Latina Lista

by leaortiz

Here is a link to a site that has angered me with their lies about conservatives and endorsing illegals.

I post my commment below because I am most certain it will not be plublished by the Latina Lista. I am also a latina, a non-hyphenated American and do not join the group think of this very prejudiced group of illegal advocates.

You are wrong. I am not ashamed to tell you that you are wrong either. This culture you are speaking of does not embrace America, or American thinking. You cling to your Spanish and force your children to speak it. Don’t tell me you don’t because I know better. You refuse to assimilate to our culture you cling to your Hispanic culture. You think we should do what you want. Amazing isn’t it?

When laws are broken there are consequences, face it. I am an American of Mexican descent.

Creating subcultures in America does not bring this nation together, and what are doing here is dividing it all the more.

Oh but I do recognize illegal aliens when I see them. No they don’t speak English, their children speak for them. They remain in a self imposed bubble.

You are doing no favors by trying to bring down another group of people that are Americans. It is plain that you don’t appreciate being here, by demanding rights you as a non citizen don’t deserve.

As far as lies and name calling. I have gone face to face with these illegals saying I am a racist, me of Mexican descent because I want our borders secured and our already burdened financial situation to stop being depleted by illegals.

Amazing that you will come here and use our freedom of speech. Will you do the same and fight for this country? Will you lay down you life for this country? OR will you continue to help with these advocacy groups to help more illegals to find out how to get aid to feed their children, get food stamps and how to send money back to other countries and how to bring more of their families here and continue this crazy cycle. This country is suffering financially. Can anyone figure out why?????

This kind of propoganda and seeking a sympathetic ear just angers me. It angers a multitude of Americans as well.

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  1. Lea, it seems your wrong on all counts. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean that I would stifle/ignore/delete your response. You obviously are not a regular reader of Latina Lista. And, for your information, I am not undocumented but very much an American like you as well. Just because I refuse to villify a group of people doesn’t make me a bad person. But in your eyes, I seem to be the lowest of the low. Interesting that should be the case- or not!

  2. “For Latinos, the Republican Party is quickly becoming synonymous with attacks on Hispanics. That they don’t wear hoods but suits makes them a lot scarier.”

    This is race baiting, a tactic of the democrat party.

    This is what you are endorsing:

    “However, Republicans have taken politics to a whole new low level. It’s one thing for a party to be against an issue but when that same party goes to great lengths to maliciously ridicule or lie about a particular group then it’s time for concerned party members and voters to draw the line in the proverbial sand and take a stand.”

    You are creating civil unrest. You have no right to incite a group of illegals. What you are doing is trying to justify for yourselves the things you have come here and taken advantage of all along. You are condoning the abuse of our government system to the advantage of illegals.

    You are condoning a slave class of people in America. Why not instead, try to change the laws for legal immigration into America. The people that are most angered by this are not people like me, but those that have come here from other countries and made their way honestly.

  3. My response is here:

    I have not seen the assimilation, not until the the children have left the ways of another culture. For the most part there is no assimilation. As a matter of fact when a child does not continue in speaking Spanish and keeping that so called Heritage, that child is prodded to do the right thing and only speak Spanish in the house.

    No don’t look at me as I am not of illegal descent, nor are my parents. I am an American, born here, of an American woman, in America. I don’t claim to be who you are. I am not a victim of a political party.

    This proud Heritage you speak of I decided to try to embrace for my children and finally let go of when I saw for myself the nationalism that goes on within the Hispanic culture. I want more for my children of Mexican descent than division. I want for them freedom and safety and not the ridicule that will be imposed on them by a subculture.

    I know the Hispanic culture a lot better than you think I do.

    Trying to use race and blaming others for problems not brought on by others is something I have not taught my daughters. No, I have taught them to be strong women and look past race, as we are all people.

    Why not let’s stop this enslavement of the illegals and enforce border laws. Human trafficking, and enslavement are very real here in America, and until our government does something about it, nothing will change. By being an advocate for the groups that have ties to these illegals you are condoning this slave entrapment.

    I will continue to stand up and fight back and to try to push back people and groups like you.

  4. Lista, I am Lea’s husband, a White man, if that matters. I grew up in South Florida during the time of the Cuban Refugee influx and there was absolutely no assimilation there, but a Hispanic takeover.

    What many fail to realize is that America’s culture was one that combined the cultures of others, allowing all to retain a heritage if they pleased, but combined in public to create what was once known as the Melting Pot, building a new culture in a new land.

    Granted, some were kept out of that melting pot wrongfully, but the Civil Rights era strived to eliminate that. Instead, we were hit with Multi-culturalism instead, everyone deciding their culture is better than others and America’s unique culture was just wrong.

    Great people have stated that a nation divided cannot stand. Multi-culturalism is that very divide as we see “Reconquista” and cries of how we “stole Mexico’s land,” at a cost of $15,000,000 in 1848 dollars after losing a war between our countries.

    Although White, I come from the background of Irish, Welsh, German, Scottish and some Cherokee Indian, that I know of. Chances are, there is much more I have no idea about. Which culture would I choose as my own?

    Although some links are undoubtedly dead by now, I wrote of just what this is over a year ago on my main blog, Right in a Left World: From The ‘Melting Pot’ To A ‘Boiling Pot’

    Yes, you are dead wrong that we Republicans hate Hispanics. The Paul Shanklin parody you are offended by is just that, a parody meant to be humorous. It seems today that only White Christians can be parodied as was continually done to President Bush and Republicans all through his administration. That he appointed the first ever Hispanic to the office of Attorney General goes unnoticed, as even he was the subject of ridicule and malicious rumors, even from the Hispanic communities in America.

    Could it be that he was the subject of much Hispanic hate because he exercised his free will to be an American in America?

    You think we hate Hispanics by desiring they obey our immigration laws. Does it ever occur to you that we desire them to come legally so as to be open in our country and not subjected to unscrupulous employers who take advantage of them and work them as slaves, long hours, below standard pay and keeping the fearful of being deported if they balk?

    Does it escape you that their being taken advantage of by these unscrupulous employers ends up driving wages and benefits down for all, including those who desperately need decent paying jobs from your own community?

    No, we Republicans do not hate Hispanics. It is not we that keep Hispanics, Blacks and others locked up in ghettoes, receiving paltry handouts with no prayer of escape. That is the Democrats who continually tell these peoples that there is no use in their trying to get an education they cannot make it anyway.

    In closing, I will ask a question of you that no one has yet to answer that elevates Hispanic culture above America’s in America today. What is so grand about the Hispanic culture and way of life that they must encourage million of their citizens to risk life and limb sneaking across the border just to make minimal survival wages? Since that culture is considered better, shouldn’t it be capable of providing for its own people?

    Think about that.

  5. Just because I refuse to vilify a group of people doesn’t make me a bad person. But in your eyes, I seem to be the lowest of the low. Interesting that should be the case- or not!”

    Uhm, do you not vilify Republicans in your post? Do you not say we are like the KKK? No, only we are wearing suits, and that makes us much scarier?

    I will vilify all those companies and corporations that are willing to bring in undocumented workers to paid under the counter. These horrific companies should be vilified by the authorities and by the courts with fines of astronomical proportions. It will help to alleviate the financial burden brought on by our own country not protecting our borders and also not make coming to our country illegally look so attractive to illegals.

    But in your eyes, I seem to be the lowest of the low. Interesting that should be the case- or not!”

    Hmmm, now where have I heard that before? That I think I am better? Perhaps from that rich Hispanic culture that I decided to not let my children be a party to.

  6. I appreciate this post Lea. I’m a genuine hispanophile who has traveled extensively in Latin America, including studying in an Argentine University for two semesters. I’m also an immigrant who believes in honoring my adopted country and complying with the law.

    Your insights on culture are spot on. The fact that the United States has had so much immigration from so many places means that assimilation is even more important. In the absence of common sense of “patria” society will Balkanize.

    Recognizing the cultural strengths that have helped make the United States so much more productive than Latin America is not racist.

  7. Thank you Idler for your contribution and for being the voice of reason.

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