Clark County Republican Central Committee Organization Meeting – 2008

by lewwaters

Vancouver’s Academy on Evergreen Boulevard saw the 2008 Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting this evening, December 2, 2008. The meeting was promptly called to order at 6:30 PM by County Chair, Ryan Hart.

Roll was taken and all were pleased that 99 Precinct Committee Officers were in attendance to choose officers for the Clark County Republican Party for the 2009 – 2010 election cycle. After the meeting commenced, two additional PCO’s came in and we seated in the Observers seating, bringing the total to 101 PCO’s present.

Notable Republicans in attendance were recognized, particularly Tom Mielke, who narrowly defeated Democrat Pam Brokaw to succeed Betty Sue Morris on the Board of Clark County Commissioners, giving Republicans the first majority on the County Commissioners Board in 32 years.

Chairman Hart presented Commissioner Mielke with a framed copy of the Oregonian’s article from November 5th declaring Brokaw the winner of the race. Included in the copy of the article was a photo of the infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” photo from 1948.

Also recognized from the chair were our candidates, Debbie Peterson, Michael Delavar, Joseph James, Tom Langston and Michelene Doan. Although they did not win their races, their efforts were greatly appreciated by the party.

Candidates for office positions, both those running unopposed and those that had two people seeking the slots gave short speeches. For the most part, all those seeking election gave excellent short speeches outlining their desires for the Republican Party as well as their experience to fill that particular office.

Ryan Hart and Baine Wilson retained their Party Chair and Vice-Chair positions, running unopposed.

Brent Boger kept his State Committeeman position against challenger, Bill Hughes.

Nancy DeLeo won over Ann Donnelly for the position coming open of State Committeewoman.

Past Party Chair, Anna Miller, ran unopposed for the Treasurer position.

Sharon Long retained her position as Party Secretary.

Margie Ferris ran unopposed for the 49th Legislative District Director position, after giving an excellent speech on how we must stand strong on our issues.

David King and John Russell won the 17th and 18th Legislative District Directors, respectively.

Ron Paul supporter, David Knight defeated Jan Mulwitz for the 15th Legislative District Director by a card draw after their race ended in a tie. Knight, an admitted political novice, centered his speech on his admiration for twice failed presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

As the ballots were being tallied, several announcements were made from the floor.

Ann Donnelly announced that the Republican Party, long denied a Clark College Republican Student Club due to no faculty advisors available, now has a faculty advisor in Professor Claire Swift Heiller and will have the student club set up soon.

Margie Ferris informed all who had missed it that Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly ripped into Governor Christine Gregoire in his 12/2 Talking Points segment for allowing an atheist sign to be displayed next to the Nativity Christmas scene in our Capital in Olympia, giving the phone number for any who desire to call and express their opinion on this denigration of the Federal Holiday of Christmas, 360-902-4111.

With business concluded the meeting was adjourned shortly before 8 PM with many milling about congratulating winners and greeting new faces.

At a time of elation by many Democrats, believing the Republican Party is all but dead, tonight’s meeting is evidence that the party is going strong and will be coming back in future elections.

Several young people were in attendance and eager to work to elect Republican candidates.

Women were strongly represented in tonight’s meeting indicating growth in that area.

My congratulations to all candidates. Now, let’s get out there and work to let Clark County know that we are not a dead party and we are ready to represent the needs of Clark County.

7 Comments to “Clark County Republican Central Committee Organization Meeting – 2008”

  1. I wish I could have talked with you last night. Great job….
    Keep it up,


  2. Thanks, Joseph. I wished I could have talked to several last night too, but had to get home to my wife and to write this, plus I was dog tired.

    I was really pleased to see such a turnout like we had. Let them think we are a dead party and watch what happens in the future.

    I can’t help but believe rank and file Americans will continue to wake up to the Socialist takeover being perpetrated by the Dems.

    Feel free to email me anytime you desire at


  3. I was in attendance and enjoyed the show of force for Republican values, a.k.a. Abe Lincoln values….


  4. I think we met, Eric 😉

    I enjoyed the meeting also. It’s great to see we are growing and so many getting involved again.


  5. The Clark County GOP looks a bit creaky to me. Yes, we GOPers won a few races, we lost a lot of important ones too. We have a Democratic Gov, a Democratic US Rep. for Clark County and two Democratic US Senators.

    We’re not quite a footnote in statewide races yet, but we are getting there.

    The Washington State GOP and Clark County GOP need to look OUTSIDE a LOT more. Both have the feeling of clotted, introverted, self-referential oganizations.

    The processes used are all circa 1950, percint committe people, meetings locations that are not disclosed, multiple levels of heiracrchy that are not apparent to anyone but “club members”


    The Web Site is just bizarre. In the last election cycle it failed to have information on basic things like “what State House District am I in”. Instead it has nice listings for the Republican Ladies Party Annual Dinner.

    Are the web site here as a private social club or as the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT outreach mechanism for communicating and recruiting people.

    In the midst of the last election instead of providing useful information weird new stories about how some liberal some where had said something stupid appeared.

    How about short, puncy, focused web pages explaining what the party is trying to accomplish at the city, county, state and national leve?

    How about ways for people to PARTICIPATE via the web? How about web meetings, web polls, forum capability?

    The times they are a changin’. The Washington GOP and Clark County GOP don’t seem to be. With our new Top Two primary system we need to figure out how to be MORE:

    Open to outsiders
    Simple to join, influence and support
    Clear in communication of positions


  6. Ric, although I have a real good hunch who you supported and did not mention, allow me to ask you a few things.

    Have you ever visited the party headquarters?

    Were you there to caucus? You don’t have to be a PCO to participate in those.

    Candidates had up websites. I linked to a few of them here. Did you contact any and participate in their campaigning? Did you invite any to your neighborhood to speak to your neighbors?

    We had several openings for PCO’s this year and filled many, but there are still some open. The party’s phone number and contact info is prominently displayed on their site. Did you call and offer to join? Did you email anyone and offer your services?

    I’m an old man who is mostly computer illiterate and still found my way through their site, especially the links on the right side of the page.

    As I’m sure you know, maintaining a website takes money and experience with computers. It is mostly done on a volunteer basis at this level. On the left side of the page there is clear link to “Join/Membership.” Did you join and pay dues or make any donations?

    The third link down on the right is to the party platform. Do you think the county platform is different than the state and national?

    Did you offer your services at all? We are always looking for suggestions and volunteers.

    You make some good suggestions that I think would help us out and improve the party. But, wouldn’t they be better made in person, like at the Monday evening roundtable discussions open to all?

    If you need to know your district and precinct, the county & state provides that and they are subject to change if district boundaries change.

    My comments are not meant to denigrate you or your ideas, but to point out that we all can sit back and easily complain. If you really desire things better, volunteer and join us.

    But, if you expect us to embrace liberalism, sorry. That is why the party fails continually. If people want liberals they’ll vote liberals not RINO’s.

    But, if you really want change, then get involved, make suggestions, volunteer. It may not change how you wish, but at least you tried.


  7. 1. I supported every Republican candidate on the ballot this fall, including McCain, Rossi, Delavar and Reed. This makes me slightly more “true blue” to the GOP than the Party Central Committee which failed to support Delavar. (For various reasons including his unwillingness to support McCain.

    As it turns out McCaain *WAS* a horrible candidate. We all need to think alot more about how we ended up nominating someone who could not even fully articulate a single Conservative principle. (Duty and Honor are also principles that many Democrats still believe in. Biden’s son is in the US Army and just deployed to Iraq. This is a good thing. McCain’s Duty and Honor pitch was good, but clearly insufficient. At no point did he really explain what he was going to do. He ran back to push through the bailout. That’s fiscal conservatism?? And of course you have McCain-Feingold, etc. Given all of this I’m supprised at the hard line the Central Commitee took with Dulivar over his positions.)

    Yes, I stopped by the party headquarters (or election headquarters by I5 over here in Hazel Dell. Didn’t stick around much, but stuck my head in and said “hi”.

    I certianly do not favor a more liberal GOP. One man’s RINO is anothers mainstream Republican though.

    We have to learn to talk to each other more. I apologize if my posting seem accusatory, it was not meant to be.

    I am happy to see this blog up! That’s a great start.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will follow up on several. That is somewhat proving my point. Here (on the blog) we already have more interaction than on the whole Clark County GOP website throughout the entire election cycle.

    Wow! You just got one conservative to move to activist. Do that 1000 more times and we might win some more seats in 20101.

    That’s gonna happen a lot faster if we have better web presence.



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