Citizen’s Voices Ignored on Light Rail

by lewwaters

Saturday’s Oregonian tells Clark County residents, “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it!”

It appears that now Oregon is calling the shots for Vancouver and Clark County on extending THEIR light rail into downtown Vancouver, with full approval of our illustrious Mayor, ‘Rolls’ Royce Pollard.

It seems that another vote will not take place after their boondoggle was soundly defeated by a 2 to 1 margin last time. That sentiment is still reflected in the reader comments as one by one readers from Vancouver express their opposition to Portland’s Max line being extended to Vancouver.

Portland is planning on shoving this down our throats with willing help of Pollard, the Vancouver City Council, the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council and C-Tran, not to mention the maybe 1% of Vancouverites who will use it to travel to Portland to work.

We are told the canard that it will reduce traffic congestion on the I-5 corridor, but looking into Portland we see that the Banfield and Sunset are just as congested as before they went to light rail.

CCC has addressed this issue before at No Light Rail for Clark County where the rise in crime was addressed. Another post addressed the bogus polling being used to claim Vancouver desires light rail now.

An April Washington Policy Center Op-ed tells us Light rail carries big cost and little benefit.

Most curious in the Oregonian article is,

“Few dissenting voices were heard, and that was partly by design.”
“If you came here to debate whether or not light rail is going to come to Vancouver,” moderator John D. White said at the outset of the group discussion, “I think you’re going to be disappointed.”

“Partly by design?” Does that mean it was planned to have an appearance of fairness and listening to voter and taxpayer concerns, but they don’t really want to hear from us?

Also mentioned is how we that most likely would not use this mode of transportation and who solidly oppose it will see tax increases and tolls to “pay the operating expenses.”

Don’t we already pay enough to see nearly empty C-Trans buses traveling around Clark County?

I don’t know about you, but I am about tapped out. My property taxes for a small home on a small lot are over $2,000 a year. My paychecks haven’t grown and have actually shrunk.

We are in a recession we are told and bailouts are flying out of Washington D.C. at an alarming rate, with little coming to John and Jane Q. Taxpayer.

Our Firemen postponed a scheduled pay increase due to our dire financial situation and what do we hear? “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it!”

A “workshop” is planned for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Wednesday, January 14 at Discovery Middle School, 800 E. 40th St., in Vancouver.

While we may be close to a Socialist nation ruled by the dictatorial Socialist Demokratik Politburo, we citizens need to exercise our authority over these politicians who have decided how to spend our money whether we want what they are buying or not.

All who can attend should go to Discovery this Wednesday and make a loud noise in opposition to this scheme that will cost Clark County dearly, while fattening the wallets of politicians, developers and Portland Transportation.

Stand up to the Democrats and to Portland, while we have some semblance of freedom left.

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