Meet Charlie Stemper

by lewwaters

NOTE: The following is not an endorsement of Mr. Stemper at this time. I post this to let readers know he is running for Mayor of Vancouver and how they may contact him to find out more about him.

Meet Charlie Stemper

Who is Charlie Stemper? First and Foremost, I am not a Power Hungry Career Politician. I am like you a Concerned Citizen who would like to return to you, the people of Vancouver, a voice in how our city is run. I also want all citizens to have a voice in how and why taxes levied and how and why they are spent.

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Although the draft had ended, I did, upon graduating from high school join the United States Army because I felt obligated to serve my country. After completing my tour of duty where I specialized in financing, I was employed by United Airlines where I began a 35-year career in United’s Customer Services Department. In the late ‘60’s United Air Lines transferred me to San Francisco. While in the San Francisco area and employed by United Airlines, I decided to further my education. In my off duty hours I attended San Mateo Community College and San Jose State. Rising through the Ranks of United Airlines Customer Service Department, I was in 1989 transferred to United’s Hub in Portland, Oregon where I served as Customer Service Director. I retired from United Airlines 1997.

Upon arriving in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my wife, Donna and I settled in Vancouver where I became active a community member. Currently I am the president of the Marion Neighborhood Association, President of the United Airlines Retirees (Portland/Vancouver Chapter) and an active member and officer of the Knights of Columbus of the Holy Redeemer Parish in Vancouver. I have served on the Mill Plain Safety Corridor Steering Committee, helped host Neighborhood Associations’ Light Rail Forums, and frequently testify at the Library Board of Trustees, Park and Recreation Committee and Vancouver City Council Meetings.

Why am I running for Mayor? I am concerned that many of Vancouver’s Citizens are, at the expense of Downtown Redevelopment being taxed out of their homes. To correct this injustice I will when elected work hard to:

· End the expensive current City Council “Portland Envy Syndrome”,
· Eliminate negotiated contracting and return to the open bid process,
· Put a stop to Smoke Filled Backroom deals that “gives away”, to developers, publicly owned property.
· Use some of your hard earned tax dollars to maintain and develop neglecting areas of the city that are outside the “Down Town” area.
· Reduce taxes
· Prioritize Spending and Balance the Budget.

“To achieve our goals and objectives I will need your vote and financial support”

· Please Contact me with your questions, issues and concerns
· I am available to speak to you, your group or organization
Contact me at

360 823 9202 or

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