3 Month Delay In Charging Washington State Commissioner In Brutal Beating

by lewwaters

Joseph Hooks, a Seattle city employee and a commissioner on the Washington state Commission on African American Affairs has been charged in the brutal beating of Michael McBain, who was entering an elevator to his Condo last St. Patricks Day.

Hooks, who initially denied even being in the building, claims it was “self defense” alleging McBain “pushed him and called him names.”

McBain and witnesses deny any such exchange occurred adding, “There was a big guy standing there, sort of blocking the door. And I guess I must have brushed past him.”

Story at KOMO News

Seattle Police claim the 3-month delay had “nothing to do with his professional life” as Seattle City employee or Commissioner on Washington State Commission on African American Affairs.

According to witnesses, the attack occurred as McBain was attempting to get past Hooks into an elevator to go home to his Condo upstairs. Hooks was a guest at a party within the building.

A relative of Hooks had previously filed for a protective order against him, fearing he would physically hurt her.

Seattle Police claim the 3-month delay was to “accumulate more compelling evidence.”

Hooks has been charged with “second degree assault.” Alex Fryer, spokesman for Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, said the charge has not prompted Hooks to be placed on leave from his job.

Hooks’ bio list him as member of the Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Subcommittee as well as having served on the staff of two members of the Washington State Democratic Congressional Delegation for over 5 years, Adam Smith and Norm Dicks.

Michael McBain is a white Medical Student.

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