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February 26, 2009

Protect Our Children First!

by lewwaters

Washington’s Legislature has several pressing issues currently, none of which directly addresses repeat sex offenders being released into our community preying on our children. Can any issue be more important than protecting our children?

13 year-old Alycia Nipp lost her life, brutally murdered in a Hazel Dell field because someone decided a level III sex offender, ones considered most likely to repeat their offense, released into our community wearing only a GPS tracking device was acceptable.

Today’s Columbian has an article, Repeat sex offer receives maximum prison term. That “maximum sentence?” 12 years! If he serves a full sentence he will be 55 years old upon release and he too would be released back into our community, presumably also wearing a GPS tracking device that accomplishes little more than to place the criminal in the vicinity of a crime, but not until AFTER a crime has been committed.

Why does society feel compassion and sympathy for these perverts who prey upon our children and not the ones they harm or kill? After another child is killed, it is too late to say ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda.’ We must begin saying it before another child is harmed!

In 2006 Senator Don Benton proposed SB6389, a bill to “enhance the penalties for, and monitoring of, sex offenders.” It died in the Judiciary committee.

This issue transcends partisanship and must be addressed. We can no longer put the safety of our children on the back burner. What good is a new bridge, stimulus packages, waterfront projects and the like if we ignore our children’s safety?

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing these repeat offenders “have rights” that must be considered. Alycia Nipp had rights too. Her parents had rights to expect grandchildren one day, to watch their daughter blossom into a grown woman and live her life freely and raise her children to carry on our society. Who worried about their rights as a repeat sex offender was brutally murdering their 13 year-old daughter?

Why are the rights of repeat sex offenders more important than ours?

I urge everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to contact our legislators listed below and DEMAND legislation that will protect our children from these predators. GPS tracking has failed, as many knew it would. Early release, treatment and such has shown to be ineffective time and time again for level III and higher offenders.

I’m ready to put other issues on the back burner for now and place the safety of our children first. We are now told there are 9 other level III sex offenders listed as transient in Clark County, meaning they too are freely roaming about somewhere with only a GPS tracking device strapped on them.

Please, contact all of the below and DEMAND strong legislation be passed urgently.

Representative Jaimie Herrera,; Representative Ed Orcutt,; Senator Don Benton,; Senator Jim Honeyford; Senator Joseph Zarelli,; Senator Craig Pridemore,; Representative Tim Probst,; Representative Jim Jacks,; Representative Jim Moeller,; Representative Deb Wallace,

Outside of Clark County or if you prefer to write or call on the phone, contact information for each legislator currently in office can be found here.

Representative Ed Orcutt said to me, “I have asked staff to draft a true Jessica’s law and will seek to get it passed this year. Since we are past committee cutoffs, it is a bit more tricky, but I will still push for it.” We need to DEMAND that members of both parties’ join with him and support this effort.

We must hold our elected officials feet to the fire and accept no excuses from now on. Alycia Nipp did not have to die nor should any of the rest of our children be harmed again by these repeat perverts allowed to just walk our streets.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

February 24, 2009

Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die

by lewwaters


UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

Clark County, especially the Hazel Dell neighborhood I reside in, was shocked to wake up Sunday morning, February 22 and hear of the brutal murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, allegedly at the hands of convicted level III sex offender Darrin Eugene Sanford, who has since confessed to the brutal murder, the GPS tracking device on his ankle placing him the vicinity of the crime at the time of the crime.

I do not know either family personally, but live nearby and drive by the home where young Alycia lives and the field her murdered body was discovered in almost daily on my way to work. That makes this senseless murder of a young innocent person more personal to me.

What disturbs me the most about this is hearing that other “transient” sex offenders freely roam the neighborhood and sleep in some of the boarded up, abandoned and condemned homes in the neighborhood, presumably also wearing Court mandated GPS ankle tracking devices, as was Sanford.

Three years ago, a law was being considered across America and passed by many states. Jessica’s Law, named after Jessica Lunsford, another young girl murdered by a sex offender in Florida. At the time I said the proposed law was a step in the right direction, but did not go far enough.

Wearing an ankle bracelet, even a GPS tracking device, accomplishes little, other than placing a criminal at the scene, after the crime has been committed. In this case, a young girl lost her life because a known sex offender was allowed to roam her neighborhood, while someone somewhere else may be watching the whereabouts of the offender, delayed by satellite and having no idea what that person was doing at the moment.

A victim is dead before the authorities even know a crime has been committed and the best that can be done is to link a criminal to the crime by placing them in the vicinity at the time of the crime.

But, an innocent 13 year-old girl is still dead!

A trial must be and will be held, undoubtedly with some slip and fall attorney looking for a reason to free the accused. GPS records most likely will be challenged and a grieving family will be forced to face the possibility of their child’s murderer going free again.

If the evidence is strong that may not happen, but who knows in today’s world.

Already, news reporters are pointing out that Sanford was an “abused child.” So What? Many are abused. And I mean real abuse and do not head down the road of predator and sex crimes, abducting and killing our children.

I agree with Alycia’s aunt, Amber Hager who said.

I want to see him sentenced to death, honestly. I think, he took a life and for that he deserves to give a life, his life.”

It’s too late to save Alycia, sadly, but we need to learn from this. Predators like Sanford do not belong on the streets, roaming about neighborhoods where children live. Our children are worth much more than these cretins who threw their lives away by acting on impulses instead of seeking help from medical people or clergy or anybody who can tell them how wrong they are.

As far as I’m concerned, level III sex offenders, those who will most likely strike again, should never be released back into society. Yes, it is expensive to house them, too expensive in fact. They do not deserve the care we would provide them for life.

Devil’s Island comes to my mind, a desolate place they could be placed and kept away from societies children. Give them seeds, farm implements and a one-way boat ride. Ship them water occasionally if the Island has none, but otherwise, they receive no contact with others who choose not to contact them.

More controversial is swiftly carrying out the death penalty on those who kill. There is no reason that one who is convicted beyond any shadow of doubt should remain in prison awaiting death for 20 to 25 years, while slip and fall attorneys try every legal maneuver they can dream up to free them or “spare their life.”

Bleeding hearts will say that killing predators will not deter others. That is an arguable claim with both sides giving supportive evidence.

But, one fact is certain. Executing them prevents any possibility of some slick attorney gaining their freedom one day and another 13 year-old being beaten and stabbed to death in an empty field!

Our children deserve better than to be preyed upon by these predators that bleeding hearts feel such sorrow for.

My heart breaks for Alycia’s family. I feel anguish for Sanford’s family. There is no guilt in any of this crime except for the one who preyed on an innocent 13 year-old and left her to die after beating and stabbing her in that field.

That person should forfeit his own life.

Society must do better than to strap a GPS tracking device on predatory criminals. Our children deserve to be able to go outside without fear and be allowed to grow into adults without being randomly attacked.

Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die. Society failed to protect her and we must do better.

UPDATE: Visit and on the left is a block where you can enter your zip code and be given email access to all of your Representatives, State and Local. Contact them and demand they take action to deal stronger with these vermin. If they are not willing to, we must vote them out next election! Our children deserve protection!

See also Isn’t One Murdered Child Enough?

February 22, 2009

Republicans, Still Standing Up For You

by lewwaters

Published in the February 26, 2009 Vancouver Voice

The eulogies given for the Clark County GOP after the results of the last election are indeed premature. While we didn’t gain seats in the legislature and even lost one, 4 incumbents retained their seats and are gladly taking a stand to give you real relief, not plunge you further into debt or tax you more than you already are.

The issue of upgrading the I-5 bridge remains a hot issue with some deciding we will have Portland’s Light Rail, like it or not. The former Mayor of Portland, Tom Potter and Vancouver’s Mayor, Royce Pollard both are on record as desiring to “force people out of their cars.”

Currently, Senator Craig Pridemore (D) has a bill proposed, SB 5540, that places the final decision for adding Light Rail into Clark County in the hands of just a portion of Clark County voters, while voters in the entire county would be taxed to support and maintain the extension of Portland’s Max Line into Vancouver.

Clark County voters rejected this extension by a 2 to 1 vote years ago, but our Democrat officials seem ready to force it on us. As a January 10, 2009 Oregonian article put it, “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it.”

In a reply to me, Senator Pridemore said, “the ultimate decisions regarding the configuration of the I-5 Bridge as well as any local tax options that will be part of it will be made by locally elected officials and local voters.” Sounds reasonable enough, but only technically correct.

Senator Don Benton (R) further clarifies SB 5540 and states, “the locally elected officials mentioned are not directly accountable to the voters of Clark County. The CTRAN board of directors is what is known as a federated board, not directly elected but appointed from various bodies throughout the county.”

Senator Benton also tells me, “SB 5540 does not clarify where or what size the taxing district will be, that will be left up to the CTRAN board of directors, a body that is not directly accountable to the voters.”

In looking out for Clark County taxpayers, Senator Benton has proposed SB 6040 “that calls for a county wide public vote before any more state money is spent on the Columbia River Crossing Project.”

At a time of such economic turmoil, shouldn’t we voters and taxpayers be given a clear voice in deciding a multi-billion dollar expenditure that is projected to only benefit some 3 percent of those who cross the Columbia River daily?

Governor Gregoire and Senators Murray and Cantwell are eagerly looking forward to receiving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars returned to us under the federal stimulus plan to help with transportation projects. Do you really believe Clark County would receive much of that money over King County’s Alaska Way Viaduct project?

Senator Benton is not alone in looking out for citizens of Clark County as Representative Jaimie Herrera, recalling the violation of New Orleans citizens Second Amendment rights after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when all legal guns were illegally confiscated from law-abiding citizens, leaving them virtually defenseless against roving looters and gang members, has proposed a bill, HB 1832, to “repeal the prerogative of the Governor, upon declaring a state of emergency, to prohibit private citizens from carrying firearms on their person, away from their home of residence, during the declared state of emergency.”

In such a state or emergency, when the authorities would be extremely busy and over taxed, who would protect us but ourselves?

As Democrats work to impose higher taxes on us instead of identifying waste and cutting it out, the few Republicans we still have in the legislature stand fast in trying to protect our rights and income.

When the next election rolls around, look at who stood up for us versus who stood for the state and choose accordingly.

February 22, 2009

What is Racism?

by leaortiz

Here I am going to try to expain this with a simple analogy.

Two priests are walking through the woods. Suddenly they hear a womans cry for help. “Please help me, please!” There stands a woman fully nude. As they tried not look at her bare body, a conversation ensued that since the woman was nude, she most definitely was someone to be avoided and one preist cautioned his brother to steer clear of the woman of ill repute. After listening to the cries, one of the priests went over to talk to her as the other priest was mentally tormented by the situation and stayed behind.

Once the first Priest reached the woman, she said, “can you please help me? As I was bathing, the river washed my clothing down the stream and I have nothing to wear.” The other preist was appalled to watch his companion hand over his own garment to her. He stayed with her and talked to her until she was warm and dry.

As they walked back towards the church, the preist that had witnessed what went on between his brother and the nude woman did not speak to his companion. Eventually the long silence was broken when the Priest that had helped the woman said, “My brother, you have been silent this long journy. Is there a reason as to why?” “Well,” spoke the other Priest, “it really bothered me that you went and had the conversation with the nude woman and gave her your cloak.” To which the first Preist said , “aahh, is that what is torturing you my brother? This happened earlier this morning and all this time you have held this in and let it eat at you? Let me explain what really was going on,” as he explained the whole thing to his companion.

My question on racism is this, to you that think you have been wronged. Who is wrong in the above parable? Was it the Priest that helped the nude woman? OR was it the second Priest that harbored ill will towards his brother and misunderstood what was had happened earlier in the day? Projecting his very own views of what is right and wrong and determining for himself what his brothers motivations were in speaking to the woman.

The answer can only be yours.

We all have what we feel is our own sense of right and wrong and all too often use it to label someone else as a racist because of a certain situation or happening. Those are feelings that are stirred up from the mind, our own mind. When we are one on one with someone, as a person of ethnicity, it is not hard to determine for myself when I see racism. To project it onto another simply because we don’t like a certain word, or skin color spoken of, or even a slang, that comes from within our own minds.

For instance, I once called a friend of mine “Negrita,” in jest. Needless to say, I got the head turn to look at me and ask, “what did you just call me”? She often referred to herself and those around her as black girl. Hearing that in another language stopped her dead in her tracks as it sounds too much like the english equivilant of a racist slang.

Having to explain you are not racist should just not have to be done. Also projecting racism onto others to incite a “racial guilt” does not accomplish anything but to further divide our nation.

As a nation that has just voted in our first Black President, we as a nation can say, as does the National Black Republican Association, “America is now free of the past ‘white guilt’ that has been a horrible mark on our nation. The nation has shown with it’s vote that we no longer harbor the hatred or racial divide that is now a part of our American past.”

It would be nice if President Obama would step up and let this be known to the nation. It would help to completely heal any wounds still felt as a nation and as a people.

February 20, 2009

“The Monkey That Became President”

by lewwaters

As many know I was absent from the United States for a period of 5 years while I was stationed overseas in the U.S. Army from 1969 to 1974. Upon my return in March 1974, I was amazed at how the country had changed and the attitude shown against then President, Richard M. Nixon.

Assigned to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, country music was gaining in popularity at the time and political discourse was making it way into that music venue, as it had earlier in rock music.

One popular song that was still on the radio was Tom T. Hall’s, “The Monkey That Became President,” released in 1972 originally. Tom T. Hall is a songwriter, storyteller and to some, a philosopher. His tunes are catchy and enjoyable.

At the time this song was popular, I took it as a slap against politicians in general, given the vitriol coming out of Washington D.C. between the major party’s and continuing to today. I assume Hall was a Democrat as I attended a live concert of his in Fayetteville, N.C. that turned out to be a fundraiser for then candidate, Jimmy Carter. But, the song seemed to me to point at politicians in general.

Over the years I totally forgot this cute little song.

As we have now elected our first Affirmative Action President, Barack Obama and he has been inaugurated and began instituting his agenda upon us and given the recent flap about the NY Post cartoon, depicting a chimpanzee being shot by Police and how some opportunists are trying desperately to link that to racism against Obama, the song flooded back into my memory.

Who could have known that a simple song from 1972 would be so prophetic about 2009?

Video and audio at The Monkey That Became President


The Monkey That Became President

By Tom T. Hall, 1972

I was there on the day the monkey came into this world
His face was round and reddish and his hair was slightly curled
He didn’t look too different from the others I had seen
Who’d-a-thought he was the answer to the nation’s dream?

At first he didn’t seem intelligent at all
Each time he’d start to walk about he’d stumble and he’d fall
My first impression was to be a most mistaken thought
Lord a’ mighty, what’s this little hairy monkey wrought?

Because I witnessed his departure from his mother’s womb
I felt inclined to check his progress every afternoon
One day the keeper of the zoo called in the TV
Frankly said, “I think that you will be amazed at what you see”

The monkey walked and talked and waved his arms above his head
In the corner was a stack of books that he had read
“An Educated Monkey!”, said the papers ‘cross the land
It was more than weary sociologists could stand

Oh, his fame was universal, he was on the Carson show
People talked about him kindly everywhere he’d go
His insight was amazing, his philosophy was fair
He became a politician welcome everywhere

His wit was not to be compared to with any mind intact
He’d lace a phrase with irony and blend it all with fact
Conservatives applauded and the liberals were entranced
The bigots and the integrationists were in his camp

Nobody dared to meet him in an open press debate
He was nominated by the folks from every state
Yes, a monkey was the President, though it maybe not the first
And there was peace and harmony throughout the universe

The dream I had last night has been related as it came
As for interpretation, well it’s really very plain
Would you rather have a monkey up in Washington, D.C.?
Or have those people making monkeys out of you and me?

February 20, 2009

Are We Becoming A Police State?

by lewwaters

You might think so after what happened to an Oklahoma City man. Chip Harrison was minding his own business, but displayed a sign on his truck reading, “Abort Obama, Not the Unborn.”

Harrison was pulled over by the OKC Police for displaying that sign, the officer saying he felt it was a “threat” against Obama. Although his supervisors admitted it wasn’t a threat and returned the sign, the Secret Service was contacted, who felt the need for a “walk through” of Harrison’s home to “make sure I wasn’t a part of any hate groups.”

Source with video report.

February 15, 2009

Good Thing They Didn’t Say, “Read My Lips”

by lewwaters

Now that dust is settling from the elongated campaign and election season we just endured and Democrats pretty much made a clean sweep in obtaining offices, it’s time to get back to caring for the nation and state.

Of particular concern to all is the pitiful state of our economy as citizens lose their jobs, wages fall, property values plummet and tax receipts dry up.

Democrats love affair with increased taxes is well known as was addressed in Recession, Depression, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Unemployment: Let’s Raise Taxes last year.

We have now been strapped with the most massive spending bill we have ever seen with Governor Gregoire, Senators Murray and Cantwell eagerly looking forward to Washington receiving monies from that pork laden edict, ignoring that any money received was taken from us in the first place.

Patty Murray tells us,

the package could have nearly $500 million for improvements to Washington roads, highways and bridges – work that’s intended to spur jobs.”

Any bets on how much of that money would go to King County’s Viaduct compared to improvements in the I-5 Corridor here in Clark County?

Governor Gregoire ran for reelection on promises of not raising taxes to cure our massive budget deficit the state is facing. Other Democrats quietly ran saying nothing about raising taxes on citizens, leading us to believe we might see some relief as we rapidly head off to the poorhouse.

Since the election, several bills have been introduced proposing what else, tax increases! Even the much-hated income tax is up for a vote again. An engine displacement size tax was proposed last year and no doubt will be introduced again this year.

As if we aren’t over taxed enough, now word is out that we expect to Look for property taxes to increase in Clark County, in spite of property values decreasing and home sales drying up.

Clark County Assessor, Linda Franklin and Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher, both Democrats explain it away as “some districts have begun charging higher tax rates,” with the Columbian’s Cami Joner telling us, “Residential property owners will pay an average of $2,832 in property taxes this year, $488 more than in 2008,” after telling us this past Friday January home sales off 21.8%

As usual, our Democrat elected officials seem to talk out of both sides of their mouth’s, promising no increase in taxes or insinuating such, but then sticking it to us once elected.

In 1988, former President Bush (41) made a famous pledge of “Read my lips, No New taxes” and when Congressional Democrats brought a massive tax increase to him, he signed it. By 1992, that pledge and subsequent tax increase was used against him to defeat him and elect Democrat, B. J. Clinton, who went on to give us 2 of the largest tax increases we ever saw.

In Washington State and Clark County, we didn’t hear a “read my lips” pledge but are seeing the massive increases in our taxes just the same. Our wages go down, our property values decrease, but the one thing we can always count on is for Democrats to take more of our hard earned money away from us, waste it, then demand more.

I don’t know about you, but I work and struggle hard to pay my mortgage and even though I have no massive credit card bills outstanding, still have very little left over to live on.

I go to Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, Winco and elsewhere and see several “underprivileged” packing goods into fairly new SUV’s. I have seen school children walk by my house and destroy campaign signs in my yard, throw trash over my back yard fence, joined all too often by the few riders C-Trans has waiting a few feet outside of my kitchen window at the bus stop and who seem to think my Rose bushes are for their taking.

I visit local restaurants and struggle to express my order in English to a counter person who speaks mainly Spanish.

I see kids with their pants down around their asses aimlessly wandering about the Mall or local streets seeking some trouble to get into and who can’t phrase a simple sentence properly, much less make change properly should they find a job and the computer not tell them exactly how much to give back.

Then, I hear the Teachers Union and Democrats demanding I give up even more of my money so they “can continue this fine education” given these kids, when it reality most of it goes to increased wages and little makes it to the kids, even as they used agreements between the legislature and Teachers Union to lose a $13.2 Million Grant to some schools in Math & Science last year.

This is what I pay out all my hard earned money for? This is considered good return?

It really is too bad our elected officials didn’t also claim, “read my lips.” Perhaps we could have used it against them in the last election and install better representation for us in government.

February 14, 2009

Latina Lista

by leaortiz

Here is a link to a site that has angered me with their lies about conservatives and endorsing illegals.

I post my commment below because I am most certain it will not be plublished by the Latina Lista. I am also a latina, a non-hyphenated American and do not join the group think of this very prejudiced group of illegal advocates.

You are wrong. I am not ashamed to tell you that you are wrong either. This culture you are speaking of does not embrace America, or American thinking. You cling to your Spanish and force your children to speak it. Don’t tell me you don’t because I know better. You refuse to assimilate to our culture you cling to your Hispanic culture. You think we should do what you want. Amazing isn’t it?

When laws are broken there are consequences, face it. I am an American of Mexican descent.

Creating subcultures in America does not bring this nation together, and what are doing here is dividing it all the more.

Oh but I do recognize illegal aliens when I see them. No they don’t speak English, their children speak for them. They remain in a self imposed bubble.

You are doing no favors by trying to bring down another group of people that are Americans. It is plain that you don’t appreciate being here, by demanding rights you as a non citizen don’t deserve.

As far as lies and name calling. I have gone face to face with these illegals saying I am a racist, me of Mexican descent because I want our borders secured and our already burdened financial situation to stop being depleted by illegals.

Amazing that you will come here and use our freedom of speech. Will you do the same and fight for this country? Will you lay down you life for this country? OR will you continue to help with these advocacy groups to help more illegals to find out how to get aid to feed their children, get food stamps and how to send money back to other countries and how to bring more of their families here and continue this crazy cycle. This country is suffering financially. Can anyone figure out why?????

This kind of propoganda and seeking a sympathetic ear just angers me. It angers a multitude of Americans as well.

February 14, 2009

All Hail ‘Saint Obama’

by lewwaters

Found inside a Borders Bookstore in Dallas, Texas, in the Children’s Reading Section



What was that Democrats have been saying about “Bushbots?”

UPDATE: Borders spokesperson, Ann Roman has issued the corporate reply and apology for this incident.

February 13, 2009

Baird Justifies Selling Out America

by lewwaters

Democrat Representative for the Third District of Washington State Brian Baird, voted for the massive 8 inch thick “Stimulus Plan” proposed by Barack Obama today. This pig in a poke legislation was just made available to Baird today and consists of over 1100 pages. There is no way possible that Baird can know just what is contained in it, yet he readily voted for it and then posts his video justification for that vote.

That is blind following and amounts to selling out America’s future in a hope that this bill, ignoring the hidden measures in it, may provide some help for our struggling economy.

Even Far Left media McClatchy see that this measure is “short on incentives to get consumers spending again and long on social goals that won’t stimulate economic activity.”

Baird even says,

We are borrowing this money from our children, and we need to make sure they get something for their investment,” adding, “it’s important to remember that this bill is not a magic wand. Even if this legislation is successful, our economy will remain in a very fragile state.”

“Even IF this legislation is successful?”

As pointed out by Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner, NO ONE HAS READ THE BILL! And yet, Democrats couldn’t wait to line up to vote for it, Baird amongst them.

The hidden measures contained within this bill Baird is proud of supporting could lead not only to a bankrupt nation, but a Socialist nation as well, stripping us of our beloved liberties “for the good of all,” as was often claimed when the Soviet Union was in its infancy.

Brian, you showed intestinal fortitude before by changing your position and supporting our Troops and their mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. You even once told a group of my friends in D.C. in March 2007 at the Gathering of Eagles event, “I can always get another job, I cannot get another country.”

What happened, Brian? Did all the guff you received from liberals for supporting a worthy cause get to you? You faced no real opposition in the last election from Michael Delavar and easily won your seat again.

Yet, you now sell us out over this massive bill without even knowing what is in it? Just hoping it helps?

Perhaps if you all had acted in a bi-partisan position as claimed by both Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, this bill could be truly trimmed of the pork that bankrupts the nation and the country could support it. But, in business as usual, you Democrats spared no effort denying any input from across the aisle and let us all know readily, “we won!”

Isn’t that really childish?

You will be up for re-election again, Brian and rest assured, we will remember how you sold out America and those of us in Washington’s third District. For those that may forget, many of us will be to remind them.

You were very happy when I told you that I supported you last Memorial Day down at Fort Vancouver. I regret ever saying that to you and rest assured, you no longer have that support.

February 13, 2009

Dealing With RINO’s

by lewwaters

As we face the enslavement of future generations under the ill-conceived Obama Stimulus Plan, some 8 inches thick and well over one thousand pages not made public nor made available for review prior to voting it in, I call on all Republicans, conservatives and honest hearted Americans, especially those in elected office and at party leadership, to ostracize, turn your backs on and expel any Republican voting for this neo-com Porkulus plan.

Michael Steele, you of all people, sitting at the head of our party, must publicly condemn Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins for supporting this bill and add any others who indicate or have supported this “Rush to Communism.”

As the Dictatorial Socialist Demokratik Politburo rushes us towards financial enslavement we can no longer sit back and play along with the left pretending to be friends. The left is not friends of America but is intent on destroying the America that grew to greatness and replace it with a mythical socialist mecca that has never existed, only in their deluded minds.

Stand up America. Oppose these leftists and RINO’s that feel they must play along to protect their office.

Our future is at stake and our grandchildren depend on us stopping this socialist take-over while we still can.

February 8, 2009

A Note To Republicans: Jefferson Davis & Southerners

by lewwaters

jefferson-davis-b1At a recent GOP function, during a discussion on the Lincoln Day Dinner, a member made a wisecrack, a joke if you will, disparaging Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, implying racism on his part.

The annual Lincoln Day Dinner is a big event for the Republican Party as Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican to be elected to the office of the President of the United States of America. In fact, other than elections, it is probably the most major event for members of the party.

The wisecrack came, after the announcement that an Abraham Lincoln impersonator would be the keynote speaker at the dinner; Jefferson Davis could be the Democrats keynote speaker.

As we all know from High School History, Lincoln was the President during the American Civil War for the union side, Jefferson Davis for the breakaway Southern Confederacy. Lincoln is credited with ending slavery, while Davis is often accused of desiring to perpetuate slavery in the South.

Without going into major detail, let’s just say history hasn’t been exactly accurate for either figure, Lincoln and Davis both being victims of their time, with the latter credited by many with the “adoption” of a young Black (mulatto) child during the Civil War.

As I said, both figures are complex men with history not always as accurate as we would prefer today. I am of the opinion that neither man would fit well with today’s political climate, but fit in their own times.

Little known to many is that by birth and heritage, I am a Southern Conservative who can be proud of my heritage while admitting that the institution of slavery in our past was wrong and a blight. Unlike many of my Northern brethren, I can also point out that bigotry and slavery wasn’t a Southern only institution, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation outlawing slavery only in the Southern States while leaving Northern States and those conquered by Union Troops untouched, slavery in those states not being abolished until some months after the end of the war and Lincoln’s assassination with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in December 1865.

Understandably, Southerners, much like other people, do not appreciate wisecracks about our heritage, especially when based upon skewed historical views. Not wanting to cause a scene, I let the comment slide then, even though it was later repeated, again in jest I assume.

Most Southerners are Conservative by nature. We were Conservative Democrats at one time and left that party over their embracing Liberalism. Due to the late 1940’s and early 1950’s misguided move of some to form the Dixiecrat Party, today’s Democrats use that to claim Southern Conservatives fled their party to form a new anti-Civil Rights party in the Republicans.

Untrue as most of those died Democrats, while many of us younger Southerners saw the racism of the Democrats, became disillusioned with racism and became Republicans, Democrats just changing how they oppress Black Americans.

As said, we mostly are Conservatives. We accept the wrongfulness of that portion of our heritage, but do not like our heritage being misrepresented or ridiculed. We have a long and proud history in regards to serving America, even chuckling along with you at times as you label us “Rednecks and Hillbillies.”

The Republican Party is splintered at this time and under new leadership, fighting for its soul, struggling to return to its Conservative Roots, if it is to be a viable party again. Alienating that base does not bode well for the party’s future in elections.

There are a good number of Southerners and those with Southern roots now residing in Washington State, as well as every other state. Many are Conservatives and share my views. There are even Black Americans spread out across America and in Washington State that hold pride in their Southern Heritage, acknowledging slavery for what it was long ago.

We need these people to win elections and while we may chuckle at “redneck jokes” with you, ridiculing Southerners historic figures, especially when that ridicule isn’t justified, goes against our grain and encourages us to question whether the GOP is genuinely Conservative after all.

Don’t fall into the long held notion that we Southerners are either ignorant or backwards, we are not. If Jefferson Davis were alive today I sincerely doubt he would have anything to do with the current Democrat Party, nor would Abraham Lincoln.

The Civil War ended some 145 years ago. If you truly desire Southerners to stop fighting it, perhaps Northerners need to also.

February 5, 2009

Senator Murray Joins Democrats In ‘Sticking It To The Poor’

by lewwaters

patty-murray-2Washington States own Senior Senator, Patty Murray, tennis shoed lovable little mouse that she is, has joyfully announced how she and other Democrats have locked arms and decided to “stick it to the poor” people they claim to care about and want to help.

Of course that isn’t exactly what she says, but that is the obvious outcome of their strong support and passing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP.

After all the bleeding heart fearmongering of children receiving no health care today and all the millions of dollars that will come to Washington State, Murray unwittingly reveals how their plan is going to hurt the very people they say they will help the most.

Murray announces,

“The $31.5 billion cost would be covered by a 61-cent per-pack tax increase on cigarettes and other tobacco products.”

Ah yes, the evil tobacco user ponies up again to pay for their vile habit. Democrats know that smoke-nazi nanny staters have effectively demonized tobacco and users to the point that the majority will not oppose any tax increases on those “despicable, evil, nasty, smelly good for nothing smokers.”

Just a couple of small problems in the Democrats desire to once again “stick it to the evil smoker.”

First, if they truly expect to continue funding this and other entitlement programs by tobacco taxes, is it wise to also encourage people to stop using tobacco? If they stop smoking and stop buying the product, where will those increased tax dollars to fund this program come from then?

If smoking bans continue to be added, more people will stop smoking and again, stop purchasing the product, thereby once again, decreasing the available funding for this Children’s Health Insurance Program.

But, that isn’t the main way Democrats will once again be pushing the poverty stricken deeper into poverty.

Until recently the American Heart Association had on their Smoking Statistics page the following;

“Studies show that smoking prevalence is higher among those who had earned a GED diploma (39.6 percent) and among those with 9-11 years of education (34.0 percent) compared with those with more than 16 years of education (8.0 percent). It’s highest among persons living below the poverty level (29.1 percent).”

That’s right, it is the poorest among us, the very people Murray and fellow Democrats claim they must help by raising tobacco taxes, that will be primarily paying those taxes!

Quitter’s, an online site to help smokers stop using tobacco tells us,

“Ironically, studies show that the percentage of people that are low income and smoke is greater than the percentage of people who are at a high income level. If you consider the cost of smoking this is ironic, but many researchers believe this directly relates to the level of education one has received. The percentage of individuals below the poverty level whom smoke is a staggering 29.9%.”

Again, it is confirmed that the very people who will pay the increased taxes to fund this program are the very people they say they will help. The increase in tax they will have to pay will decrease available money to use on their families elsewhere, such as nutritious food or decent housing and clothes.

I know, all they need do is stop smoking and they won’t have to pay that tax, right? Of course that is so. But again, when they stop smoking and stop buying cigarettes, where does the tax needed to fund CHIP come from then?

Of course, not spoken aloud is the distinct possibility that helping children of the poor is secondary in this. It is very possible that the prime intent is actually more Socialist dependency on the government as to make up for the increased tax payments, those other areas mentioned above that will suffer can be made up by other Socialist programs, all the help the children, mind you.

This is a vicious circle with no end in sight now that the Dictatorial Democrats hold all the cards and can shove whatever Soviet style program down our throats they wish. It didn’t work in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, Cuba or Viet Nam and it is doubtful it will work in the Union of Socialist States of America either.

Don’t be fooled by sneaker wearing little mousy Senators as their hearts bleed all over on how they need to help out the less privileged. The real goal is take from the citizens and to give out what government says you should receive, as dictated by aging holdover hippies and their minions.

This is NOT American liberty as envisioned by our founding fathers, but is rather the vision of Karl Marx, the father of modern Communism.

February 4, 2009

Jaime Herrera Introduces Legislation Protecting Lawful Gun Owners

by lewwaters

It’s really sad that Jaime did not continue in this mode, instead of selling us out to the SEIU.

Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

jaime-herreraRepublican Representative from the 18th District, Jaimie Herrera, has introduced House Bill 1832, protecting the right to the lawful possession of firearms during an emergency.

The legislation would “repeal the prerogative of the Governor, upon declaring a state of emergency, to prohibit private citizens from carrying firearms on their person, away from their home of residence, during the declared state of emergency.”

Original bill here

If, like me, you did not know the governor had the power to usurp the Federal Constitution and you support legal firearms ownership, this is a very important piece of legislation.

After Hurricane Katrina, we saw the outcome of the New Orleans Gun Grab and how it left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of thugs, gangs and criminals.

Congress outlawed gun confiscation in 2006 due to that fiasco and outright usurpation of citizens Second Amendment Rights.

Ms. Herrera’s Legislation would further protect us in the event of a major disaster from protecting ourselves outside of our homes and retaining the rights we were granted when we obtained a concealed carry permit.

This is exactly what we need in Washington State and I applaud Ms. Herrera and co-sponsors of the legislation. In case of emergency or disaster, we cannot expect protection from the authorities that will undoubtedly be heavily overtaxed in responding to emergencies.

The last thing we would need is to be faced with threats on our and our family’s lives by thugs and criminals who prey on the unprotected.

I urge you to contact your Representative and demand they support this very important piece of legislation.

Thank you, Jaimie

February 4, 2009

Go To Hell, Val Kilmer

by lewwaters

val-kilmer-fat1Yes, Val Kilmer, veteran actor apparently with a size 54-hat size, over impressed with himself after being in the movies “Tombstone,” “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever,” can kiss this Viet Nam Veteran’s rosy red ass!

I apologize for my profanity to you readers, but not to Kilmer. Sometimes profanity is appropriate and in this regard to Val Kilmer, it is one. He is a punk-assed, pampered, spoiled rotten slime ball.

I am sure many may be dismayed by my expressions against this asshat, after so many have enjoyed his performances in the make believe movies he appears in, but read on and I’ll explain why I say this and why I’ll never pay to go see another movie with this jerk in it.

The New Mexico Independent ran a story late last month on the likelihood of Kilmer running for the office of governor of New Mexico in 2010.

Although Kilmer was born and raised in California the Independent refers to him as “One of New Mexico’s most famous residents.” Fair enough as I assume he has taken up residence in the state of his paternal grandfather.

Kilmer has dropped strong hints that Governor Bill Richardson endorses him in the run, should he make it.

The Independent links to an interview of Kilmer by Chuck Klosterman for Esquire, published in July 2005.

This exchange ought to rile any honest hearted American, especially my fellow Viet Nam Veterans. You just have to read it for yourself.

(Klosterman) “You mean you think you literally had the same experience as Doc Holliday?”

(Kilmer) “Oh, sure. It’s not like I believed that I shot somebody, but I absolutely know what it feels like to pull the trigger and take someone’s life.

(Klosterman) “You understand how it feels to shoot someone as much as a person who has actually committed a murder?”

(Kilmer) “I understand it more. It’s an actor’s job. A guy who’s lived through the horror of Vietnam has not spent his life preparing his mind for it. He’s some punk. Most guys were borderline criminal or poor, and that’s why they got sent to Vietnam. It was all the poor, wretched kids who got beat up by their dads, guys who didn’t get on the football team, couldn’t finagle a scholarship. They didn’t have the emotional equipment to handle that experience. But this is what an actor trains to do. I can more effectively represent that kid in Vietnam than a guy who was there.”

Val Kilmer, this 60 year old gray haired Viet Nam Vet, who came from a middle class background, graduated High School, never been arrested or come close to committing a crime, enlisted in the United States Army. I also voluntarily extended my tour and have never regretted serving my country, unlike you punk ass pansy liberal millionaires who think a role in fantasy land makes you more aware of the sacrifices Veterans have made since our country was founded than we are.

The worst part of Viet Nam was coming back to “the World” and meeting shitheads like Val Kilmer, who fell for every lie told by John ‘F’in Kerry, Ramsey Clark, Hanoi Jane Fonda and all the other Communist lackey’s parading through the streets and bad mouthing my country.

It’s assholes like Kilmer who perpetuate the myth of the Deranged Viet Nam Veteran readily exposed in the book Stolen Valor and by many others, including Medal of Honor recipient Col. George “Bud” Day and yours truly.

What has Kilmer ever done for America besides rake in millions of dollars acting as if he were a brave soul, not standing up for our country?

Kabuki Village blog site expresses similar outrage towards Kilmer in an open letter.

Naturally, Kilmer issued a denial of ever saying any such thing here.

Esquire Magazine stands by their article claiming it is on tape here.

Kilmer, I have wiped better than you off the bottom of my shoe in the front yard. No apology can be accepted for this gross slander of Viet Nam Veterans by yet another piece of shit Hollywood Liberal slime ball.

I will never spend a dime to see another one of your movies and although I live far away from New Mexico, will oppose your candidacy for governor or any other elected office from afar.

America does not need more clueless clods holding office.

Val, GO TO HELL, asshole!

February 2, 2009

Jim Jacks Co-Sponsors Same-Sex Marriage Bill, HB 1745

by lewwaters

Our newly elected Representative for the 49th Legislative District is off and running in his new office. He has his web site up including contact links.

If you recall, Jacks was most known for his blurb during the League of Women’s Voters debate in August against Debbie Peterson.

Jacks easily won the election, though, regardless of his admission about our tax problems of, “I don’t know how to fix it.”

I do see, looking over his site under Sponsored Bill’s that he has prominently affixed his name as co-sponsor on HB 1745, Concerning civil marriages.

The Bill, introduced and sponsored by openly Gay Representative, Jim Moeller, also of the 49th Legislative District, states it is an “AN ACT Relating to civil marriage equality, recognizing the right of all citizens of Washington state, including couples of the same sex, to obtain civil marriage licenses.”

No surprise that it isn’t going before voters as across the nation voters reject Same-sex marriage. So, it is either courts or legislatures forcing acceptance of same-sex marriage on citizens.

40 Democrat Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of this bill!

We we treated to S5336, Domestic Partnership in 2007, but now the push is for full same sex marriage.

It was just days ago we were being told the desire was to “only expand domestic partnerships,” or, “Everything Except Marriage.”

HB 1745 cannot be any clearer to me. This is a full and outright sanctioning of same-sex marriage supported by Democrats.

Don’t be fooled thinking it is about “equal rights,” it is special right that no one has yet to explain what benefit society receives for such a drastic change.

I urge you to contact Jim Jacks, or your Representative to oppose this step. Inch by inch and ever so slowly, same-sex marriage is being forced upon Washington State, regardless of what citizens over have said.