Charlie Stemper says, “You Decide.”

by lewwaters

Received in email from candidate for Vancouver Mayor, Charlie Stemper,

For the Overburdened Taxpayers of Vancouver Washington
July 7, 2009
You Decide

In the July issue of the Arnada Neighborhood Association newsletter, Tim Leavitt, candidate for Mayor of Vancouver gave some interesting answers to questions asked. Tim is in my Opinion a reasonable Clone of Mayor Pollard who has over the past six years voted in Lockstep with Mayor Pollards Tax and Spend policies.

In reading the newsletter I found his responses consistent with the past and current wasteful spending of your hard earned tax dollars.

At one point, he recommended that if the neighbors were compassionate about issues they should work together to make their voices heard, especially Light Rail Alignment. I find it interesting he, as an ardent supporter of light rail, only mentioned light rail alignment. He did not offer advice to those who are anti-light rail. Which reminds me that at one of the neighborhood light rail forums he told us that local tax payer funds would not be needed to bring light rail to Vancouver, because the Feds had 750,000 dollars set aside for that project or words to that effect.

In response to a question concerning the loss of the Neighborhood Transportation Safety Alliance he mentioned that some of his priorities were traffic safety, sidewalks, pot hole repairs and neighborhood police officers. He went on to say the voters need to have the opportunity to vote parks and recreation, capital development and construction of fire stations. Although he noted that the city does not have the funds to support those projects, he responded in response to a question, how do we get funding to support these programs, INCREASE PROPERTY TAXES AND PRIORITIZING SERVICES.

There was no mention of eliminating wasteful spending such as the Hilton hotel, the Highway 14 Bridge to nowhere, the new downtown library parking garage, and 30 billion dollar Boise Cascade floodplain fiasco.

Answering a question regarding how business is done in Vancouver, behind closed doors, Leavitt said he did not disagree that business could be done differently, nor did he say he would, if elected, eliminate the backroom deals.

And last but not least, when asked where he would get the money to support programs such as the Fourth Plain Redevelopment, he responded with typical political double-speak, a dedicated revenue source, better known as more and higher taxes.

Having closely followed the mayor’s tax and spend polices over the past 16 years, Leavitt has learned well from his mentor over the past six years. If either he or the current mayor is elected it will be business as usual.

We can’t let that happen, that is why I urge you to vote for me Charlie Stemper to be you next mayor. Together we can make the changes that will return your city to you.

I urge all Vancouver residents to pay close attention to the Mayor’s race this time around. Listen closely to all 3 candidates.

There is an upcoming public forum featuring all 3 together, speaking their positions an ideas to improve Vancouver and the quality of life. I will post a more definite post on it as it becomes confirmed.

Mayor Pollard’s record speaks for itself, as does the condition of the city’s economy.

That leaves two candidates, Tim Leavitt and Charlie Stemper.

Vancouver is in serious economic woes, as are many communities. We are going to need a strong leader and someone willing to make hard choices to pull us out.

I urge you to listen to these candidates and vote accordingly.

2 Comments to “Charlie Stemper says, “You Decide.””

  1. Take a look as to who is supporting Mayor Pollard [7/20/2009]:
    U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Congressman Brian Baird, D-Vancouver.
    In contrast, Leavitt introduced Republican Dino Rossi at his final appearance in Clark County the weekend before the 2008 election.

  2. Sorry, hun, but this race isn’t only between Pollard and Leavitt. Granted, they are in the most favored position and that is why I agreed to post some of Charlie’s words here.

    I can’t vote for the mayor since I live in the county and I don’t endorse any of the 3, but think all 3 deserve to be heard.

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