Born Again American: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

by lewwaters

I received a link to this very well produced video site containing links to easily sign on and declare your self also a “Born Again American.” The tune and tempo of the country-oriented music is very catchy and the words sound Patriotic, almost too Patriotic.

Born Again most commonly refers to a Christian term for spiritual rebirth and salvation, an acceptance and embracement of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. Honest hearted Americans have embraced just that for many a decade now and the name envisions just such an acceptance.

Even part of the lyrics for this catchy tune seem to indicate the same,

I’m a Born Again American, conceived in Liberty
My Bible and the Bill of Rights, my creed’s equality
I’m a Born Again American, my country ‘tis of me
And everyone who shares the dream from sea to shining sea

However, searching into BAA we find the deception unfolding.

Born Again American is committed to the rebirth and re-expression of citizenship through informed and thoughtful activism. It is an initiative of Declare Yourself, a national non-partisan, non-profit (501(c)3) organization dedicated to increasing young voter participation and civic involvement. Declare Yourself’s on-line voter registration tool has been used by almost four million people since 2004. Declare Yourself grew out of the 2003’s Declaration of Independence Road Trip that toured an original 1776 copy of the Declaration to schools, town halls, and other locations all over the country.”

A “National non-partisan organization?” Don’t believe it.

BAA was created by Norman Lear, who gave us Maude, All in the Family and the Jefferson’s, among other 1970’s comedies that marginalized and ridiculed traditional conservative Americans and who also created The People For The American Way, a group he created as an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people.

In his March 2008 speech announcing BAA at the Take Back America Conference, Lear stated his real intent of promoting Liberalism and Progressiveness. This “non-partisan” says in part,

It’s been seven years since the killer combo I referred to last night, THE NEO-CONS, THEO-CONS AND BIG BUSINESS, succeeded in getting us to vote in an administration that could not be more contemptuous of these principles. As my friend Marty Kaplan has written, this may be the most brazenly lawless administration in history. No other president has found such joy in spitting on our system of checks and balances, defying the will of the Congress through presidential signing statements, torturing prisoners as well as evidence, refusing to let Executive Branch employees testify, and forbidding their Justice Department from enforcing contempt citations.”

Looking at the page for Born Again American you immediately see a photo of an Obama rally prominently displaying his trademark “change” sign he used effectively in winning the recent coup d’etat and ascending to the highest office in the land.

In reality, Born Again American is nothing more than another anti-Bush, anti-conservative and pro-Obama Progressive front. It is a strongly partisan group leaning well to the left politically.

Bear in mind as they are singing about “My Bible and the Bill of Rights,” these are the same people that continue to fight long and hard to prohibit a simple generic prayer in schools and fight to have “In God We Trust” removed from our currency, the pledge of allegiance and most everywhere God is displayed in public in their misguided march of Separation of Church and State.

Lear speaks of a “civil religion,” what I perceive as a worship of the state, the government, as he says, “Our civil religion … belongs to everyone, including the non-religious and those still searching.” He further indicates this by saying in regards to the left’s avoiding traditional religion, “When we weren’t consigning spiritual matters to Oprah or the far corners of the blogosphere, we were avoiding the topic by pigeonholing it as a matter of church/state separation.”

Some weeks ago it was indicated in an earlier post, When Did America Stop Listening how these front groups disguise themselves with patriotic sounding names, but that the intent was anything except the furthering of American liberty and freedom. The videos there are by a man who walked amongst the communists within America for a decade to report on their activity, exposing their desire of overthrowing America as we all used to know her and love her.

2009 and the effort has intensified in spite of the failure of socialistic governance everywhere it has been tried.

The country theme disguises this liberal intent and undoubtedly will suck in many an honest hearted person who failed to realize that they have signed onto yet another communist front that intends to gradually strip us of the very freedoms they sing of preserving, until it is too late.

This bastardization of Patriotism, Christianity, and Americanism has one intent only, to promote the Socialist ideology that has failed repeatedly and is now being abandoned by those nations that fell for it years ago.

It is hardly “non-partisan” and is wholly leftist, definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

6 Comments to “Born Again American: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. I agree, it’s a left/liberal video. It was hard to tell at first, but it became evident as soon as they started into the lyrics about how the government is not taking care of us.
    I was really surprised to see at least one Hindu and Muslim participating when it says, ‘My Bible and the Bill of Rights, my creed’s equality’. I think they stuck that in there to appeal to the Christian right. I’m sure it’s working but, dang it!- when will we all get it through our thick skulls that, even though we are Christian nation (by majority), our government was founded as secular. It’s certainly not as secular as it once was, as we have since injected God, the Bible, 10 commandments, and prayer in many areas of our government. That’s what the founding fathers were trying to avoid. It alienates about 30% of our citizens that are either Agnostic, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or from various non-single diety religions. We used to be “E puribus unum”. We have become “E puribus unum -exept for those that are Agnostic, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or from various non-single diety religions”. There is a reason why the separation clause is the 1st amendment. It’s because our founders felt it was very important. Sure, most founding fathers were Christian and it probably guided them in their efforts to establish this country, but they were brilliant enough to know that without the separation clause, the government (and the country) would divide and eventually fail.
    (I’m finished with that rant)

    In this video, I also think they intentionally chose country as the genre to appeal to rural conservatives. It will probably be effective, but the song almost made me puke. Not because I dislike that particular style of country music (I do like some country), but because it attempts to evoke emotion to make folks weak in the knees and fall to socialism.
    We need more individual responsibility and less government involvement. Government has it’s place but it also has it’s limits in what it can do for us, and therefore should be limited.

    All that said, I do agree with the primary intent of video – That we need to increase our citizen involvement. I just wish we didn’t have to use extreme patriotism, and these cultish-like ways of do it. It’s kind of creepy.

    Oh, and I think I’m a Libertarian.


  2. George, the argument over Secularism or Christianity at the time of our founding is an ongoing one and ample evidence exists for both sides. Personally, I feel generic Christianity has more been removed than included. But, that is an argument for another time.

    This movement is disguised as patriotism when it actually will harm Americans more by removing our individuality and self-reliance. The dependency of those left behind in New Orleans by their Democrat Mayor and Governor of Louisiana is a prime example of how such dependency on government leaves unprepared to help themselves first, as was demonstrated in neighboring Mississippi, who was hit harder by Hurricane Katrina.

    We do need greater citizen involvement, but not in a cultish like following that grants government more and more control over us.


  3. To use a religious concept of being born again and twist it towards patriotism. The whole concept is stupefying. Definitely a play on words, and play on the mind and a play on as the Bible would say, following this would be like a Bull being led to the slaughter.

    The reason I say that is this, to bring religion into an equation of patriotism would mean the “new” patriots are followers, like paritioners. The religion? Government. Following a government that will lead us as a godlike religion. Making laws, rules, and regulations for us to follow.

    I agree with everything George says and that this type of video will probably bring around some as he says rural conservatives. Mostly I think it will stimulate those that have had a distaste for America and what it stands for to them. Who have now suddenly found their patriotic side. Which makes no sense to me.

    This is a dangerous road to take. To hand over our lives to a government. After all isn’t that what we do in religion? Give our lives to God? Live our lives for God? All things are possible with God.

    If this type of propaganda takes hold in America, full blown Communism will be born.


  4. Religion has been used for centuries to control the masses. Communism is just another religion in many ways. Instead of worshipping God, you worship and depend upon the government.


  5. For years the left just told the lefties what to believe and they did. Told them the “facts” and they believed it. Now , they’re working on regular people and through this deception of a “non-partisan” activism and throwing in words like freedom and bible, are disguising a not obvious far left organization are working to subvert some in and on the right.

    Let’s hope we’re too smart to be fooled!


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