An Urgent Video Message From Clark County GOP Chairman

by lewwaters

Dear Republicans:

This is it! Just one day until Election Day and we are now in the fight to the finish.

I would, first of all, like to remind you to turn in your ballot. Remember to vote the whole ballot, and support our local candidates. Did you know that in 2004 Clark County had one of the State’s highest drop-offs in votes between the Presidential Race and the Gubernatorial Race? Thousands more who were eligible to vote, simply didn’t. Clark County could have made the difference in electing Dino Rossi as Governor four years ago.

Don’t let this happen again. Let’s do everything we can in the final 24 to 36 hours to get Dino Rossi Elected. Let’s do everything we can to get our local candidates elected. We have an opportunity to elect a GOP majority to the Board of County Commissioners. Our candidates for Senate and the State Legislature need your help. Every Republican on the ballot is counting on you!

The Polls are narrowing in the final days of the Presidential Race. On Sunday, November 2, the IBD/TIPP poll had McCain and Obama in a statistical tie. The IBD/TIPP Poll won the title of “Nation’s Most Accurate Pollster,” for the 2004 Presidential Election.

We need your help in closing hours. Our Victory Office will be open, making get out the vote calls, until 7:00 PM on Election Night. Please volunteer today. Call 425-971-9291, or stop by the Victory office at 3925 NE 72nd Ave, Ste 104, to help us with our critical Get-Out-The-Vote effort on Monday and Tuesday.

Our candidates are counting on you. Please help us in our FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

Ryan Hart

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

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