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April 30, 2009

Democrats Cause Closure of Bend Factory

by lewwaters

An article in today’s Oregonian under the headline “Bend loses Cessna plant Citing the recession and public anger,” admits, “Few could have predicted that fury at Detroit executives for riding private jets would buffet central Oregon’s free-falling economy months later.”

Bend, Oregon now pays the price for the contrived outrage expressed earlier this year over Detroit Automaker Executives flying into Washington D.C. in private corporate jets fanned by the Obama administration and Democrats.

In January 2009, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs answered a question on Citigroups cancellation of the purchase of a new airplane that Obama does not think business jets are the “best use of money.”

Bend, with the nation’s second highest unemployment, 17%, now feels the effect of a “bright and articulate” politician whipping up public furor to build support for his socialist takeover of American Business.

Bend, as well as several other communities, are realizing that elections do have consequences after all and, within the first 100 days.

In the meantime, the administration has no problem panicking Lower Manhattan by sending a VC-45A (a Boeing 747 used for presidential transport) on a low level flight, followed by F-16 Fighters, over New York City for a photo op, at a cost of just under $400,000 in taxpayer money.

April 26, 2009

Special Notice From Sen. Janéa Holmquist

by lewwaters

Just received in Email:


OLYMPIA. Sen. Janéa Holmquist, R-Moses Lake, on the news that Democrats will be calling the Legislature back into a special session:

They can’t stop spending your money. A special session to raise your taxes?”

I might add, to raise them even higher?

Only time will tell.

April 26, 2009

A Sports Field For Hazel Dell

by lewwaters

I:Sports Field DevelopmentProjectsKings WayJilayne Model (1)Through no ones fault, I received notice of the public hearing for a proposed Sports Field to be constructed near 78th Street and St. John’s Road on the day of the meeting and was unable to attend.

I like the idea of building such a park where Little Leagues and T- Ball can be played by local teams and the public can enjoy watching children grow into the sport. My own grandsons might have games there, which would be easier for me to attend than traveling to the field they currently play on past 164th st.

The park plans call for “five baseball fields (1 full size, 2 intermediate size and 2 T-Ball), batting cages, a future restroom/concessions building, a parking lot, access roads and walkways and improvements to adjacent roads.”

Currently the 20-acre sight just sits there, unused.

Estimated cost of the project is $7.5 million, slated to be funded by Real Estate Excise Tax, paid to Clark County on home sales within the county.

Therein lies my problem with this project. I find my thoughts conflicting on this because as I said above, I really like this idea and think it worthwhile.

I am concerned over funding the construction out of REET primarily due to home sales being so poor in Clark County currently. For months now we have been reading of poor sales in Clark County and the nation, with foreclosures very high.

The April 20, 2009 Columbian ran an article, Supply of homes for sale in county dips while earlier, April 15, we also read County foreclosure rate worst in state.

An article in December said Clark County home sales down sharply telling us there was a 37.3 percent drop in home sales in November.

By April 10 we read County home sales stabilize, prices drop in March. But, they have stabilized low.

I fear funding, including the usual cost over runs, may not be available to complete the project on schedule or at all.

At a time when our economy appears so bleak, funding needed through taxes may not be available and citizens cannot bear much more taxation, as the Democrat led legislature is proposing tax and fee increases everywhere they can.

I have emailed the project manager about my funding concern and will post his reply should he answer, which I am confident he will.

I hope Hazel Dell resident’s support this project and it can be completed it without any additional taxes added to our property tax.

April 24, 2009

A Message From Richard DeBolt, House GOP Leader

by lewwaters

Washington state House Republicans have mere hours to read a 500 page budget document, a 300 page agency detail summary, and then vote on the bill? Where’s the transparency?

This is the sleazy tactics D.C. Democrats are using to goad Republicans into either voting for a bill they know nothing about, or voting against it and being castigated for dragging their heels.

Is this the “spirit of bi-partisanship” Democrats always cmpaign on?

Bi-partisnaship to them apparently means do all things their way and their way only!

April 24, 2009

Washington Blogger Wins $225,000 Lawsuit Against King County

by lewwaters

Stefan Sharkansky, of SoundPolitics has announced that King County has agreed to pay him $225,000 in a settlement over a lawsuit Sharansky filed over documents relatingto the contentious 2004 Governors Race/fiasco.

Sharansky filed for documents in December 2004 that were not supplied for some 3 years and that showed, once provided, that elections officials in King County counted hundreds of ineligible ballots that may have given the election to Dino Rossi instead of to Christine Gregoire. Rossi was the winner in the first two recounts.

As many recall, the 2004 Governors Race was one of the closest in history and the fiasco of King County mysteriously discovering more “lost ballots” as recounts continued with Gregoire losing made it even more contentious, leading upwards of 70% of Washingtonians, from both parties, desiring a revote. That was denied by the Democrat party and Gregoire ended up being our governor.

From the beginning, Sharansky was blogging and doing his own investigating into this contentious election and legally obtaining election results. King County, the source of Gregoire’s contentious win, drug their heels as much as they could. Sharansky did not back down and continued to pursue documented proof and truth about the election, resulting in this lawsuit.

Congratulations to Conservative Blogger Stefan Sharkansky for prevailing in his search for truth and fairness in our state.

April 23, 2009

More Ridiculous Palin Derangement Syndrome

by lewwaters

CNN’s Larry King, known for some time as a sleaze interviewer who can spare no effort at bashing conservatives, reached a new low in a recent interview of Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin’s infant son.

Levi, taking advantage of his 15 minutes, is clearly uncomfortable as King probes into the most private portions of his young life.

The fear and hatred of this one woman and her family, whose only crime is to be a conservative Governor and nominated for the vice-presidency in the 2008 election is out of hand.

It wasn’t enough to smear and lie about them throughout the campaign, now they wish to continue this unnecessary smear campaign by dragging intimate details of the children’s personal life into the public arena.

Think for a moment, all of you who have children. Do you know everything they did in their teen years? As a teen yourself, did you reveal all of your doings to your parents?

Why doesn’t Larry King probe the Obama’s about their first sexual experience? Will he ask if the “screwed” in the back seat of a car? Why doesn’t he ask if Barack ever took Michelle home to her parents house and “laid” her there?

Then again, perhaps Larry King would be too uncomfortable to probe into the Obama’s personal life, but why not Chelsea Clinton’s sex life?

Wake up America. Is this what we mistake for “journalism” today? Is this what America has become?

April 18, 2009

The Columbian’s Mischaracterization Of The Pork Protest

by lewwaters


I can’t really say I’m too surprised to read the Columbian’s report on Saturday’s Vancouver Pork Protest, complete with early aerial photo of the growing crowd which was taken maybe 15 minutes before it even started.

I judge the time by hearing the helicopter overhead as my wife and I were exiting my truck about that time and several others were still arriving.

The Columbian’s Scott Hewitt states it as Anti-tax wave washes through Vancouver.

Scott claims there were that “Several hundred angry people flooded the plaza outside the Clark County Public Service Center Saturday.” By my estimation, the crowd grew to over a thousand and sorry, Scott, I did not see this “anger” you speak of, but saw concern for the future of our children and our country.

A major highlight of the event was a person impersonating Thomas Jefferson and who dressed the part. To Scott, that person was “very excited” and “howled into the megaphone” that America is a great nation by destiny.

I would imagine the real Thomas Jefferson would have felt the same way. But c’mon, Scott, “Howled?” He gave an impassioned performance as one of our nations founders and for one, I feel he was very effective.

And, what’s the big deal that he wouldn’t give another name? Today, he ‘WAS’ Thomas Jefferson.

Hinting at racism, I presume, Scott tells us that only “Some” insisted their beef with Obama isn’t personal.” Does that mean that “Some” did insist it was personal, Scott?

If so, I never saw them and quite honestly, thought the few Blacks in attendance were right where they belonged, among fellow Americans who stood alongside them in the 1960’s Civil Rights rallies against the likes of Democrat Bull Conner.

Sorry, but I don’t see Black when I look at Barack Obama. I see Red. The same Red we saw in Nikita Kruschev, Joseph Stalin and others, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Yes, we were there to protest our move far left into socialism, which has yet to bring any nation into prosperity and ends up bankrupting the great masses, while those at the top live a life of luxury. I don’t see strong middle classes in socialism, but only two classes, the wealthy politburo, a distinct minority, and the proletariat, the poor working people majority who depend on the scraps dropped to them by the politburo.

We do not wish to see that happen here and we have begun protesting across the nation with the TEA Parties that were seen Wednesday and now, a Pork Protest in Vancouver.

Not mentioned by Scott Hewitt is that the crowd was not unruly. We did not burn anybody in effigy nor did we chant hatred for Obama or his minions, unlike the March 2007 rally in Portland where a protester defecated on a burning American flag in the middle of the street and others burned a United States Soldier in effigy while chanting, “Build a bonfire, Build a bonfire, Put the soldiers on the top. Put the fascists in the middle, And, we’ll burn the f**king lot.”

Rudeness mars peace message

That I recall neither Scott Hewitt nor the Columbian bothered to cover that aspect of the March 2007 “Peace Rally” in Portland.

But, we that gathered today to protest and express opposition to Obama’s excessive spending, Bush’s excessive spending and the ever increasing socialistic move of our society now hear that we were the “angry” ones.

Unlike Obama’s inauguration, we did not leave the Clark County Courthouse Square littered with trash. We picked up behind ourselves and took it with us, home or to a trash receptacle.

We did not block traffic on the march to Esther Short Park and the Police were not required to be there to keep us in line. Had they been there, they would have been treated with respect and instructions would have been followed, unlike rally’s for “Peace” that we have seen from the left.

Of course, that makes us un-newsworthy too as we do fit in with the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality of today’s Press Corps.

Regardless, we have taken our stand and will continue to exercise our constitutional right to protest the government and current administration.

There is another rally being planned for July 4th and I encourage all who are fed up with increasing taxes and government fees to attend and join us in demanding a fair tax rate and less government spending. Government waste must come to a screeching halt and soon, if we are to survive as a nation and remain a superpower, a superpower for good.

I am confident that more information on the July 4th rally will be forthcoming from

I hope to see many more there alongside of us and never forget the words screeched by Hillary Clinton in April 2003, “We have the right to debate and disagree with this or ANY administration.

That includes Democrats and Obama.

UPDATE: For some odd reason, the Columbian has reposted the same article in today’s paper under a revised title, ‘We were sold a bill of goods’.

April 17, 2009

Democrat Legislators Select To Invalidate Washington’s National Vote

by lewwaters

democratic_seal In a late night session in Olympia, Washington’s Democrat led House voted to pass and adopt Senate Bill 5599, “Approving the entry of Washington into the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.”

In essence, this is a move to do away with the Electoral College, which actually selects the President every election based upon how each individual state votes.

In actuality, this “National Vote” referendum turns the selection of our Presidency over to those heaviest populated states that will receive the most attention from candidates, as they will forgo visits and campaigning in lesser-populated states that will no longer matter.

In reality, this is just one more example of sour grapes from Democrats who haven’t gotten over the narrow loss of Al Gore to George W. Bush in the 2000 Florida election and who wish to ensure that their votes count more than those of Republicans.

Since Democrats retook Congress in the 2006 election and seized the White House in the 2008 election, there has been a rapid move to dismantle and invalidate several sections and provisions of our constitution that might challenge their dictatorial powers in the future, including the fair representation of each individual state in selecting the Presidency.

Not unexpected, Clark Counties Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller both voted ‘yea,’ invalidating your future votes when not for Democrats.

Not too unsurprising, a public vote will not be forthcoming on this important change to our voting structure.

As Representative Ed Orcutt said,

This is a huge fundamental change in how our Founding Fathers set up this country. The Electoral College, while sometimes difficult to understand, was set up as a way to protect smaller states from the whims of a handful of high-population states.”

“With this bill, we’re giving away our voice and our votes to other states. This is fundamentally wrong.”

Due to the ignorance of the average voter on the brilliance of the Electoral College, many have been convinced that it denies the rightful winner of the Presidential election their rightful office. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In most presidential elections the vote is far enough apart that the Electoral College vote is nothing more than a mere formality. Only 3 other times in the history of our nation has the Electoral College been called upon to perform as designed and given the office to one who did not win the popular National Vote before the 2000 election, which independent recounts show actually was won by President Bush.

Not unsurprising is our own Columbians disdain for this system, which was acknowledged by CCC at The Columbian’s Ignorance About The Electoral College and is shown once again in their exuberance on the passage of this measure in today’s editorial Legislature sends Electoral College reform measure to governor for signature.

Clark County Conservative maintains that had the 2000 election been reversed and the Electoral Vote went to Democrat Al Gore instead of to Republican George W. Bush, this would not be an issue at all and the effectiveness of the Electoral College would be lauded.

The Columbian editor who wrote this piece claims, “As we have editorialized often, this is undemocratic and un-American,” in regards to the Electoral Vote at times going against the National Popular vote. I fail to see how something written into our constitution is either “undemocratic or un-American.”

Then again, Democrats have repeatedly shown they have little use for our constitution for some time now. Not educating the public about the true worthiness of the Electoral Collegeis just one example of the Sour Grapes held since 2000 and the disdain for our constitution as they continue in their efforts to dismantle it.

The Columbian also tells us,

Washingtonians largely support this common-sense reform. Four months ago, a statewide poll of 800 voters by the national firm Public Policy Polling showed that 77 percent wanted the leading vote-getter to win the presidency.”

We are not informed as to the demographics of those “800” out of a population of well over 6,000,000, leaving the claim at best questionable.

Our liberties and constitution are being withered away before our very eyes and justified by those Democrats who are openly transforming a free nation into a Socialist one. Not only are they bankrupting the nation under every increasing massive indebtedness to foreign countries, we have direct assaults on our liberties, while the newly elected president embraces those in foreign lands who despise our nation as much as he does and alienates our long-standing allies.

Spineless Republicans failed to stand up for our rights and too often joined the Democrats in dismantling our liberties.

If you value our freedom and liberty, it is time to take a stand and identify those candidates who support our constitution and get behind them to elect them to office, at all levels.

We must take back America in order to pass along the freedoms we enjoyed to our children and grandchildren.

April 17, 2009

A Message From Clark County Pork Protest

by lewwaters

Subject: Tomorrow is the big day!

Hello Pork Protestors!

Tomorrow is the big day! Here are last minute instructions:

Bring two US flags and your creative signs. Also bring a trash bag to help clean up the park, just like we are going to clean up politics in 2010! You may be asked to carry one of the “zeros” for the trillion march- only a limited number of zeros are available. Your section leader will show you where to place the signs at the end of the march- we plan to reuse them soon!

There is a parking garage a block or two north of where we are first gathering at 13th and Franklin.

We will be organizing people by last name to make the march go smoother, so when you get to the protest area, look for the sign that has the first initial of your last name on it. There are eight signs- ABC DEF GHI … If your family has different last names, stay together, and choose whichever group you please.

We will start off the rally at 11am with speeches- we’ve got some real “barn burners” scheduled, plus some surprises. At 11:40 we will form up the ABC group, equip them with signs and send them down to Esther Short park. Just follow the ABC sign on the tall pole.

STAY on the sidewalks- we will be marching to 12th, turn left go one block to Esther, then follow Esther down about five blocks to the park. Remember- follow your trillion guide, they are carrying tall poles with ABC DEF … on them.

Once you get to Esther Short, follow your Trillion March guide as he locates you in a comfortable, empty grassy area away from other activities going on at the park tomorrow. A wedding is scheduled to begin at 1pm, so keep the kids and noise away from there as much as possible. Bring a picnic lunch, the weather is shaping up to be very fine!

Regrettably, for this event, their are no formal activities for the children, but they can have fun anyway on the equipment at the park. The “Constitution Challenge” will be available online soon at, so make sure your kids sign up for that.

If you good with kids, please contact us at, our next event will be better. Look for another event around the Fourth of July.


Laine Johnson, Organizer
Vancouver Washington Pork Protest

I hope to see a great turnout and let our Politicians know we are fed up with the over taxation and wasteful spending.

I’d also like to add, be careful of those you don’t know. Some have announced plans to infiltrate the protests and cause trouble to smear our effort. So far no big problems have happened, but be on the watch for any who may start trouble and distance yourself from them.

Don’t let them ruin our event.

April 16, 2009

Speakerette Pelosi Reacts To the TEA Parties

by lewwaters

Depending on tired campaign slogans, Pelosi spreads disinformation in hopes of countering the growing anti-tax movement.

Her cry of “failed Bush policies” are laughable. Our economy was moving along steadily, inspite of war on two fronts and growing. The Stock Market was at all times highs and unemplyment at record lows when she and her cabal of socialist Democrats seized congressional power in January 2007.

As they began dismanting our liberties and pushing their sodcialist agenda, our economy began faltering.

Don’t forget that our current situation was brought on by the failure of two Democrat based mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which Democrats denied were in trouble back in 2003 when Bush tried to regulate them and again in 2005 when McCain tried.

While some in the RNC may support the TEA Parties, they are not sponsoring us. We are grassroots, much more than the ACORN and instilled rallies that often use paid professional protesters to appear outraged.

The left’s backlash to our backlash is predictable and manufactured to keep American citizens deluded to the truth of what Democrats stand for today, dismantling a strong America and rebuilding a copy of the failed Soviet Union.

Pelosi isn’t deluded at all. As usual, she and the left must spread lies and deceit to counter us. We threaten their socialist takeover and to fight us, they resort to their normal disinformation.

Ignore them and continue fighting for our liberties.

April 15, 2009

CNN’s Own Obama Apologist Masquerades As A Reporter

by lewwaters

Covering today’s TEA Parties, CNN’s Susan Roesgen took the opportunity to berate an attendee and accuse protesters of being “anti-government and anti-CNN.”

Then, they report, “she was being harassed.”

More here

Get ready, America. I have a feeling it’s going to get ugly.

April 12, 2009

John Laird’s Fear Of TEA Party’s

by lewwaters


As most know by now, American citizens are rapidly becoming fed up with ever increasing taxes and wasteful pending requiring our taxes to continually be raised, even as our paychecks shrink during a recession.

All across America, citizens who feel we are Taxed Enough Already have organized and held what became known as TEA Party’s, reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party which helped spark our own Revolution against British rule.

Many modern day TEA parties were held earlier in February and many more are scheduled for this Wednesday, April 15, the deadline to file our federal income taxes.

Tax Day Tea Party

The movement has grown rapidly and quickly, grabbing the attention of our socialist left-winged segment of society and obviously instilling a certain amount of fear in them as these same leftists feel the need to organize opposition and infiltration of the events to shape media coverage and possibly disrupt the events discredit them.

It was no surprise to click on today’s Columbian and see vitriolic editor, John Laird, expressing his own opposition and diminishing of the effort in his weekly column, Political rallies: ‘just huffin and puffin’

read more »

April 5, 2009

Isn’t it time for him to go home yet?

by lewwaters

APTOPIX Democratic Convention
After hearing just how smitten all of Europe is with the O’s, imagine my surprise to look into the UK Telegraph and see the article, Barack Obama really does go on a bit with the very first sentence of, “Isn’t it time for him to go home yet?

The author, Iain Martin asks, “am I alone in finding him increasingly to be something of a bore?

Focusing on the self-absorption of the O, Mr. martin said,

But Obama was only warming up. “When I was born,” (Everything usually leads back to him, you’ll notice)… “the world was divided, and our nations were faced with very different circumstances. Few people would have predicted that someone like me would one day become an American President.” (Him again)…

He ends with,

“The Obamas have handled their trip well and in their public appearances have been a credit to their country. But I’ll wager that within a year or so he’ll be marked down as a wind-bag.”

Mr. Martin, nearly half of America knew this long ago. Sure wish you all would have listened to us then.

Be sure to check out the comments from other Brits.

UPDATE: Sarkozy Warns Obama: BUTT OUT!

April 5, 2009

The “Homeless” Blight: Sacrificing the Normal to the Abnormal

by lewwaters

Contributed by “idler”

An Oregon man lay unconscious, having suffered a serious head injury inflicted by a vagrant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Less than a month previously, another man received head injuries in a nearby location. How should one react to such an event? Torrid Joe, a blogger at the “progressive” site Loaded Orygun reacts by blaming the victim (he should have known better than to defend his property) and then advocating milder measures to deal with vagrants in Portland’s square of the same name:

why can’t we just enact [charitable provisions for vagrants] WITHOUT the sit-lie ordinance? Wouldn’t that be even better, to help them WITHOUT curtailing their liberties?

I’m reminded of the one about the two liberals who find a guy beaten within an inch of his life, lying on the side of the road. “We have to find who did this to him!” says the first. “Yes,” cries the second, “He needs help!”

For some decades now Americans have been browbeaten about the “plight” of the homeless, whose condition is adduced as a symptom of an inhumane social and economic system. The homeless were typically portrayed as ordinary people, down on their luck, forced by a cruel political order to lose the roof over their head. Eventually this myth was exposed: while there is no doubt that ordinary people do sometimes run into such trouble, the great majority of the homeless are alcoholics and other kinds of drug addicts, young runaways, deinstitutionalized psychiatric patients and assorted criminal and anti-social types. It seems reasonable to say that, with the exception of psychiatric patients who cannot be expected to help themselves, the supposed plight of the homeless is more like a blight on the society that they refuse to join as useful members.

The misplaced compassion extended to many homeless means that normal life is interrupted: vagrancy of all kinds are tolerated instead of being sanctioned, resulting in befouled public places, beggars at every exit ramp and menacing encounters with unpredictable characters. I have no objection to reaching out to such people in order to help them change their self-destructive ways. What I do object to is that the normal should be sacrificed to the abnormal, that the refusal of vagrants to behave according to the most basic standards should force responsible citizens to lower theirs.

But the deterioration of public decorum and hygiene is not the most serious aspect of the vagrant problem. Vagrants are often not merely self-destructive but also destructive to others. It seems safe to say that most of them, to the extent that one can generalize, are relatively harmless; but as a class they cannot be expected to act according to establish norms of behavior—by definition they reject such standards. Their conduct is mostly unpleasant, but often enough it is dangerous.

Last week presented the latest example of a vagrant seriously harming a person going about his business in the Pacific Northwest. A 25-year-old man on a visit to Seattle was accosted in Pioneer Square by a panhandler demanding money. When the visitor refused, the panhandler wrenched off a necklace the Oregon man was wearing; the victim then tried to get it back. Shortly thereafter, the visitor was discovered unconscious and bleeding by the Seattle police. He was hospitalized with a “serious head injury” according to a report in the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times piece notes that a similar assault happened nearby in March, when a man refused to accede to a panhandler’s demands, “he was pushed to the ground and then punched in the back of the head.” That victim was briefly hospitalized but got away with “abrasions” and a “large lump on his head.” Others have not been so lucky. Here in Vancouver a 13-year-old girl, Alycia Nipp, was viciously murdered by a “homeless” man squatting in abandoned buildings north of 78th Street in the Hazel Dell neighborhood. Reports of the incident noted that this area is infested with squatters.

I have learned since that people of no fixed address, who render public areas essentially unusable to normal people and unsafe to traverse, similarly infest other parts of Vancouver. While discussing the barbaric murder of Alycia Nipp, a friend told me that he often cycles between work and home, crossing through a large public park on the way. He has had several encounters with the squatters who occupy the park, including one where he could not pass owing to a pack of dogs evidently owned by a woman residing in the park. He recalled struggling to get her attention, as she carelessly ignored her dogs’ activity.

My friend wonders what is to stop some anti-social denizens of the park from shoving a branch in his spokes and taking his bike, his wallet and, who know, his life. Given the unpredictable nature of vagrants, my friend’s concerns are by no means outlandish.

April 3, 2009

Taxed Enough Already

by lewwaters

Tea Party’s are breaking out all across America. ‘We The People’ are announcing we have had enough and feel we are Taxed Enough Already.

The following video, while produced to announce the Richmond, Virginia TEA Party, also shows why we all must take a stand now and stop this excessive taxation on us from politicans who love to spend our money that we work for.

There will be a TEA Party held in Portland, Oregon on April 15 in the evening. Information can be obtained at or by emailing

Vancouver, Washington will also hold a Pork Protest Saturday, April 18 on the Courthouse lawn from 11 AM to 1 PM. Clark County residents, this is the one important for us, as we are often neglected by Portland and the rest of Washington State.

You can confirm your attendance or obtain more information at The Patriotic Resistance

Government spending by both party’s has risen past out of control levels, rushing us headlong into Socialism and massive indebtedness that will be passed along to future generations. We must take a stand now and take our country back and restore the sound fiscal policies of the past, before we are bankrupt and owned by China and Saudi Arabia.

I hope to see many of you at the Courthouse on April 18.

April 1, 2009

Gifts & Protocol Gaffes

by lewwaters

By now, the entire world knows that pres__ent Obama has flubbed protocol in dealing with our good friends, the British. He showed a total lack of class by giving the British PM 25 DVD’s that won’t even play in England!

Now, he further embarrasses America with his latest trip to Great Britain and his exchange of gifts with their Queen Elizabeth. One is left to wonder just who he has in the Office of Protocol as I’m sure his adolescent daughters could conceive of more fitting gifts to give foreign dignitaries.

Obama’s latest ‘cock-up’ consists of presenting the Queen of England with a video iPod uploaded with,

· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 White House State Visit
· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown, Va., Visit
· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond, Va., Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 1957 Jamestown Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond Visit
· Photos from President Obama’s Inauguration
· Audio of then-state senator Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and
· Audio of President Obama 2009 Inauguration Address

Additionally, the Queen was presented with a signed songbook, supposedly “rare” by Richard Rogers. It should also be noted that the Queen has had her own iPod for the last 4 years.

In return, the Obama’s received from Her Majesty “a silver-framed, signed photograph of themselves,” apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries. Was the Queen prepared for a substandard gift? Or, perhaps was she returning the sub-par gift giving that he gave PM Brown? We may never know.

Contrast this with the president mast hated in modern history and who for 8 years endured false accusations of low I.Q., unable to speak properly and who character and style was almost daily assaulted.

In May 2007, towards the end of his administration, President and Mrs. Bush presented the Queen of England with a bronze statuette “High Desert Princess” with a personal inscription on the bottom of the base, a replica of the original statue located at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth, Texas.

They gave Prince Philip an “exclusive sterling silver eagle box by Tiffany & Co. with personal inscription on the inside lid.” They also presented the Royal Couple with a “leather presentation box filled with a collection of documents from the National Archives, including a copy of an original letter from President Roosevelt to her father, King George, written in 1938 and photos from previous royal visits along with a DVD of the footage from the Queen’s visit to the United States when she was Princess Elizabeth in 1951.”

In exchange, the Royal Couple presented President Bush with a sterling silver oversized plate by William & Son with gold seals including the Presidential seal, the Royal seal and a center seal with the star of Texas surrounded by roses and a personal inscription on the back of the plate. They presented Mrs. Bush a gold and crystal clock with the Royal seal by William & Son.

To our British friends I can only say, “Please forgive us. We all make mistakes and this one will surely be corrected in 2012.”

UPDATE: As the video below shows, the Obama’s committed yet another gaffe in protocol by his not bowing before he Queen and she forgetting to curtsey, as is European tradition.

In another protocol gaffe, Obama did bow before the King of Saudi Arabia, a sign of the Monarch’s power over their subjects.

POLITICS G20 202428

If the photo of Obama bowing isn’t clear enough or if liberals feel it wasn’t actually a bow, video of the bowing can be seen here