Do Washington’s Elected Officials Care?

by lewwaters

It has been nearly two weeks since the community lost 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, brutally murdered in a Hazel Dell Field. An arrest has been made. She has been laid to rest. The family still grieves as do her personal friends. But, all too many others seem to have successfully put the murder behind them, moving on with their lives.

Fingers have been pointed at developers and owners of the field where abandoned and condemned homes remain standing. Ignored is that destruction of the buildings must be in accordance with some vague environmental regulations, causing delays as potential hazards must be inspected and assessed.

One of the most shocking revelations to me in all this was discovering that not only do we have known dangerous sex offenders freely roaming about Clark County, but that an effort by Senator Don Benton, Republican from the 17th District, to pass stronger measures dealing with these predatory sex offenders, DIED IN THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE in 2006.

Senator Benton has tried again to pass stronger measures. You can hear a Podcast of an interview with Senator Benton from his web page


After posting Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die and just before posting Protect Our Children First, I shot off emails to all of Clark County’s elected officials in Olympia, both party’s.

I received replies from Senator Benton’s office and from Representative Ed Orcutt, who shares my outrage. Representative Orcutt said to me,

We have attempted to pass Jessica’s law in the past, but it got watered down to Jessica’s lite. I have asked staff to draft a true Jessica’s law and will seek to get it passed this year. Since we are past committee cutoffs, it is a bit more tricky, but I will still push for it.”

From the audio linked to above, Senator Benton also continues to try to get stronger protections for our children.

Sadly, the only reply I received from Democrats was Representative Jim Moeller asking me when was Senator Benton’s Bill allowed to die, even though I stated in my message that it was 2006.

Why is it that our Republican minority in Olympia meets such strong opposition from Washington States Democrats when it comes to protecting our children from these predators?

Senator Craig Pridemore, Democrat 49th District, has a link on his web page to a pdf copy of a 2007 document, Sex Offender Sentencing in Washington, which did nothing to protect Alycia or get these predatory monsters off of our streets.

I did not find statements or comments about this from the others on their web sites about the need to protect our children. Newly elected Representative Jim Jacks seems to be living up to his campaign promise to “listen and learn,” instead of taking actions or promoting ideas.

I was particularly shocked to read the daily Letters To The Editor section of the Columbian and find so few letters published expressing outrage over so many repeat Level III sex offenders freely roaming Clark County, wearing only a GPS tracking device for satellite tracking to determine their whereabouts by Department of Corrections, not parents of children, who were not told of these predators roaming their neighborhoods.

Commenting about this confessed Level III sex offender held in the murder of Alycia Nipp elicited comments of blame to the parents and it being the parents responsibility to protect their children, not the state.

Hellooooo, keeping these monsters off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods IS protecting our children.

Today’s Columbian tells us of another Level III sex offender, who forced a 14 year-old girl into prostitution and assaulted the girl numerous times in Portland, has now moved to Clark County and is also “homeless.” He too is wearing a GPS tracking device that may place him in the vicinity of any potential crime he may commit against our children AFTER the crime is committed.

I am left wondering just why these animals feel safe and secure into move to our community in the first place and freely roam about.

I don’t want to believe or think our elected officials do not care, but when I see more effort placed on forcing us to accept Light Rail for a new I-5 Bridge, money ready to be wasted on a waterfront project, when we don’t have it and other such budgetary efforts, over passing strong legislation to protect our children and citizens first, I can’t help but wonder just where are their priorities.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

20 Comments to “Do Washington’s Elected Officials Care?”

  1. The Adam Walsh Act and Jessica’s Law both endanger more children than they save.

    All the research says the same thing, “More Harm than Good.” Many states are refusing the AWA due to costs and ineffectiveness and the unintended consequences.

    Jessica’s law is exorbitant and will in the long run cost Billions in new taxes.

    A Good place to start reading would be here:

  2. Well, just how much are your children worth to you?

    How is it we can plan Billions and Billions of dollars on a worthless Light Rail system and turn a blind eye to the safety of our children?

    As for Jessica’s Law, it isn’t perfect and as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t go far enough. These animals that repeat should never be allowed back in our community’s. If you are worried about cost, Devil’s Island or some other such desolate place comes to mind.

    But ultimately, you have to ask yourself, how much is your child’s life worth?

  3. If we were really that concerned with protecting children, we’d stop wasting our money on feel good laws that do not work. The vast majority of sex crimes are committed by someone NOT on the registry. Most of the current laws named after stories like Alicia’s are named after people not killed by sex offenders, but by those not on the list. Stories like Alicia’s are as tragic as they are RARE. But laws based on emotions rather than reason are doomed to fail. In our zeal to eradicate sex crimes we suck up those caught in this broad net for such things as teens having consensual teen sex with other teens or “sexting” for that matter. And by virtue of the age of those who participated with them in these activities, they are considered “sexual predators.” It happens more often than you think.

    Speaking of the Walsh/ Lunsford Act, here is a fact page on it:

    Even if you kill everyone even accused of a sex crime, it would not address the issue, because re-offending by sex offenders is rare and most sex crimes are committed by those not on registries.

  4. I absolutely am not joking! I’m sure Alycia’s parents are very conforted knowing that the murderer of their child was only part of 5%.

    While I will admit that the majority of sex crimes against children are committed by those not yet registered, I will remind you that this entire article is about those who are already REPEAT OFFENDERS, as was the Level III sex offender who murdered Alycia.

    You say that repeat offenders is “RARE.” Do I give a crap about any rarity? NO! The life of one child is worth more to me than all the sex offenders you wish to coddle.

    We have been trying this bleeding heart approach for many years and we still see children murdered by repeat offenders who, according to bleeding heart morons, deserve to freely roam amongst our children and in our neighborhoods.

    That tells me, in spite of all your “feel good” “all you need is love” approach, IT ISN’T WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This entire post is not about teens “sexting,” it is about known repeat sex offenders who murder children. It is about Level III repeat offenders who should not be allowed to prey on more children. It is about protecting our children instead of setting them up for further abuse.

    Maybe I’d fall for this bleeding heart crap of yours, but you see, I am an adult survivor of sexual abuse by a family member when I was a child. Yes, even boys are sexually molested at young ages and in spite of all the nonsense spewed about how it is good for us, it is not.

    So, you know where you can put your pedophile/NAMBLA support.

    I don’t fall for it!!!!

  5. MSLGWCEO, you are a freak. You support and are in defense of the scum that will do this sort of thing to a child. YES A CHILD!!

    It is hard for me to see the photo of this young girl, who was brutally murdered. The reason? I see my daughters. Beautiful dark hair, beautiful skin. Sparkling eyes. When I look at this child I see a beautiful person that should be cherished.

    My heart goes out to the Nipp family. They have had their sweet child ripped from thier lives in the most horrific way possible.

    You MSLGWCEO and people like you are the scum of the earth. There is nothing decent in letting this killer have another breath of air.

  6. You’re joking right?
    NO. Murder of a child is no joke. What part of 30 years old don’t you understand. This class III sex offender was out on the streets because of advocates like you.

    A child has no right to consent to sex. An adult has no right to force themselves on a child.

    The tolerance of people like you is what has created this problem. Apparently some of our elected officials feel same way you do. Maybe even associated with your depraved groups. Why don’t you let us know exactly who they are.

  7. This is a website for conservatives?? I am confused because I thought conservatives were about LESS GOVERNMENT and Less regulation??? Well here’s some fresh meat for the wolves.

    I am one of those evil Registered sex offenders/Pedophiles/predators take your pick of labels because their all the same in the eyes of the misinformed sheeple??

    Many years ago I had a consensual one time sexual trist with a teen aged girl.

    Being a conservative and realizing I was the adult I decided to admit what I had done and take my lumps.

    I was so green that it did not even occur to me that someone that had consensual relations with a teen just one year away from being legal would be placed on a list with people that may have raped 5 yo children and no distinction is made between the two.

    I thought that in America you did your time and then you were square with the house?? The American “nanny state” of today teaches that government is the answer. Government can keep your children safe?

    Any REAL conservative knows this is bunk yet out of the other side of their mouths they get on this blog and cry for more worthless feel good do nothing Government intervention??

    You and YOU ALONE are responsible for keeping your children safe. I personally am all for longer sentences and locking people up for life that are a true danger to society but when this sick person is on a registry next to me? Or I am on a registry right next to some pimple faced kid that had sex with his 16 yo girlfriend how exactly is this a public service?

    This guy was under the most stringent regulations that any state has in place yet he killed this girl and went in as scheduled to report to his P.O. the next day.

    They sold you sheeple this GPS monitoring business as if it will make any difference to someone bent on committing a crime??

    “”You say that repeat offenders is “RARE.” Do I give a crap about any rarity? NO! The life of one child is worth more to me than all the sex offenders you wish to coddle.””

    I am very sorry sir that your own personal hatred is driving your comments but if your going to come one here and dribble off at the mouth about “all sex offenders” I too will have to re inform you that 95% of all new sex offenses will be committed by someone not on any registry!!

    I understand how easy it is for the weak minded to buy into the herd mentality and point the finger at the”boogymen” rather than look at Pastor Joe or Uncle Bob etc but the facts just don’t back this up.

    I do not know if your willing to be as honest as I have been but I would wager that it was someone in your own family or a close friend that abused you?? I can say with complete honesty that I feel empathy for what happened to you but hatred and revenge NEVER equate to logical public policies that’s the REAL REASON that horrible sex crimes continue to happen.

    I hope they give this piece of garbage 30 days in the electric chair for what he did to that girl but DO NOT be a MORON and think that 700,000 RSO’S are the same or deserve to be treated the same.

    We had a constitution and a rule of law in this nation at one time and true conservatives once fought to protect that document and those rules but today we have feel good “placebo’s” that make for great stories on the 5 o clock news and great sound bites for politicians but I think this case proves more than most that preemptive punishments/safeguards do absolutely nothing to protect children.

  8. As usual, if you don’t like the message, attack the messenger. My heart also goes out to the family and every victim of sexual abuse. But lets face it, ALL the studies and research says the same thing in reference to the laws as they are written. “MORE HARM THAN GOOD.”

    Residency laws don’t make a bit of difference when it comes to recidivism, In fact they endanger children. Google those facts, don’t take my word for it.

    The Tier system is broken and so much so that the real predators are hiding in the registries all across this nation.

    GPS is a joke. If one is determined to commit a crime, all they have to do is “cut it off.” It happens every day. People go into hiding, then you don’t know where they are.

    Then there is Ricky, read his story here: Many teens are on the registry for consensual sex. People who’s one and only mistake was 10-15- 20 years or more are on the registry.

    Class three sex offender doesn’t mean a thing. There are very dangerous individuals on Tier I. We need individual risk assessment with evidence based research. Painting everyone with the same broad brush is only feel good and ignorant legislation.

  9. Well, SH, I hope you feel better after your pathetic diatribe. Perhaps you should have read a little slower as I consistently state this is about LEVEL III Sex Offenders. Or, perhaps Virginia doesn’t have that distinction. Either way, this isn’t about a 19 year-old who had consensual sex with a 17 year-old.

    In case you missed it, this was spurred by a 31 year-old LEVEL III sex offender, the ones most likely to repeat their offense, who murdered a 13 year-old girl here recently. She wasn’t giving her consent and was stabbed to death for it.

    Now, allow me to look closer at your own words and see if they are decipherable.

    One thing that stands out to me immediately is the convenient omission of your own age. That alone can make a world of difference. A 21 year-old having consensual sex with a 17 year-old might gain more sympathy than say, a 35 or 40 year-old having sex with an under aged girl. That is why most states have or used to have Statutory Rape laws, where those old enough to know better do it to impressionable immature girls.

    An outdated legal term, many states have now renamed it and changed some sentencing. But, there have been laws all along against sexual relations with those under a certain age. Knowingly violate your states laws, you pay the price.

    Your twist of conservatism is most laughable as conservatives also believe the main function of government is to protect citizens, including under age children. That is not government intrusion, but government protection, as laid out by the founders.

    Keeping these LEVEL III sex offenders away from the children removes one threat children and parents face. While parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s safety, a little help from the government doing as they are supposed to, helps.

    As for the GPS units, I state they ineffective and worthless as all they do is place them in the vicinity of the crime AFTER the crime is committed. I don’t know where you come off as I think otherwise.

    Even Jessica’s Law, which basically forces longer sentences, is only a step in the right direction to me. LEVEL III offenders should not be allowed back in our communities, that is my stance!

    Your psychobabble is especially pitiful. Protecting children and keeping them safe from “KNOWN” predators isn’t hatred. It gives parents less to worry a bout. If my not caring that some vague statistic says most don’t repeat bothers you, that is your problem, not mine.

    As to who abused me as a youth and your challenge, not that you or anyone else needs to know, but I clearly stated, “I am an adult survivor of sexual abuse by a family member when I was a child.”

    As for your rhetoric of, “We had a constitution and a rule of law in this nation at one time and true conservatives once fought to protect that document.”

    Need I remind you that at one time, those that sexually abused a child never made it to trial? They were strung up, shot, tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail, if the community spared their life.

    Your imitation of a conservative falls flat here. Only the truly “weak-minded” would fall for your garbage and I’m not!

    You see, this is the same city that was victimized by Westley Allen Dodd 20 years ago. The liberal, feel-good, not me worry treatment he received resulted in three little boys being brutally murdered by him.

    Your diatribe accomplished nothing here, except giving me a better opportunity to show other readers why we must have stronger laws to keep LEVEL III sex offenders away from our children.

  10. Funny thing, MSLGWCEO, but I checked out your pathetic sick pro pedophile site to see just what all these “studies and research” actually say, and every freakin page you have is BLANK!!!!!!!

    Oh sure, you have a couple articles, but that isn’t “studies or research.”

    And again, I will reiterate, my posts are about those LEVEL III sex offenders that you say “doesn’t mean a thing.

    Had this SOB been properly dealt with and kept away from this community, Alycia Nipp would be alive and playing with her siblings today.

    Your defense of these animals is most reprehensible, but I am glad you made aware of your little group so we can keep an eye on you all and yes, I did notify the authorities of your pro-sex offender sites.

    Do yourselves and us a favor. Learn how to go into your bathrooms and jack-off. BUT LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!!!!!

    Or, pay the consequences, which next time, had I caught one in the act, might be a .357 solution.

  11. Leaortiz,

    Why don’t you tell us who YOU are? People like you make things worse by your fear mongering and ignorance. For every ultra-rare high profile case you point to, there are many more cases unlike those you point to in order to propagate these laws. And meanwhile not one thing has been done to prevent sex crimes. But we all know the truth behind your ranting. The fact is you try to compare all sex crimes to rape/murders, and that is simply not the case. People like you prevent those victimized by sex crimes from healing, instead offering more blind ignorance and revenge. That’s the sad thing about the internet, it is devoid of reason and filled with the opinions of armchair quarterbacks who obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

    There is a reason Jessica’s Law didn’t pass in Washington, which Lewwaters didn’t bother mentioning. The biggest complaint in mandatory minimums is it takes off the table one of the most basic procedures of criminal justice — plea bargaining. You think that is a good thing at first, but not when it means it cannot be given as an option to keep true victims from having to endure painful testimony in a trial. People will be more likely to “take it the box,” locking up the criminal justice system and ultimately causing the release of those who are guilty of severe sex crimes on some technicality. But I guess the average citizen lacks even the most basic understanding of the criminal justice system.

    And let us not forget that not every Tier 3 is a “sexual predator.” You wouldn’t understand that either, but the proof is in the pudding. Here is one such story of a 16 year old boy who met a girl at a party and had consensual relationship with what turned out to be a 13 year old girl (she lied about her age and was at a high school party, I might add). No force, no manipulation, no anything but two teens in love. The boy landed on the registry as a Tier 3 offender. [see:]. That is what these laws do, propagate more fear and loathing. Now we have children as young as 4 labeled “sexual deviants” and kids as young as 10 on sex registries [see: For every rare story as Field’s there are many more like the scenario I just described. So you know where you can put your hate filled ignorance.

  12. I happen to be female, age 51 and never arrested for anything in my life.

    You obviously were only on the front page. The “News Forum” has much much more. If you scroll down to the bottom of the forum, you will find “STUDIES.”

    My site is a very respected. Politicians, from both states and federal frequent my site.

    I’m not finished, as I have had it rebuilt just two months ago and have a mountain of studies to upload to the site.

    I am not an advocate for the repeat offender either. I am an advocate for effective laws, fair laws that actually PREVENT sex abuse in the first place.

    As far as I’m concerned, if you kill a child, we have the laws on the books to lock them up forever.

    When one (1) person murders someone it is not just to take it out on 700,000 who did not do the murder. Get my drift?

    Here is where the studies are.

    There are more studies sprinkled throughout the individual “states,” as they pertain to those states.

    Before you criticize what you don’t know about. Please make an effort to understand the research. Then we can be effective in requesting laws that are effective and efficient and above all, fair to our entire society. It may not be what the sex offender deserves but it is what we deserve as a society with a constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Remember too, “emotion makes for bad law because emotion lacks intelligence.

  13. As far as I’m concerned, if you kill a child, we have the laws on the books to lock them up forever.

    Stopping them from carrying out a capital offense sentence over 20 to 25 years and carrying it out in five or less suits me, in the case of child murder. And, as was done with Westley Allen Dood, probably the only decent thing he ever did.

    Unless you have some clairvoynace, just how do you propose laws to stop the sexual abuse? I’d agree with that, if possible.

    I’ll look at your so-called studies, but as a student of psychology when I went to college, I find many of them little more than babble, cherry picking to reach a forgone conclusion.

    Incidentally, my “lack of intelligence and emotion” in keeping LEVEL III sex offenders away from our children would have spared Alycia’s life.

    You and others keep trying to throw up your smoke screen here, don’t think I haven’t noticed. My posts are not about a 19 year-old having sex with a 17 year-old girlfriend. It’s about those that repeatedly harm children sexually and when not stopped, end up killing them.

    As far as a constitution and Bill of Rights is concerned, please explain to me how a sex offenders rights out weigh those of a child to grow up or a parent to raise their child in safety. Aren’t they covered by that same constitution and Bill of Rights in your world?

    And please, don’t “assume” I know nothing about this. As I said before, I too was a victim in my youth and have dealt with it and contrary to “studies,” did not grow into an adult sex offender but the exact opposite.

    As a now 60 year-old, who raised two daughters, at times as a single Dad, both grew into vibrant women and have familes of their own now. Neither knew about my childhood, but never faced threats either. When finally told in their adult years, both broke down and cried for what I endured as a male child at the hands of a predator, both female and male.

    Before you place so much stock in the criminals rights and views, perhaps you should look at it through the victims eyes. You see, we have rights too.

    Incidentally, female predators can learn to use the bathroom and toys too.

    I too have never been arrested for anything and in fact, have not even been given a traffic citation since 1967.

    You’ll have to pardon my lack of sympathy, but your smoke screen here is what ends up protecting the LEVEL III repeat offenders I wrote about.

  14. The problem is, there are no studies that recommend these laws. They ALL say the same thing, “MORE HARM THAN GOOD.” There is none to cherry pick from.

    If you can find reliable studies that say the opposite of what I have, I’ll be more than happy to post them, just to be “fair and balanced.”

    I too am not an advocate for repeat offenders, but I do beiliev in second chances. and the vast vast majority of sex offenders on Tier three are no threat to anyone.

    I spoke to a detective with the sex offender unite here in Tulsa and he told me the same thing, that is, there are some on Tier I who are much more dangerous than the vast majority on Tier III.

    That is the very reason why we need “individual risk assessment” We would all be safer and our taxes would be better spent.

    My opinion: Those who

    1. are REPEAT offenders

    2. Those who did NOT KNOW their victim, and

    3. The violent rapist are the ones I would deem for Tier III

    I think we can agree that we are on the same page but use different language.

    Can we prevent these type of crimes? Maybe some but never all because we don’t know the future and if someone is determined to commit a crime, NO LAW will prevent it.

    Ask a bank robber if any law ever stopped him. Perhaps we could restrict them from living within 2000 feet of a bank or where banks congregate. That might do it. What do you think??

    My friend, there is no smoke screen here. It’s just the truth

    I have looked at it through the victim eyes. I too am a survivor of sexual abuse when I was 12 years old by people known to my family and one family member. I kinow first hand. BUT I will not hold accountable anyone other than the individuals directly responsible. Their all dead now and I have moved on with my life years ago.

    Please don’t use vulgar and explicit language towards me or anyone. It’s not becoming of you as a conservative.

  15. P.S. If you sign in you can read the studies in the “File Library” top bar, Home Page.

  16. And again, MSLGWCEO, I’ll blow away your smoke screen and remind you that I am discussing LEVEL III offenders, those deemed most likely to reoffend.

    Your studies lump all together as do others I find.

    However, a December 2007 paper I found, “Sex Offender Residence Restrictions: Sensible Crime Policy or Flawed Logic?” contains a section, “RISK ASSESMENT” that is interesting; “Though they cannot predict with certainty that an individual offender will act in a specific way, risk assessment instruments estimate, with moderate accuracy, the likelihood of reoffending, and are therefore useful for screening offenders into relative risk categories.”

    While you continue to lump all together, I am talking of those most likely to reoffend. Why are they released back around children?

    Other parts of it you should enjoy as it questions residency restrictions, although it admits, “The effectiveness of residence restrictions policies on sex crime prevention is largely unknown because empirical investigations of this topic are virtually absent in the literature.”

    But again, my focus in this is on those who have already been deemed most likely to reoffend. The same ones you claim, “I too am not an advocate for repeat offenders.” Unlike you, though, there are some things I do not believe in granting “second chances” for.

    You claim, “the vast majority of sex offenders on Tier three are no threat to anyone.” Yet, people far more qualified than we have deemed them “Most likely to reoffend.”

    I am sure that Alycia Nipps parents are comforted to know that statistically, at least by you, the murderer of their daughter was “no threat to anyone.”

    Perhaps should he apologize and promise not to do it again, we could release him for a “second chance” and allow him back around the neighborhood? Isn’t that the bleeding heart way?

    I question a detective stating that “some on Tier I who are much more dangerous than the vast majority on Tier III.” If that is true, it destroys your claim of, “That is the very reason why we need “individual risk assessment””

    You see, here LEVEL III IS an individual risk assessment. And currently, we have 10 that have been “individually assessed at risk” allowed to freely roam in a “transient” status with parents, children and neighbors having no clue who they are or where they are.

    Unfortunately, 13 year-old Alycia Nipp has the misfortune to discover one. Tragically, he appears to have not known that statistically, “he is no threat to anyone.” Neither did Alycia.

    Then again, neither did the 3 victims of Westley Allen Dodd here, back in 1989.

    In fact, there are just too many names to list them all that also had no idea that their murderers were “statistically no threat to anyone.”

    You see, I am not advocating GPS tracking, or a specific distance they must remain away from certain places, I DON’T WANT THESE “MOST LIKELY TO REOFFEND” ANYWHERE NEAR THE NEIGHBORHOODS.

    Like you, those that abused me are long dead and gone. I do no blame everyone, just those that abused me. Fortunately for me, my anger was expended while serving my two tours in Viet Nam. I too moved on, but when I hear of others suffering, I refuse to make excuses for their abusers, especially those that end up killing their young victims.

    And again, I am not talking of teens sexting or engaging in sex with one slightly above the age of consent and the other just under. I am talking of those deemed “MOST LIKELY TO REOFFEND” who have already harmed a child or even an adult.

    So yes, whether you agree or not, you are throwing up a smoke screen that will protect those that pose the highest risk to our children. Lesser offenders we may grant a second chance, depending on severity of crime, but LEVEL III is an entirely different matter.

    I do not need you admonishing me on how to speak. So far, I have been extremely kind in what I actually wish to say to you or anyone else that makes excuses for these specific offenders who have time and time again shown a propensity to murder children!

    If you cannot tolerate my speech or words, feel free to exercise your right to not enter my blog.

  17. To “The Truth.”

    What a maroon. You ask my good friend Lea “Why don’t you tell us who YOU are?” while you and the rest of your sex deviant pedophile lovin bleeding hearts hide behind assumed screen names?

    I know Lea personally, I do not know any of you. She posts under her name, as do I. You all hide your identity.

    Very telling.

    As to what you consider your points, read through the replies, they were addressed.

    But, like the others, you also throw up a smoke screen mentioning one person who had consensual sex with an underage girl who allegedly lied about her age.

    As far as we are preventing those victimized from healing, please tell us all how Alycia Nipp is to heal. Tell us how the victims of Westley Allen Dodd will heal. The list is too long and growing and ll you bleeding heart lovers of deviants do is run interference for keeping our children safe from the worst of them.

    Does it still escape all of you that this is about those DEEMED MOST LIKELY TO REOFFEND? Not teens, not 4 year olds, not 10 year olds, but grown predators that have been captured, convicted, treated and deemed most likely to reoffend.

    Slaughtered children are of no consequence to you all, just so long as your bleeding hearts provide safety for the perpetrators of those crimes.

    I even recall as Wetsley Allen Dodds execution was approaching how bleeding hearts tried every trick they could think of to keep him alive. Their compassion was to one who brazenly said if her ever got out, he will kill again!

    And that is who they wished to save? No remorse over three innocent little boys who died horrible deaths. Just like the lack or remores or compassion exhibited by you all for a vibrant 13 year-old girl whose body was just buried.

    Instead, you desire more of those like the one who killed her released to freely roam about?

    How comforting to know that statistically, they pose no threat. Dead children don’t exactly conform to statistics, though.

    You all have some pretty screwed up priorities to defend known predators over children.

    If what you say is true about why Jessica’s law did not pass here, it fits more into my later post on Democrats blocking strnger measures to keep our children safe, since they just this week used parlimentary procedure to block another attempt from Senator Benton.

    Your screen name hardly fits you. You are anything but!

  18. Those “Most likely to re-offend are LUMPED together with the LEAST LIKELY to re-offend. Tier III doesn’t seperate.

    That is why I and many others are advocating for “INDIVIDUAL RISK ASSESSMENT, rather than the broad brush of the AWA .

    This morning there is an article of a LEVEL I, who has been arrested in the death of a 13-year-old girl.

    Individual risk assessments are vital to the safety of children.

  19. The latest on the Level I offender.

    Sex Offender Charged in Slaying of Teen Girl,2933,506946,00.html

    Of course Fox did not mention that he is a Level I.

  20. You all are really quite funny. You come here arguing that the majority of these preverts are no threat and then post me a link to an article about one murdering someone.

    Do you shoot yourselves in the foot this way often?

    However, one thing I did tell you before, I read a book long ago, 1975 or so, written by a convicted rapist/murderer. He did not ask sympathy, nor did he want understanding. At the time there was no death penalty, so he wasn’t that.

    But, his main thrust is that he was incurable and would do it again if let out. Much like Westley Allen Dodd said.

    The book was actually part of his required “therapy” that the therapist decided should be a book. 100% of the proceeds were to go to teh vitims family of the 14 year-old he raped and murdered.

    I may have found the book again, it’s been out of print several years. I have ordered it to find out if it is the same one I recall.

    I’ll take the word of these predators that they will do it again over all the studies you can muster.

    Comments are now closed because I refuse to give you supporters of these pervs any more voice than I already have. Don’t like it? Tough, spew your filth somewhere else.

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