Nancy De Leo’s Response to The Mielke Comment

by lewwaters

Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke has come under fire from elements within our county that advocate ILLEGAL immigration. Clark County Conservative covered the unrighteous trumped up anger here.

Readers on the Columbian’s website have submitted nearly 150 comments to the original article, with the majority in support of Commissioner Mielke comment on a possible way to curb excessive spending in Clark County.

Nancy De Leo, State Committeewoman for the Clark County Republican Party issued her support of Commissioner Mielke and asks for more Clark County Citizens to stand with Commissioner Mielke and help lessen ILLEGAL aliens from gaining entitlements they are not entitled to.

Nancy’s comment:

In regards to the recent criticism of Tom Mielke…..

I am curious if those complaining are citizens of the United States. Only USA citizens have the right to PUBLICLY discuss USA polices. We are not beholden to those who do not respect our laws. By definition ‘an illegal’ does not respect the law of our country, nor do they respect the rights of their fellow countrymen who have become naturalized citizens through legal channels.

The Social Security System is ALREADY BROKEN, and I am very concerned that it will be out of money before I retire. If we continue to provide FREE services for everyone in the world, our country will be in bankruptcy like California before Obama leaves office.

In our discussions we must keep things in perspective, and not be cowed by Political Correctness.
The only way to stop the nonsense is to get involved, stay involved and help us help our fellow citizens get involved. Citizens of the United States come from all corners of the earth and are of every nationality. Good citizens stand up for what is right and what is in the interest of the SURVIVAL of the United States of America.

Nancy De Leo

Citizens of Clark County, it is not racist to expect those who come to our country to follow our laws and enter the United States LEGALLY, just as they demand of us when we enter theirs.

We need to stand with Commissioner Mielke and any other who is ready, willing and able to finally address the flood of ILLEGAL immigrants sneaking into America or over staying their Visa’s.

4 Responses to “Nancy De Leo’s Response to The Mielke Comment”

  1. I don’t recall anyone advocating illegal immigation. Maybe Nancy call fill us in.


  2. Condoning ILLEGAL immigration is encouraging more ILLEGAL immigration, Pat. Encouraging is advocating.

    But, since you hold a seat on the City Council, perhaps you can answer why it is immigation laws should not be enforced, but ignored?

    The attorney in the original Columbian story brags about being an ILLEGAL herself who took advantage of the amnesty program that was supposed to put an end to the flood of ILLEGALS cominig into he country in the 1980’s. Apparently it did not.

    She claims to have graduated Law School by aid given her to attend. Then, claims to be giving back to the community by her “business” as an immigration and family law attorney.

    Does that mean she represents people free? I doubt that. Like any attorney, or business person, she must charge for her services or go bankrupt.

    Someone your age and with your experience must realize that any time you don’t enforce a law, it advocates violating it by those who have a notion to do so.

    Why else to we enforce our other laws?

    Finally, why do we have near or slightly over double digit unemployment and see more and more ILLEGALs cominig in to take jobs other could be taking, except the ILLEGAL’s will work for less wages.

    Shouldn’t first choice in jobs go to citizens or those here LEGALLY?

    Or, is it a plus to business profits to hire below wage workers and just ignore citizens?


  3. Looking back over the post, Pat, Nancy did not use the word “advocate,” I did.



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