Washington State Democrats Block Stronger Sex Offender Laws

by lewwaters

Shortly after the murder of 13 year-old Alicia Nipp in Hazel Dell, Washington State Republcian Senator Don Benton tried once again to get stronger sentencing for sex predators in Washington State.

Benton said,

Clark County is up in arms about this. All of us representing Clark County are receiving e-mails asking what can be done. It is just horrific.”

Ladies and gentlemen I ask you to join me today to send a strong message to these heinous criminals, these horrific predators that prey on our children and our communities that Washington state will not be a haven for this kind of activity.”

He tried to attach an amendment to a bill and was met with resistance from Senator Debbie Regala, D-Tacoma, upheld by fellow Democrats and Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen.

Listen to Senator Benton’s own words in a March 5, 2009 interview conducted by Erich Ebel of the Senate Republican Caucus at Benton amendment would enact ‘Jessica’s Law’ bottom right of page.

You can also read Senator Benton’s press release for more information.

I am left speechless that Washington State Democrats have such little regard for the safety of our children that they continually fight and oppose efforts to protect our children from these predators who are allowed to freely walk our streets with minimal supervision.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

4 Comments to “Washington State Democrats Block Stronger Sex Offender Laws”

  1. We as parents demand that the elected officials cross the aisle and work with Senator Benton on this issue. We don’t want Vancouver or Clark County to become a pedophile haven.

    Crimes of this mortal magnitude deserve swift and strong action. This is not for a political party, this is for our children. The children of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, even those that are not affiliated with any party.

    We need stronger laws. Here you have proof that leniency does not work. One child is one child too many.


  2. What’s their interest in this that they would block it? What precisely don’t they like?


  3. Anthony, that is something I have no answer to. It boggles my imagination that people oppose stronger measures against sex offenders.

    And again, I am not talking about teens close in age, one just over the legal age and the other just under.

    I just cannot fathom why so many wish to be lenient on these people when time after time, they succeed in hurting others for life, if not killing them.


  4. this is bull. i believe and so do hundreds of others that sex offenders should be put to death immediatly. not get away with it 3 times! these pathetic bastards have no reason to live! rid the world of their existance!


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