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June 1, 2009

Debbie Peterson Adds Her Support To Commissioner Mielke

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, Republican Candidate against Democrat Jim Jacks in last years election for hte 49th Legislative District Position One, joins in with Nancy De Leo in support of Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke.

Ms. Peterson says:

My thoughts: The illegal alien issue is a concern for all Americans who believe that sovereign nations have a right to protect their borders. For those who do not subscribe to that philosophy, they must then, by default, believe that America does not have a right to its own sovereignty. These two diametrically opposing views reach to the core of how America defines itself. It very well may be that this is the lynch pin debate that serves as the platform and will drive the outcome of many of our state/national debates.* The United States Constitution vests sovereignty in the Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the President, the fifty States, and ultimately, in We the People (Ted Cruz). The illegal alien undermines our sovereignty at every level. All countries, including our own, make provisions for securing their borders. There is an unspoken rationality for it, but there is also, in our U.S. Constitution, an implied demand for it.

Unfortunately, our U.S. Congressmen/women have chosen to usurp their powers. They ignore their primary charge, which is, according to the U.S. Constitution, to defend the citizens of this country. Our elected officials cower under the fear of being called racists, cower under the fear of losing campaign contributions, cower under the fear of losing elections, and in the meantime we are losing America. U.S. Congressmen/women by their abdication of Art.4, Sect.4, have thrown this extremely serious policy issue onto the states. Look at California. One year ago, 33 hospitals had closed under the burgeoning weight of illegal alien medical care. California’s deficits are staggering. People are hemorrhaging to other states as they see services decline and school’s fail (in spite of high teacher salaries, low classroom size, and school funding increases of nearly 10 percent between the 2003-04 and 2006-07 school years, while student enrollment declined by more than 30,000.)(1) In part, California’s politicians’ open border policy has crippled its government, rendering it impotent in its ability to protect the very people for whom they pledged to serve. They lied.

Commissioner Mielke is accurate, when he acknowledges the illegal alien problem. To assume it does not exist in Clark County is naïve. To assume that it will not affect our services, schools, and law enforcement in this community is a costly assumption, as Californians can attest to. Commissioner Mielke is doing what most politicians will not do. He is applying the scientific process to social issues. It is empiricism and not racism that is motivating his statements. Mr. Mielke understands the problem, has looked at statewide data, and has arrived at a conclusion, driven by the data. His policy suggestion was inevitable, given the data. The fact that he actually has the nerve to voice it, and attempt policy, to correct it, is refreshing. Unfortunately, “policy as usual” is driven by the politics, not by the data and not by what is best for citizens. These politically correct policies are almost always detrimental to American culture and the community.

What a refreshing change to have policy driven by facts. What a refreshing change to have a public servant who is actually serving us, and has taken up the banner of the tax payers’ plight.

*November 2009 candidates’ policies on illegal aliens issues vis-à-vis identity theft, drugs, overcrowded jails, health care, crime, loss of citizen jobs, lowering of citizen wages, and homeland security need to be measured against this plumbline: that is, the U.S. Constitution’s, and Washington State’s constitutional (Art.1, Sect.2). support for sovereignty protection If candidate policies do not support that, they do not deserve our vote.

(1) Vicki E. Murray, Pacific Research Institute

In these times of severe economic recession and with the ever-increasing unemployment rate, rising taxes to pay for programs for those that enter our country ILLEGALLY, it is refreshing to see people speak out on this egregious usurpation of our law.

Is it really so much to ask that our laws be honored and immigrants desiring the American Dream follow our laws and enter the country LEGALLY?

Or, do we just declare the entire population of the planet Americans and bring the in excess of 5 Billion people populating the earth into America to take advantage of our safety net?

It is neither racist nor selfish to take care of our own people in need and expect others to obtain entrance LEGALLY, just as they expect of us when we travel to their countries.

June 1, 2009

Outrage Over Abortion Doc Murder, Ho Hum Over Soldiers Murder

by lewwaters

By now all know of the heinous murder of abortion doctor, George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas by a nutcase. Pro and anti-abortion people have expressed righteous anger.

Attorney General Eric Holder was quick to dispatch the U.S. Marshals Service to protect “appropriate people and facilities around the nation.”

It should be noted this is the first murder of an abortion doctor in 11 years. That neither condones nor justifies the act, just some perspective.

Those opposing abortion face a backlash of unknown proportions as pro-abortion forces now line up to take advantage of this heinous crime, which was immediately condemned by all legitimate anti-abortion protesters.

Another murder happened just today, June 1, 2009 and the disparity of outrage or national headlines screams loudly.

A United States Army Soldier was gunned down and murdered outside an Army Recruitment Office in Little Rock, Arkansas and a second wounded.

Where is the quick condemnation from the anti-war left? Where is Obama’s rapid condemnation of this heinous murder? Where is the Attorney General’s mobilization of US Marshal’s to protect Recruitment Facilities?

Recruiting Offices are not armed and not fortified as many abortion clinics are.

Is the silence because the alleged murderer this time is a recently converted Muslim?

Or, is the life of United States Soldier unimportant to the Obama agenda?

June 1, 2009

Nancy De Leo’s Response to The Mielke Comment

by lewwaters

Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke has come under fire from elements within our county that advocate ILLEGAL immigration. Clark County Conservative covered the unrighteous trumped up anger here.

Readers on the Columbian’s website have submitted nearly 150 comments to the original article, with the majority in support of Commissioner Mielke comment on a possible way to curb excessive spending in Clark County.

Nancy De Leo, State Committeewoman for the Clark County Republican Party issued her support of Commissioner Mielke and asks for more Clark County Citizens to stand with Commissioner Mielke and help lessen ILLEGAL aliens from gaining entitlements they are not entitled to.

Nancy’s comment:

In regards to the recent criticism of Tom Mielke…..

I am curious if those complaining are citizens of the United States. Only USA citizens have the right to PUBLICLY discuss USA polices. We are not beholden to those who do not respect our laws. By definition ‘an illegal’ does not respect the law of our country, nor do they respect the rights of their fellow countrymen who have become naturalized citizens through legal channels.

The Social Security System is ALREADY BROKEN, and I am very concerned that it will be out of money before I retire. If we continue to provide FREE services for everyone in the world, our country will be in bankruptcy like California before Obama leaves office.

In our discussions we must keep things in perspective, and not be cowed by Political Correctness.
The only way to stop the nonsense is to get involved, stay involved and help us help our fellow citizens get involved. Citizens of the United States come from all corners of the earth and are of every nationality. Good citizens stand up for what is right and what is in the interest of the SURVIVAL of the United States of America.

Nancy De Leo

Citizens of Clark County, it is not racist to expect those who come to our country to follow our laws and enter the United States LEGALLY, just as they demand of us when we enter theirs.

We need to stand with Commissioner Mielke and any other who is ready, willing and able to finally address the flood of ILLEGAL immigrants sneaking into America or over staying their Visa’s.