Castillo For Congress, 3rd District, Washington State

by lewwaters

David CastilloBrian Baird, move over, you are soon to meet your match in David Castillo, Republican running to unseat you in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District.

I had the honor of personally meeting David Castillo Saturday, June 13 and having the chance to speak with him personally and get to hear where he stands on issues. Needless to say, I was impressed and believe me, I am a hard one to impress.

David comes from a background, not of privilege, but hard work. He grew up as the only son of a single Mom with 3 sisters. Money was tight, as it was for many of us. His Mom and grandparents taught him the value of hard work, to aspire to better things than accepting or relying on government handouts, that education was key to any success he would find in life and that America is a great nation with great possibilities for those who are willing to work hard.

He learned those lessons well.

He joined the United States Navy in 1986, spending 4 years as an enlisted man with Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron SIX in San Diego. As a former United States Army helicopter Crew Chief/Mechanic myself, I can verify the hard work and tedious nature of Helicopters and what an important function they have with our Armed Services.

Receiving an NROTC scholarship in 1989, he attended the University of Washington where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, moving on to earn his Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

David is a Veteran of Operation Earnest Will, when President Reagan assigned the United States Navy to escort and protect Kuwaiti Oil Tankers from Iranian attack as they steamed through the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq War on the 1980’s.

A native Washingtonian, born in Centralia, he served various posts in our State Legislature including as Chief of Staff to the House Republican Caucus and as Legislative Assistant. He also served at the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor and was Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs under President Bush.

He recognizes that in today’s world, there exist some extremely evil people who wish only to kill Americans and because of that, we must remain vigilant. To bring normalcy to Afghanistan, he feels we must remain on the offensive, push back the Taliban and that establishing a friendly government is imperative.

David is extremely concerned over the growing threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and North Korea and their potential to thrust the world into a nuclear war and that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad wants to do just what he says he wants to do – wipe Israel off the map. Continuing sanctions against Iran, insisting on inspectors, and continuing to build up US and Israeli missile defenses is a better defense than the empty platitudes currently being sent, which are ignored.

As China is North Korea’s only real trading partner, they must be encouraged to engage with North Korea in ending their quest for nuclear weaponry.

David supports ending earmarks along with scrapping the current tax system in favor of a more flat tax, of some sort. Lowering corporate taxes and reducing payroll taxes will lead to much needed job creation in our country and Washington State. Fraud, waste, and abuse in the Federal budget must be addressed and ended to bring us back to fiscal sanity.

Don’t forget that current Representative, Brian Baird touts his proposed 72-hour public review period for major spending legislation, yet when the recent stimulus plan was presented to the House with mere hours to review it, Baird voted yes and like others, did not even read it!

And now, we hear Vice President Biden come out and say, “everyone guessed wrong.”

Being a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments, David Castillo wouldn’t necessarily have made a simple “guess” in such an important matter, following every other Republican in the House who voted NO on such a massive bill without any knowledge of what was in it.

David sees that the safety of the citizens is the paramount duty of government and the security of our borders is priority one. Then, we can decide appropriate steps that should be taken in the matter of Illegal immigrants. He has some ideas in dealing with this and is open to listening to any legitimate ideas others may have. But first, “our borders must be secured,” he says.

Asked about more specific steps he would take, Castillo said, “I would consider requiring that all businesses use the E-Verify system. It is free to them and is not labor intensive.”

A man of varied heritage who knows how it is when money is tight and “church and friends were a vital resource,” David Castillo is ready to give Washington States Third Congressional District “A new voice. A voice for people who believe that government is growing too big and taxes are too high. A voice for people who believe that America remains an exceptional country and that our best days lie ahead.”

He would like to “ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunity to succeed that he had; to work to return fiscal sanity and the concept of savings to the US Congress; and to help create a climate in which businesses can thrive, succeed, and grow.”

Washingtonians, please join with me in supporting this fine man in his run for the US Congress. In these troubled times, his is a new voice with sound ideas that can only help keep America safe, prosperous and free.

Support and vote for David Castillo, Washington States Third Congressional District. Donations to his campaign may be made online at the link provided or sent to “Castillo for Congress, PO Box 247, East Olympia, WA 98540.”

Let’s all get behind David Castillo, for the betterment of Washington State and America.

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  1. Um. Lew you may want to hold off on promoting this guy until you know his position on amnesty for illegal aliens. You may change your mind.

  2. Jean, I see that he is first and foremost for securing our borders. From my email interview, I received nothing hinting at granting amnesty.

    With his other qualifications, if he did lean towards some sort of amnesty, I think we would have a better chance of reaching him than we currently do with Brian Baird.

  3. Lew…I enjoy your blog, I am just warning you not to jump in too fast.

  4. Jean, if you know something we don’t, feel free to show it.

    So far, the only David Castillo I find that seems in support is from Tulsa Oklahoma and is part of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce there.

    I do not think it is the same David Castillo.

    I had a very nice private chat with David Saturday prior to the Central Committee meeting and again, asked him several questions through email and received some good answers. We won’t agree on everything, but like I said, I do feel David would be more receptive to our input than is Brian Baird.

    But, like I said, if you know of something that should be known, feel free to post it and we’ll run it through the ringer.

    Better now than in October 2010.

  5. Hi Lew. Bill Lohr here. I was with David this weekend when you met. I’ve known David for more than 20 years and I can assure you he does not support amnesty and he’s not from Oklahoma. 🙂

    He does have a firm understanding that a primary role of any government is to protect and secure its borders. Hope this helps.

    Thank you for your support of his candidacy.

  6. I checked out Mr. Castillo’s website twice today on two separate computers. Unfortunately both computers were infected by a trojan virus on that site. My home computer’s security software stopped one, but my notebook computer is paralyzed.

    Lew, tell Mr. Castillo to get his web master on it so I can learn more about him, please.

  7. Jane, I just accessed his web site with no trouble at all. I don’t know why you would have trouble, but will forward your words to the campaign.

    Bill, thanks. David did not impress me as an amnesty guy.

    Still, if there is anything such as mistaken identity or other such thing that can be thrown at him in the last minutes of the campaign, I feel it’s better to get it out now and have a defense or refutation at the ready.

    I do believe David is a strong contender against Baird and knowing Democrats, there is no doubt they would love to throw out a person from Tulsa with the same name to confuse voters.

    You know how they love their October Surprises, even when fabricated.

  8. David Castillo may be an example of what I mentioned in another thread: he may be representative of the “new” face of the Republican party. That is, youthful, ethnically diverse, and able to bridge far right with the center with his educational background and prior experiences.

    In reviewing the June 6th public comments video of the Clark County Commission meeting, there were some statements made that made me cringe. Even though they were honest and from the heart, the raw language and emotion expressed by some could wind up hurting, rather than helping promote effective policies. You need to present ideas and concerns in a way that makes others want to listen.

    I look forward to hearing David Castillo speak and to hear his plans for legislative action. He looks very good on paper so far.

  9. Jane, the next time he is down here, make the effort to meet him. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

    We may have misunderstood each other earlier. Candidates like David, I feel, will swing the party back to the right I feel. He has a strong presence and clear voice and some ideas he expressed, which I have not included, sound like just what we may need.

    If I hear of any events he’ll be at or any pop up on the party website, be sure to make every effort to meet and listen to him.

  10. You may be correct that David is a strong contender against Baird. He has a pretty good position against amnesty. But does he think we can’t, can, or should return illegals as we secure the borders?
    If we do return them and secure the borders, can we then avoid having a national ID card, and eventually biometric IDs?

    I empathize with the Iraqi people. McCains position was that we might stay there a hundred years if we had no casualties. On the other hand, if they attack us in desperation, we will never “cut and run”. This is the epiphany of military occupation. I don’t see how true conservatives can support the occupation. Socialism is not the only illogical fallacy we are confronted with.

  11. David, much of what you ask will come out a bit clearer as the months unwind ahead. I like that he is receptive to ideas of how best to handle ILLEGALs once the borders are secure.

    As for the rest of your questions, last I heard, Obama is now in charge of any “occupation.” You can call 1-202-456-1414, or send an email through or write a letter and address it to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

    And no, this thread will not be allowed to turn into a Ron Paul supportive thread or Bush bashing thread.

    Then again, perhaps you had no idea that David Castillo was not for going into Iraq, but once the decision was made, got fully behind our Troops.

    I like that stance he admitted to. There is just something very irritating to many of us Viet Nam Vets about public undermining of our efforts when we are fighting a war.

  12. Brian Baird is not beatable against a Republican.

    In a race between a Republican and a Republican, the Republican wins every time. Truman

  13. Thanks, I needed a late night laugh.

  14. Lew,

    You must know by now, there is only the Money Party. “Republicans” and “Democrats” is just the way the “Money Party” controls us.

  15. To a degree, you’re right.

    But, I’m not giving up and will fight to my last breath to return some sanity to the GOP and America. Others are free to bring sanity back to the Dems as they see fit, if they see fit.

    I’m not ready to throw in the towel and I’m not noted for being controlled very much.

  16. Thanks for the “to a degree”.

  17. I say “to a degree” because I know there are others within the party like me who see what has happened and are also working to bring the party to sanity.

    I think David Castillo is one too and hope you get the chance to meet him.

  18. It was the same fallacy of occupation in Vietnam. The idea that we were fighting for a just cause should not be confused with fighting for your country. Our country got it wrong repeatedly. Can we get it wrong and still be the best country in the world? Of course.

    America needs her soldiers to fight her battles gallantly, even if those battles turn out to be mistakes. If a soldier fights with honor, they are heroes all the same. The failure is not with the soldier. The failure is with the politicians, who refuse to correct their mistakes.

    So David Castille has the same Iraq war history and policy as Brian Baird?
    So they can both be expected to shut up and “support the troops”?
    This is not Vietnam in that regard. Nobody is blaming the troops. That was stupid mob mentality then, and should never be repeated.

    To the people of Iraq, our troops are infidels. How helpful do you think we would be to Muslim guards operating checkpoints into Portland? Would we be nice to them so they would stay another hundred years? Or would we fight them, so they would be sure to never “cut and run”?

    I realize you support the occupation. It is painfully obvious when you refer to it as a war. I could get people to agree with me in hundreds of places online, however that isn’t what our congressional district needs. This is your blog, but foreign policy is fair game when discussing a congressional candidate, and war is still the ultimate social program.

  19. That’s what I like about commenters like you, David. You know so much that just isn’t so.

    But then agaiin, what could I possibly know about War or Viet Nam? I only spent 18 months in country in Viet Nam. I didn’t read the books about it.

    Do yourself a favor and seek out some of the Boat People and get their opinion on this “occupation” obsession of yours.

    Last I heard, foreign policy is set by POTUS, not a congressional candidate or even a House member. Granted, they are free to express their views.

    Somehow, it doesn’t seem all that bad of a thing that others under “occupation” are capable of expressing their free ideas either.

    Too bad Iran isn’t seeing similar “occupation.”

    BTW, can you explain just how it is we are “occupying” Iraq and Afghanistan, yet they hold free elections of their own people?

    When you really want some truth about Viet Nam, look up and obtain a copy of the book “Unheralded Victory” by Mark Woodruff. Might do you some good where he discusses centuries of history of that country and what was really going on.

  20. Yeah, well, my brother in law knows all about Afghanistan too, cause he was there. I thank the both of you for serving your country without second guessing the political motives of our leaders. I would like to point out, though, that in many if not most cases soldiers are too young or too disinterested in “politics” to care.

    The prosecution of the war, and whether you fought gallantly, treated the civilians fairly, and fought the enemy effectively…is exactly what needs to be separated from the discussion about the role of United states of America.

    If you inserted our troops into Somalia, you would have the same stories of sacrifice, tragedy and hope that came out of Vietnam. People everywhere want to be free. Imagine that. I would hope we are not debating that either.

    The question IMO:

    Are we prepared to teach the world NATIONBUILDING 101?

    I would suggest that our efforts lately have resulted in something far more insidious. Blackwater, or the corporate army. You know – the guys who helped to disarm New Orleans after Katrina.

    There is something I would ask of all our armed public servants:

    A Call to Military and Police to Uphold
    Your Oath To Defend the Constitution
    You swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and
    domestic. Your oath is to the Constitution, not the politicians. Guardians of the Republic, fulfill your oath! Join us.
    Oath Keepers is an association of active duty military, reserves, National
    Guard, police, veterans, and fire fighters. Our mission is to reach, teach, and
    inspire, all who took the oath to be, not just oath takers, but oath keepers.
    1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.
    2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches.
    3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful
    enemy combatants.”
    4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law on a state.
    5. We will NOT obey orders to subjugate any state that asserts its
    6. We will NOT obey orders to blockade American cities.
    7. We will NOT obey orders to force American citizens into any form
    of detention camps.
    8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign
    troops on U.S. soil against the American people.
    9. We will NOT obey orders to confiscate the property of the American
    people, including food.
    10. We will NOT obey orders infringing on the right of the people to free
    speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a
    redress of grievances. For more information:

  21. David, thanks for the link to Oath Keepers. I joined them early on.

    Read the book I told you about. There is no glorification or demonization of war, just historical research on what led up to it over centuries and how some battles were fought.

    As for “Nation building,” I don’t classify giving helping others gain self determinance as “Nation Building.”

    After all, if that is the case, then study who was responsible for the “Nation Building” that led to the United States of America. Without help from other nations, our own Revolutionary War would have been lost.

  22. Before the assassination of Jack Kennedy, this nation was attempting to help in Vietnam. Then after Johnson took over, we almost immediately slipped down the slope into nation building. The gulf of Tonkin incident was a completely fabricated false flag event to con the American public.

    In our revolutionary war, the French helped with their navy. Perhaps that is why many were inclined to bail out the French in Indochina. That and the domino theory.
    I thought it was EASY to see the mistake of Vietnam looking back on it, but you apparently disagree.
    Perhaps we can come close to agreeing on this:

    Obama may well be the president to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory in the ideological struggle against communism.

    The part you may still not understand: Bush almost certainly was the set up guy, and McCain the back up guy.

    Yes, this is still about what kind of conservative we want to replace Brian Baird. We need to get serious about defining what conservative means.

    David Castillo seems like a good guy. (yes, I have met him as well) Somewhat too politically professional, IMO, but then I guess every body has a specialty, huh?
    I just lament the development of a political class.

  23. David, David, David, your endless rants against our MIlitary excursions is distracting from any discussion on David Castillo. Your knowledge of Viet Nam is at best, tainted.

    The USS Maddox was indeed fired upon by North Vietnamese Patrol Boats on August 2, 1964. Intercepts thought they were also attacked on August 4, which we now believe to not be so. But, they were indeed attacked on the 2 of August.

    Regardless, what was so different about communist aggression in South Viet Nam over communist aggression against South Korea? Why support the freedom of the South Koreans, but dump the South Koreans into he abyss of communism?

    One mistake in Viet Nam ws pushing the ARVN aside for us to do most of the fighting instead of arming them with more advanced weaponry to defend themselves more, along with our assistance.

    Sorry, but I don’t see defending freedom and liberty as nation building.

    As to our own Revolutionary War, again, you seem to have a tainted view. Yes, the French were a big ally, but so were the Spanish as well as the Netherlands.

    As far as the domino theory is concerned, it was proven accurate, not false. After our abandonment of South Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and even Malaysa came under communist pressure. Laos and Cambodia completely fell to it for a while. Indonesia was under pressure too, but managed to rid themselves of communist influence while we were still in Viet Nam.

    Some Vietnamese I know today, Boat People if you will, describe the time after our turning our backs on them until she left as only “the dark times.” He husband will not even return for avisit out of fear of retribution. Even though adopting some capitalism, they are still a communist nation with severe restrictions upon them.

    An essay written by the Vietnamese wife of a pilot I served with might be a good read for you. Do You Really Want to Rear Your Child in a Socialist Society?

    I fully realize Bush was the set-up guy and it has angered me how many within the GOP joined in with liberals in dumping on him when he was the one doing what was right.

    As Winston Churchill famously said, “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required,” and “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

    Turning our backs to dangers facing us and hoping they go away has never worked and never will.

  24. Apparently on August 2 the Constellation was fired on in Vietnamese waters. No hits – most likely just warning shots. On August 4 we created a false flag incident to justify the gulf of Tonkin resolution that essentially took us to war.

    Since there was never so much as a resemblance of a democracy, let alone a republic in Vietnam, we were not fighting FOR anything(other than America, of course). We were there to prop up a dictatorship threatened by an insurgency. This should in NO way tarnish the image of the military, though I am sure it did in the eyes of most of the Vietnamese people.
    But let me be clear here: I mean the WHOLE of the vietnamese people. I am sure that the people aligned with the government appreciated you fighting for them very much. I am also sure they went through some VERY dark times when you left. It is too bad they did not have a peaceful regime change. We should never take that for granted here.

    We must stand FOR liberty throughout the world. Militarily interfering with the self determination of other nations, stops them from experiencing the folly of their mistakes, and puts us in the role of alien tyrant. It undercuts the image of America, and therefore liberty. That is certainly the position of the founding fathers. That is conservatism in foreign policy. (Isolationism is refusing international trade)

    Having said that, I must also admit that it is easier to make that call in hindsight, when we do not feel immediately threatened. McNamara makes it clear that Kennedy was willing to make that call the day he was assassinated. But he did not want to be seen as someone who would “cut and run”.

    That would make Jack Kennedy a better conservative than most republicans today. That is the kind of conservative I would like to see in David Castillo, because you never know, someday he might be president.

    The sad thing is we say Vietnam is still communist, yet they have adopted the free market for the people, because it works. It just supports the party bosses now. Isn’t that pretty much our system? Isn’t it getting more and more obvious every day? THIS is what I mean with Bush being the setup guy. Bush set up the socialism. He pushed the first bailout, and he passed that HUGE medicaid bill years ago.

  25. David, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was over the USS Maddox, which indeed was hit by small arms fire, although torpedoes fired at her missed. She was in international waters.

    The USS Constellation was one of two Aircraft Carriers, along with the USS Ticonderoga, that dispatched aircraft to help fend off the fast patrol boats that attacked the Maddox on the August 2 incident.

    It was incorrect interpretation of Vietnamese intercepts that led both the USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy to believe they were to be attacked on August 4 and the yclaim to have detected fast moving craft coming towards and resulted in them firing at radar targets for some two hours that evening.

    Crews from the Maddox still maintain they detected and dodged torpedoes that evening. The Ticonderoga and the Constellation both dispatched aircraft to attack bases for North Vietnamese Torpedo bases and fuel depots.

    Within days, we had the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, receiving no votes against it in the House and only two against in the Senate.

    It was later that Hanoi claimed there was no second attack, but they never denied the first attack, which would have been hard to do with their craft being hit and left dead in the water.

    Don’t you find it odd that even today, former Soviet KGB agents refer to the infiltration of American anti-war groups their greatest achievement and that it is mostly by “looking back” from many of those same anti-war people, many of whom became Congressmen, that call it all a farce?

    Doesn’t it strike you that until the Tet of 68 Offensive, which Walter Cronkite labeled a mass failure of ours, which in fact was a resounding victory of ours and the South Vietnamese, that fewer than 14,000 Americans had lost their lives in Viet Nam?

    Yet, by the time of our withdrawal some 5 years later, our dead numbered over 58,000? Link that to reports that after the fall of Saigon in 1975, many European reporters claimed General Vo Nguyen Giap claimed he had been ready to negotiate a surrender, possibly in a set-up like the Korea’s, but that he saw our weak link was playing to the anti-war left in America, on our streets and beginning to target Americans, knowing that America did not have the stomach to finish the fight.

    Colonel Bui Tin and General Nguyen Duc Huy, both formerly of the North Vietnamese Military, have made similar statements, although never actually confirming Giap’s words.

    You say there was never a shred of Democracy in Viet Nam, yet have no problem turning them over to the slaughter that befell them once the communist swarmed in, sending millions to camps, many never returning, many for “reeducation” and untold thousands to sure death escaping as the Boat People.

    Standing up to stop the spread of communism seems like a pretty good cause to me, since I have seen the effects communism has on people.

    Perhaps you don’t know, but after Viet Nam I spent three years in Germany with the 2nd ACR where we flew the borders between East and West Germany and Checkolslovakia, where there was a tall fence, mine fields and finely raked sand, not to keep us out, but to detect their people trying to get out.

    Your claim of, “Militarily interfering with the self determination of other nations, stops them from experiencing the folly of their mistakes, and puts us in the role of alien tyrant” is faulty as best in that we could apply the same illogic towards World War Two, which anti-war forces opposed heavily, until after Hitler turned on the Soviet Union.

    When some nations “self determination” endangers the entire planet, is it proper to just sit back and tuck your head down so you won’t be looked at as the bad guy?

    Like I said, your premise that Viet Nam was a Civil War and a struggle for self determination is totally false. Many of the so-called Viet Cong, the “freedom Fighters” of the South, actually were sent South by their North Vietnamese Commanders. They were not guerillas, but hardened regular Military in Civilian Clothes.

    McNamara’ claim is unsubstantiated as any documents related to Kennedy desiring to pull the plug on Viet Nam have yet to be presented. Then again, after McNamara’s book, “In Retrospect,” where he claims he knew it was a mistake before we entered, but went along with it anyways. How can we trust his words when he still went along with what he says he knew all along was a mistake, sending over 58,000 American Service members to their death?

    If that is so, why did he not say something in 1964?

    Could it be that he knew all along it was the right thing to do then and due to revisionist history, wants to be looked upon as a great man now?

    You seem fond of John F. Kennedy, so perhaps you will recall his words in his inauguration speech, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

    Where our true image is undercut, going back to the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, is that America has a reputation of abandoning allies in their time of need and appeasing communism.

    Historians are divided over what Kennedy actually would have done since no real documentation has surfaced. Truthfully, we may never know and it is academic anyway.

    We committed ourselves and then, tucked tail and ran. No wonder so many others still look upon us as a “paper tiger.”

    As for Bush, yes, he was set up and slapped around and heavily opposed. Too many forgot Reagan’s 11th Commandment as they joined in with Democrats in demonizing every step Bush took for 8 years, even those supposedly “true conservatives” who fell for the rhetoric of Ron Paul.

    David, you might wish to reconsider having this argument with me. You may convince others much younger who haven’t been where I’ve been or done what I’ve done or even seen what I have seen, but you will not win this argument with me.

    I also do not appreciate your distraction from David Castillo to turn this into a pro-Ron Paul thread. You are enamored with him and I think he is nutcase and that is not going to change.

    If you wish to continue to promote Ron Paul or his ideas, perhaps you need to begin your own blog site to do so.

    Comparing the US to communist that use capitalism in a limited way to further their wealth, while keeping the people poor, is off base and wrong.

    Joining in with Liberal Democrats in continually blaming Bush and the GOP who aren’t smart enough to follow Paul is why we have Obama now and just may again if you all keep it up.

    I often wonder, just whose side are you Ron Paul people on, anyway?

  26. [comment deleted]

    Nutcase is not an appropriate debating technique unless you think you run the asylum. I guess you sorta do, so I appreciate your time.

    [comment deleted]

    No David, I do not run the asylum, I run this blog. Lew

  27. Lew. Excellent!! I’m looking forward to following your blog. We do indeed need to find a way to stop the madness in both Washingtons!

  28. Thank you, Bjorn. You are right in that it is just madness what is going on today.

    Together, one candidate, one vote at a time, we can make a difference and get behind candidates who, like us, see the madness and will work to change it.

    Glad to have you here, feel free to chime in any time.

  29. “I also do not appreciate your distraction from David Castillo to turn this into a pro-Ron Paul thread. You are enamored with him and I think he is nutcase and that is not going to change.”

    Thank you lewwaters for sharing your viewpoint. Considering that you are supporting David Castillo, I’m going to assume Castillo feels the same.

    I will only support those who totally abide to the Constitution and will expose those Candidates who find ways to work around it. The days of voting for the lesser of two evils is gone.

    “Joining in with Liberal Democrats in continually blaming Bush and the GOP who aren’t smart enough to follow Paul is why we have Obama now and just may again if you all keep it up”.

    You and other Republicans just don’t get it – the above statement proves it. I won’t even bother delving into the falsity of that statement.

    You state “A Place For Clark County, Washington Conservatives To Freely Express Our Views”. Apparently this is not true if you disagree with the viewpoint.

  30. Sharon, what is it with you Paulites?

    If you had bothered to read what is said under “A Place For Clark County, Washington Conservatives To Freely Express Our Views” throughout the site, you’d see it was my attempt to invite and promote others to join in writing posts here, not just leave comments there.

    In fact, I have given up on others joining in the effort.

    As you won’t bother “delving into the falsity” of my previous words, allow me to do it for you, but in reverse.

    How many of you threw your support behind McCain/Palin after Paul dropped out? Of those I personally met at Party HQ, none were, partly because we didn’t endorse Michael DeLavar, who although a great guy personally, was nowhere near ready for the House. As expected, Baird ate him up without batting an eyelid.

    Nothing against Michael, he just wasn’t ready for the leap. He’ll do much better sitting on the Washougal City Council currently and if he decides to run for higher office later, will have gained much needed experience.

    But, how many of you wrote in Ron Paul or just didn’t vote at all?

    How many of you are ready to sabotage David Castillo out of infantile pay backs?

    But, you prove my point by thinking you can chatise me here.

    Before you cry “freedom of speech,” perhaps you should return to the constitution and see what it really is. All the constitution does is prevent the government from limiting your speech.

    It does not apply to blog sites. Regardless of site, your speech on it is at the pleasure of whoever owns or runs the blog.

    Now, do any of you have anything to discuss about David Castillo? Or, do I have to revert to comment moderation to weed out these diversions?

  31. Congratulations, David. Your last comment, although now unapproved, triggered comment moderation.

    If you wish to promote Ron Paul or Libertarianism, I suggest you begin your own blog. There are several free blog sites that will accomodate you and if you email me, I’ll be happy to direct you to them.

  32. To David and Sharon, your antics have resulted in my activating comment moderation. It has become clear that you intend to sabotage David Castillo’s candidacy from within.

    This doesn’t come as a surprise as I ran into this last year in the run-up to the 2008 election.

    It also doesn’t surprise me as I accessed many Ron Paul forums where the sort of conduct you are displaying was being dicussed as well as how you intend to “take over” the GOP.

    No Good Choices In 3rd Congressional District Race

    Republican “Meet and Greet”

    See you at the meetings, David.

  33. I hardly think any of these comments and ideological debate is damaging to the party, or to the candidate. It is healthy to discuss ideas, so I don’t understand why you are moderating our opinions.

  34. “Ours” Stuart?

    IF you will look back upwards, the bulk of this “discussion” was someone who decided to educate me on Viet Nam and who has little accurate knowledge of it.

    Early on I stated this post was not going to be allowed to become a vehicle promoting the Ron Paul ideology. As a blog owner and author, that is my prerogative as it is for every other blogger on their blogs.

    Unlike many left-winged blogsites that allow absolutely no comments that might be perceived as pro-rightwing, I usually grant more latitude, but even I have my limits.

    What many Ron Paul followers fail to realize is they and their ‘in your face’ tactics does not gain support for you views. It accomplishes just the opposite.

    As happened to me at the county GOP last year, two decided they had the right to highjack this post promoting David Castillo and make it a vehicle promoting the very ideology of Ron Paul’s I disdain. The comment left unapproved that you do not see weren’t as ‘nice’ as the ones I left showing.

    I find it curious that you use the words “damaging to the party” when many pro-Ron Paul websites last year outlined how his supporters were planning and executing infiltration of the Republican Party and utilizing the assets of the GOP to promote Ron Paul and candidates favorable to the Ron Paul attitude, while acting like they were assimilating to the GOP, but not promoting or donating to any GOP candidates.

    Much of that was outlined in the links I supplied above.

    While I can agree with some of the Libertarian platform, there is much I disagree with, as it is too liberal for my tastes. I watched as the once conservative Democrat Party became what it is today, Socialist. That’s why I parted company with them years ago.

    I will not sit idly by and watch as Libertarians do the same to the GOP.

    But realize that blogs are private ventures and commenting is always at the pleasure of the blog owner. It is not a ‘right’ to comment anywhere.

    If you will read back up you will see I offered to send links to free blog sites and if I had been asked, would probably help set one up for the Ron Paulies. Instead, they decided to ‘get in my face’ still, which is not that good of an idea.

    In closing I’ll just say, paragraph after paragraph s to how wonderful Ron Paul’s ideas are, with one sentence of ‘I hope Castillo agrees’ is not what I consider to be a “healthy discussion.”

    It’s just someone thinking they are slick when they aren’t.

  35. “You state “A Place For Clark County, Washington Conservatives To Freely Express Our Views”. Apparently this is not true if you disagree with the viewpoint.”

    Conservative yes, not Libetarian. This thread is not about the cult-like following of Pauli. It is about Castillo. If you are indeed a conservative I am sure you will agree that he is a better candidate to unseat Brian Baird.

    I recall watching the antics of the Delevar campaigners, causing scenes, and USING the GOP headquarters to promote a former Libetarian candidate. While not supporting financially or in other way ANY other Republican candidate, while using our voluntarily provided facilities. By doing this you Libetarians gave yourselves away. Back to the Pauli cult headquarters for what to do next.

  36. You may have seen this press release already Lew, but wanted to link it to this post:


    Olympia, WA – Congressional candidate David Castillo received a key endorsement in his effort to win a seat in the US Congress. Attorney General Rob McKenna, the highest-ranking Republican elected official in Washington, announced his support of Castillo today.

    “David Castillo will be a new voice for Washington who will bring fresh ideas and real world experience to Washington, DC,” McKenna stated. “I know that he will be a tireless advocate and leader for the 3rd Congressional district and for Washington State.”

    Castillo currently works as a financial advisor and is excited about McKenna’s endorsement. “Rob McKenna is a remarkable leader who has shown us how to lead,” said Castillo. “I am extremely proud to have his support and will certainly rely on him for advice as our campaign moves forward.”

    McKenna is serving his second term as Washington State’s Attorney General.

    Castillo lives in Olympia with his wife Callie and their three year old son. The seat is currently held by Brian Baird.

  37. Thanks, Bill. I hadn’t seen it yet. Thanks also for posting it here.

  38. I’m looking more at Jon Russell, who owns a health clinic in Camas, provides health care to those who can’t afford it and balances his budget, which the government (or Baird, Cantwell or Murray) can’t seem to do in our state.
    Please go to and see for yourself. Also, Jon is having a town hall meeting Saturday, 8/22/09 –
    Event: Town Hall Meeting-Clark County
    “Baird is out of town but Jon Russell is in the house!”
    What: Informational Meeting
    Host: Jon Russell
    Start Time: Saturday, August 22 at 2:00pm End Time: Saturday, August 22 at 3:00pm
    Where: Three Creeks Community Library

    To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

    You might want to go and ask him your questions. You might find he’s like-minded.

  39. Judy, your effort here was wasted. I posted this before I knew Jon was running, but I also have posts on Jon here too.

    My main effort is to ensure Baird is defeated.

    Castillo has some strong points and experience Jon doesn’t have.

    Likewise, Jon has some Castillo doesn’t. One of the two will face Baird next year, provided a third candidate doesn’t surface who will be better than both.

    Yes, such a person exists, but there has been no announcement.

    What we need to avoid is backing any candidate based on emotion or friendship. Electability district wide must be strongly considered as well as experience that will resonate with voters.

    We all agree Baird must go. We need to look closely at any who throws their hat in the ring and select who has the best chance of defeating an incumbent.

    Oh yes, had you looked through the site, you would have found that I already posted all of Jon’s town halls he planned.

    Jon Russell Files To Oppose Baird In 3rd District

    Jon Russell Schedules Town Halls

    A big difference is that Castillo’s campaign sends out releases to bloggers for posting.

    Russell’s has never sent me anything.

  40. Absolutely amazing that you have to dig to find out his GOP affiliation. I’d be ashamed too though.

  41. If you had to “dig” to find out the affiliation of either of these candidates mentioned here in comments, next time try it with your eyes opened.

    I’d be more ashamed at such a childish effort at partisanship.

  42. Ummm, does anyone elses gadar go off when Castillo speaks? Just another professional politician IMO. I’ve asked him the same question at three different events and gotten three totally different answers. What a joke. VOTE HECK!

  43. Your candidate had more important things to do than attend the Campaign for Liberty district 3 congressional candidate forum. After their trouncing last time, so did Heck and Hererra. Only the candidates with relatively little to lose could find the time.

    Of course, it’s all Ron Pauls fault, right Lew?

    (just wanted to give you another chance to test your “comment moderation feature”)

  44. Sorry Joe, but my “gadar” only goes off when I see a brash bombastic charlatan speaking his platitudes.

    Oh, and if you really got 3 different answers, which I highly doubt, you’re lucky.

    Hedrick won’t answer a single simple question to me or others.

    Don’t try to fool people that you support Heck, we can tell that’s not true. Denny Heck has more style and class than you and your boy ever could have.

  45. Way to display your true colors Lew.

    Those stylish and classy democrats look pretty good compared to those bombastic charlatan republicans who loiter around candidate debate forums?

    We can watch the wheels turning as you prepare to undercut your party this fall.

    I for one would welcome your honesty, while noting your hypocrisy.

  46. David, since this post is so deeply buried, maybe I ought to just ignore you, but I won’t.

    I sincerely doubt these are “stylish and classy democrats,” but your fellow Hedrick supporters.

    The rudeness of his supporters at forums is well known and readily seen.

    As for undercutting any party, I thought you people weren’t about party? I thought you were about the individual?

    The party is undercutting itself as more and more attempts are made to weaken it by you and your cohorts.

    I am sick of what I see coming out of the board these last few weeks and am seriously considering leaving any party membership over all of this new found vitriol coming from you all.

    Take off the rose colored glasses and blinders, David. You have not a thing but work to tear the party apart along with your fellow Ron Paulies.

    You may take over the party, but in the process, you will destroy it and any quality people will leave you behind.

  47. BWAHAHAHAHAHA, David, WashingtonStatePolls that only polls within its own database of people?

    Even you cannot be that ignorant.

    You people pulled this nonsense over Ron Paul in 2008 and it got you nowhere. And now, you think it will work this time?

    As for David not coming to an obviously biased forum, yes, how terrible for him to keep his word and honor his commitment to people that truly desire to hear him.

    Only you people would think your little Ron Paul group is more important than the entire 3rd Congressional District.

    You and Hedrick trying to fall back on Reagan is sickening. You aren’t even qualified to lick his shoes.

  48. The Great Trojan Elephant

    At first it all seemed so right… we worked so hard with money, lawn signs and phone calls to elect Jaime Herrera as our Congresswoman, but then slowly… ever so slowly we started to question if she was deserting her Tea Party roots.

    On July 29, 2011 Rep Jaime Herrera voted for the “Boehner” plan which would increase our national debt by one trillion dollars in 6 months. A few days later she voted for a worse version which increases our national debt seven to eight trillion dollars in ten years and this is without the “emergencies” of unknown wars, bailouts and stimulus. Now Boehner is coming to Vancouver to help her raise campaign funds for siding with big government republicans.

    The most important vote of her career and Ms. Herrera has sided with Nancy Pelosi to do exactly what she promised not to do. Local tea party conservatives feel they have been given a hernia transplant. Three days later The Columbian newspaper declared that Ms Herrera was a budget hawk on the front page headline which is a complete contradiction to her vote! Now you can grasp the enormity of the problem

    Trojan Republicans Threaten American Dream

    The American dream is threatened… not by Democrats but by Trojan Republicans who talk about the perils of more government spending… this, as they vote to raise the debt ceiling. They quote our Founding Fathers but fail to heed their advice. They refer often to the constitution but ignore its provisions.

    Greater numbers of people depend upon government for their very existence. Working the system is becoming more attractive than work. Everyone who reads these words knows you cannot spend your way into prosperity by accumulating debt.

    America’s Spending Addiction

    Our spending addiction will collapse the place we call our home… it’s like termites eating away at the structural elements… it eventually falls down. Before our sad eyes we are watching history unfold as the growth of government is becoming all consuming. Environmental restrictions, public service unions, open borders, debt, frivolous lawsuits, unfunded entitlements, deteriorating schools and the destruction of family values have rendered the United States impotent.

    The politically strong prosper and the rest suffer at their expense. It only takes a profound grasp of the obvious to understand why stalwart corporations like Maytag, Hershey, Tyco, Ingersol Rand, Halliburton and thousands of others have recently moved most of their production out of this country. Look around your home… most everything you see is not made in America; it wasn’t that way two generations ago. How can you create meaningful jobs out of thin air? No amount of “stimulus (debt)” will accomplish this.

    Prichard, Alabama Goes Bankrupt

    Anyone who thinks spending will create prosperity needs to look at the city of Prichard, Alabama. They recently filed bankruptcy and now pay all the retired city employees one third of what was promised. When a city or government runs out of money and options they first have to provide necessary services like garbage, police, fire, etc. Promises and pensions are last on the list. This is a microcosm of what we face; cities, states and yes… the great United States of America.

    It is a trap to vote for the lesser of two evils. Many local Republicans believe it is wrong to not support Jaime Herrera. But “Who is more dangerous, an enemy across the battle line or an operative in your midst? A decade ago when Republicans had control of the house, senate and white house… why was a balanced budget amendment not passed? The answer is simply the Republican Party does not want one but they may change their mind if enough people like you and I will not tolerate waffling.

    Hard working Americans are rarely capable of seeing thru a politician’s rhetorical word salad. We are outraged when our chosen ones, who promise to drain the swamp, move into it. When tax and spend Republicans hide in the belly of a Trojan elephant our fate is written on the pages of history; especially if we don’t perform an emergency “C” section.

    Sid Sutherland……Brush Prairie, WA

  49. Your first mistake, Sid, was thinking Jaime was Tea Party. She was far from it on day one and was groomed by the Bellevue Mafia (establishment RINO GOP) to be their voice in D.C.

    Her strong support of pro-SEIU legislation in Olympia and vagueness on positions should have been noticed, but too few did and when some of us tried to point it out, were bashed and attacked and labeled liars.

    You get what you vote for.

    We tried to give warning and were ignored.


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