Liberals Booted Out Of Hunter Safety Class

by lewwaters

Thirteen-year-old Lane Dunkley, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was looking forward to going hunting with his grandfather. To get an Oklahoma hunting license, he first had to attend a Hunter Safety Course.

After bringing his grade average up to meet his father’s standards, He and his father traveled to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for such a class.

At the beginning of the class, the volunteer instructor asked if any had voted for Barack Obama. Lane’s father raised his hand, the instructor railed on about Obama and asked the father son duo to leave, threatening to cancel the course if they did not.

While I am no fan of Obama, gun safety training is no place for such partisanship rhetoric. This instructor missed a golden opportunity to show liberals how serious conservatives are about gun safety and to let them see we are not the crazed Bible Thumpers we are often portrayed as.

Rightfully so, the instructor lost his position swiftly, a decision I support.

Story here.

There is a time and place for all of our partisanship and Obama’s performance is a fair target, like others before him.

Taking it out on a 13 year-old is just wrong, as is including such partisanship in a gun safety course.

4 Comments to “Liberals Booted Out Of Hunter Safety Class”

  1. Maybe the grandfather was a conservative. A lot of conservatives have left the Republican fold over the last 20 years. that firearm safety instructor’s attitude is part of a bigger problem that some don’t recognize. It drives conservatives who think for themselves far away.

  2. That safety instructors attitude is reprehensible, no matter what party.

    I have no love for Obama, as you know, but I’d never take it out on a 13 year-old or anyone seeking gun safety training.

    You are right to many conservatives are witholding support of the GOP and many are seeking a truly conservative party. But, there are a lot of us also working to turn the party back around.

    In fact, I’d like to see the Democrats move back towards conservatism as they once were. Today’s liberal leadership is scary in that they really aren’t liberal, in the true sense, but closer to Socialist, some bordering on Soviet style communism.

    Then again, look at the conduct of many of them over the last 8 years and even continuing today. The way they attacked and continue to attack Sarah Palin, and her family, is just as bad and even worse than the gun safety instructor.

  3. this is crazy ,my grandparents died and fought in ww 2 so these jerks can pull crap like .this instructor and people like him might as well spit on the graves of those that actually fought for real freedom ,what a disgrace this person is to freedom

  4. That one person is a disgrace, James and deserved to lose his position.

    I’d also say that applies to liberals who take things out on conservatives as well.

    I long for the days when we were able to get behind a president, even if of another party. But, liberals set the vitriol as high as it’s ever been and despite their words to the contrary, do not desire true bi-partisanship.

    As a Veteran myself, I cry at seeing my beloved America losing its freedom and liberties every day under new restrictive socialist policies.

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