Come Together… Right Now? Oh Lord

by lewwaters

obama-mussolini-posePlaying off of the Beatles 1969 hit, Come Together, the Columbian’s editor, Lou Brancaccio laments of times past in Chicago’s Grants Park when a riot broke out at a rock concert by Sly and the Family Stone, who did not appear.

Relating the 1970 riot event to this weeks love fest over B HO being elected the first Mulatto president, Brancaccio longingly opines of how wonderful and different it was today.

I wasn’t able to be present at this concert or the earlier all time greatest concert, Woodstock, due to my being busy on the other side of the world earning the scorn and hate of people like Brancaccio by fighting for my country.

Of the election itself, he says, “This was a bitter election campaign. Palling around with terrorists, socialists, clinging to guns, it was all a bit much.” Funny thing is, I don’t recall any actual in depth coverage of B HO’s long association with an unrepentant Domestic Terrorist, his announced policies being plagiarized from the likes of Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, or his repeated gaffes slapping blue collar America’s for their values. Could it be the “bit too much” was his efforts at ignoring and hiding truths from the Columbian’s readers who might have benefited from actually hearing in depth reporting on B HO?

Brancaccio now desire’s a similar love fest of “Togetherness” held at Esther Short Park with Democrats, Republicans and Independents, all laying down our swords, joining hands and singing Kumbaya to each other.

He states, “So is there an opportunity now to stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping? I think so. But the window for this kind of thing is always open for only a short time. We’ll all need to take advantage of it quickly.”

Yes, Lou, all we need do is compromise our values, beliefs and principles and now that the Socialist Demokratik Politburo has all the power, abandon our independent thought and submit to their rule, all in the name of “Togetherness.”

Of course, he deftly avoids mention of how for the past 8 years; he and others went out of their way to reject our calls of some “Togetherness” in support of our President and to further the nation in harmony. In fact, for 8 years we have heard nothing positive from Brancaccio concerning President Bush or his policies.

Togetherness was a vulgar word until B HO was announced as victor in this elongated coup de tat.

When a gracious lady from Alaska was chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, did they celebrate the second woman to be nominated to such a high office? No. She was subjected to some of the vilest rumors, innuendos, and trumped up charges imaginable. She was castigated for not aborting her infant son, for standing alongside her daughter who has made the all too common mistake of an early pregnancy, for being an independent person who shook up the old boy network of her own party in Alaska and who had the audacity to dress nice for campaigning.

Did Brancaccio call for this to stop and show some honor to such a person? If he did, I certainly missed it. Would those desiring “Togetherness” today have listened if he had? Don’t bank on it.

Was it a display of “Togetherness” this past Tuesday at the Hilton when my wife and another lady stuck their heads into the love fest at the Hilton and all they received were sneers once their Dino Rossi stickers were seen?

This, even though the Socialist Demokratik Politburo partiers erected a sign reading, “Tonight America Came Together” outside the ballroom door where they held their Obama love fest.

To these people, “Togetherness” now means we submit totally to their rule and abandon our independence and free thought and love of America, in favor of their hate of the traditional America that has been the greatest beacon of truth and freedom in the history of mankind.

As was pointed out to me earlier this evening by Debbie Peterson, we have enabled the left. When they cut us off at the knees, stabbed us in the back, rejected our calls for cooperation and togetherness, belittled our President and his staff and yes, even the Brave Troops who have voluntarily placed themselves between us an the most brutal enemy we have ever faced, we turned the other cheek and tried to keep playing nice with them.

They took it as weakness and kept attacking until their coup de tat was complete.

Like spoiled children who have always gotten their way and like to bully others, they kept up a relentless attack for 8 years. It is time they received a long over due spanking, so to speak.

We conservatives are in the position to give them that spanking and I intend to do so right here. No longer can we afford to turn the other cheek, no matter how much they whine we are supposed to. No longer can we accept their tantrums and just let them have their way. We must counter them in a way they understand by using many of their own tactics.

We need to be relentless in pointing out their hypocrisy and their scandals and make a big stink about them, loudly. We need demonstrations downtown or anywhere else we can. We need no longer cower in fear of offending them.

Above all, we need to return the treatment that have dished out to President Bush and all of us and reject all calls for “Togetherness” and “Compromise” of our values.

I expect letters to the Editor to be denied or heavily edited by the Columbian and even the Oregonian. They have control of the press, but not of the Internet and personal conversations. We can express our views right here or at any other Internet site in Clark County.

If we want to save America from becoming just another communist third world nation, we must come together and oppose the left with everything we have. Ignore their gloating. The honey coating on B HO will fade quickly and we must be prepared to expose him and his cronies at every step.

We can and must do it, for America, for our children and grandchildren and for our Brave Troops.

For liberals who read this and think I am bitter, I can only say, You Betcha!”

It takes a lot of damned gall to offer your hand in “Togetherness” after rejecting and slapping ours for so many years.

3 Comments to “Come Together… Right Now? Oh Lord”

  1. Okay, Morris, I’ll bite. But first, what does this have to do with a love fest for B HO in Vancouver?

    Otherwise, how accurate are your assessments when even you state you don’t know some things about him and are basing your opinions on photographs of his palm?

    Based upon that, I feel this Ph.Ds assessment to be possibly a bit more accurate: Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

  2. I wanna do my reading of his palm now.

    Hasn’t picked up anything heavier than a bic pen. Soft hands (not attractive for a man). Let me see, wait something important coming through. Hmmmmm, Hmmmmm, says, oh wait, hmmmm, full of S__t

    There you have. Thank you, thank you. Oh alright, I can do more readings for only $200.00 each, but only for 5 minutes each reading.

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