Who Cares About The Will Of “The People?”

by lewwaters

Not Washington State Senator, McDermott.

Received in email this evening from Faith and Freedom Network;

March 10, 2009
10:30 PM

Dear Lew Waters,

Senate Bill 5688 Passes at 9:51 PM Tonight

This is a sad day in Washington State. Standing against economic concerns, religious concerns, tradition and marriage itself, the Washington State Senate passed SB5688 at 9:51PM tonight, thus setting the stage for homosexual marriage in Washington State.
I cannot tell you how profoundly saddened I was, personally, as I watched the proceedings tonight.
Sen. Dan Swecker attempted to pass an amendment to send the matter to the people for a vote. The amendment was defeated.
Sen. McDermott said, “No. We’re elected to vote on behalf of the people.”
Senators Swecker, Stevens, Roach, and Holmquist spoke in opposition to the bill pointing out this bill creates an equivalency to marriage.
I will have more detail and where we go from here in tomorrow’s blog. I have included the roll call vote below. Please note how each senator voted tonight. Also note that Senators King, Pflug, and Brandland abandoned their own Republican party and voted against traditional marriage.

E2SSB 5688
Registered domestic partners
Senate vote on 3rd Reading & Final Passage
Yeas: 30 Nays: 18 Absent: 0 Excused: 1

Voting Yea: Senators Berkey, Brandland, Brown, Eide, Fairley, Franklin, Fraser, Haugen, Hobbs, Jacobsen, Jarrett, Kastama, Kauffman, Keiser, Kilmer, King, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Marr, McAuliffe, McDermott, Murray, Oemig, Pflug, Prentice, Pridemore, Ranker, Regala, Rockefeller, and Tom

Voting Nay: Senators Becker, Benton, Carrell, Delvin, Hargrove, Hatfield, Hewitt, Holmquist, Honeyford, McCaslin, Morton, Roach, Schoesler, Sheldon, Shin, Stevens, Swecker, and Zarelli


Excused: Senator Parlette

Sen. Dan Swecker attempted to pass an amendment to send the matter to the people for a vote. The amendment was defeated.
Sen. McDermott said, “No. We’re elected to vote on behalf of the people.”

And here I thought they were elected to “Represent” us, not dictate to us.

Why is McDermott afraid of a public vote? Because he knows the public consistently rejectes same-sex marriage.

Like it or not, it is coming to Washington State.

5 Comments to “Who Cares About The Will Of “The People?””

  1. As Rome burned so shall we. The total destruction of the moral fiber of this country is not slowly being destroyed by the liberal left and their desire to social engineer the people. People of Washington must remember this in the next election. I am convinced all liberals do not believe in God. Many say they believe in a higher power when asked if they believe in God! . I wonder what they will tell St Peter at the gate. It is hard to forgive any of these new radicals. The thrill of laying with one of the same sex allows these Democrats to vote in the affirmative and then they go home to their “spouse” chosen for political gains. May they rest at the bottom of hell for making a conscious decision in their votes. We the people are supposed to make the Law of this land. We elect people to represent our way of life in Olympia. It is time for another initiative.

    respectfully D Albert Sr


  2. Laws are for protecting our freedoms and rights, not enforcing religious beliefs.


  3. Sorry Charlie, but when the majority votes a certain way consistently, that is what they see and desire as “protecting our freedoms and rights.” and it has little to do with anyone’s religion.

    Unless, of course, majority rule only counts when it is in agreement with a very small minority of people.

    You see, Charlie, it is far from only religious zealots that oppose gay marriage. Perhaps that is why it is continually voted down by “we the people” in landslide votes against and why pro-gays resort to activist judges to rule their deviant behavior as proper.

    Ya’ll should have stuck to civil uinons, you had more support there.


  4. The fourteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America is intended to prevent discrimination based on who we are, rather than what we do. The only reason we are having to create laws to grant the rights already bestowed upon us by that amendment is because of hateful, selfish sinners like yourself who twist the word of God to accommodate your own discomforts.

    Not recognizing gay relationships with the proper legal status does not stop gay relationships, it just harms the people in them. You stand and preach hatred and harm to some of God’s children, and you truly believe that you are doing His will? You are despicable. Satan has whispered in your ear and you have listened all too willingly to his deceptions.

    All this, for far too long. You are aged, worn like a tattered piece of parchment whose wrinkles mar and distort what once was a true image of a virtuous man. The beautiful thing is that God will decide your time soon enough, and when He does, He will send you down to hell for your active hatred of your fellow man, and a more enlightened generation of faithful believers will do what you were too ignorant and weak to do.


  5. Boy Stephen, I sure ruffled your feathers.

    Funny how if one doesn’t agree with your point of view, then we are “hateful, selfish sinners.” Funnier still is you claiming I “twist the word of God to accommodate your own discomforts.” Funny because I don’t see anywhere that I quoted the Bible scriptures on “men laying down with men.”

    But, why let facts get in the way of your Heterophobia, right?

    What you haven’t a clue about is that I do not have any problem with Gays and do not fewar them. I just disagree with same sex marriage, like many others.

    Perhaps that is why it is consistently rejected in votes by citizens.

    None of you have yet to explain the overall benefit to society once you get your way. Such a radical change must be to benefit all of society, not just a small percentage.

    Civil Unions were offered and initially accepted, but they aren’t good enough now. Why?

    Hate to tell you but you all have the exact sameright to marriage that I currently do, but you have to push the envelope and force your lifestyle on the rest.

    I don’t try to push Hetero on you and truthfully, could care less what you shove up your ass.

    But, you are right, come Judgement Day God will Judge all of us, not you. You have already pronounced judgement and you haven’t the power to do that, it was given to Jesus from God, not you.

    By the way, I don’t believe in hell, so I don’t worry about you condemning me there.

    In the final end, what your hate blinds you to is that this entire post is about letting the people of the state vote on the matter.

    Care to explain why you fear an open vote of all the people of Washington?


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