Jaime Herrera Introduces Legislation Protecting Lawful Gun Owners

by lewwaters

It’s really sad that Jaime did not continue in this mode, instead of selling us out to the SEIU.

Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

jaime-herreraRepublican Representative from the 18th District, Jaimie Herrera, has introduced House Bill 1832, protecting the right to the lawful possession of firearms during an emergency.

The legislation would “repeal the prerogative of the Governor, upon declaring a state of emergency, to prohibit private citizens from carrying firearms on their person, away from their home of residence, during the declared state of emergency.”

Original bill here

If, like me, you did not know the governor had the power to usurp the Federal Constitution and you support legal firearms ownership, this is a very important piece of legislation.

After Hurricane Katrina, we saw the outcome of the New Orleans Gun Grab and how it left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of thugs, gangs and criminals.

Congress outlawed gun confiscation in 2006 due to that fiasco and outright usurpation of citizens Second Amendment Rights.

Ms. Herrera’s Legislation would further protect us in the event of a major disaster from protecting ourselves outside of our homes and retaining the rights we were granted when we obtained a concealed carry permit.

This is exactly what we need in Washington State and I applaud Ms. Herrera and co-sponsors of the legislation. In case of emergency or disaster, we cannot expect protection from the authorities that will undoubtedly be heavily overtaxed in responding to emergencies.

The last thing we would need is to be faced with threats on our and our family’s lives by thugs and criminals who prey on the unprotected.

I urge you to contact your Representative and demand they support this very important piece of legislation.

Thank you, Jaimie

One Comment to “Jaime Herrera Introduces Legislation Protecting Lawful Gun Owners”

  1. Thank you Ms Herrera. I am honored to have made your acquaintance. You done good.


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