You First, King County

by lewwaters

We are down to the wire now. Most have turned in their ballots, or will visit the polls later today in the few places in Washington that haven’t adopted the Mail-In Ballots. Campaigns have done what they can and most have selected whom they will vote for.

I doubt there will be many races closely watched and scrutinized as will be the Presidential Race and of course, our Governor’s race. We all recall the fiasco of 2004 and the ill feelings most from both parties had over how Christine Gregoire became the Governor over Dino Rossi, after three recounts.

Supposedly, corrections were made to our election system to prevent a recurrence. Thousands of unlawful voters were removed from the polls, we were told. Secretary of State, Sam Reed tells us he has improved the system greatly, but as we can see, there are still serious shortcomings.

On a recent Victoria Taft program, Sam Reed washer guest. I emailed her to ask Sam if all Counties could withhold reporting their ballot counts until after King County reported theirs, due to the appearance in 2004 of mass voter fraud coming out of the County, which “found” many “lost or misplaced” ballots that gave the extremely narrow win margin to Gregoire.

Caught off guard, Reed hemmed and hawed a bit before saying he could understand why voters in the rest of the state may feel leery, but that King County was reliable and if other Counties chose to wait, that was their prerogative.

Thinking maybe we could have a trustworthy election this time, imagine my surprise when I saw him quoted in the Columbian saying, “voters shouldn’t expect to know definitive results on Election Night because much of the state’s vote is still outstanding, and because King County’s results will come in slower than the rest of the state,” adding, “Unless the outcome of the race is very lopsided, it could change as more ballots come in.”

That sounds too much to me like a forewarning of a likely repeat of the 2004 fiasco, unless, like he said, the vote is extremely lopsided.

I fully realize King County is a large heavily populated county, but counting upwards of 3,000 more ballots than you have registered voters carries a distinct appearance of fraud.

It should be remembered that in the recounts, it was king County that “discovered” so many missing ballots and gave Gregoire the win in the third recount, after Rossi won the first two and the general election.

It should also be remembered that King County is predominantly Liberal Democrats who have no compunction winning anyway they can, while crying we are the fraudulent ones.

Frankly, and I know I am not alone, I do not trust King County to deliver honest vote counts, especially if another squeaker of an election happens. Not after 2004 and not after hearing Sam Reed’s comments.

The only way I can think of the keep this election honest, whoever may win, is for other counties to withhold reporting their counts and give King County the honor of reporting first, this time. No chance to see how many votes are needed to be found to ensure a Democrat wins.

After you King County, you first! We’re watching this time.

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