Gore-Bull Warming Hits Clark County … Again!

by lewwaters

After the 12 Days of Christmas Artic Storm we all endured, resulting in record snowfalls for our area, delayed trash and recycling pick-up and a real mess getting around, we may have thought we were over storms.

Early Friday morning, January 2, we saw yet another snowfall and another mess on our roads that cleared up pretty much by the weekend.

Tonight, early evening, January 4, we saw yet another snowfall come down resulting in about an inch of accumulation on my patio. The photo below was taken by me at 7 PM this evening.


Isn’t it about time we woke up to the fallacy of ‘Gore-Bull Warming’ and got on with our lives, unafraid that we are frying and causing the planet to expire?

We have ample evidence that Al Gore Jr. is just plain wrong and his real motive is imposing Socialism on us;

2008 was the year man made global warming was disproved

CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory Arrogant

Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

Truly inconvenient truths about climate change being ignored

31,000 scientists reject ‘global warming’ agenda

Czech President Klaus ready to debate Gore on climate change

I could go on and on, but as is shown, the debate is far from over, as claimed by Al Gore and his minions.

While I agree that we should pollute as little as humanly possible, we need not jump off the deep end and give up our lives to the Socialist agenda that is using the man-made global warming scare to get us to give up even more of our liberties.

When I see Gore and the rest of his fearmongering climate change cabal giving up their jet airplanes, SUV’s and luxurious lifestyles, maybe I’ll lend a bit more credence to their claims. But, the real evidence is stacking up against them every day.

It is time we stopped falling for it and got back to enjoying our lives best we can.

5 Comments to “Gore-Bull Warming Hits Clark County … Again!”

  1. These sort of ideas come up from time to time and become part of the culture for better or worse. Thirty or so years ago it was the “coming ice age.” Ten years ago it was Y2K and the return of Christ. I don’t know what all these things had to do with socialism, but why not?


  2. Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, who lived most of his life under Soviet style Socialist Communism sees it, Pat. Read up on him.


  3. Al Gore has really stepped in it this time. He could have spent the rest of his global warming career collecting money by spreading fear over events that were a century or at least half century in the future. Oh, but that wasn’t good enough for Big Al. He’s now told the biggest global warming whopper of his alarmist career:


    When I heard this I assumed it was a rumor started by skeptics to make Gore look bad. It wasn’t until I viewed the video that I realized what Gore had done. Gore has started a five year credibility countdown timer ticking and it’s up to all of us to make sure that he is held accountable and proven to be a fraud when his dire prediction aimed at drumming up support doesn’t come true.

    The mainstream media isn’t going to let this video see the light of day because they, unlike Al, understand the precarious position in which he has placed himself.

    It is therefore up to us to spread the word about Big Al’s prediction. He must be exposed for the fear mongering opportunist that he has become.

    To view the video, please visit the following site and click on the picture of Big Al holding up five fingers.


    While visiting this site, you might want to watch a preview of the film “Not Evil, Just wrong” or watch “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which is found in the video section. Happy Viewing!!!


  4. I wonder how much damage is going to be done in the name of global warming before this all blows over? Looks like cooler heads are starting to prevail?


  5. Pat, I think it is up to us to make sure it “blows over.”


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