The Columbian’s Mischaracterization Of The Pork Protest

by lewwaters


I can’t really say I’m too surprised to read the Columbian’s report on Saturday’s Vancouver Pork Protest, complete with early aerial photo of the growing crowd which was taken maybe 15 minutes before it even started.

I judge the time by hearing the helicopter overhead as my wife and I were exiting my truck about that time and several others were still arriving.

The Columbian’s Scott Hewitt states it as Anti-tax wave washes through Vancouver.

Scott claims there were that “Several hundred angry people flooded the plaza outside the Clark County Public Service Center Saturday.” By my estimation, the crowd grew to over a thousand and sorry, Scott, I did not see this “anger” you speak of, but saw concern for the future of our children and our country.

A major highlight of the event was a person impersonating Thomas Jefferson and who dressed the part. To Scott, that person was “very excited” and “howled into the megaphone” that America is a great nation by destiny.

I would imagine the real Thomas Jefferson would have felt the same way. But c’mon, Scott, “Howled?” He gave an impassioned performance as one of our nations founders and for one, I feel he was very effective.

And, what’s the big deal that he wouldn’t give another name? Today, he ‘WAS’ Thomas Jefferson.

Hinting at racism, I presume, Scott tells us that only “Some” insisted their beef with Obama isn’t personal.” Does that mean that “Some” did insist it was personal, Scott?

If so, I never saw them and quite honestly, thought the few Blacks in attendance were right where they belonged, among fellow Americans who stood alongside them in the 1960’s Civil Rights rallies against the likes of Democrat Bull Conner.

Sorry, but I don’t see Black when I look at Barack Obama. I see Red. The same Red we saw in Nikita Kruschev, Joseph Stalin and others, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Yes, we were there to protest our move far left into socialism, which has yet to bring any nation into prosperity and ends up bankrupting the great masses, while those at the top live a life of luxury. I don’t see strong middle classes in socialism, but only two classes, the wealthy politburo, a distinct minority, and the proletariat, the poor working people majority who depend on the scraps dropped to them by the politburo.

We do not wish to see that happen here and we have begun protesting across the nation with the TEA Parties that were seen Wednesday and now, a Pork Protest in Vancouver.

Not mentioned by Scott Hewitt is that the crowd was not unruly. We did not burn anybody in effigy nor did we chant hatred for Obama or his minions, unlike the March 2007 rally in Portland where a protester defecated on a burning American flag in the middle of the street and others burned a United States Soldier in effigy while chanting, “Build a bonfire, Build a bonfire, Put the soldiers on the top. Put the fascists in the middle, And, we’ll burn the f**king lot.”

Rudeness mars peace message

That I recall neither Scott Hewitt nor the Columbian bothered to cover that aspect of the March 2007 “Peace Rally” in Portland.

But, we that gathered today to protest and express opposition to Obama’s excessive spending, Bush’s excessive spending and the ever increasing socialistic move of our society now hear that we were the “angry” ones.

Unlike Obama’s inauguration, we did not leave the Clark County Courthouse Square littered with trash. We picked up behind ourselves and took it with us, home or to a trash receptacle.

We did not block traffic on the march to Esther Short Park and the Police were not required to be there to keep us in line. Had they been there, they would have been treated with respect and instructions would have been followed, unlike rally’s for “Peace” that we have seen from the left.

Of course, that makes us un-newsworthy too as we do fit in with the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality of today’s Press Corps.

Regardless, we have taken our stand and will continue to exercise our constitutional right to protest the government and current administration.

There is another rally being planned for July 4th and I encourage all who are fed up with increasing taxes and government fees to attend and join us in demanding a fair tax rate and less government spending. Government waste must come to a screeching halt and soon, if we are to survive as a nation and remain a superpower, a superpower for good.

I am confident that more information on the July 4th rally will be forthcoming from

I hope to see many more there alongside of us and never forget the words screeched by Hillary Clinton in April 2003, “We have the right to debate and disagree with this or ANY administration.

That includes Democrats and Obama.

UPDATE: For some odd reason, the Columbian has reposted the same article in today’s paper under a revised title, ‘We were sold a bill of goods’.

11 Comments to “The Columbian’s Mischaracterization Of The Pork Protest”

  1. It is interesting that Scott Hewitt characterized the crowd as several hundred. He came on the stage and asked me how many I thought were in attendance, and I said, “I don’t know- what do you think?” He said “I’m not good at estimating crowds- a thousand? Maybe hundreds?” The lowest estimate I heard was 500 and the highest is 1500. I was not in the best position to tell, but I think 750 is a fair guess.

    Most people were energized and excited, but their is an appropriate undercurrent of anger running when a cabal tries to steal your country.

  2. there (sp) is an appropriate …

  3. Laine, while several are angry at what is happening in the country, todays group was not an angry group. They were upbeat, I feel and held in the righteous anger they may feel.

    I took footage with my palmcorder, but don’t have the driver to load it on my computer. In it you can clearly see the size of the crowd, especially as I stood and taped the entire length of the marchers leaving the Court Yard, non-stop.

    In all, you organized a good rally and I hope the next will be even better and that I will be able to help more.

  4. Well stated in your response. I’m old enough to remember all the protest of the left from the ’60’s forward. It is news when havoc is the order of the day during a protest. When Patriots exercise their Constitutional Rights, that is not news worthy and the Truth is twisted to minimize the facts of those who know and believe in what is good, righteous and relevant to good government.

    This was an excellent protest that was directed at those that have been culpable in the demise of our Republic that cross party lines. This was a call to ‘We the People’ to be engaged in our rights according to our historical foundations. This was a message to those in the halls of ‘Public Service’ to remember that they work for us and can no longer be assuming officeholders that press their own agenda or that of groups that have no desire to keep our Country true to its ‘Sacred Honor’. They must be reminded that they are ‘Public Servants’ and that the majority is not for big government, taxation and dictated social order.

    With that, we could expect no more or less from Scott since there are no true journalist in the media, especially at the Columbian. The individuals that write stories in most of the media companies are mindless gnomes lead by their editors personal agenda’s that are not Patriotic and would prefer to see the likes of a Hugo Chavez be the influence of our national direction.

    To all that worked hard on making Saturday happen; my gratitude to you all. My wife and I look forward to the next event!!!

  5. I was there also. I also read the article Hewitt put up. I had the same reaction. Was he in attendance of the same protest we were at?

    We conservatives are finding our voice and are not savvy in all ways of marching and protesting. We will become more sophisticated as time goes along and we continue to raise our voices in opposition to this President and all of his wasteful spending.

    This is not hatred, this is reaction. Reactions to what we see happening to our country, to the markets around us, to over taxation, to our children’s future and to have a decent way of life without interference from a huge government.

    I saw no one remove their clothing and ride bicycles in the nude. There was not one person standing in front of traffic. There were no fights or arguments. NOTHING was out of control. What I did see, was an officer’s patrol car drive by. I showed him my sign, (HONK IF YOU ARE PAYING MY MORTGAGE!), to which he only smiled. 🙂

    This is our second protest and march. Thank you Laine for sponsoring this rally.

    In answer to the reporter that asked “Where are the African Americans?” For the most part they are still on the plantation. I saw in attendance about five black folks standing with us. One had a sign that I was trying to read. He asked me, “are you trying to read this honey?” For me, I can not say how much it truly warms my heart to see them coming home. 🙂

    In answer to Nancy Pelosi. We are not rich nor are we sponsored by rich Republicans. I made my own sign, as well did others have home made signs. Simply put we are grass roots.

    We have tried for years to cross the aisle and work with liberals, it has proven for many many years now that it simply does not work. NOW it is time for liberals to cross the aisle and work with our conservative representatives, and to work with us. To help our economy and America become what it once was.

    Oh and to Hewitt, perhaps one day you will join us and we can all live as one. 😉

  6. Hatred From The Columbian:

    by Steve Ads : 4/19/09 7:43am – Report Abuse

    Yeah, Clark County’s best and brightest no doubt. With the scattershot approach of these otherwise individually frighteningly misinformed people, many unsuccessfully trying to cloak obvious racism, I’m only personally concerned for my safety. The country will get through this current correction. These are the same Mensas who decide they have too much of “not enough God” and go out and shoot a bunch of people. Whenever I hear “Christian Nation” or verbal screeds on not enough God, I fear an act of utterly stupid violence is soon to follow–from the same group who espoused it. Everyone has a right to an opinion but collective opinions such as this group of “patriots” needs to be tempered with rational thought. Let’s hope most of them just think tax cuts will solve all of our problems.

    This Steve person is 100% wrong. He does not speak for conservatives. Projection racism and other attributes onto conservatives is something that liberals have been doing for so long it come to be natural for them.

  7. I love how dissent is suddenly not the highest form of patriotism! Of course it was a stupid saying to begin with, but now that the Democrats are in charge, dissent is suddenly frightening and extreme. What’s extreme is the hypocrisy.

    Lew, thanks for this excellent post. It was nice finally meeting you at the event. Hope to have a longer conversation one of these days.

  8. Interesting to note that the links were to what appeared to be sanitized comments. The actual longer debate comments are filed under archives. They are not easily found by the search engine.

  9. Anthony, it was my pleasure meeting you. I always enjoy meeting people who read my words, especially when their thoughts are similar to mine, LOL.

    I hope we can get to know each other better in the months ahead.

    Peter, I’m not too sure what links you are talking about, but if it is the Columbian comments, they do have a screwy set up there. Often my comments won’t take until I reduce them just a few words. Other times, I can post a long reply.

    They say they don’t censor, but I’m not too sure about that.

  10. Speaking of terrible columbian articles look at today’s on Baird? Are you serious? Biomass? Baird, How are you going to pay for your trillion dollar debt? Your talking biomass? You can’t even tell us how your going to pay off this debt you voted for!

  11. Judy, does it also escape them that the article says the technology is close? To me, that means it isn’t even available yet.

    In the meantime, we have millions of gallons of unused petroleum sitting idle and untold tons of coal remaining untouched while they throw money away on boondoggles as this.

    It simply amazes me that all of a sudden, they see trees as a “renewable resource,” when we conservatives have been stating that for decades!

    I hope we can hold out until 2010 and begin turning these Marxists out, provided we are still allowed free elections.

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