Murder by Memo

by lewwaters

Submitted for posting by Laine Johnson of

The case for embryonic human stem cell research butchery
by Laine Johnson

“Moreover, no man knows when his hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.” (Ecclesiastes 9:12 NIV)

This morning, I listened as the news anchor forced a bright tone into his voice and regurgitated the poisonous talking points of the memo he just consumed:

“President Obama has signed a Presidential declaration that will allow embryonic stem cell research to proceed forward …” The announcer goes on to list all the wonderful medical breakthroughs that this research will under gird. We are assured that the embryos are left over in fertility clinics, and would not have been used anyway.” These embryos were never intended to be allowed to live, so it is OK to kill them now. But, don’t worry, the News Anchor assures us- we will never cross that really bright line- we will never produce embryos for the purpose of killing them! How moral of us! How refined!

So with the stroke of his pen, Obama has made this decision to withdraw protection from the least among us. For a man who famously claimed that decisions about life in its earliest, most delicate phases was “beyond his pay grade,” Obama is certainly giving us our money’s worth now. We only have to pay a lowly presidents salary to a man who is now freely and recklessly making decisions about other people’s right to live and die. Obama’s presidency can almost be defined by the phrase “making decisions beyond his pay grade.”

In his “fair and impartial” voice, the news announcer pretends to state the position of opponents of embryonic stem cell research, “Opponents of embryonic stem cell research say that such research is unethical because the embryos still have a chance to grow up to be people.”

How clever. How dishonest. How revolting. How disingenuous. “Because the embryos still have a chance to grow up to be people.” No, Mr. News Announcer, the “embryos” are human already. You are just using the word “embryo” to camouflage that truth. You know that “embryo” does not conjure up a tiny human with ten toes and ten fingers- you know that people think of an embryo as non-human, as some kind of a tissue blob that does not look like us. It’s always easier to kill a person if you dehumanize him. And you have done it with a word! How brilliant! How stunning! How terrifying!

And Mr. News Announcer, now that you have turned the reality of humanity into a talking point, how will you escape from the “evil times that fall unexpectedly” on men? Have you not considered that someday in the near future, when you are in your News Announcer Nursing Home, that someone will not silently creep into YOUR room and remove YOUR life support? They will reason that you had your chance to be human, but now your time has passed, and someone younger needs your bed to finish out THEIR fully human experience. You will not need that bed- someone younger has decided that your time has come to matriculate out of humanity. Do you think anyone will be listening to you then, as you desperately try to tell them that you missed THAT memo?

6 Comments to “Murder by Memo”

  1. Mr.laine johnson,

    My name is hema mother of a cerebral palsy child, tamilnadu, india. The legalisation of embryonic stemcell transplantation is a world appreciated work of the president Obama, do you know that it not only helps spinal cord injured persons to wake up, it also helps more number of patients sufferring from brain damage.

    Here in the present world, statistics says that there are more number of patients who are now living with huge troubles i.e. unable to walk, unable to see, unable to talk etc., more childrens whose parents are sufferring a lot to take care of those childrens. The embryonic stemcell transplantation will clear their sufferrings all blessings of those parents will go to the president Obama. Those blessings are very best than the sin followed up after killing embryos.

    One thing I want to tell with your sentence that “embryos still have the chance to grow up to the people. Existing people who have born in the world has to be treated first and then we can think about the people who will born.

    Havent you experienced with cerebral palsy child behave in their house. No certainly not, that’s it you comment like this. If you have a child with cerebral palsy and if you look after him daily, you wont think of the killing of embryos and its sin.

    As a cerebral palsy child’s mother, every second i suffered a lot with him. His eyes are partial known, he cant walk, he didnt even went to normal school, i spent more in lakhs for his treatment and so on.

    I thanked a lot for the president Obama for his legalisation of embryonic stemcell research and i wish him to allow this treatment for cerebral palsy children . This embryonic stemcell transplantation should spread world wide and should be benefited by each and every patient of the world. the cost also should be in a reduced way. I request the president once again for the thing to be made common throughout the world.



  2. Hema, please don’t take this as confrontational or discreditting your child, but yours is the very first I’ve ever heard of embryonic stem cell research actually accomplishing anything.

    As far as I’ve read, it’s been adult stem cell research that has made marevelous advances so far.

    I wonder too, since you are in India, what Obama’s dealings in America have to do with anything? Doesn’t the Indian government fund such research?

    I also find it curious that you could just cast aside an unborn child as easily as you did.

    But please, could you direct us to cases were embryonic stem cells actually accomplished something, not just claims of what it can hopefully do?

  3. Hello Hema,

    I appreciate the time you have taken to share with me your concern for your child. I hope you love that child- just as I love my own wife, who was also born with cerebral palsy. I am glad that SHE was not killed before she was born, and when you really love someone, you will pay the price for the dignity of their lives. I would be lost without her.

    President Obama did not legalize embryonic stem cell research, what he did was lift a ban on funding that research with US dollars. At least half of us believe that killing embryos is morally wrong, so it is a violation of our human dignity to force us to be a part of this morally evil thing.

    And as Lew has alluded in the comment above, scientists have been able to make the adult stem cells function in the way they previously thought only embryonic stem cells could function. President Obama had a choice between supporting morally problematic research that has not been effective versus supporting morally benign research that accomplishes the same thing. What did he choose?

    If I did not speak out, I would betray my wife, and become complicit with President Obama in what he did.

  4. Sir lewwaters,

    With reference to your reply, i wish to inform u that i have not given out my words for my son alone. There are all about crores of people in india suffering from such ailments without money. Is any researches and scientific inventions stops in one country? Is it didnt passed over the world?

    As per ur words did any adult stemcells made walk any severe cerebral palsy? please send me the proof to my mail id. It is because i am watching the internet for about 5 years for this solutions. So please if you find any doctor who have given completely 100 percent result for a cerebral palsy? If it is sure pl send me the detals.

    Moreover, i believe The president Obama does not retain the research, findings and treatment through embryonic stemcells within their country. He will help in other country patients to treat with the embryonic stemcells. Or give the patent rights to the hospitals of India for the improvement of indian patients.

    I trust the president in this issue. So that more number of mothers blessings will come to the president. and i pray god for his success. Please noone discourage him for his actions.

    thanks a lot sir the president.

    thanking you

    Mrs. hemaraman


    3/55, thomas park housing unit,

  5. Hema,

    It is true that this disease affects more that just your son. As I told you before, my wife suffers from this same ailment. It is not right to take the lives of innocent people without their consent to save other people like your son or my wife.

    It is not correct to ask the question about whether adult stem cell research has cured any cerebral palsy. Researchers have discovered how to make adult stem cells function like embryonic stem cells. So if cerebral palsy is to be cured by this means, then adult stem cells will suffice.

    What President Obama has done by insisting on embryonic stem cell research is to unnecessarily politicize the issue. Now your son (and my wife) will not just have to wait for the scientists to make the proper discoveries- now we have to convince people who believe that taking a human life is wrong that they should still support this research.

    As a somewhat related note, India has done very well with free market policies. So even India does not agree with the policies of President Obama. If you keep up with the news, Hema, you will recognize that President Obama’s attempt to socialize our economy is ruining our economy- over 9% inflation now. Under President Bush and President Clinton, unemployment was less than 6%. Now where will the research dollars come from since we have lost trillions? Even just one of those trillions might have cured this disease and many others. Now people in the US may have to choose between spending what’s left of their money to feed their families or spending that money to cure a disease that only a small percentage of the population (including my wife and your son) are afflicted with.

    Why use embryonic stem cells when adult stem cells can be switched to work the same way? You may not see this now, but perhaps someday you will realize that President Obama is the one standing in the way the cure for people like my wife and your son. He did not have to politicize this issue- he could have had a united country behind him to solve this scourge. But is attitude is that he won, so that he will do things his way- even if it is the wrong way.


  6. Well said, Laine.

    Hema, I’d prefer to read you place your trust in those research doctors who have successfully done with adult stem cells as Laine described, rather than a charismatic politican

    Here is a collection of articles that may help you see what advances have been made with adult stem cells over embryonic.

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