John Laird’s Fear Of TEA Party’s

by lewwaters


As most know by now, American citizens are rapidly becoming fed up with ever increasing taxes and wasteful pending requiring our taxes to continually be raised, even as our paychecks shrink during a recession.

All across America, citizens who feel we are Taxed Enough Already have organized and held what became known as TEA Party’s, reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party which helped spark our own Revolution against British rule.

Many modern day TEA parties were held earlier in February and many more are scheduled for this Wednesday, April 15, the deadline to file our federal income taxes.

Tax Day Tea Party

The movement has grown rapidly and quickly, grabbing the attention of our socialist left-winged segment of society and obviously instilling a certain amount of fear in them as these same leftists feel the need to organize opposition and infiltration of the events to shape media coverage and possibly disrupt the events discredit them.

It was no surprise to click on today’s Columbian and see vitriolic editor, John Laird, expressing his own opposition and diminishing of the effort in his weekly column, Political rallies: ‘just huffin and puffin’

After lamenting as to how he feels Political Rallies by anyone are fairly silly and accomplish nothing of merit, Laird goes on to show how positive people were at the last Obama rally in Portland last year. Then he tells us of the upcoming parties scheduled, “at the tea party, angry protesters will frown and snarl ‘No!’ and ‘From my cold, dead fingers!’”

Of course, we that will attend one or more of the parties are said to “Bray” how the Obama administration plans to cut defense, then telling us he will actually “increase” defense funding. Perhaps poor John missed Friday’s Columbian article, Defense cuts may add to growing unemployment lines.

Regardless, the TEA Parties are about so much more than just the Defense Budget, even though we are at war currently. John also neglects that, as many commenters told him.

Labeling us “tea party soreheads” is about par for the course with John, who seems to never have anything positive to say about half of the country that doesn’t fawn over Lord Messiah Obama.

Of course, I don’t recall any mention of his silly or worthless any of the several anti-Bush and anti-war rallies held during the last few years were, including the March 2007 rally held in Portland, Oregon where one protester dropped his shorts in the middle of the street and defecated on a burning American flag, in front of all, including small children.

I don’t recall any John Laird condemnation of the same protest when a group broke away from the main group, set an effigy of a US Soldier on fire and began chanting, “Build a bonfire, Build a bonfire, Put the soldiers on the top. Put the fascists in the middle, And, we’ll burn the fucking lot.”

That drew nothing out of John Laird, not to my surprise.

For John Laird and others to organize and oppose these rallies as they are shows me they fear them. They fear America is waking up to the excess taxation and how this move to socialism will destroy the fabric of America and turn us into a cheap imitation of the failed Soviet Union.

If they didn’t fear us, they would ignore us and laugh at us. Yet, they take these measures to diminish our worthiness and degrade our stand for freedom and liberty.

My friend, KPAM 860 AM radio host Victoria Taft sent me a copy of her email to Laird. As she said in part, “I’ve seen reporters and columnists botch a story after the fact, but you’re a reporter that can predict the future inaccurately too!”

Portland will be holding their TEA Party this Wednesday evening, April 15 at the Pioneer Square Post Office from 6 PM to 8 PM. I hope all who can attend will.

As important, another is scheduled for this Saturday, April 18 from 11 AM to 1 PM on the Clark County Courthouse lawn. This one is called a Pork Protest, but the intent is just as important, showing opposition to the out of control spending and excess taxation of we the people.

Please attend and bring all your friends and kids. We hope to make this a fun event for all.

Ignore the John Laird’s and take a stand. Take America Back and end excessive spending and taxation.

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