Pro-American Patriotic Squirrel

by lewwaters

Cemetery workers at Mount Hope Cemetery in Port Huron, Michigan were stumped at the disappearance of small American Flags placed on graves of Veterans buried there.

Cemetery superintendent Ron Ceglarek solved the mystery when he noticed a squirrel detaching the flags and carrying them up a tree for its nest.


Perhaps the next Portland Protester who defecates on our flag better watch his rear, or answer to a Patriotic squirrel.


2 Comments to “Pro-American Patriotic Squirrel”

  1. Too funny! Squirrels are strange creatures but so much fun to watch! Thanks for the story and the picture. WHERE did you get that photo? How do they get the squirrel to do that – or is it photoshop?


  2. Jeanette, my guess is photoshop.

    I found the photo in either email or somewhere unattributed so long ago I don’t recall, but it fit with this story.


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