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May 31, 2009

Pro-American Patriotic Squirrel

by lewwaters

Cemetery workers at Mount Hope Cemetery in Port Huron, Michigan were stumped at the disappearance of small American Flags placed on graves of Veterans buried there.

Cemetery superintendent Ron Ceglarek solved the mystery when he noticed a squirrel detaching the flags and carrying them up a tree for its nest.


Perhaps the next Portland Protester who defecates on our flag better watch his rear, or answer to a Patriotic squirrel.


May 30, 2009

Advocates For ILLEGAL Aliens Upset With Commissioner Mielke

by lewwaters

Finally, a Clark County Commissioner steps up and addresses a hard issue that has been hovering over us all, taxpayer paid service for ILLEGAL immigrants.

At a May 27, 2009 Joint Board of Health – Public Health Advisory Council Meeting, newly elected Commissioner Tom Mielke called into question the cost of providing non-emergency services to those in the country ILLEGALLY. Mielke said,

If we don’t have those Social Security numbers, I would like to know who those individuals are who we are serving that are here illegally, and why we serve them and help them in their health.”

The point about using Social Security Numbers is a bit squeaky, but he made an honest effort to begin a dialogue on just what the costs are in providing non-emergency services to those here ILLEGALLY.

Both of the other two commissioners, Marc Boldt and Steve Stuart disagree with Mielke and say they would not support such a move. Stuart prefers to not even discuss is unless,

he saw evidence that illegal immigrants create a ‘huge problem’ for the county budget.”

Perhaps Commissioner Stuart is unaware that Clark County may be facing an $18 Million budget deficit before the end of this budget cycle.

Stuart being a Democrat, I imagine he sees no problem in budget deficits, as he would just raise taxes somewhere.

Marc Boldt attempted to take a middle of the road position by saying,

I think we should be concerned about it, but it’s an issue that I think should be handled at our borders. It’s not an issue that I think even can be resolved here. …If the federal boys and girls don’t have enough guts to decide the question, please don’t ask us local folks to do it.”

But commissioner, it is our local taxes paying for this non-emergency healthcare. It is Clark County facing the possibility of an $18,000,000 budget deficit that would have to be made up by Clark County Citizens, who are already facing hardships from State and Federal increases.

This is not a fence straddling matter.

Not unsurprisingly, little time passed before advocates for ILLEGAL immigrants began calling Tom Mielke a “racist” because he opposes services to those in our country ILLEGALLY. Although Tom mentioned no specific race or nationality, advocates for Latino ILLEGAL immigrants began their mournful wail of ‘racism, racism’ wherever it would be heard.

Vancouver resident in the League of United Latin American Citizens, Maria Rodriguez-Salazar immediately contacted media to complain that Commissioner Mielke’s words were

implicitly racist and threaten to provoke violence against Latinos.”

I guess any time we aren’t ready to bend down and kiss ILLEGAL immigrants butts we are threatening violence now, it seems.

Somehow, though, I bet she sees no racism or bigotry in words spoken by current nominee for the Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayer when she said,

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Of course, the fact that Sotomayor is the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants would have no bearing on any decision denying racism in that comment, right?

Eulalia Soto-Esquivel, a Vancouver attorney who boasts of coming to America ILLEGALLY, but gained “legal status” under the 1987 Amnesty Program, that was supposed to end our ILLEGAL immigration problem, said,

We are part of this community. During school, I received financial aid because I needed it. Now I am a business owner. I am giving back.”

As an attorney in immigration and family law, I am left to ponder just who and what is she “giving back.”

What both ILLEGAL advocates miss, or intentionally ignore, is that we Americans welcome immigrants into our country, provided the follow the law and come LEGALLY. Many of us descended from immigrants who came through Ellis Island at one time. But they came in LEGALLY and not all were accepted, either.

What I see here is just one more example of playing the ‘race card’ to further your agenda, something the leftists in our country are notorious for. We must begin standing up to these fabricated charges of “racism” every time we disagree with a minority or question their position on matters of grave concern.

We are not racists to expect our laws be upheld!

Encouraging people from any country to sneak across our borders invites disease, higher unemployment and allows those sneaking in to become a secondary slave class, being taken advantage of by unscrupulous business owners who do not want to pay minimum wage to LEGAL workers.

If they come in LEGALLY, they are welcomed and provided the protection of law by being out in the open.

I really have to question an attorney, an ‘officer of the court,’ who would advocate laws on the books be ignored and disobeyed.

Mielke is right, we must take steps to curtail the expense of ILLEGAL immigrants on our community. Marni Storey, the county’s public health services manager may say, “the county’s ‘fairly insignificant’ population of illegal immigrants is too small to account for the programs unprofitability,” but it’s obvious she doesn’t shop at Ross, Winco or Fred Meyers if she believes the ILLEGAL population is “fairly insignificant.”

In closing allow me to say to those advocates for ILLEGAL immigration, when you come in to blast me as a ‘racist’ too, just be aware that I am married to a lovely Hispanic lady who has two beautiful Hispanic daughters that I love as my own and I am sponsoring a LEGAL immigrant for citizenship.

So take your charge of ‘racism’ and put it where the sun don’t shine! It won’t wash here.

May 29, 2009

Another Child Hit On 88th Street

by lewwaters

Hit 03

12 year-old Kyler Walters is in Legacy Emanuel Hospital in serious condition after being struck by a car crossing 88th Street Thursday shortly after 5 PM. He was crossing Northeast 88th Street in the 1800 block and wasn’t wearing a helmet on his skateboard.

Injuries are unknown at this time and I wish him a speedy recovery.

There is no indication that the driver of the 1994 Nissan Maxima that struck him was speeding or the driver impaired. The driver of the Maxima, 49 year-old Collin Normansen stopped and fully cooperated with the investigation. An investigation is underway by traffic specialists. No citations were issued.

My prayers for both Mr. Normansen and young Kyler.

However, it should also be noted this isn’t the first such accident along this stretch of Northeast 88th Street, especially since so many discovered the ease of getting from Hwy 99 to Andressen Road while 78th Street was being widened a few years ago.

A six-year old was struck and killed by a pickup truck just a few years before at nearly the exact spot Kyler was hit. Before that, the Columbian’s paper boy was hit on his bicycle and ended up laying in my front yard one evening.

I have also been rear-ended at this spot while stopping, with turn signal on waiting for westbound traffic to clear so that I could turn into my driveway off of 88th street. That driver said his brakes didn’t work, but he drove off in the truck with no problem afterwards.

To say 88th street can be a hazardous strip to drive on is an understatement as it has hills and dips and restricted view of homes lining both sides of the street nearly the entire distance between Hwy 99 and Andressen.

The discovery a few years ago of it being such an easy straight drive to Andressen makes it a “de facto arterial” to some. To others, it seems to be a “de facto drag strip” because it is straight.

Those drivers seem oblivious to all the homes recently built and that young families have children who walk up and down both sides of the street. Some sidewalks have been added, but the spot Kyler was struck at has none on the south side.

Many long time residents of the neighborhood try to warn new residents of the dangers of 88th Street and to teach their children to stay of the edge of the street as speeding cars are known to drift towards the side of the road.

What does disturb me the most is some comments left on the Columbian’s article about this accident, that seem to place more blame on homeowners and children than drivers who use 88th as a shortcut and a convenience.

Again, let me reiterate that I am not accusing the driver of the Maxima of bad driving or speeding, but am addressing all those others who feel 50 mph and above is better for their convenience than the posted 35 mph. A traffic investigation will determine where any fault, if any, lies.

Those of us who live here realize that 88th has become a “de facto arterial” and can accept that, even with the 18-wheelers, ambulances, police and fire engines all hours with sirens blaring and increased traffic. We may not always like it, but have to accept that people have discovered our street.

What we do not accept are motorcycles, low riders and just general public deciding they may exceed the posted speed limit in hopes of getting a better parking spot at Walmart or Costco.

I do see Sheriff’s Deputies stopping cars and writing tickets, but they can only be on hand part of the time and cannot devote their entire shift to one neighborhood.

That again places more responsibility on drivers who utilize 88th Street for their convenience. While we train our children to be careful, what child has the wherewithal of supposed adults, who should know and obey the “rules of the road?”

When my grandchildren come over they are not permitted to play on the 88th street side of my home. But, youngsters and teens often walk to and from Walmart and must wait for School buses in the early morning.

De fact arterial or not, it is still a residential neighborhood.

So please, all we ask is to be careful. Watch out for children who haven’t learned to watch out all the time. Please, obey speed limits.

We don’t wish any harm to your families and hope traffic laws are obeyed in your neighborhood. But please, obey the traffic laws in our neighborhood.

May 24, 2009

What Demons Lurk Within John Laird?

by lewwaters

John LairdIn his weekly tirade, Columbian Editorial Page Editor John Laird makes an attempt at a Memorial Day tribute, sans the usual anti-Republican vitriol.

For veterans, some demons never die

Laird does pay a touching tribute to his now deceased older brother, also a fellow Viet Nam Veteran. But, he also seems to display the usual misunderstanding the general public has towards not only Viet Nam Veterans, but also Veterans in general.

Much of this I discussed a while ago in another post, Veterans, Warriors and Heroes, not Victims.

Laird discusses how his brother came home and would not talk about the war, much like many others. I do not presume to speak for his brother, but as a Viet Nam Veteran myself, do have some knowledge of this matter.

Many of us would not discuss it for a variety of reasons, some because we felt no one wanted to listen. We also saw the portrayal of us in the media, TV, movies and often in person and it was not who we were and we did not wish to be associated with that misrepresentation.

Apparently forgotten by Laird is that we are so far the only returning Veterans to face the scorn of the nation, spit at and largely demonized, until they decided we were merely hapless victims of Republican Politicians, ignoring that it was Democrat Politicians who deeply involved us in that war in the first place.

Some had memories too harsh to recall and tried to bury them, as in every other war.

Most tried to simply blend back in and resume their lives before Viet Nam, hiding from the scorn the nation threw our way. Laird’s brother undoubtedly fell into one of these and chose to remain silent.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones in that regard as I chose to remain in the U.S. Army after Viet Nam and was not subjected to as much public vitriol as did many others, having served in Germany until after our involvement in Viet Nam ended in 1973.

Somewhere in all this, John formed in his mind a middle ground between our fallen we memorialize on Memorial Day and all Veterans we honor on Veterans Day. A group of “military veterans who survived combat but whose lives are shortened by the lingering, horrific impacts of fighting in defense of America.

I suspect his attempt is sincere, but misguided as he says, “All across Clark County, there are people whose lives have been physically, emotionally or psychologically wounded by war. Their scars are visible as well as hidden, intermittent and incessant, diagnosed and treated but also self-suppressed and festering.

Why does he not include those who are also proud of their service and defense of America? Does it ever occur to him that his own constant drone against the Bush administrations prosecution of this war contributes to Veterans “self-suppressed and festering” emotional wounds?

Perhaps he is attempting to hide his own guilt towards his brother, as he also says how he stopped asking when John never accepted invitations to go fishing. Perhaps John’s brother would have taken those quiet moments to openly discuss pent up emotions with John and since John turned down the invitations, just clammed up like many others, feeling no one wanted to listen to us.

Most disconcerting is when he states, “Millions of veterans still fight demons they could not jettison back in the war zones.

All sorts of people fight demons lurking within them. Crime victims, abuse victims, guilt ridden and nearly every category you can imagine can imbed those “demons” deep within ones mind.

John’s choice of “Millions of veterans” is all too reminiscent of the words of failed presidential candidate, John ‘F’in Kerry in 1971 when he said, “The country doesn’t know it yet, but it has created a monster, a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence…..

No John, we Veterans are just ordinary citizens who had to perform extraordinary tasks because of our belief that America should remain free and are willing to fight to retain that freedom.

This brings us back to John Laird and just what demons is he fighting? Considering his own weekly vitriol expressed towards Republicans and conservative causes and values, just what drives him if not also his own demons?

Guilt over is brother? Perhaps feelings of shortcomings for not having stood up as his brother did? Whatever they may be only he knows, but they show in his writing and expressions of misgivings towards those he disagrees with.

Perhaps what is really needed is a middle space for newspaper editors who don’t understand themselves why they hate opposing views so deeply.

May 22, 2009

CYT Performs ‘Wizard of Oz’

by lewwaters

Oz Program

My friends, I have just returned from one of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a long time. For those of you that enjoy live plays, and even those of you who usually don’t, Christian Youth Theater is performing the Wizard of Oz currently in the Fort Vancouver High School auditorium.

A well kept secret, if only from me, this group of youths performed a masterful job this evening in their opening performance of the 1939 classic. Christian Youth Theater seems to be a nationwide set of groups that steer youths towards the performing arts and giving them guidance that few today receive.

Tonight’s plays was staged by youths ranging in age from 18 down to what looked like maybe 7 or 8 years old and believe me, these kids do an excellent job. Well-rehearsed and unbelievable voices followed the original classic nearly to a “T.”

The show runs through May 31 with performances at 3 PM and 7 PM on Saturdays and 3 PM on Sundays and next Friday.

The show has a large cast with the lead role of Dorothy played by 17 year-old Kaity Jellison. You just have to hear this young lady sing!

18 year-old Krista Chase, in her last performance with the Christian Youth Theater, does a masterful job as Ms. Gulch and the Wicked Witch.

Casey Pitel, Levi Larson and Alex Low double as Zeke/Cowardly Lion, Hickory/Tin Man and Hunk/Scarecrow. Costumes copy those of the movie and are very well done also.

Janelle Harriman also performs a double role as Aunty Em and Glinda the Good Witch.

Professor Marvel/Wizard was performed by Caleb Adderly and Uncle Henry/Oz Gate Guard was performed by Jeffery Shaffer.

Of course, a cute little dog, Tiki, performed the star role of Toto.

Way too many names to be listed filled out the cast in roles of Munchkin Land Barrister, Mayor, Coroner, City Fathers, Lullaby League, Lollipop Guild, Munchkins, Teachers, Poppies, Crows, Apple Trees, Jitterbugs, Winkies, Monkey’s and the Ozians.

My apologies for not being able to list every name, but each and every child danced and sang with a talent not often seen in such a large and diverse group.

As a Dad and Granddad, I was particularly impressed to see a little girl, who had obviously injured her leg, amongst the dancers and singers on her crutches decorated with flowers and worked into the script.

A quick perusal of the program shows wide support from Clark County businesses in putting on these plays.

Few seats in Fort Vancouver High School’s auditorium were empty telling me quite a few Clark County residents are aware of this very worthy group.

They deserve even more.

Tickets are available online in advance or at the door.

My friends do yourselves a huge favor and spend an enjoyable evening with these talented youths. If you cannot make the Wizard of Oz, follow their schedule and attend another play they put on soon.

I know I will.

May 20, 2009

Congratulations To Representative Jaime Herrera

by lewwaters

My congratulations to Ms. Herrera on the announcement of her engagement to Daniel Beutler.

I wish the couple all the happiness and success life can offer.

May 16, 2009

The Columbian Goes On The Attack

by lewwaters

Wednesday’s edition of the Columbian contained an op/ed by Tom Koenninger that seems to be nothing more than a vicious attack on two citizens who stand up for their constitutional rights to speak out freely at what they see as wrong.

Koenninger’s op/ed, Political games discourage volunteerism, says in the very first paragraph, “Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee Chairman John Caton calls it a “sideshow,” but that doesn’t mean he finds anything amusing about it. He is the target of a vicious campaign by local activists Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella to have him removed as chairman because he is treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard’s re-election campaign.

Activists,” Tom? “Vicious” campaign too?

Before getting deeper into this claim of Koenninger’s, let me say that I have personally met both Larry Patella and Debbie Peterson and consider them my friends. Larry is a retired Naval Officer and Debbie is a School Teacher and former candidate for the office now held by Jim Jacks. Neither has ever been “vicious” in expressing opposition to what they see wrong in Clark County.

Yes, they see a conflict of interest in Caton sitting on Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee and as Chairman while also being the campaign treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard as well as they often have opposed Mayor Pollard, which is a right they have been granted by our constitution.

To view the “viciousness” Koenninger speaks of, please visit CVTV and click on “CITIZENS COMMUNICATION.” Larry begins at about the 3:30 minute mark and Debbie begins at about the 10-minute mark.

As Debbie said in a letter to the Columbian, which remains unpublished, the term “activist” carries negative connotations. Peering into a thesaurus we find synonyms for “activist” include “demagogue,” “inciter,” “malcontent,” and “troublemaker,” as well as the definition, “One who agitates, especially politically.”

Strange how for 8 years the Columbian saw no need to label those who openly opposed Republicans as “activist,” but seek to label Republicans who oppose the actions of Vancouver’s Mayor as such.

And again, what “viciousness?” Both stated their positions clearly and without malice or mean-spirited words.

Very troubling in Koenninger’s op/ed is that although he interviewed John Caton for his ‘hit piece,’ he did not have the courtesy to contact either Debbie Peterson nor Larry Patella, just resorted to the usual left-winged name calling of any who dare speak out against Pollard or his administration.

Why does the City Council hold open public meetings and allow citizen comments if reasonable opposition is to be demeaned? Does the Columbian now cry “freedom of the press” while denigrating the free speech of concerned citizens?

I find it unconscionable that the Columbian would allow such an attack on Clark County citizens merely because the voice opposition to the Mayor and the City Council. While the Columbian may be a private business themselves, their purpose, as they state at the head of every edition, is “Serving Clark County, Washington.”

Shouldn’t that include ALL of Clark County and not just one view?

Copies of Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella’s unpublished letters follow.

Letter to the Editor:
I find it interesting that you label me as an activist. This is the second time in less than a year that your paper has done so. According to surveys, the term “activist” has a negative connotation. My appropriate, reserved actions and involvement in city/state affairs are motivated by what is in the best interests of both. I have not once addressed the Charter Review Committee, with a recommendation for removal of Mr. Caton from that committee. I have, however, at City Council, recommended that Mayor Pollard, take a leadership role, and remove him from his campaign as treasurer, or ask that Mr. Caton remove himself from the Charter Review Committee. The Charter Review Committee is addressing far-reaching policies that directly pertain to mayoral issues. It is impossible for anyone, with the close association that Mr. Caton has to Mayor Pollard, to remain objective. I refer you to the written, public, city council record that contains my statement. You will find it measured and polite. It would have been helpful if facts, rather than fiction would have been included in your editorial of May 13th, regarding my statement.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Peterson, concerned citizen


Interesting article in today Columbian. Anti-Citizens/Voters and Pollard Cheerleader Tom Koenninger, Editor Emeritus of the Columbian characterizes Debbie Peterson and me, as “Vicious” for attempting to do what the Columbian fails to do or won’t do.

That is to make Vancouver Citizens aware of what the good Mayor and his self appointed Charter Review Committee, is or isn’t doing to our City Constitution.

What Cheerleader Koenninger failed to say in his column is that Mayor Pollard, when confronted by me with the fact that Charter Review Committee Chairman was his re-election Campaign Chairman, LIED. Instead of responding with the truth, that John Caton is his Campaign Treasurer, the mayor said, my information was a bunch of “CRAP” and he only occasionally uses Caton as an accountant. Mayors should not Lie to the people. I have the mayor’s words on tape if Koenninger would like to see them.

L. M. Patella
CDR USN (ret)

May 14, 2009

Vancouver Auto Dealer On Chrysler’s Closure List

by lewwaters

2008 Challenger 1Alan Webb’s Vancouver Dodge, recently relocated to their new location behind Vancouver Ford on NE 66th Ave received the shocking news Thursday morning, along with 788 other Dealerships around the country that they were slated for closure in Chrysler’s restructuring plan.

The National Automobile Dealers Association says about 40,000 people work at the affected dealerships, but that many will remain employed as Dealers continue to sell the other brands associated with them. Webb employs about 70 people from Clark County and Portland.

Alan Webb also sells and services Mazda vehicles at his 66th Ave Dealership.

Complete list of proposed closures

Webb acquired Vancouver Dodge in October 2005 and almost immediately began plans to relocate the business from its former location on 78th street. He completed construction on his new $10.7 million facility just over one month ago, moving the business in mid-March.

Auto sales have slipped drastically since the current economic downturn began, affecting all Auto Dealerships. Webb believes that with the new facility, “We’ll be in the right spot and in the right facility when sales turn around.”

Announcement of the closure list will further hurt sales as consumers wonder whether or not to buy a new car from the dealers, but the dealers remain open for business and warranties on the vehicles will remain to be honored.

Webb’s new facility contains a large service shop staffed by competent factory trained technicians, some in the employ of Vancouver Dodge for 20 years or more. Service hours are very flexible for customers, being open from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM, Monday through Saturday.

UPDATE: Webb’s facility is no longer staffed by long term, Dodge factory trained technicians. Good luck.

Vancouver Dodge used to be Southwest Washington’s largest Dodge Truck Store.

Oregon faces the closure of 6 Chrysler associated businesses with Washington State facing 15. Also slated for closure is Timberline Dodge on NE Sandy Blvd. and Gresham Chrysler.

Timberline owner Alex Laws says the announced closing will be appealed.

Vancouver’s other Chrysler Dealer remains unaffected at this time, but owner Dick Hannah said, “We’re not expecting to be eliminated, but we don’t know.”

Webb declined to comment any further today than to confirm the dealership is on the list, but unnamed sources within the dealership inform me he intends to fight the closure too.

Alan Webb’s Vancouver Dodge remains open for “business as usual” in the meantime.

Also slated for closure in Washington,

Bud Clary Jeep in Longview,

Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee,

Columbia Chrysler-Plymouth in Longview,

Hahn Motor Company in Yakima,

Larson’s Chrysler Jeep in Tacoma,

Lee Peterson Motors in Yakima,

Leskovar Jeep-Eagle in Kennewick,

Milam Jeep Mazda in Puyallup,

Murray Motors in Port Angeles,

Petes Garage in Ritzville,

Roger Jobs Motors in Bellingham,

Skagit Auto Center in Burlington,

Tacoma Dodge in Tacoma,

Tri-Cities Motor Sales in Pasco.

UPDATE: Webb now says, “Unless there is an appeal granted, we will no longer be selling new Dodges or providing warranty services.” He expects to stop selling Dodge by mid-June.

As owner of Clark County’s ONLY Dodge Dealership and having relocated the dealership at the cost of $10.7 million, Webb should fight this closure with everything he has behind him.

In the meantime, Webb plans a huge sale this weekend to liquidate the Dodge inventory. Said Webb, “If there was ever a reason to have a sale, this is going to be it. We will be having one gigantic sale.”

His Mazda, Nissan and Saturn dealerships remain unaffected by Chrysler’s action.

UPDATE: Webb seems to be filling the diminished dealership with high end used vehicles, very few economical vehicles

May 11, 2009

Candidate/Campaign Worker Workshop

by lewwaters

Received in email from the Clark County GOP:

Candidate/Campaign Worker Workshop

Vancouver, WA – The Clark County Auditor’s Office is sponsoring a campaign workshop, “Winnings Ways to Run for Office – A Candidate/Campaign Worker Workshop.”

The free workshop takes place on Wednesday, May 20, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Clark County Elections Office, 1408 Franklin, Vancouver, WA. An informal reception will follow the program.

Three panels of experts will describe what it takes to carry out an effective campaign for a candidate or issue in Clark County :

>Making the decision to run.

Campaign Strategies- Jaime Herrera, State Representative 18th District;
Marsha Manning, Campaign Consultant.

>Nuts and Bolts of a Campaign

Marissa Madrigal Chief of Staff to Jeff Cogen Multnomah County Commissioner, Campaign Consultant

Ann Rivers, Public Affairs Consultant

>Tools and Resources

Tim Likness, Clark County Elections Director
* The official process and Election Office resources

Lori Anderson, Washington State Public Disclosure Commission
*Complying with public disclosure laws

Curtis Knopp, Washington Department of Transportation
*Campaign signs

Jane Van Dyke, League of Women Voters
*Fair Campaign Practices Project

The workshop will be helpful for current candidates for public office and for people considering becoming candidates, for those who are working on a campaign for an issue or candidate, or who think they might in the future, as well as anyone who is interested in the topics. Time will be available for questions and answers during the program as well as during the informal reception following the workshop.

Contact: Greg Kimsey, Clark County Auditor, 397-2078
Tim Likness, Elections Director, 397-2345

May 8, 2009

Delavar For Washougal City Council, Pos 6

by lewwaters

.Delavar 006
As most know, Michael Delavar mounted an unsuccessful run to unseat Brian Baird from the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2008 election. Although his bid was unsuccessful, he still mounted an impressive 39% of the vote in Clark County, not too shabby for someone young with no political experience under his belt. He has nothing to be ashamed for as he did mount a good campaign and performed better than many expected.

Michael, a pilot with Horizon Airlines, has taken his initial defeat in stride and focused his sights on running for the Washougal City Council, Position 6. A position that he says

is a position that I can bid around with my flying job and not have to take time off for.”

Michael, 34, is the father of 2 young boys, which is what impressed me from the first meeting with him, viewing his interaction with his children when he didn’t know I was watching. More fathers need to embrace their role in the raising of their children as Michael has.

Regular readers of Clark County Conservative may recall that I did not endorse or support Michael for his run for Congress, mainly due to our differences on our involvement with Iraq. Even with that I readily agreed he held some sound fiscal ideas and values.

It is due to those ideas and values that I wholeheartedly support and endorse him in his bid for the Washougal City Council.

His campaign website has changed to where he outlines his vision for the City of Washougal, receiving over 2200 votes in that City alone. From a city with a population hovering around 9,000, that many votes is quite impressive.

Michael advocates reasonable taxes in a time that others think increasing taxes and fees to be appropriate. Michael is correct as increasing what taxpayers must pay during such economic troubles we currently face can only cause further economic strife for families.

He believes in “Ensuring the public has the necessary input on projects,” which I can personally attest too. Even with one who opposed his run, he was very approachable and open to listening, as acknowledged on his campaign site,

I learned a lot during last year’s campaign. The biggest thing was that there are good people on both sides of the political spectrum. I am glad to leave behind partisan politics.”

Another thing learned by Michael last year in the “partisan politics.” is the viciousness associated with a run for federal office. Perhaps that is why he told me in email, “I have no plans for moving on to a higher position than city council right now,” indicating he plans to actually work to better Washougal and not use the position as a stepping stone to a higher office.

In working with the other City Council Members, Michael would be a good addition who would retain the small town flavor of Washougal while working to draw “responsible, sustainable businesses” to the community and giving vital input countering current measures Washougal residents are unhappy with.

Washougal, I encourage you too take a serious look at Michael Delavar and support his common sense approach to local government by electing him to your City Council

May 2, 2009

Columbian Files For Chapter 11 Protection

by lewwaters


As has been expected, the Columbian filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Friday.

Columbian seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

This does not mean the Columbian is going out of business or will cease publishing the paper, nor should they. On the contrary, the paper should now be able to restructure its debt and emerge, hopefully, as stronger newspaper and even more hopefully, more representative of the community.

The Columbian has been facing financial difficulties due to declining circulation, declining advertising and the bold move of constructing a new building just as the economy began its downward spiral.

Three lay-offs did not help in recovery from their financial woes.

Lou Brancaccio, editor at the Columbian, see is as, “We’re tough and we’ll get going,” indicating a “business as usual” attitude in that the paper will continue to publish daily, as expressed in his editorial, Of getting tough and comments.

Brancaccio makes mention of “we allow our detractors to use our Web site to tell us how bad we are. As it should be.” But, he makes no mention of listening to those “detractors” who mostly point out the “left-leaning bias,” with a few claiming “right-winged bias.”

Personally, I have yet to see any “right-winged bias” in their articles or editorial, John Laird’s especially.

To show me any right-winged bias, as I was discussing with a couple young ladies outside of the Hazel Dell Fred Meyers recently, all one needs do is show me any editorials or articles that were positive towards President George W. Bush in the last 8 years.

Unexpectedly, one turned to the other asking, “did we run any?”

The recent murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp in Hazel Dell received excellent coverage that was compassionate towards her family, I felt. What has been missing since is any articles or editorials on how our Legislature refuses to strengthen sexual predator laws and keep those “homeless” level III predators off of our streets. Instead, the one Senator pushing hard for this needed legislation, Republican Senator Don Benton, is castigated by the Columbian for missed votes, with no mention of all those who missed more votes are Democrats.

The Columbian makes no bones about supporting Light Rail across the Columbia River, which Clark County voters have stated they don’t want in the past. They even ran a very questionable poll, with no mention of the demographics of the poll, showing most people now wanted it. What they neglected to say was that the poll was almost 4 to 1 of Oregonians, not Clark County residents.

This is but a couple examples of how they are not representative of the community they operate in, but instead try to manipulate public opinion towards policies advocated by one political party over another.

Readers grow weary of reading how wrong their values are or out of step they are and they cease purchasing that product and seek alternatives more along their values. In Clark County one lesser area they find that is in bloggers, private citizens who openly state their views online, unedited as many letters to the editors are.

The Columbian is in no danger from us, but has felt that we draw readers away. I feel we just fill a niche left open by the Columbian. As I told Jeffery Mize when he interviewed me for his article, Blogging Clark County, we shouldn’t necessarily compete with each other, but augment each other.

In the end, I think Lou Brancaccio is closing in on the Columbians main problems with, “we allow our detractors to use our Web site to tell us how bad we are. As it should be.”

The only question now is, will they listen to their customers?