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November 27, 2008

Vancouver Based Dotster Still Under Fire For Terrorist Hosting

by lewwaters

Dotster, a Vancouver, Washington based Web Host and Domain Registrar Company has once again come under fire for hosting a web site linked to a known radical Jihadist terrorist group.

Dotster, located near Westfield Shopping Center (formerly the Vancouver Mall), was first linked as a web host to a Somalia Al Shabaab terrorist group using the domain of earlier this year.


It was May 2008 when the Columbian ran an Op-Ed mentioning Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Florida private investigator’s effort to have Dotster shut down the web site.

Citing First Amendment concerns, Dotster CEO, Clint Page said, “We can’t just arbitrarily go in and shut down sites based on what someone finds offensive,” adding that the problem with Warner’s approach is the danger of it leading to abuses and resulting in shutting down sites that are Political Advocates, the ACLU or even the NRA.

An odd disclaimer from them considering that in April 2003, Dotster had no problem pulling down the web site and voiding their contract with them, forcing them to move to another web host.

Also in May 2008, the Jawa Report wrote of the Columbian’s first article by Courtney Sherwood, referring to Bill Warner’s group as a “group of self-described anti-terrorist vigilantes.”

In that article, Brian Unruh, chief financial officer at Dotster was quoted as saying,

We are not in a position to judge and be a jury on what content may be legal or acceptable,” adding, “The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech and expression, and for that reason Dotster attempts to be very careful about balancing the rights of its customers with other concerns.”

Was that a consideration with, just 4 years earlier?

Apparently Dotster must have felt there was insufficient evidence that Al-Shabaab was part of the domain they host and claims to have forwarded the information from Warner to the “right authorities.”

The matter was dropped and sat until recently. Once again, the Jawa Report records a translated page supplied by the NEFA foundation of an intercepted message from Al-Shabaab, ostensibly “correcting” an Al Jazeera article claiming they were in opposition to the Somalia Pirates in the news lately for several high profile ship high jacking.

While the translated communiqué focuses primarily on “setting the record straight” about the group not opposing the pirates, directing Al Jazeera and other interested persons to their PR Web Page, they state,

The movement has an official website [] which carries our official statements. Additionally, we have an official wing that manages all of our audio, video, and written releases. That wing is known as the ‘Sada al-Jihad Media Center’ and it belongs to the Global Islamic Media Front’.” (emphasis added)

Returning to Dotster’s own “whois” page, searching for reveals,

Domain Services Provided By:,

kataaib cilmi
jidka sodonka
marka caday, warta 5554

Registrar: DOTSTER
Domain Name: KATAAIB.NET
Created on: 13-APR-07
Expires on: 13-APR-09
Last Updated on: 13-APR-07

Administrative, Technical Contact:
cilmi, kataaib
jidka sodonka
marka caday, warta 5554

Just to be clear, I do not subscribe to any notion that Dotster knowingly supports or engages in any terrorist activities, by Al-Shabbat or any other group. Dotster, like many other companies, has millions of customers. Not all customers are what we would deem “good customers.”

Earlier this year Dotster seemed unable to link Al-Shabaab, a known terrorist group to their client, Given the claim intercepted and translated above, Al-Shabaab has now provided a clear link between the two.

Perhaps now Dotster will be able to “void their contract” with this terrorist group with as much ease as they did with an American group drawing attention to the Liberalism of Hollywood actors.

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November 22, 2008

MEChA Distorts Purpose Of I-409

by lewwaters

mecha-1As most know, Clark County Conservative is one of the supporters of the proposed Initiative 409, a measure intended to encourage Washington State Law Enforcement and Businesses to uphold and enforce our current immigration laws throughout the state.

The heaviest opposition is coming from Hispanic/Latino groups who seem to encourage as many ILLEGAL immigrants to come here as possible.

Some students from Washington State University in Pullman expressed their displeasure with the proposed initiative in the Universities paper, the Daily Evergreen in October and as expected, distorted the purpose of I-409 and pulled on people’s heartstrings.

Students handed out flyers prominently displaying, No to I-409, Yes to Human Rights.”

One is left wondering, if they really are so concerned about “Human Rights,” why do they not encourage the country of Mexico to treat their citizens better instead of sending them north?

Where are their protests of the mistreatment of Hispanic/Latino citizens by a corrupt government and the wealthier south of us that causes so many from that nation, to speak of just one, to ILLEGALLY enter our country?

Adriana Sanchez, MEChA co-chairwoman said,

I see I-409 as a discriminating act, it is denying opportunity to the less fortunate. I hope people look outside the box and realize the negative effects this initiative could have on children such as denying them high school education or the negative effects of denying health care to those who need it or the cost to produce productivity. It’s inhumane. If the proposal goes forward, it could be interpreted to say that children illegally in the U.S. could not attend high school, and that anyone over the age of 14 would be ineligible for medical care.”

Ms. Sanchez, with all due respect, no one is denied medical care in an emergency case in this nation. Still, U.S. taxpayers are all too often left holding the bills for such care, straining our already overburdened medical system and tax structure.

Those here ILLEGALLY cost our schools more as many must be instructed in the native language, many not desiring to assimilate to our culture by learning our language. We taxpayers must pay those costs, not the native countries.

Still, I must think back to my original statement, if these advocacy groups fought half as hard to improve conditions for those who feel they have a right to violate our laws in their native lands as they do here, would those who come here ILLEGALLY and operate “under the radar” even need our facilities and tax dollars?

I am left wondering too is Ms. Sanchez has ever looked up the very word she uses, ILLEGAL, in a dictionary.

Readers too might be interested in just who and what MEChA really is.

MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, roughly translated, the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán, considered by some to be an umbrella organization of radical Chicano student groups. It was founded in 1969, during a period of much leftist unrest in America. Aztlán is the territory in the Southwestern United States and West Coast that America purchased from Mexico in 1848, after defeating them in war and paying $15,000,000.00 as per the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

MEChA founders feel the mythical land of Aztlán belongs to them, not the United States of America. Their goal seems to be their liberation from the ‘White occupiers’ of the Western United States.

They claim their desire on the first site linked in the paragraph above as,

A nation autonomous and free – culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat.”

From the second link above, we find,

MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people,” and “the affirmation that we are Indigenous people to this land by placing our movement in Aztlan, the homeland of all peoples from Anahuak.”

See also MEChA National Constitution (pdf) and MEChA Philosophy.

Audio of some of their statements over the years, mostly through the 1990’s, can be heard at this article. Note, they are mostly taken from California events, not Washington State, but the goals are the same.

Summing this all up is the words of Margarita Esquivel, co-chairwoman of the Chicano/a Latino/a Student Alliance in the Daily Evergreen article,

It is we who determine how our state is being governed and the policies that are enacted which will effect our future.”

Did Ms. Esquivel forget about the rest of us?”

November 21, 2008

Vancouver Ignoring ILLEGAL Alien Problem?

by lewwaters

vancouver-logoAs most anyone who has shopped in Wal-Mart, Ross or the Dollar Stores around town knows, we seem to have an over abundance of recent immigrants. Many seem to have no inclination to assimilate to our culture, preferring to retain their own, including their native language.

As has been mentioned before, here and here, an effort is underway in our state to bring an Initiative before the legislature, and voters if need be, to curtail those that choose to enter the country ILLEGALLY, take advantage of the benefits here and take jobs at lower wages than our citizens would.

Response from citizens has been pretty good so far as we have gone door to door in my neighborhood, attended gun shows in Portland and Vancouver and stood outside many businesses gathering signatures. Not everyone is receptive, naturally, but response has been pretty good.

A friend in this effort, ‘Eric,’ recently emailed the Vancouver City Council inquiring if Council members would stand with us in upholding our Immigration Laws by supporting and signing the petition for I-409.

The response ‘Eric’ received from Councilman Pat Campbell is somewhat shocking, to say the least. He responded,

We are having a financial crisis down here in Vancouver. Not sure that this is an issue we can deal with locally except through the referrals to ICE which have been ongoing when a person who may be the the category you speak of is convicted of a crime.

I know we are likely providing water, sewer, and garbage services down here, but the illegals aren’t being segregated out by either us of Clark Public Utilities (electricity) and either pay their bills or they are cut off…

I have occasional contact Don, Joe, Jaimie, and Ed but they haven’t mentioned this as an urgent problem or suggested a solution.

Good luck to you and please don’t go too far with this. My ancestors did not have permission from the Snohomish Tribe to move here when they first arrived in Washington State. Hope you XXXXXX’s have your documents…
Pat Campbell

Reviewing this reply leaves me with a few questions.

If someone is in our country in violation of standing immigration laws, is that not already a crime?

Could Vancouver’s current “financial crisis” be due in part to waiting until a matter becomes an “urgent problem” before dealing with it?

Blogger note: Question of Pat Campbells advocating the city purchase of the Columbian building has been removed as I was incorrect on that. By his words in the comments below, “I supported an assessment of the matter.” My apologies for the erroneous assumption.

If ILLEGALS do not pay their utility bills, are they really shut off? Or, do they fall under Clark Public Utilities Operation Warm Heart?

My wife, who hails from Houston, can testify that ILLEGAL immigrants have an underground network informing each other of cheap places to live and social programs they can obtain with a minimum of effort. I find it hard to believe they haven’t the same here.

Most disturbing in his reply is the final paragraph that I cannot take as anything but a threat to a citizen making a legal inquiry to a public servant about upholding the current law.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws, are we not? Have we gotten to where laws will be cherry picked by our elected officials as to which will be followed or not? And, if we question one not being enforced, do we deserve threats from those who are elected to represent us?

As for having “documents,” Councilman Campbell, I hold a Birth Certificate issued in the State of Florida in 1948. Last I heard, that is within the Continental United States, even if we used to speak funny down there.

I also hold two DD 214’s, a few medals for Military Service in Viet Nam, Germany and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I hold a lifetime membership in Disabled American Veterans and a VA Medical card. I pay property tax on the home I own with my wife and hold a valid Washington Drivers License.

What’s more, Councilman, should I take all of those to Mexico, Canada or any other country for employment or benefits, they get me nothing, as it should be.

But, the main question remains, why does an elected public servant feel the need to threaten a citizen who inquires about enforcing the law?

UPDATE: Pat Campbell admits it was intended as a joke. See comments below.

November 21, 2008

Any Wonder Crime Flourishes?

by lewwaters

McGruff "Take A Bite Out Of Crime"As an old fashioned Southern Conservative, the thought of rising crime is and has been unacceptable to me. It has long escaped me why crime continues to rise in spite of all the efforts we hear of fighting crime, the reality Cop shows where the criminals are caught and arrested and even the Court shows where they are convicted and sentenced.

Okay, we all know the Drama Shows are fictional. Dragnet, Adam 12, Starsky & Hutch and all were actors playing a role, but with the reality shows today and news reports, we are led to believe citizens and the authorities are effectively fighting crime.

And still, crime rises. Theory after theory is given as to why. Poverty, oppressive parents, harsh parental discipline and more are blamed. I reject those reasons myself. Oh, abuse may play a role in a small minority of cases, but I know of several people who survived abuse and did not turn to a life of crime to justify that theory.

Through personal experience I have discovered why at least one segment of the rising crime rate continues. That segment being fraud, criminal fraud through the mail, old-fashioned scam artists.

Let me back up a bit and explain.

Both my wife and I operate small online sales over the internet reselling items we purchase at clearance and closeout sales to supplement our incomes. Nothing major, a good month might bring us a couple hundred dollars extra. For the most part, we deal with very nice people who appreciate finding something they missed when the item was popular in regular stores and we strive to price the items fairly. Nothing too unusual that several other people have begun doing.

We were surprised to receive in the mail a Cashiers Check for nearly $300.00 for an order through her online sales. Surprised because the purchaser did not go through the actual selling site, but copied the order and sent it to us in the mail, bypassing the selling site.

Unusual, yes, but some people can be quirky.

Our initial elation began to wane once she realized the items ordered totaled less than $130.00. Recalling several warnings of online scams, we decided to check into this surprise order.

We discovered that as we suspected, it is the fraudulent check scam where they request the items shipped next day mail and please send them the over payment, leaving us stuck for the total amount and charges once the fraudulent check came back as a fraud, if we had deposited the check.

This check was an excellent forgery, even to the watermarks on the backside and looked very official. We discovered it was a forgery once we called the “bank” that supposedly issued it, Southshore Currency at 110 N. Lake St. Chicago, Il. 60601, drawn in affiliation with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank.

Southshore Currency assured us they were not a bank and did not issue Cashiers Checks from JP Morgan Chase Bank. They do not have an office located at N. Lake St in Chicago as N. Lake Street is an East-West arterial anyways.

The routing number on the check was authentic, but for a bank located in Michigan.

The last confirmation we needed was when the purchaser, “Tyson Williams,” most assuredly an assumed name, replied to an email questioning the transaction just as we expected, “ship next day send refund for overpayment.”

At this point, I began discovering why criminals continue to get away with this sort of fraud. Calls to all the Banks listed resulted in numerous incidences of being passed on to another person, once to someone in the Philippines. None wanted to be involved with a fraudulent check written on their bank saying they could do nothing!

Trying our local Washington Mutual Bank, who is now affiliated with JP Morgan Chase Bank, resulted in much the same. All they could do was deposit it and see if it cleared. Uh, no. We already know it is a fraudulent check, why deposit it?

Getting frustrated in trying to report this in hopes it would be taken serious enough to maybe try to find whoever it is perpetrating these crimes, we decided to make a call to the Chicago Police, since it originated in their city.

Explaining it to the officer who first answered, he replied, “throw it away, it’s a scam.” Thanks, like we didn’t know that. Reminding him that we knew it was a scam already and we were trying to report it, he informed us, “there’s nothing we can do, you have the check.”

He did give us a “non-emergency” number elsewhere in Chicago to report it. Or at least we thought. Calling there resulted in the same reply, “there’s nothing we can do, the check is in your state.” Asking if they would like us to send them the check, letter and envelope elicited the reply, “no, just throw it away.”

Thinking maybe it qualified as Mail Fraud, I called the local Post Office and explained it to them. I was first informed that fraud had not been committed because we hadn’t deposited the check and been victimized. Pressing a bit further, the person I talked to finally said I could bring it all to the Post Office and they could look into it and could possibly use it as evidence.

I even called the FBI to inquire about it and was told it was a scam again, duh! The FBI Agent did say report it as Mail Fraud as the FBI had no jurisdiction in it and it was Mail Fraud.

We ended up giving it to the Post Office who took our information and what might be called a “report” on “sticky notes,” saying if they needed additional info, they’d get back to us.

Needless to say my eyes were opened on this sort of crime. I realize it isn’t a major crime and had we fallen for it, we would have been out maybe $200.00 or so, plus the items. But, how many others have received fraudulent checks as this and were not lucky enough to spot the forgery? Is it possible the person responsible for this fraud has made hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars off of unsuspecting people nationwide?

More importantly to me, have we gotten so lackadaisical that we just write off crimes as this and let the criminal walk to victimize the next unsuspecting person, possibly an older person trying to supplement their income a little?

This isn’t a murder, rape or violent crime, but a crime nonetheless.

How do we follow McGruff’s “Take a Bite Out Of Crime” if all we do is file these crimes in the circular file?

Watch out for yourselves, folks. In these “lesser crimes,” it seems as if we are on our own.

November 19, 2008

Oil Prices Are Down, Gas At The Pump Is Down, What Now America?

by lewwaters

oil-derrick-offshore-2It seems we have dodged another bullet in our cost of energy as oil prices have plummeted and gas is preparing to drop below $2.00 a gallon, down from inching just over $4.00 a gallon earlier this summer during the campaign.

Such high costs put a crimp in our living standards and hurt everybody as we stopped driving as much, stopped buying new cars and had to pay increased prices for nearly everything that had to be shipped over the road by truck. We cried out about it and the candidates responded with promises of increased energy efficiency requirements to partially lifting the decades long ban on drilling our own oil supplies.

At one time both major presidential candidates opposed lifting the ban on offshore drilling of our own oil, but the high prices Americans paid at the pumps and the outrage expressed over it has encouraged both to revise their opposition at least partly.

After allowing the drilling ban to expire, Democrats initially let it be known that they might re-impose drilling bans offshore with the new presidents administration.

Today, November 19, 2008, Steny Hoyer (D. Md.) said that his party

will not push to reinstate a ban on offshore oil and natural-gas drilling next year,” adding “there will be serious discussion as to the ‘parameters’ to which offshore drilling will be pursued.”

Shortly after Hoyer’s comment, the American Petroleum Institute released the following statement,

We believe the position outlined to news reporters by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer – that the Democratic leadership would not seek to re-impose the ban on oil and natural gas leasing in federal waters – is the right approach. The American public has made clear its strong support for increased access to untapped domestic oil and natural gas resources. At least two-thirds of Americans in recent exit polling said they supported offshore drilling. Neither Congress nor the next administration should set unreasonable, arbitrary limits on leasing because such restrictions could remove some of the nation’s most promising oil and natural gas prospects for development, and the industry has proven it can develop these resources in an environmentally safe manner. The industry stands ready to help put America’s vast energy resources to good use to strengthen our nation’s economy and energy security, generate billions of dollars for the benefit of our federal and state treasuries and provide good jobs for Americans across the country.”

While API stands ready to help America in our quest for energy independence, I am troubled by Hoyer’s call for “serious discussion as to the ‘parameters’ to which offshore drilling will be pursued.”

Cathy Landry, a spokeswoman for API shares my concern as she said,

When they’re talking about ‘parameters,’ we should point out that putting arbitrary limits on development, whether that’s [prohibiting drilling within] 100 miles from shore, or whatever they’re thinking, could take some of the most promising domestic resources off the table,” adding, “So we would caution them to really look at what they’re doing and learn about what’s out there before they take action. It could potentially keep some of our nation’s best prospects from being developed.”

Younger Americans may not remember, but this isn’t the first time our dependence of foreign oil has drained our personal budgets. We saw this before in 1973 and 1979 with an increase in oil prices from foreign sources in 1990, while we let our own oil resources sit idle in the ground offshore and within the country itself.

Opposition to drilling our own ranges from environmentalists who’d prefer we go back to walking and riding bicycles to politicians who cry oil companies hold leases to lands to drill already, disregarding that the oil reserves aren’t located on those lands.

Drilling and refining our own oil not only decreases our dependence on foreign lands oil, that are often hostile to us, it stands to create more jobs which results in increased tax revenues for the treasury. In a letter to Congress, Jack Gerard, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute said in part,

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry supports approximately 6 million jobs – 1.8 million people directly employed by the industry, with more than 4 million indirect jobs. Expanded access creates more job opportunities – and many of these jobs pay more than double the national average. In addition, oil and natural gas development on federal lands, both onshore and offshore, means billions of dollars for the U.S. Treasury and state governments in the form of royalties, bonus bids, rentals, severance taxes, corporate income taxes and property taxes.”

Sharing in my own sentiments, Mr. Gerard adds,

Now that the campaigns are over, the time is right for a fresh start on energy. The American people have shown overwhelming support for increased domestic oil and natural gas development. Election Day exit polls found two-thirds of voters favor offshore drilling where it is not currently allowed.”

We have survived another wake up call, America. As oil prices slide back down, we cannot let ourselves be lulled back to sleep and continue our dependence on foreign countries for our energy needs. We have several energy resources right here within our own borders to utilize. We have several alternative energy resources in the works, but they have yet to be perfected. Petroleum remains our best bet for the right now. It’s the most economical in energy returned. And, it is available, if we will demand our politicians get out of the way and stay out of the way of obtaining it.

API has made available a 16-page booklet, Policies for America’s Future: Restoring Our Economic Strength and Shaping Our Energy Future, outlining the Oil and Natural Gas Industry’s costs, taxes and profitability and how our energy resources are not being adequately used currently. Policy recommendations are also listed on page 13.

It’s about time we citizens of America woke up and see that our energy costs are tied to nearly every part of our society. From what it cost to drive our cars to what we pay for groceries, to the comfort of our homes, we have serious energy needs. We have the resources available within our own country to met these needs and meet them in environmentally safe ways.

We must declare energy independence and stand on our own. We can no longer afford to be held hostage by foreign lands that aren’t afraid to use their energy sources as weapons against us.

We will perfect alternative energy sources, but in the mean time, we must use what we have available today. We must let our politicians know we want energy independence and they must support obtaining our own resources, offshore as well as onshore.

We must let them know we will not support imposing restrictive taxes on the industry that is working towards our energy independence nor will we accept higher energy taxes on our own individual energy consumption.

We have been promised “change” and we must demand that change include reasonable energy costs and energy independence.

The campaign rhetoric is over and now it is time to deliver.

November 16, 2008

Washington State Hispanic Group Dupes Washingtonians on I-409

by lewwaters

Washington State has not escaped the detriments of the onslaught of ILLEGAL immigration. Citizens of Washington State fed up with the lack of respect for our laws, increased unemployment due to ILLEGALS working ‘under the radar’ at lower wages, subjugating them to a secondary slave class status, taxing our overburdened social benefits programs and lowering our living standards have began a legal initiative petition to curtail ILLEGAL Immigration and demand Respect For The Law.

Initiative 409 is a Citizen Driven Initiative that will “require state and local agencies to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration laws and would require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, receiving driver’s licenses, and receiving some public benefits.”

The initiative does not require any new laws be added and passed, only that existing laws on the books be enforced by State and Local Law Enforcement. Doing so not only protects American Citizens, but also gives protection to LEGAL immigrants legally entitled to work in Washington State by preventing unscrupulous employers from hiring below minimum wage workers here ILLEGALLY and taking advantage of them by threats of turning them over to I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) if they complain about mistreatment.

As previously explained, our efforts are not always greeted with appreciation by some. Many look upon our efforts as “discrimination” when they are in fact, just the opposite.

Nowhere is this shown more clearly than in a flyer put out by the Washington State Hispanic/Latino Legislative Organization.

They erroneously claim, “409 would result in the growth of prejudice and discrimination against Washington’s Hispanic/Latino and immigrant communities.”

Is there a reason they forget to include the word “ILLEGAL” in their claim?

Obfuscating our intent of requiring enforcement of established laws, the WSHLLO attempts to paint us as “reactionaries” when it would appear that it is they who are the “reactionaries” by advocating open violations of established law.

As I have told many, I am currently sponsoring a LEGAL Immigrant for American Citizenship. Many of those who stand with us to collect signatures on the petition still speak with the accent of the native country they immigrated from, LEGALLY. Many other LEGAL immigrants rush to sign the petitions as they followed proper procedures to citizenship and see no reason others cannot.

WSHLLO claims, “A reactionary initiative can be stopped by a small group of determined people who stand on principle.” They completely ignore that I-409 is backed by and supported by “a small group of determined people who stand on principle,” the “principle of law and order.”

WSHLLO claims, “Hate groups are using numbers and figures accusing undocumented immigrants of adding to the economic crisis of or country.” It is not “Hate” to expect our laws to be enforced and respected instead of ignored on whims.

It seems to me the real “Hate” is to keep ILLEGALS flowing into the country to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous greedy employers.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army who traveled throughout other countries during my enlistment, I was expected to not only follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but also the established laws of whatever country I was stationed in. Even in war torn Viet Nam, we were not given a pass on violating established Vietnamese laws, even to include immigration laws if we chose to remain in country after our enlistment was up.

Mexico, for example, maintains their own Immigration Laws that we are required to follow as foreigners if we visit or enter their country.

To clarify, I-409 is not only about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico. It covers any ILLEGAL immigrant from anywhere. But, we are inundated currently by ILLEGAL immigrants from our neighbor south of the border, giving the WSHLLO ammunition to claim we are against Hispanics.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We welcome LEGAL immigrants from anywhere, as America always has.

WSHLLO even contradicts themselves in their flyer of disinformation. First, they claim they are, “working to defend members of our community by ensuring the anti-immigrant action initiative 409, stays off the ballot.”

Then they claim that I-409 supporters don’t want it on the ballot and instead are “going around voters to the legislature.”

Don’t fall for the WSHLLO’s efforts at disinformation and demonizing citizens of Washington who support enforcing established law. Of all people, Hispanic Advocacy Groups are the ones who really should be supporting and advocating compliance with our Immigration Laws to prevent those from their ancestral lands from being wrongfully exploited by entering America ILLEGALLY!

November 13, 2008

Bloggers, Are We Lobbyists?

by lewwaters

washington-sealPerhaps you think that is a silly question, but currently, the Public Disclosure Commission in Washington State is conducting hearings to determine if we should be required to register and file records as lobbyists in the state of Washington.

PDC Document (pdf file)

The first hearing was held November 12, 2008. Mike Reitz, of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation has been covering this here and here.

I know that we who blog on political matters rarely agree and quite often are at extreme odds with each other, but do you think we are lobbyists?

A lobbyist is a person or group who tries to influence public officials, usually for specific groups or legislation who would gain from passing certain pieces of legislation. We seem to have a love/hate relationship with lobbyists, depending on just what official they are trying to influence on what specific piece of legislation.

While we may express our views in support of or opposition to candidates or legislation to the public who chooses to read our blogs, I do not see this as lobbying. I see it as expressing our views as we are entitled to under the First Amendment of our Constitution.

In a way, we supply Op-Eds and Letters to the Editors that escape editing by the local paper or that never get published. Often, we express a view either counter to what has been published or in support. Occasionally we speak out on a subject that should have been published, but wasn’t.

Look upon it as an Internet Soap Box in the park, but in the comfort of our homes.

Of course, we visit each other’s blogs and sometimes, engage each other, supplying lurkers with a reasoned argument, hopefully, that they will not see anywhere else. Sadly, those discussions all too often break down in ad hominem, but we do supply legitimate citizen debate and discussion without censorship, other than what we bloggers do not allow on our sites.

Should this effort by the Public Disclosure Commission succeed, I see this as a direct infringement on not only my free speech, but yours as well. I disagree with the Liberals all too often, but do not advocate their being silenced.

Bloggers, be you Liberal, Moderate or Conservative, we need to stand together on this one and protect our free speech on the Internet. Government should not be allowed to regulate us or silence us by forcing us to register as lobbyists.

Whatever your political views are, we need to flood Olympia with phone calls, letters and emails expressing our disagreement with this effort. It may very well affect all of us, should they pass it.

They meet again on December 4 to discuss this further. Join me in letting them know we will not stand for our free speech to be denied!

November 13, 2008

“He’s” Pregnant Again, But It Is Still A Hoax

by lewwaters

ron-paul-screwballIt was just this past March that RIALW exposed the hoax of a “pregnant man”, revealing that in actuality, this so-called “man” is a lesbian activist living as a man and went to court to have herself declared “male” by judicial decree.

In July we reported that the lesbian couple had given birth to a healthy baby girl, reminding all that the notion of a “man” carrying and delivering a baby, even by ‘C’-Section was not worthy of all the International attention paid to a rather ordinary birth.

Not too unexpectedly, our own media, dumbed down as they are, perpetuated the myth of a pregnant man by bringing on this confused woman, who underwent radical mastectomy and took testosterone, but retained full female genitalia and reproductive organs, to broadcast to the world and our nation that at long last, a man was pregnant with a child.

Thomas Beatie, aka Tracy LaGondino was the hit of the left-winged talk show circuit, making a big splash on the Oprah Winfrey Show, among others, who told us this confused woman’s pregnancy is “a new definition of what diversity means for everybody.”

Now, we have ABC’s Barbara Walters, throwing away what smidgen of credibility she might still have retained by informing the world, Pregnant “Man” Expecting Second Child, in a new interview continuing the myth and blurring the lines between the sexes.

Most ridiculous is that throughout the interview Thomas/Tracie is continually referred to as “he” and “his,” and includes a video beginning with her strategically standing before a mirror, shirtless, flexing her muscles, as if that makes one more masculine.

Included with the article are several photos presumably taken at the lesbian couples home, most with Thomas/Tracie shirtless, as if to drive home to readers that her breasts have been surgically removed.

Walters interview reveals that the birth, first reported to be by Caesarian Section actually wasn’t, a feat physically impossible for any male.

Thomas/Tracie also says of her original story, “I was shocked that it looped around the world in 24 hours,” after Walters tells us she wrote about it in a popular Gay Magazine.

Thomas/Tracie claims to have been living a “quiet life in Bend, Oregon,” but “keeps the blinds drawn and monitors surveillance cameras that surround the property,” due to “death threats” she claims she and her partner receive.

Any pretense of “quietness” is thrown out he window with their desire to stir it up again with yet another public television interview.

Maybe to those on the left this is seen as an “enlightening occurrence,” but Thomas/Tracie reveals her confusion when she was asked why she makes people uneasy and she answered, “I think that people are not used to seeing the image of a pregnant man. And it’s causing a lot of people to think,” adding the most confused statement she has ever uttered, “I used my female reproductive organs to become a father.”

Think, if you will, ahead a few years when these children are in school around other children who are born from a man and a woman in a more normal family setting and who know that Daddy is different than Mommie and that Mommies have the babies and Daddy’s place the babies in Mommy. Children can be the coldest and most heartless of all, any parent can tell you that. So, what do you think will happen when one of the couple’s children states that they were born from Daddy?

What sort of confusion will result when the teacher is forced to tell the students that Daddy’s can have babies, when they can’t, and the children go home to tell their parents and it all has to be explained.

I imagine that trying to explain what a ‘blow-job’ was, after Bill Clinton’s affair to Monica Lewinsky was revealed, to a six-year-old will have been easier than trying to explain this one to small children.

The thought of that flies in the face of Thomas/Tracie’s claim of, “We are a man, woman and child. It’s ironic that we are so different but yet, we’re just a family, just the same as anyone else.”

Not hardly.

In today’s world, even though the majority opposes same-sex marriage, Gay relationships are accepted and most people don’t give them much attention. Lesbian couples have children all the time, becoming impregnated by artificial insemination and giving a normal female birth.

Given Thomas/Tracies history of activism for the Gay lifestyle, I have to suspect that her efforts here are not as pure as she once claimed they were when she said, “Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.”

Such a rapid second pregnancy, after the hoopla died down and making sure she appears on National TV again, takes this beyond just a “human desire to have a biological child.”

I see this more attempts at shoving the Gay Agenda down the throats of heterosexual society as well as blurring the lines between genders even further than they have been.

If Thomas/Tracie isn’t a very confused individual, then she is a very deceitful individual. I don’t care if you believe in Creation, Evolution or Intelligent Design; Male and Female are here for a reason. While in some lower life forms the male might be the child bearer, in the Human species that doesn’t happen naturally.

So long as “HE” retains female genitalia and reproductive organs, it’s “SHE.”

Judicial decrees do not over rule the laws of nature. Claiming otherwise and agreeing with it is not only naïve it is down right deceitful.

November 13, 2008


by lewwaters

Received in email last evening:


Tom Mielke increased his lead to 187 votes over Pam Brokaw on Wednesday. Approximately 400 ballots remain to be counted. If Mielke holds on, Republicans will have the majority on the Clark County Board of Commissioners for the first time in 30 years! Along with the positive numbers for Mielke, every Clark County Republican incumbent was re-elected this year.

On election night, Mielke trailed Brokaw by about a 5,000 vote margin. Mielke had closed the gap to 633 votes by Thursday of election week, and had moved in front with a 78 vote lead by the end of the day last Friday. Mielke’s numbers have increased every day in the late counting since Election Day.

We are continuing to monitor this race and the ballot count very closely.

Thank you for all your work on behalf of our candidates and the Clark County Republican Party.

Ryan Hart
Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

Good news for all, after the dismal elections November 4. Let’s hope the lead holds and we Republicans can finally have a voice in Clark County.

November 9, 2008

America’s Veterans, A Better Breed

by lewwaters

A repost in honor of all of Clark County’s Veterans and all Veterans throughout America. Our Veterans are owed what can never be repaid.

America’s Veterans, A Better Breed

November 10, 2007

It may be very difficult for many to understand, but there exists a segment of our society, a minority within, that willingly place themselves between our enemies and the rest. That segment has always been there throughout our history and will remain there in the future.

They come down from the mountains. They come from the cities of the North and the Bayous of the South. They leave the beaches of California and Florida. North, South, East and West, they leave the comfort of their homes and loved ones to volunteer for America. Young and older, Black, White, Brown, Red and Yellow skinned, historically male, but now female too, they come with no desire of praise or large salaries, but a desire only to see America remain the freest nation on the planet and to see others share in the freedoms we do.

Not all face battle, but many do. Some pay the ultimate sacrifice and end up forgotten by all but family, loved ones and maybe those that sent them. Some never return, lost forever, their fate unknown to all who know and love them.

Others return wounded, broken in body or mind. They may face a life of scorn by the very ones they were protecting. All too often those who wish to use them to further political agendas and who could care less about them use them as political props. They are looked upon as victims instead of as the heroes and patriots they really are.

Many desire to return to battle alongside their comrades as soon as possible, missing limbs and fitted with prosthetics. Lifelong friendships may be forged after the battle ceases while others shun closeness, fearing the pain of losing a friend during another battle.

Our media pages and reports are filled with bad news and claims against them. Some of our politicians denigrate their sacrifices for political gain. And still, they continue to come from all corners of the nation to fight for our freedoms, liberties and to keep our great nation free.

These are the ones that fill the ranks of our Armed Services and our Veterans Groups. They are America’s Veterans.

I once received in email what I consider to be the very best Definition of a Veteran I have ever seen.

A veteran – whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve – is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The ‘United States of America’, for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’” (Author unknown)

That is Honor. An Honor that too many Americans no longer understand. That is the courage to leave everything behind and possibly travel to far lands to face an enemy to keep people you don’t even know free or to free a people you also don’t know.

I am one who has a very difficult time affixing “Greatest” to any generation as every generation has faced their trials and tribulations. World War Two gave us many who traveled far to fight oppression and tyranny. Many were forced into the Military and many others volunteered.

Korea and Viet Nam were similar but with the Korean Veterans simply being forgotten and the Viet Nam generation facing the scorn of a thankless nation for many years. Yet, the Viet Nam generation had a greater percentage of volunteers than did the World War Two generation.

Today’s Military and Veterans of the current battles are 100% volunteer, no one is forced into the Military against their will. How can we rate these Soldiers, Airman, Sailors and Marines any less than earlier Veterans we consider “the Greatest?” I cannot.

As we reminisce and celebrate another Veteran’s Day, let us recall that we still have several in Harms Way, doing what many of us did before, facing an enemy to keep America free. Facing an enemy to free an oppressed people.

America owes its Veterans, all of its Veterans, a debt of gratitude. It is a debt that can never be adequately repaid. We can never regain what we gave up in our youth to face the enemy. We can never repay what others give up today to keep us free.

The best we can do is honor and respect them, teaching our children to also honor and respect the sacrifices they made and are making today.

Until such time that the world stops producing despots, tyrants and those who feel they have a right to rule all others, we will keep on producing Veterans and they will continue coming forth for all of us. I thank God that they keep coming.

To all my fellow Veterans, Welcome Home! Thank You!

November 9, 2008

Is This How The Columbian Honors Veterans?

by lewwaters

Army Medics

Army Medics

Yesterday saw our annual Veterans Day Parade through Officer’s Row. A rainy day, umbrellas rivaled flags as the parade made its way through Officer’s Row past those who braved the weather to give Honors to our nations Veterans.

Tom Voght presents us with a very uplifting account of how the estate of Frank and JoAnne Lough has given the Vancouver National Historic Reserve Trust over $1 Million to help “fund the annual Celebrate Freedom Veterans Day Parade and support educational programs at the Pearson Air Museum.”

Vancouver will benefit for many years from their final act of such generosity.

Moving ahead, today’s Columbian also sports a headline of Salute To Service, highlighting an 84 year-old World War Two Veteran Medic who rode in yesterday’s parade.

Isolde Raftery tells us that former Pfc Richard Mathews “vivid memories of wartime France haven’t faded in 44 years,” before letting us know the all-important quip of, “[he] won’t divulge how much Cognac he drank when he was a young medic.”

After enlightening us with Mr. Matthews 5 mile hike to Normandy and on to Cologne, Germany, trading K and C rations Chocolate along the way, Raftery again reminds us that “perhaps,” Mr. Mathews traded for “a half barrel of Cognac as well.”

While I wasn’t present for the “interview,” surely Raftery must know that Military Medics during War perform other duties than to imbibe Cognac.

As a Veteran myself, I too consumed probably more alcohol than I should have, if back at Base Camp after duty hours. Never during duty hours or if standing Perimeter Guard. Mr. Mathews says pretty much the same, that “he tipped back his canteen cup after duty only.”

Perhaps Raftery attempted to give a light-hearted view of Mr. Mathews Service, which undoubtedly included many cases of at least helping to save the lives of our Brave Warriors, either on the Battlefield or even if at a Tent Hospital in the rear.

Army Medics are at the front in saving the lives of our Fighting People, they are the first responders to battle and many a Veteran owes their life to them. Even veterans who weren’t Combat Troops and who were in “the rear with the gear,” depended on Medics for treatment that doctors could not always get to right away or were of a more minor variety.

Have we become so desensitized to our veterans that we now see focusing on how much Cognac one might have consumed during a war as a “Salute to Service?”

Do we not see that it was these Brave people, back then and even today, that are placed between our enemies and us in order to protect America so we don’t have to face what they and citizens of countries ruled by despots do?

From this Veteran to Mr. Mathews, thank you, sir. Thank you for being one of those who gave me a safe country to grow up in. Thank you for all the freedoms and liberties I have enjoyed over the past 60 years. Thank you for the possibility that it might have been you that helped save my own fathers life during WW2, otherwise I wouldn’t have even been born to enjoy the greatest freedoms and liberties known to mankind.

To all Veterans, Thank You, Welcome Home.

November 9, 2008

Come Together… Right Now? Oh Lord

by lewwaters

obama-mussolini-posePlaying off of the Beatles 1969 hit, Come Together, the Columbian’s editor, Lou Brancaccio laments of times past in Chicago’s Grants Park when a riot broke out at a rock concert by Sly and the Family Stone, who did not appear.

Relating the 1970 riot event to this weeks love fest over B HO being elected the first Mulatto president, Brancaccio longingly opines of how wonderful and different it was today.

I wasn’t able to be present at this concert or the earlier all time greatest concert, Woodstock, due to my being busy on the other side of the world earning the scorn and hate of people like Brancaccio by fighting for my country.

Of the election itself, he says, “This was a bitter election campaign. Palling around with terrorists, socialists, clinging to guns, it was all a bit much.” Funny thing is, I don’t recall any actual in depth coverage of B HO’s long association with an unrepentant Domestic Terrorist, his announced policies being plagiarized from the likes of Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, or his repeated gaffes slapping blue collar America’s for their values. Could it be the “bit too much” was his efforts at ignoring and hiding truths from the Columbian’s readers who might have benefited from actually hearing in depth reporting on B HO?

Brancaccio now desire’s a similar love fest of “Togetherness” held at Esther Short Park with Democrats, Republicans and Independents, all laying down our swords, joining hands and singing Kumbaya to each other.

He states, “So is there an opportunity now to stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping? I think so. But the window for this kind of thing is always open for only a short time. We’ll all need to take advantage of it quickly.”

Yes, Lou, all we need do is compromise our values, beliefs and principles and now that the Socialist Demokratik Politburo has all the power, abandon our independent thought and submit to their rule, all in the name of “Togetherness.”

Of course, he deftly avoids mention of how for the past 8 years; he and others went out of their way to reject our calls of some “Togetherness” in support of our President and to further the nation in harmony. In fact, for 8 years we have heard nothing positive from Brancaccio concerning President Bush or his policies.

Togetherness was a vulgar word until B HO was announced as victor in this elongated coup de tat.

When a gracious lady from Alaska was chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, did they celebrate the second woman to be nominated to such a high office? No. She was subjected to some of the vilest rumors, innuendos, and trumped up charges imaginable. She was castigated for not aborting her infant son, for standing alongside her daughter who has made the all too common mistake of an early pregnancy, for being an independent person who shook up the old boy network of her own party in Alaska and who had the audacity to dress nice for campaigning.

Did Brancaccio call for this to stop and show some honor to such a person? If he did, I certainly missed it. Would those desiring “Togetherness” today have listened if he had? Don’t bank on it.

Was it a display of “Togetherness” this past Tuesday at the Hilton when my wife and another lady stuck their heads into the love fest at the Hilton and all they received were sneers once their Dino Rossi stickers were seen?

This, even though the Socialist Demokratik Politburo partiers erected a sign reading, “Tonight America Came Together” outside the ballroom door where they held their Obama love fest.

To these people, “Togetherness” now means we submit totally to their rule and abandon our independence and free thought and love of America, in favor of their hate of the traditional America that has been the greatest beacon of truth and freedom in the history of mankind.

As was pointed out to me earlier this evening by Debbie Peterson, we have enabled the left. When they cut us off at the knees, stabbed us in the back, rejected our calls for cooperation and togetherness, belittled our President and his staff and yes, even the Brave Troops who have voluntarily placed themselves between us an the most brutal enemy we have ever faced, we turned the other cheek and tried to keep playing nice with them.

They took it as weakness and kept attacking until their coup de tat was complete.

Like spoiled children who have always gotten their way and like to bully others, they kept up a relentless attack for 8 years. It is time they received a long over due spanking, so to speak.

We conservatives are in the position to give them that spanking and I intend to do so right here. No longer can we afford to turn the other cheek, no matter how much they whine we are supposed to. No longer can we accept their tantrums and just let them have their way. We must counter them in a way they understand by using many of their own tactics.

We need to be relentless in pointing out their hypocrisy and their scandals and make a big stink about them, loudly. We need demonstrations downtown or anywhere else we can. We need no longer cower in fear of offending them.

Above all, we need to return the treatment that have dished out to President Bush and all of us and reject all calls for “Togetherness” and “Compromise” of our values.

I expect letters to the Editor to be denied or heavily edited by the Columbian and even the Oregonian. They have control of the press, but not of the Internet and personal conversations. We can express our views right here or at any other Internet site in Clark County.

If we want to save America from becoming just another communist third world nation, we must come together and oppose the left with everything we have. Ignore their gloating. The honey coating on B HO will fade quickly and we must be prepared to expose him and his cronies at every step.

We can and must do it, for America, for our children and grandchildren and for our Brave Troops.

For liberals who read this and think I am bitter, I can only say, You Betcha!”

It takes a lot of damned gall to offer your hand in “Togetherness” after rejecting and slapping ours for so many years.

November 8, 2008

Washington Post Admits Left Winged Media Bias

by lewwaters

cowardly-lionDeborah Howell, of the Washington Post, penned a stunning admission in today’s paper titled, An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage.

In her article she outlines the lopsided coverage in favor of Liberal Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama over Moderate Republican, John Sydney McCain. We bloggers on the right have known this all along, but when mentioned, we were just poo pooed by the left and members of the media as hate mongers, out of touch or what have you.

In showing the lack of true Journalistic coverage, Howell states, “The Post was deficient in stories that reported more than the two candidates trading jabs,” admitting that issues of both candidates were lacking.

The assistant managing editor for politics, Bill Hamilton, is quoted as saying,

I don’t at all discount the importance of issues, but we had a larger purpose, to convey and explain a campaign that our own David Broder described as the most exciting he has ever covered, a narrative that unfolded until the very end. I think our staff rose to the occasion.”

Isn’t it the “issues” that we voters must know in order to make informed decisions on who to vote for to best lead the nation? And, what is the “larger purpose” he mentions? Prove we are not racists by electing a totally inexperienced person to the highest office in the world just because he is a minority?

With all the calls from European nations during the campaign that America ‘must’ do so, when does Europe prove their end to racism by installing a Black leader in any one of their countries? After all, the slavery that once existed in America was brought from those same European nations that have never in their history had a Black leader.

The most stunning admission by Ms. Howell, though, is,

But Obama deserved tougher scrutiny than he got, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was convicted this year of influence-peddling in Chicago. The Post did nothing on Obama’s acknowledged drug use as a teenager.”

Neither did the rest of the lamestream media, Ms. Howell.

As I wrote in Lamestream Media Royally Screws America, “We learned more about Sarah Palin’s choice of eyeliner over the first weekend she was selected than we still know about B HO.”

Neither Ms. Howell nor any one else from the media has issued anything remotely resembling an apology for their gross negligence in performing their duty as Journalists to adequately inform the public. Such gross negligence on the job would get most of us fired from our jobs, yet they will just continue masquerading Op Eds as Journalism and selecting what the public reads and is entitled to know.

I am left pondering now if our own financially troubled Columbian will rub our noses into the mud also and admit they were in the tank for local Democrat candidates and ignored obvious deficiencies in their abilities?

Missing in their “coverage” was many gaffes and admissions of local candidates from the Democrat side and ignoring strengths of some Republican candidates.

Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the race to replace retiring Bill Fromhold between Jim Jacks and Debbie Peterson. After Jacks openly admitted to not having a clue of what to do in regards to our states financial troubles and Debbie outlined ideas to solve it, attempts by this writer to inform Clark County voters in the 49th Legislative District were continually blocked by editing portions of comments and letters that stated that.

While the media did not totally get their way in a Democrat clean sweep, they helped elect enough to have a major impact upon our future, which just may bankrupt us all with increased fees, higher taxes and more restrictions on our constitutional liberties.

It is little wonder that so many media sources are experiencing declining profits and having to lay people off. Ever so gradually, readers are turning away from the propaganda laced media and relying on alternative news sources or just ignoring news altogether.

That presents even more dangers for American voters.

Never before has the comment credited to Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed,” been so true.

November 6, 2008

So, Now We Can Be Together, Huh?

by lewwaters

Half of America failed last night as they selected a totally inexperienced and unqualified new president. The Socialist Demokratic Politburo is now in complete charge of our beloved country, free to ram their Socialism down our throats.

Offers of freebies stolen from others and handed out reigned supreme as voters fell for the old ‘Robin Hood’ ploy, not realizing or just ignoring that is all just a myth.

Clark County Demokrats, you did your part in selecting offers of free handouts that you will end up paying dearly for in the years ahead. Higher taxes, in spite of promises, are coming, bank on it. Fee increases, tolls, you name it, they are headed your way too as the Politburo rams through their Socialist agenda.

You can thank the Columbian for their part in presenting lopsided ‘reports’ on candidates and your own laziness in not actually checking out candidates that would have fought for you, not Gregoire’s ‘more of the same’ failed leadership and taking care of Puget Sound first and foremost.

Republicans, you have your share of blame too. As Socialist Demokrats went for our jugulars with lies, innuendoes and deceit, you had no stomach to fight back, choosing to “take the high road” to oblivion, at our cost. They fight, we sit back and pray and wait for divine intervention.

Sunday School taught me that ‘God helps those that help themselves.’ Even Jesus told the Disciples to carry arms when traveling for defense.

If you want America back where it became great and not another Socialist third world nation, you better be prepared to fight. You better offer candidates with backbone who will fight fire with fire. Mr. Nice-guy doesn’t win elections; the Socialist Demokratik Politburo proved that last night.

I watched at the Hilton last evening as disappointment was replaced by merriment to party and enjoy your selves, instead of assessing why we continue to lose to Socialists whose empty promises litter our history.

Next door, the Socialist Demokrats were ecstatic at their take over, without a clue of what to do, especially in our presidential race.

Most appalling was there “in your face” sign outside the Ballroom door reading, “Tonight America Came Together.” Does it escape all that for 8 years they wanted NO Togetherness with us? Does it escape you that the only time they speak of being “Together” is when they rule?

Overtures of togetherness from our president were rejected for 8 years, replaced by denigration, demonization and outright lies. And now that they have selected the unqualified and totally inexperienced ‘Homey The President’ to top world power, after going out of their way to mock and destroy private citizens and a decent lady, they claim “Togetherness?”

Sorry, but we are not “Together” and will not be. When the Socialist Demokratik Politburo preaches “Togetherness” it only means “submission” to their agenda of hate and intolerance of the very values that made us a Great Nation.

To you Socialist Demokrats, you can say this is sour grapes, or any other derogatory words you can think of, it’s all you know anyways. But you have only succeeded in dividing America further and this Viet Nam Veteran is mad as hell and not taking it any more.

I lost 13 buddies I personally knew in that war fighting the very ruling class you embrace and owe it to them and the other 58,000 who made the ultimate sacrifice to oppose you to my last breath.

If the GOP rejects this, so be it. I am a conservative long before I am a Republican. I will continue on my own, alone, if need be, but I will not sit idly by and watch as my beloved country falls to communism at your hands.

You set the tone 8 years ago and maintained it throughout the last 8 years. Your chickens are coming home to roost now!

Don’t bother extending you hand to me. When we extended our hands over the last 8 years, you rejected the overtures and slapped us for the effort. I will not submit to your Socialism.

As Sir Winston Churchill said long ago, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

You chose expected freebies, America. What you will receive is:


Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. – Sir Winston Churchill

November 4, 2008

You First, King County

by lewwaters

We are down to the wire now. Most have turned in their ballots, or will visit the polls later today in the few places in Washington that haven’t adopted the Mail-In Ballots. Campaigns have done what they can and most have selected whom they will vote for.

I doubt there will be many races closely watched and scrutinized as will be the Presidential Race and of course, our Governor’s race. We all recall the fiasco of 2004 and the ill feelings most from both parties had over how Christine Gregoire became the Governor over Dino Rossi, after three recounts.

Supposedly, corrections were made to our election system to prevent a recurrence. Thousands of unlawful voters were removed from the polls, we were told. Secretary of State, Sam Reed tells us he has improved the system greatly, but as we can see, there are still serious shortcomings.

On a recent Victoria Taft program, Sam Reed washer guest. I emailed her to ask Sam if all Counties could withhold reporting their ballot counts until after King County reported theirs, due to the appearance in 2004 of mass voter fraud coming out of the County, which “found” many “lost or misplaced” ballots that gave the extremely narrow win margin to Gregoire.

Caught off guard, Reed hemmed and hawed a bit before saying he could understand why voters in the rest of the state may feel leery, but that King County was reliable and if other Counties chose to wait, that was their prerogative.

Thinking maybe we could have a trustworthy election this time, imagine my surprise when I saw him quoted in the Columbian saying, “voters shouldn’t expect to know definitive results on Election Night because much of the state’s vote is still outstanding, and because King County’s results will come in slower than the rest of the state,” adding, “Unless the outcome of the race is very lopsided, it could change as more ballots come in.”

That sounds too much to me like a forewarning of a likely repeat of the 2004 fiasco, unless, like he said, the vote is extremely lopsided.

I fully realize King County is a large heavily populated county, but counting upwards of 3,000 more ballots than you have registered voters carries a distinct appearance of fraud.

It should be remembered that in the recounts, it was king County that “discovered” so many missing ballots and gave Gregoire the win in the third recount, after Rossi won the first two and the general election.

It should also be remembered that King County is predominantly Liberal Democrats who have no compunction winning anyway they can, while crying we are the fraudulent ones.

Frankly, and I know I am not alone, I do not trust King County to deliver honest vote counts, especially if another squeaker of an election happens. Not after 2004 and not after hearing Sam Reed’s comments.

The only way I can think of the keep this election honest, whoever may win, is for other counties to withhold reporting their counts and give King County the honor of reporting first, this time. No chance to see how many votes are needed to be found to ensure a Democrat wins.

After you King County, you first! We’re watching this time.

November 3, 2008

An Urgent Video Message From Clark County GOP Chairman

by lewwaters

Dear Republicans:

This is it! Just one day until Election Day and we are now in the fight to the finish.

I would, first of all, like to remind you to turn in your ballot. Remember to vote the whole ballot, and support our local candidates. Did you know that in 2004 Clark County had one of the State’s highest drop-offs in votes between the Presidential Race and the Gubernatorial Race? Thousands more who were eligible to vote, simply didn’t. Clark County could have made the difference in electing Dino Rossi as Governor four years ago.

Don’t let this happen again. Let’s do everything we can in the final 24 to 36 hours to get Dino Rossi Elected. Let’s do everything we can to get our local candidates elected. We have an opportunity to elect a GOP majority to the Board of County Commissioners. Our candidates for Senate and the State Legislature need your help. Every Republican on the ballot is counting on you!

The Polls are narrowing in the final days of the Presidential Race. On Sunday, November 2, the IBD/TIPP poll had McCain and Obama in a statistical tie. The IBD/TIPP Poll won the title of “Nation’s Most Accurate Pollster,” for the 2004 Presidential Election.

We need your help in closing hours. Our Victory Office will be open, making get out the vote calls, until 7:00 PM on Election Night. Please volunteer today. Call 425-971-9291, or stop by the Victory office at 3925 NE 72nd Ave, Ste 104, to help us with our critical Get-Out-The-Vote effort on Monday and Tuesday.

Our candidates are counting on you. Please help us in our FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

Ryan Hart

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

November 1, 2008

Dino Rossi’s Vancouver Rally

by lewwaters

In all, a pretty good turn out this morning for Dino’s appearance in Vancouver at his Vancouver Victory Headquarters. The small office was packed with what I’d estimate at well over 100 people.

Dino gave an inspiring speech to all on how taxes have increased and businesses have left Washington State and his plan to turn that around and make Washington a great State to run a business and horrible State for criminals.

In his effort to reach all of Washington’s citizens, he stated there is no town too small for him to appear in. In keeping with that he has scheduled rallies from here in Vancouver to Shelton, 5 in all, echoing his words to all of Washington’s voters.

Besides Governor Gregoire’s increasing our taxes and spending, leaving us a projected multi-billion dollar budget deficit, he spoke of how her policies resulted in over 3,000 felons gaining early release from prison, allegedly due to “overcrowding.” Three police officers were killed by some of those released felons and one woman was raped and her baby thrown against a wall by another.

Gregoire’s response? Commission a study.

More on Governor Gregoire’s failue at governing Washington State can be seen here.

From failure at fiscal responsibility to protecting our citizens, Gregoire has been a disaster for Washington State. Little wonder that Dino Rossi has secured the endorsements of newspapers across the state, our own Columbian excluded.

Additionally, Rossi has gained the endorsement of several Police Guilds across the state, even as Gregoire claims she the support of the Police.

As most can recall, Rossi won the election in 2004 by a narrow margin and two of the recounts, with Gregoire pulling it out by 129 votes in the questionable third recount, sparking outrage among voters of both parties who were denied their demanded Revote of the election.

Strong suspicions of voter fraud, especially from King County, who ‘discovered’ several ‘missing or misplaced ballots’ in each recount has left many Washington voters suspicious of the Gregoire administration. Her conduct in office has affirmed many who feel Dino Rossi was the rightful winner of the last election.

In efforts to once again snatch the governorship, the Gregoire campaign has resorted to the usual bag of dirty tricks and accusing Rossi of smearing Gregoire with lies, whenever his campaign plays video and audio of her own words.

The truth about Rossi’s stand on issues may be seen at Dino Fact Check and Rossi is the right candidate for these times.

The Columbian’s Jeffrey Mize covered the event for the financially troubled paper and I had the chance to chat with him afterwards. For a left leaning newspaper, Mize seems more fair-minded than other writers and reporters employed by the Columbian, which I feel is a major reason the paper is financially troubled, readers tired of biased reporting. I’m curiously looking forward to reading his take on today’s rally.

Regardless, Dino appeared today and gave Clark County much needed attention, something we often miss from the rest of the state, being so close to the Oregon border. Dino intends to return our state to sound footing and return much needed jobs and businesses to Washington. Instead of endless tax increases, he will lower them to a more reasonable level while reducing spending significantly.

Unlike Gregoire, Dino Rossi isn’t afraid to make decisions without first contacting ‘focus groups’ to see which way the wind blows.

Citizens of Washington, we need Dino to take his rightful place in Olympia. We need to reduce the number of Democrat seats in Olympia that has led us to this point. We need real change in Olympia, change to representatives that care more about us and the state than their political careers.

We need Don Benton, Joseph James, Micheline Doan, Joe Zarelli, Ed Orcutt, Jaime Herrera, Debbie Peterson, Tom Langston and Mike Bomar in Olympia alongside Dino.

We cannot afford four more years of Christine Gregoire.

November 1, 2008

3 Year-Old Sarah Palin

by lewwaters

Politics aside, this is the cutest video I have seen so far. Enjoy.