CNN’s Own Obama Apologist Masquerades As A Reporter

by lewwaters

Covering today’s TEA Parties, CNN’s Susan Roesgen took the opportunity to berate an attendee and accuse protesters of being “anti-government and anti-CNN.”

Then, they report, “she was being harassed.”

More here

Get ready, America. I have a feeling it’s going to get ugly.

2 Comments to “CNN’s Own Obama Apologist Masquerades As A Reporter”

  1. Even putting aside her apparent rude behavior toward an interview subject, and reliable bias, she appears to have not even the most basic conception of principles of economic liberty and federalism.


  2. I imagine CNN views this as “responsible reporting” when it is nothing more than confrontation.

    And you’re right, Michael, she doesn’t grasp that in order for the protester to receive his $400 and the state to receive theirs too, first it must be taken from the citizens or borrowed from foreign countries.

    Then again, our sovereignty means nothing to the left.


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