Washington State Hispanic Group Dupes Washingtonians on I-409

by lewwaters

Washington State has not escaped the detriments of the onslaught of ILLEGAL immigration. Citizens of Washington State fed up with the lack of respect for our laws, increased unemployment due to ILLEGALS working ‘under the radar’ at lower wages, subjugating them to a secondary slave class status, taxing our overburdened social benefits programs and lowering our living standards have began a legal initiative petition to curtail ILLEGAL Immigration and demand Respect For The Law.

Initiative 409 is a Citizen Driven Initiative that will “require state and local agencies to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration laws and would require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, receiving driver’s licenses, and receiving some public benefits.”

The initiative does not require any new laws be added and passed, only that existing laws on the books be enforced by State and Local Law Enforcement. Doing so not only protects American Citizens, but also gives protection to LEGAL immigrants legally entitled to work in Washington State by preventing unscrupulous employers from hiring below minimum wage workers here ILLEGALLY and taking advantage of them by threats of turning them over to I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) if they complain about mistreatment.

As previously explained, our efforts are not always greeted with appreciation by some. Many look upon our efforts as “discrimination” when they are in fact, just the opposite.

Nowhere is this shown more clearly than in a flyer put out by the Washington State Hispanic/Latino Legislative Organization.

They erroneously claim, “409 would result in the growth of prejudice and discrimination against Washington’s Hispanic/Latino and immigrant communities.”

Is there a reason they forget to include the word “ILLEGAL” in their claim?

Obfuscating our intent of requiring enforcement of established laws, the WSHLLO attempts to paint us as “reactionaries” when it would appear that it is they who are the “reactionaries” by advocating open violations of established law.

As I have told many, I am currently sponsoring a LEGAL Immigrant for American Citizenship. Many of those who stand with us to collect signatures on the petition still speak with the accent of the native country they immigrated from, LEGALLY. Many other LEGAL immigrants rush to sign the petitions as they followed proper procedures to citizenship and see no reason others cannot.

WSHLLO claims, “A reactionary initiative can be stopped by a small group of determined people who stand on principle.” They completely ignore that I-409 is backed by and supported by “a small group of determined people who stand on principle,” the “principle of law and order.”

WSHLLO claims, “Hate groups are using numbers and figures accusing undocumented immigrants of adding to the economic crisis of or country.” It is not “Hate” to expect our laws to be enforced and respected instead of ignored on whims.

It seems to me the real “Hate” is to keep ILLEGALS flowing into the country to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous greedy employers.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army who traveled throughout other countries during my enlistment, I was expected to not only follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but also the established laws of whatever country I was stationed in. Even in war torn Viet Nam, we were not given a pass on violating established Vietnamese laws, even to include immigration laws if we chose to remain in country after our enlistment was up.

Mexico, for example, maintains their own Immigration Laws that we are required to follow as foreigners if we visit or enter their country.

To clarify, I-409 is not only about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico. It covers any ILLEGAL immigrant from anywhere. But, we are inundated currently by ILLEGAL immigrants from our neighbor south of the border, giving the WSHLLO ammunition to claim we are against Hispanics.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We welcome LEGAL immigrants from anywhere, as America always has.

WSHLLO even contradicts themselves in their flyer of disinformation. First, they claim they are, “working to defend members of our community by ensuring the anti-immigrant action initiative 409, stays off the ballot.”

Then they claim that I-409 supporters don’t want it on the ballot and instead are “going around voters to the legislature.”

Don’t fall for the WSHLLO’s efforts at disinformation and demonizing citizens of Washington who support enforcing established law. Of all people, Hispanic Advocacy Groups are the ones who really should be supporting and advocating compliance with our Immigration Laws to prevent those from their ancestral lands from being wrongfully exploited by entering America ILLEGALLY!

9 Responses to “Washington State Hispanic Group Dupes Washingtonians on I-409”

  1. Continue as is and soon the country your ancestors left to you will be in the hands of the fast breeders, you have lost your grip on your country

    subjugate yourself to the will of the hot pepper eaters. Your government is not in the business of protecting you, they are in the business of taking your money!

    You can not fight to regain control of your homeland, you voted for the black messiah to save you and he views you as in his way!! He wants more poverty ridden votes from Mexico to keep the rats in power.
    Your country has gone to hell in a handbasket.

  2. Bill, I certainly hope you don’t think I voted for Obamessiah. With him at the helm, the least experienced candidate in our history, I believe and with the Socialist Demokratik Poilitburo in control of both houses, for the first time in my adult life, I really fear for my country.


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