AG McKenna Endorses David Castillo For 3rd District

by lewwaters

Received from the Castillo campaign today:


Olympia, WA – Congressional candidate David Castillo received a key endorsement in his effort to win a seat in the US Congress. Attorney General Rob McKenna, the highest-ranking Republican elected official in Washington, announced his support of Castillo today.

“David Castillo will be a new voice for Washington who will bring fresh ideas and real world experience to Washington, DC,” McKenna stated. “I know that he will be a tireless advocate and leader for the 3rd Congressional district and for Washington State.”

Castillo currently works as a financial advisor and is excited about McKenna’s endorsement. “Rob McKenna is a remarkable leader who has shown us how to lead,” said Castillo. “I am extremely proud to have his support and will certainly rely on him for advice as our campaign moves forward.”

McKenna is serving his second term as Washington State’s Attorney General.

Castillo lives in Olympia with his wife Callie and their three year old son. The seat is currently held by Brian Baird.

David Castillo is the first Republican candidate that could be a serious challenge to current 3rd District Representative, Brian Baird.

Baird is noted for his advocacy of a “72-hour rule,” giving 72 hours for review andstudy of important legislation before voting on it. However, he has twice failed to heed his own advice by voting for the Stimulus Bill and the Cap & Trade Bill, without reading, studying or fully understanding what is in those bills.

I invite all to give David Castillo serious consideration in replacing Brian Baird and giving us someone who will actually represent us in Washington D.C.

Please visit Castillo for Congress

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