Vancouver Auto Dealer On Chrysler’s Closure List

by lewwaters

2008 Challenger 1Alan Webb’s Vancouver Dodge, recently relocated to their new location behind Vancouver Ford on NE 66th Ave received the shocking news Thursday morning, along with 788 other Dealerships around the country that they were slated for closure in Chrysler’s restructuring plan.

The National Automobile Dealers Association says about 40,000 people work at the affected dealerships, but that many will remain employed as Dealers continue to sell the other brands associated with them. Webb employs about 70 people from Clark County and Portland.

Alan Webb also sells and services Mazda vehicles at his 66th Ave Dealership.

Complete list of proposed closures

Webb acquired Vancouver Dodge in October 2005 and almost immediately began plans to relocate the business from its former location on 78th street. He completed construction on his new $10.7 million facility just over one month ago, moving the business in mid-March.

Auto sales have slipped drastically since the current economic downturn began, affecting all Auto Dealerships. Webb believes that with the new facility, “We’ll be in the right spot and in the right facility when sales turn around.”

Announcement of the closure list will further hurt sales as consumers wonder whether or not to buy a new car from the dealers, but the dealers remain open for business and warranties on the vehicles will remain to be honored.

Webb’s new facility contains a large service shop staffed by competent factory trained technicians, some in the employ of Vancouver Dodge for 20 years or more. Service hours are very flexible for customers, being open from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM, Monday through Saturday.

UPDATE: Webb’s facility is no longer staffed by long term, Dodge factory trained technicians. Good luck.

Vancouver Dodge used to be Southwest Washington’s largest Dodge Truck Store.

Oregon faces the closure of 6 Chrysler associated businesses with Washington State facing 15. Also slated for closure is Timberline Dodge on NE Sandy Blvd. and Gresham Chrysler.

Timberline owner Alex Laws says the announced closing will be appealed.

Vancouver’s other Chrysler Dealer remains unaffected at this time, but owner Dick Hannah said, “We’re not expecting to be eliminated, but we don’t know.”

Webb declined to comment any further today than to confirm the dealership is on the list, but unnamed sources within the dealership inform me he intends to fight the closure too.

Alan Webb’s Vancouver Dodge remains open for “business as usual” in the meantime.

Also slated for closure in Washington,

Bud Clary Jeep in Longview,

Cascade Autocenter in Wenatchee,

Columbia Chrysler-Plymouth in Longview,

Hahn Motor Company in Yakima,

Larson’s Chrysler Jeep in Tacoma,

Lee Peterson Motors in Yakima,

Leskovar Jeep-Eagle in Kennewick,

Milam Jeep Mazda in Puyallup,

Murray Motors in Port Angeles,

Petes Garage in Ritzville,

Roger Jobs Motors in Bellingham,

Skagit Auto Center in Burlington,

Tacoma Dodge in Tacoma,

Tri-Cities Motor Sales in Pasco.

UPDATE: Webb now says, “Unless there is an appeal granted, we will no longer be selling new Dodges or providing warranty services.” He expects to stop selling Dodge by mid-June.

As owner of Clark County’s ONLY Dodge Dealership and having relocated the dealership at the cost of $10.7 million, Webb should fight this closure with everything he has behind him.

In the meantime, Webb plans a huge sale this weekend to liquidate the Dodge inventory. Said Webb, “If there was ever a reason to have a sale, this is going to be it. We will be having one gigantic sale.”

His Mazda, Nissan and Saturn dealerships remain unaffected by Chrysler’s action.

UPDATE: Webb seems to be filling the diminished dealership with high end used vehicles, very few economical vehicles

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