Jon Russell Files To Oppose Baird In 3rd District

by lewwaters

Jon Russell Clark Counties own Jon Russell has thrown his hat in the ring seeking to unseat incumbent Democrat, Brian Baird for Washington’s Third Congressional District, alongside Centralia’s David Castillo.

Russell is well known in Clark County as a former leader of the evangelical Faith & Freedom Network and as Council Member on the Washougal City Council. In 2004 he served as the Southwest Washington campaign director for the State House Republicans’ political committee.

Russell’s Campaign Site lists him as,

a City Councilman and small business owner, an innovator in health care reform and most importantly, a husband and father of two girls.”

Together with his wife, Sarah, they are the owners of Columbia Gorge Medical Center, an urgent and family care clinic established in Washougal in 2008. The About Us page claims,

CGMC was founded on a belief that everyone should have access to affordable basic healthcare.”

In Russell’s Announcement page on his campaign website, he states,

This is a day that has taken a lifetime of preparation and months of planning. I look forward to meeting voters on the campaign trail and making the case for new representation for Southwest Washington. I represent a new generation of reformers who are fed up with career politicians in Congress because they suffer from a lack of vision and the will to do the right thing for the people. I am running for congress to represent the ideas and hard work of everyday people; I believe we can balance the federal budget, American companies should be allowed to develop alternative and independent energy sources, we can find a way to make healthcare work for everyone through non-profit and private sector solutions.”

He also states, in part,

I come from a middle class family. My father was a Teamster truck driver, and my mom worked as an occupational therapist assistant. Growing up, my parents were very clear that I would have to make my own way through life and not to rely on them or the government for help. I had to financially pay my own way through college, working in lumber mills and distribution factories. I have had to work even harder to own my business,”

much like the background expressed by fellow GOP challenger, David Castillo.

It is not surprising that incumbent Representative Brian Baird is facing two such challengers, as his congressional performance has been dismal of late, alienating many constituents within Washington States Third District from both sides of the aisle.

Clark County Conservative has discussed his poor performance HERE and HERE.

Upon announcing his candidacy, Russell began coming under fire from leftist media like the Olympian who lead their story claiming, “a history of opposing gay rights” and also from the far left Northwest Progressive Institute who call Russell “virulently anti-gay.”

Such is the “intolerance” of the “tolerant” leftist as they continue in their smear tactics.

While the primaries and even the actual election are still far off, those of us who are fed up with Brian Baird’s selling out the 3rd District and taking lavish vacations on our dime to places as the Galapagos Islands, claiming to be “learning about climate change, ocean acidification, El Nino, maritime reserves protection and research,” have a choice now.

Castillo is better known in the north end of the district, Russell in the southern end. Both have humble backgrounds.

Only one will face off against Baird and that is the choice we voters must make.

Castillo has won the endorsement of State Attorney General, Rob McKenna as well as Republicans, Senator Dan Swecker and Representatives Gary Alexander and Richard DeBolt.

I am unable to find any endorsement announcements for Russell, but his campaign is just getting off the ground and either he or his supporters are more than welcome to let us know of any.

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