MEChA Distorts Purpose Of I-409

by lewwaters

mecha-1As most know, Clark County Conservative is one of the supporters of the proposed Initiative 409, a measure intended to encourage Washington State Law Enforcement and Businesses to uphold and enforce our current immigration laws throughout the state.

The heaviest opposition is coming from Hispanic/Latino groups who seem to encourage as many ILLEGAL immigrants to come here as possible.

Some students from Washington State University in Pullman expressed their displeasure with the proposed initiative in the Universities paper, the Daily Evergreen in October and as expected, distorted the purpose of I-409 and pulled on people’s heartstrings.

Students handed out flyers prominently displaying, No to I-409, Yes to Human Rights.”

One is left wondering, if they really are so concerned about “Human Rights,” why do they not encourage the country of Mexico to treat their citizens better instead of sending them north?

Where are their protests of the mistreatment of Hispanic/Latino citizens by a corrupt government and the wealthier south of us that causes so many from that nation, to speak of just one, to ILLEGALLY enter our country?

Adriana Sanchez, MEChA co-chairwoman said,

I see I-409 as a discriminating act, it is denying opportunity to the less fortunate. I hope people look outside the box and realize the negative effects this initiative could have on children such as denying them high school education or the negative effects of denying health care to those who need it or the cost to produce productivity. It’s inhumane. If the proposal goes forward, it could be interpreted to say that children illegally in the U.S. could not attend high school, and that anyone over the age of 14 would be ineligible for medical care.”

Ms. Sanchez, with all due respect, no one is denied medical care in an emergency case in this nation. Still, U.S. taxpayers are all too often left holding the bills for such care, straining our already overburdened medical system and tax structure.

Those here ILLEGALLY cost our schools more as many must be instructed in the native language, many not desiring to assimilate to our culture by learning our language. We taxpayers must pay those costs, not the native countries.

Still, I must think back to my original statement, if these advocacy groups fought half as hard to improve conditions for those who feel they have a right to violate our laws in their native lands as they do here, would those who come here ILLEGALLY and operate “under the radar” even need our facilities and tax dollars?

I am left wondering too is Ms. Sanchez has ever looked up the very word she uses, ILLEGAL, in a dictionary.

Readers too might be interested in just who and what MEChA really is.

MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, roughly translated, the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán, considered by some to be an umbrella organization of radical Chicano student groups. It was founded in 1969, during a period of much leftist unrest in America. Aztlán is the territory in the Southwestern United States and West Coast that America purchased from Mexico in 1848, after defeating them in war and paying $15,000,000.00 as per the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

MEChA founders feel the mythical land of Aztlán belongs to them, not the United States of America. Their goal seems to be their liberation from the ‘White occupiers’ of the Western United States.

They claim their desire on the first site linked in the paragraph above as,

A nation autonomous and free – culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat.”

From the second link above, we find,

MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people,” and “the affirmation that we are Indigenous people to this land by placing our movement in Aztlan, the homeland of all peoples from Anahuak.”

See also MEChA National Constitution (pdf) and MEChA Philosophy.

Audio of some of their statements over the years, mostly through the 1990’s, can be heard at this article. Note, they are mostly taken from California events, not Washington State, but the goals are the same.

Summing this all up is the words of Margarita Esquivel, co-chairwoman of the Chicano/a Latino/a Student Alliance in the Daily Evergreen article,

It is we who determine how our state is being governed and the policies that are enacted which will effect our future.”

Did Ms. Esquivel forget about the rest of us?”

4 Comments to “MEChA Distorts Purpose Of I-409”

  1. You raise some good points however you need to look at the bigger picture. There is so much misinformation out there it’s ridiculous, yet people buy into it hook, line and sinker.

    Obviously mecha has an agenda – that’s not surprising nor news worthy. And contrary to popular belief, mecha does not represent the majority of Chicanos in the U.S. But one thing that they are advocating for is the humane treatment of immigrants who seem to be the new abuse candidates of the next century. Violence against immigrants is up 70-percent, which is a direct result of the anti-immigration movement.

    If they are caught, stopped, deported, etc. then so be it. But the hatred that has arisen due to a problem that is out of the hands of ordinary people is shameful.

    I agree that immigration needs reform but you need to point some of your fingers at the Bush administration, which has let the problem rot on the shelf the last 8 years and looked the other way. Now why would they do that…?

    Maybe there is something more to immigration than meets the eye. Hmmmm…think about it and think about who profits from it.

    I think the biggest misconception about the whole thing is how Mexico is perceived, especially by people like yourself. You need to do some research and check your facts. Mexico is an entire nation; it’s huge! Its total identity is not that of an impoverished border town, nor is it that of a vacation paradise. The sum of its parts is neither of those things. Fact: the majority of citizens in Mexico have no desire to migrate to the U.S. at all. ever. Fact: 1 million Americans live in Mexico! Why? It’s awesome there!

    A small percentage of the population does immigrate to the U.S. but you are talking about a very small percentage of the total population. But that is what is most people focus on. The fact of the matter is, both the U.S government and Mexican government profit from illegal immigration and until it becomes unprofitable it will never go away.

    It never ceases to amaze me how little people know about Mexico or its people. Or why immigration never seems to go away…there is an entire industry built around it. $$$

    It also never ceases to amaze me how little history is studied or observed. This nation was owed by Native Americans. They had their nation overrun by immigrants. All in the name of commerce and manifest destiny. But no one bothered to ask them if that was ok.

  2. Allow me to correct you on a few points, just to keep the record straight.

    First off, I do not advocate violence against any Immigrant, illegal or otherwise. I only desire current immigration laws to be followed. Crimes, especially violent crimes, committed against illegals deserve the fullest punishment of the law.

    One of the reasons Illegals do receive such poor treatment, other than the violence part you speak of, is that they are here illegally and as such, can be easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers. Someone here legally can take full advantage of our laws of employment and being above board, much harder to be exploited.

    It would seem to me that Hispanic/Latino groups that advocate better treatment of immigrants would see that coming into a country in violation of their laws allows them to be exploited and would therefore support efforts to stop so much illegal immigration.

    I fully recognize that MEChA does not have the full support of all the Hispanic/Latino people’s in America. MEChA even mentions that in their websites, where I gathered my information on them.

    Still, since this group out of the University of Washington was part of MEChA, I wrote this centered on them.

    I also do not have any hate for immigrants, especially those from Mexico. No way for you to know it, but my wife’s birth name was Ortiz. When we married a few years ago, she still had her ex-husbands name of Pena.

    Another thing you have no way to know about is that currently, my wife and I are sponsoring an immigrant for citizenship, who is following the law and going through the proper and legal way to become a citizen America.

    It might seem a bit hokey to you and some others, but growing up in Florida during the 1950’s, Mexicans then were held up as heroes by the children of the era, due in part to early TV series like the Cisco Kid and Zorro. Maybe it was different on the West Coast, but we weren’t taught any hate or even dislike for Hispanics.

    It is difficult to objectively put the blame for the current immigration problem solely on Bush since previous administrations did very little either and also turned their back. Still, presidents, Democrat or Republican, do not pass laws, both House of Congress do. Neither party has taken any effective stance of curtailing illegal immigration, other than Clinton and the Democrats in 1993 with the passage of the ill-fated NAFTA, which was designed to help curb illegal immigration, but had no effect, obviously.

    You speak of the profits made from illegal immigrants, but also speak of humane treatment of them. Is it humane to relegate them to a secondary slave class exploiting their illegal status to work them at substandard wages, in substandard conditions and denying jobs to citizens of this country at the same time?

    These are the unscrupulous employers I speak of. Yes, they make more profits for themselves and Americans that could have been working don’t, costing us more in tax payments through welfare and unemployment benefits.

    If you are hinting that they keep our food cost lower, that is just silly, especially if they gain amnesty and as some Unions claim, become members of a Union. What do you do then for low cost food?

    I have ideas on that, but won’t go into them at this time.

    I also have no problem with the country of Mexico itself. I have traveled to and visited several foreign lands while in the US Army and had to abide by the laws of that country while there, even in Viet Nam during the war we fought there. I respect and honor other countries and fail to see why those who come here do not respect our laws, as they should.

    If citizens, “We The People” stop letting government dictate to us and follow our constitution where we dictate to them, the profitability will no longer matter, they will be forced to follow the laws they passed and ignore today. That is what I-409 is about, enforcing standing law on immigration.

    As for history, maybe it is you who should look back a little. American Indians held the concept of no ownership of land. Still, I disagree with what was done to them by early settlers and think that keeping them down on tribes today is equally as wrong.

    You see, I believe in the concept of the Great American Melting Pot. Even though some were prevented from joining, steps were made to correct that. But, instead of joining in, many now wish to do away with it altogether. Bad idea, if we wish to remain a nation.

    By combining all cultures brought to this land and even incorporating those who were here, we began developing an American Culture and those who chose to retained their own culture from their native lands at home and at times, in public. I see nothing wrong with that.

    But, separating us into minority and ethnic groups, multiculturalism, is what will finally bring about the downfall of America. We will no longer be Americans, but several smaller groups constantly fighting each other.

    Socialism being proposed by politicians today will only make it worse.

    Back to the why of this post, though. The MEChA group from Washington State University claims we are against immigrants and Human Rights. That is not so. We only desire current laws upheld.

    And again, I’ll ask. If these groups are for “Human Rights,” why do they not join in and take steps to improve conditions and Human Rights in the Countries the Illegals come in from?

    Would they feel better if we adopted Mexico’s Immigration Laws for America?

  3. Good discussion.

    There’s a really good article on some of what we have discussed thus far. If you get a chance, check it out:

    The article is excellent. The comments that follow however are indicative of the kind of hate that has come to fruition in the last 10 years.

  4. Comments on the article just proves what many of us say, “there are hothead morons on both sides of every argument.”

    It is a good article, although I do detect a bit of bias in it.

    If I may cheery pick some portions of the article,

    A tightening economy and social hostility are driving once-hopeful Mexican immigrants such as Absalom Lopez out of Colorado.

    I assume “social hostility” includes citizen driven efforts that our current laws be upheld. Makes me wonder how they would react if the U.S. had adopted and upheld Mexico’s immigation laws as our own too.

    “Mexico’s a better to raise a child. . . . If we stay longer, we’ll lose money, because there won’t be enough work.”

    Isn’t this what many Americans have been saying all along about the influx of ILLEGAL immigrants taking jobs from Americans?

    If Mexico is a “better place to raise a child,” why come here in the first place to start your family? Why not work to improve conditions there for all?

    “This crisis in the U.S. is affecting many Mexican nationals. They came here seeking better opportunities. Some now are thinking of going back to Mexico. Some are moving to other states,” said Eduardo Arnal, Mexico’s consul general in Denver.

    As states adopt versions of their own I-409, enforcement of the law does drive them elsewhere. Does that not just move the problem on to others?

    Starting in September, Mexican government officials noticed more workers lining up at their consulate for one-time permits that let Mexicans moving home import U.S.-purchased possessions tax-free.

    Yet, they had no problem comeing this way without any legal permits or visas. Why not go back how they came? They had no respect for our laws, why now show respect for Mexico’s?

    “They say they’re going home because there’s no work and they can’t pay the rent.

    Yet, Americans who have been out of work or forced to work lower wage jobs due to ILLEGALs driving wages down and can’t pay their rent, where do they get to go?

    Inside the consulate, Mexico- bound unemployed homebuilder Antonio Manzo, 30, said the only way he’d return to Colorado is legally. He and fellow immigrants paid $1,500 each to smugglers a decade ago and nearly died crossing the desert to enter the U.S. illegally, Manzo said.

    That is our intent, come here legally. Those that do are entitled to the protections granted from exploitation and social programs.

    Then again, for such poor impoverished people who now can’t afford a $95 permit, where did they come up with $1500 to be smuggled into our country, facing death in the process?

    Bank data show the amount of money Mexican workers send home is falling for the first time in a decade. Mexico has come to rely on these remittances, which totaled $24 billion last year.

    That is $24 Billion that did not circulate within our economy and wasn’t taxed, adding to our economic woes. Money must flow within an economy to remain fluid, not be drained elsewhere. I don’ blame this solely for our current crisis, but I do believe it has added somewhat to it.

    Mexican and Central American workers in Colorado often come from impoverished indigenous communities where they saw no other option but to leave. Here, as they work, they also pay taxes and spend money — spurring economic growth.

    Yet, a few paragraphs earlier they said what? $24 Billion leaving our economy a year? From other articles I have read, their tax contributions do not offset social programs paid out to many, adding to the crisis.

    Yakima Valley News

    The Real Cost Of Immigration (Investors Business Daily)

    This next article I find to be very ironic, given the Democrats constant push to increase minimum wage in America.

    Low-paid illegal work force has little impact on prices

    Now Mexican officials look ahead as their population ages and returning migrants with skills press for opportunities at home. Mexico has started micro-credit and small-business-promotion programs.

    Yes, they admittedly have reaped billions of dollars out of our economy and now that the economy plummets, they just return and now, their country is willing to take steps to benefit those who fled earlier, undoubtedly helped with jobs by agreements such as NAFTA

    My comments may appear to be somewhat bitter, but they are not intended to be. I am simply trying to present the other side of this. Along those lines, another interesting article I ran across recently,

    Mexico Complains Of Too Many Repatriated Mexicans

    Returning to the intent of this post, all of this does not address the agenda of groups such as MEChA. As you first said, they do have an agenda and that is not to better the economy.

    If, as MEChA claims, their goal is “Human Rights,” I am left wondering where is their outcry at Canada deporting illegals?

    Just as ironic is this BBC Video report.

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