Traditional Marriage Foes Try To Intimidate Washington Voters

by lewwaters

A group has sprung up in our state calling themselves and whose sole purpose appears to be intimidating people who may disagree with the recent Domestic Partnership law passed by our legislature.

Citizens in disagreement with the passage of SB 5688 exercised their rights by beginning a petition to place the matter before voters statewide and not just the legislature.

Referendum 71 was required to obtain just over 120,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot and supporters claim to have gathered 130,000 signatures.

As could be expected, groups opposed to R-71 have sprung up utilizing their rights to lobby against the effort by forming an argument against it, not by proposing intimidation.

The official campaign opposing R-71 does not support this effort at citizen intimidation.

This fringe group, claims on their website,

What we are doing

Once signature petitions for initiatives and referenda are submitted and verified by the Secretary of State they are part of the public record. When signatures for Referendum 71 have been verified WhoSigned.Org will:

· Work to make this public record signature information accessible and searchable on the internet.
· Flag the 3% signature sample that is certified by the Elections Division of the Secretary of State.
· Provide Washington State Voters with a way to check that the public record of their advocacy is
· Provide Washington State Voters with a way of reporting when their signature has been recorded
either fraudulently or in error.

As has become the norm with fringe leftist groups, knowing following proper procedures all too often fails their agenda, intimidation becomes their next step.

While they try to hide their true intent with words as seen above, they really desire to expose citizens who disagree with their agenda and subject them to possible harassment, if they are persons of note.

It is obvious this group fears a similar outcome as we saw in California’s Proposition 8 as California citizens overwhelmingly voted to overturn their same-sex marriage law imposed by the legislature, not the voters.

To date, no state passing same-sex marriage has done so by a vote of the people, only by Judicial Decree or state legislatures caving in to a small minority.

Where was this group as hundreds of fraudulent votes turned up to propel Christine Gregoire in the governorship in 2004?

Do you really think they would want the signatures of voters who signed a petition to grant same-sex marriage made public and subject them to possible harassment or boycotts?

We must stand up to the intimidation tactics employed by and preserve our Representative Republic.

While I disagree with those groups who oppose Referendum 71, I applaud their distancing themselves from this fringe group and opposing the initiative by the proper and legal methods.

15 Responses to “Traditional Marriage Foes Try To Intimidate Washington Voters”

  1. I live in a state where people have claimed to have gathered signatures to “allow” a vote on my family’s well-being and DUE civil rights. This potential crime against my family is being orchestrated Gary Randall and Larry Stickney. These men better leave my family alone.

    If these men experienced us working tirelessly to prevent them from seeing their dying wives in a hospital, or from their spouses’ right to keep their husband’s pension, or any other of the injustices we face, I think these men would feel 100% justified in using violence to protect and defend their family’s well-being, mental health, and safety from a government over-stepping its bounds – along with fighting for what everyone else gets handed to them like candy: marriage certificates.

    I’ve been accused of being a bully, of sinking to their level, or using intimidation, fear, violence, etc. to “win” my rights – to those people, politely – F. YOU.

    Gary Randall and Larry Stickney are the BULLIES; I am defending myself. Unlike Carl Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera, children whom had limited ways to self-defend themselves from bullies, as an adult I can and will defend myself in a country that is hell-bent on hurting my family.


  2. Well, John, that was quite a statement. I haven’t seen any threats against you or efforts at bullying you, just citizens exercising their rights under the constitution. Yes, John, we have rights too, believe it or not.

    It has yet to be seen if the signatures gathered are sufficient, given there will undoubtedly be efforts at disqualifying as many as possible. But if the signatures are verified, it goes on the ballot for all of the citizens of Washington State to vote on.

    That is due process under our constitution, like it or not.

    Are you afraid that the majority won’t give in to your bullying tactics?

    What bullying tactics, you say? How about It Is Time For Violence Against Property?

    I have seen no one calling for any violence against Gays or their property and quite frankly, would not only distance myself from those who did, but would report them for such threats.

    I guess that is one of the differences between us.

    By the way, John, you say you have a “CIVIL RIGHT to marry the person I love.”

    Could you point out where such a “right” is written for anyone?

    I doubt you think much of the Bible, no problem there with me. But, if you researched Biblical Times, love was not a reason for marriages. They were prearranged by parents for their children.

    Love is a later addition and quite frankly, hasn’t done too well in keeping marriages together, has it?

    Unknown to you, John, but many of us “breeders” were in full support of Civil Unions to grant Gays rights of inheritance and medical decisions. California’s Supreme Court, at the behest of Gays there, ended our support when CU’s were twisted to equate marriage and made the law by them.

    As you know and I’m sure disagree with, Proposition 8 ended that.

    I find it curious that you cry about PTSD because you can’t have your way, especially considering I am a Viet Nam Veteran diagnosed with some symptoms, but will not file for SSI for a variety of reasons.

    I also don’t feel like calling for violence against anybody or their property, as you do.

    Did it ever occur to you that a statewide vote against the Domestic Partnership Law might fail? Or, are you so insecure in your ‘gayness’ that you don’t want to give it a chance?

    You didn’t ask but I’ll say it anyway. The reasons I don’t support same sex marriage is;

    1) What benefit is it to all of society to have such a radical change to the traditional definition of one-man one-woman marriage?

    Does it not occur to you that others are sitting on the sidelines waiting for their chance to cry discrimination if they don’t get their way?

    Shouldn’t such a radical change be of benefit to more than a small percentage of citizens?

    2) Once that definition is removed, where does the line get redrawn and charges of discrimination not ensue? Do we allow and legalize incest, polygamy, beastiality, pedophilia and such?

    I realize you most likely do not agree with any of those, but will they not also be able to begin campaigning for their “CIVIL RIGHTS” as well?

    You are advocating opening a can of worms you will not be able to close, John.

    Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with religion but with society itself. You don’t want to see it, but that is how you would hurt society, which already has more problems than it should be dealing with, don’t you think?

    I can understand you anger but feel it is misplaced. You all should have stuck with the Civil Unions when you had the support. After all, that would have satisfied claims you all were making on what you wanted.

    I have no idea if Gary Randall or Larry Stickney really are bullies or not. Standing up for what you believe isn’t bullying anybody.

    I don’t even see you as a bully. Hard to believe I’m sure, but I don’t.

    What I do see is just another whiney bitch.

    P.S. Although you did not directly call for violence against my person or my family, but possibly my property, I can list .357 reasons for you to reconsider. You see, I’ll defend myself too, John.

  3. Lew,

    You have responded quite well against this misguided individual. This moron does not seem to relize he has the same rights as we do in Marrying someone of the opposite sex. John your threats of violence against all of us that continue to support marriage between one man and one woman, would not be wise because we all know how to defend our selves against idiots like you! Oh and by the way I know Gary Randall very well and he is one great man!

  4. Washington law is very clear. If you sign an initiative or referendum, your signature is a matter of public record, and it is permissible for people to access those records and publish your name. If you have the courage to sign, it shouldn’t be a problem to have your name published.

    Is it intimidation if those affected by the proposal decide to boycott your business because of your choice to sign the petition? Nope. People have the right to take their business elsewhere if they don’t agree with you. Is it intimidation if they call you names on their blogs? Nope. (It may be childish, but it isn’t intimidation.) It’s just part of the democratic process, messy as it may be.

    Threats of physical violence are another matter of course. But if signers of R-71 think they can just quietly attempt to change the law of Washington State without being noticed or named, they should think again. And if they’re proud of their choice to sign, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    On the other hand, since many signature gatherers have employed deceptive techniques to get people to sign on (such as misstating the purpose of the referendum), there will no doubt be people who realize they signed the referendum by mistake, and will vote against it – if it even makes it to the ballot.

  5. More threats and intimidation, ba?

    As usual, your side engages in intimidation and subterfuge to impose your view on all. Seems in history others did that too and didn’t fair very well.

    Should we just end the secret ballot as well? Intimidate those who don’t vote according to the mandate of a minority?

    What I find most laughable in your quip is, “since many signature gatherers have employed deceptive techniques to get people to sign on (such as misstating the purpose of the referendum), there will no doubt be people who realize they signed the referendum by mistake, and will vote against it – if it even makes it to the ballot.”

    If this is actually your belief, why all the intimidation tactics? Your own words and tactics betray your intent.

    Sorry, but your communist tactics aren’t working as well as you desire.

    Don’t cry about protection under the law when you and your cronies seek to circumvent those same laws.

    I’ll leave you with the same question I keep asking and remains unanswered. Should the traditional definition of marriage, one man to one woman, be removed, where do you draw the line again and not be accused of discrimination by others who also demand their lifestyle be granted normalcy?

  6. Uhhh…FUCK the majority.

    You cause us suffering . Period.

    We cause you NONE.

    Can of worms already opened, my friends. YES, in civil right struggles there has always been blood, deaths, arson, and more. You hold tightly onto your gun and I will do the same.

  7. More threats, John?

    The damage you stand to cause is immeasurable. You just don’t want to see or admit it.

    You are so blinded by hatred of us “breeders” that you can’t even see you already have the same rights I have and are asking for a special right.

    People like you give the majority of decent hard working Gays a very bad name and are the reson why most people vote against your agenda.

    You got your nose in the tent, but we can see the unslightly derriere.

    Get psychiatric help before your hatred eats you alive.

  8. No threats, just a realistic prediction that more violence WILL occur since government and church have BOTH over-stepped their bounds.

    And get in line – my husband is also a Vietnam Vet, as are many older gay men from that generation. I don’t predict that specific individuals will be targets for violence, but I do predict that churchs who donate money and come out against our family’s safety will be targets nationally, as well as the governmental institutions that enable these “votes” on our civil rights.

    Do you REALLY think ALL gays in our country will continue sitting back while their family suffers? That’s rich.

    LOL- your WA state tax dollars are paying for my food, rent, health care costs, and medications, for starters. THANK YOU, and keep on filing taxes!

    The only “hate” I have is hatred for the actions of ‘christian’ terrorists and bullies who try to limit or deny my DUE civil rights. But my anger management “psychiatric help” is being paid for by WA state taxpayers, so again – THANKS! At least there is SOME justice in the U.S.A.

  9. Poor widdle johnny. You are so consumed with hatred, mostly of yourself, that you cannot even see no one cares what you shove up your rectum or with whom.

    It is when you decide you have the right to force it down others throats (no pun intended) in a forced acceptance, which will open a pandora’s box, that we object.

    You cry about you “suffering,” but have no regard for the suffering you will impose upon others by redefining long held norms that have worked.

    Live any lifestyle you wish, I couldn’t care less. Just don’t expect others to embrace it or you.

    If you qualify for tax assitance, so what? Again, who cares?

    If you are already in anger management, I suggest a new counselor. It isn’t working.

    And again, you already have the same exact “civil rights” I do already. You want a “special right.”


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