Clark County to Host 2010 Washington State Republican Convention

by lewwaters

Clark County to Host 2010 Washington State Republican Convention

The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) has selected Clark County as the site for the 2010 Republican State Convention. The Clark County Republican Party and the Southwest Washington Convention and Visitors Bureau announced on Tuesday that the Convention is coming to Vancouver next year.

“We are thrilled,” said Ryan Hart, Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party.

“This is really big. Not just for the local Republican Party, but for all of Clark County,” Hart said. The 2010 Convention is expected to be the largest convention ever held in Vancouver.

This is also the first time in history the Washington State Republican Party has held its Convention in Vancouver.

Hart said he has wanted to see Vancouver host the convention for more than a decade. “In 1998 I attended a State Convention in Kennewick, and that’s when I first thought, ‘why not Vancouver?'” He said.

Earlier this year, Hart began working with Republican State Committeeman, Brent Boger, and the Southwest Washington Convention and Visitors Bureau to put together a formal bid for the 2010 Convention. A final bid was submitted to the State Party by the Clark County Republican Party and Convention Bureau last week. The WSRP Event Site Selection Committee voted unanimously to award Clark County as the Convention site.

“This is a first for Clark County, the City of Vancouver, and the Clark County Republican Party,” Hart said. “I want to thank Rosemary Cooke of the Convention Bureau for helping us land this history-making event”

Clark County has not hosted such a convention since back in 1978, Hart learned.

The Convention dates are June 10 – 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Clark County to Host 2010 Washington State Republican Convention”

  1. Why are we the part of no? Are there no problems to solve?
    Why do most republicans vote against job programs? Do we have plenty? Hardly.
    Why do republicans vote against unemployment benefits? Do we need them?
    Why did republicans vote against health care reform? It is needed!
    Why are oour leaders now lying about bank regulation? 70% of us believe it is necessary.
    We are not going to win anything back by being against everything and working to correct nothing. We seem to be the party of the corporation rather than the party of the people.
    Finally, our party made the current mess and we all know it–do you really believe you can blame it on the other guys? Why don’t we start trying to correct problems and once again become the republican party rather than the nut party.

  2. We? Nice try, but I can smell a liberal poseur a mile away.

    Are you under the delusion of your Democrats going along with and helping President Bush with every effort he tried? I could write books about all the no from your side.

    Funny thing about unemployment benefits, what about jobs? Wouldn’t seeing more private sector jobs created benefit everybody more? If everybody is paid out of the treasury, who will there be to pay into it?

    Why did your side block every effort at bi-partisanship in healthcare reform and if it is truly needed, why must it be taken over and regulated by over 2400 pages of legislation that still no one knows what all is in it?

    Where was the cooperation in 2003 and 2005 when Republicans were trying to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Why were your Democrats claiming no problem existed? Where was the cooperation in reforming Social Security so it would remain solvent from your liberals? Did you not see that this year, for the first time, more was paid out than was paid in?

    But, you are correct on winning. You Democrats are going be thrown out of office, unless you succeed in amnesty for millions of illegals in hopes they vote your way.

    And once again, you are right, you Democrats did create the bulk of this mess. Too bad your leaders won’t admit their part and instead try to impose more Soviet Style Socialism upon us.

    Don’t bother coming back trying to imitate a Republican or a conservative, you fail on all counts.

    Very pitiful effort. My grandson could have done better.

    You fool no one but yourself.


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