course, women and children entering and leaving the stores. Others don’t understand that we may understand foreign vulgarities they spew and spew them in their native language.

Of late, some have stopped by with Oregon License plates to confront the gatherers and attempt at inciting an incident. Last weekend, a woman stopped by and asked to sign the petition. Once the pen was in her hand, she scrawled “F**K YOU!” across the petition, an illegal act itself.

Following her out in the parking lot to obtain her license number to report her to the Police, she could only scream she was being “stalked.” Brave lady.

Cat calls of “racist” are common as well as “pigs” and other infantile sophomoric name-calling as “Nazi’s,” “Fascists,” and generally “bad people” that want to force others to go hungry and not have jobs.

Today, one from Oregon thought he could intimidate my wife by going nose to nose with her yelling what a “racist” she is. Bad move, amigo. My wife, born of a Mexican father and White mother and raised mostly by a Black stepfather is about the least racist person I have ever met.

He was shocked that his intimidation did not work and neither was his screaming he works with lawyers and was going to take photos of the signature gathering effort. After he left, also driving by with his truck dragging its tail end and snapping cell phone photos, my wife did comment that he could use some Listerine. Another woman who witnessed the encounter congratulated my wife for standing firm against this interloper.

Another stopped by to express his anger by threatening to turn the table over, while his wife (I assume) was calling him and telling him to stop making such a fool of himself in public.

Lest you think it is only Illegals that confront us, we have had several bleeding hearts spew forth the same swill, asking who would we have pick our fruit and vegetables should they return to their country.

The amazing thing to me is that these bleeding hearts apparently only see immigrants as slaves to do our work we don’t want to do and to keep prices low by working for slave wages in substandard conditions. Did we not fight a war once to end such treatment of people in our country?

It escapes these bleeding hearts that if immigrants came her legally, they would not be subjected to such mistreatment, as the Korean man I am sponsoring for citizenship is doing. As complicated and wrapped up in red tape as the proper procedure is, he is following it and works a decent paying job, receiving the same treatment as any other worker, with no worries about I.C.E. raids.

Parents stop in front of us to “teach” their children how wrong we are for following the constitutionally mandated procedure to change our laws, instead of teaching them they have the right, under our constitution, to follow the same procedure to counter laws they feel may be unjust or in need of strengthening.

The anger expressed by both bleeding hearts and Illegals at a citizen effort to enforce our laws just amazes me. I am left wondering what other laws we may ignore on a whim, with impunity.

Totally ignored is that those entering our country illegally may be bringing diseases back into the country that we had eradicated, drive wages down by working for less minimum wage and drain our economy by taking benefits originally set-up to help legal citizens.

Billions of dollars are sent back to native countries that never circulate in our economy and fall into the hands of corrupt officials in native countries.

Oregon passed a measure denying Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses last year, but they simply come to Washington and obtain a Washington Drivers License, return to Oregon and when able, transfer to an Oregon License, circumventing their laws.

Totally unnoticed by those who stop by our table to incite trouble is that after they leave, several bystanders walk up and sign the petition, many saying they originally weren’t going to, but after what they just witnessed, will.

If the effort is to stop this initiative, it isn’t working. Americans have this habit of seeing through facades and charades eventually and joining in efforts to correct wrongs. For every scene caused by these people, we not only gain signatures but also end up sending petitions with many to gather signatures of their friends, neighbors and relatives.

I have no doubt we will collect the needed signatures in time to place this initiative before our legislature or on the next ballot.

If you go shopping and see a table set up and it is us, don’t be afraid to show your support. Stop by and sign the petition, if you are of mind to. We welcome you and will not do you any harm.

If you don’t care for what we do, don’t sign the petition it’s that simple. But please, just walk on by. Scowl if you wish. Grunt and groan if you desire, we don’t mind. But, if you feel you have the right to interfere with our legal signature gathering effort, you are only hurting your side and showing others what an ass you are.

6 Responses to “Local Illegals & Bleeding Hearts Object To I-409, “Respect For Law””


    Has anyone noticed that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are talking about what they are going to do with the 15 to 20 million illegal aliens that are in this country?

    Ever wonder why the members of our nation’s media have not asked the candidates any questions on this subject during the debates? The answer is simple. The majority of American citizens would not like their answers.

    Well, here’s a brief summary of McCain’s and Obama’s positions for you:

    John McCain:

    Rather than throwing illegal aliens out of the country, John McCain has voted in the past to extend social security benefits to the illegals who illegally enter our country, take jobs from American citizens, bankrupt our state and local governments with welfare costs, overload our schools at the expense of local taxpayers, bankrupt our hospitals because they don’t pay their medical bills, and overload our criminal justice system with criminals. McCain co-sponsored the Senate immigration bill that would have legalized millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. and still backs what he calls a “sensible” guest-worker program for workers who are in the country without legal documentation ( a nice way of saying illegal aliens), although he has recently called for strengthening penalties for those who hire undocumented immigrants.

    Barack Obama:

    He has voted to continue to provide federal funds for declared “sanctuary cities,” voted for the Senate immigration overhaul bill was supposed to strengthen border controls, although the bill would also create an expanded guest-worker program and eventually legalize millions of undocumented foreign workers ( a nice way of saying illegal aliens) who are here now. He has sponsored a bill to allow states to offer illegal immigrants in-state tuition and has also supported giving driver licenses to illegal aliens who have no legal right to be in this country, never mind driving on our roads.

    If we want to switch the subject to the economic crisis brought about by fraudelent mortgages, why aren’t McCain and Obama asked to comment on the fraudulent home mortgages that were given to illegal aliens that was spelled out in a recent report of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    The problem began years ago when the federal government began their social engineering experiments in housing with the American taxpayers’ money. In the name of political correctness, diversity and so-called fairness, congress and the executive branch began coercing the banks into giving mortgages to people who would normally never qualify for mortgages. The banks (with federal loan guarantees from Fannie Mae) became willing partners in this scam and gave mortgages to millions of people with bad credit histories, without confirming the borrowers’ social security numbers, employment, true identification or even their legal status in the country. As a result, millions of illegal aliens were given home mortgages which they could not afford and to many who had no intention of ever making a payment.

    “When is the last time you applied for a car loan, a personal loan or a mortgage and did not have to provide valid identification or a social security number? The answer is never.

    I believe there is no fundamental difference between the McCain and the Obama approaches to dealing with illegal immigration. No matter which candidate wins the election, it will be up to the American people (again) to keep them from giving the illegal aliens amnesty.

    John Wallace
    NY Campaign for Liberty

  2. John, what you describe is exactly why we are fighting to get this initiative before our legislature or on the next ballot.

    There is plenty of blame to go around on our current troubles, but only one side seems to be blamed. Most I know don’t like the bail outs nor do they approve of unchecked illegal immigration.

    As I tell people, ‘We’ are the government and they are our representatives. Too many forget that and from time to time we need to remind them. Fighting their amnesty ideas and holding their feet to the fire on what we desire is one way to accomplish that. Hence, Washington Citizens and others from many states that are fed up with the situation of Illegals have been forcing such initiatives on their ballots.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. Lew,
    Referendum, petition and recall were part of Washington law during my seven years as a Washington resident. Our PLU profs explained that, as Western states drew up constitutions, the emigre’s from “Back East ” were determined to include these ways to afford more open access to the law-making process than available in “the states”. I am glad to see that you are making use of Petition. The Simpleton-Mazzoli legislation created our present Immigration Monster. If we can get a GOP Presidency: Petition and Recall can do much to kill the monster. If Obama wins, forget America as it was, and as it shouold be. So I keep working and praying.

  4. Great post. I don’t even have anything else to say, it’s just a great post.

    I’ve noticed, from waving signs and doorbelling for Senator Benton, that people tend to give in to their first gut reaction when they feel threatened. They often yell at me first that they’re Democrats and could never vote for such a scoundrel Republican. Usually, they collect themselves and apologize before slamming the door, but if they’re less educated, they’ll tell me to get off their property and watch me as I leave.

    Two days ago, while waving signs on 117th and Fourth Plain, an older man looked me dead in the eye as he was turning and violently held up his middle finger. I was in awe as I chuckled to myself — what does he hope to accomplish by flipping off a youngish girl at the intersection?

    But bravo for your efforts — it takes a lot more guts to stand up to these people who feel the need to berate you for for something that seems like common sense. The Senator was just telling us the other day that the US accepts more LEGAL immigration than all the countries in Europe combined, and according to a lecture he’d seen, will have trouble sustaining the population growth from legal immigration alone. Something NEEDS to be done concerning illegal immigration, and I-409 is definitely a good start.


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