Vancouver’s Mayoral Forum, July 28, 2009

by lewwaters


As scheduled, the Clark County Republican Party hosted a forum this evening featuring all 3 of Vancouver’s Mayor candidates, Incumbent Royce Pollard, Council member Tim Leavitt and challenger Charlie Stemper.

Over 30 questions were submitted to Party Chair, Ryan Hart. The full list of questions was submitted to all 3 candidates with each candidate allowed to choose 3 questions they favored.

Each then gave answers to 9 questions in all, 6 of which were favored by the other 2 candidates.

Questions ranged from the decaying condition of downtown to proposed tolls on bridges to pay for construction of a new I-5 bridge to include light rail.

Leavitt and Stemper both are opposed to tolls while Pollard advocates adding tolls of some amount. At one point, Mayor Pollard expressed that “tolls were the way of the future.”

I found Stemper and Leavitt both composed and respectful while Pollard performed his usual antics of shaking his head, rolling his eyes and other displays of disagreement when the other 2 spoke, particularly Charlie Stemper.

I find that a distasteful way for a sitting Mayor to act towards those running against him in an election.

It was worried that turn-out would be slight due to triple digit temperatures, but attendance exceeded 80 people who all sat through the forum listening to the candidates.

Members of both parties were in attendance to hear what they said and the Clark GOP made bottled water available to help with the heat.

Ryan Hart opened the forum with announcements of upcoming events, and then turned the forum over to the moderator panel consisting of Ann Donnelly, Karen Washabaugh and Camas attorney, Shawn McPherson.

CVTV was present taping the event, which is scheduled to air Thursday, July 30 at 4:45 PM on channel 23.

Be sure to tune in if you can or view afterwards and see how the candidates did.

Above all, be sure to vote in the August 18 Primary and again on November 3.

Our government is no better than those we vote in. Be an informed voter and know who or what you are voting for.

6 Responses to “Vancouver’s Mayoral Forum, July 28, 2009”

  1. Either Stemper or Leavitt will be getting our votes. Neither of us would vote for Pollard under ANY circumstances.

  2. Thanks so much for the summary, Lou. I knew you would have something about it on your blog. I had attended the mayoral forum last Thursday, but could not get myself out of an airconditioned house to make another go at it last night. 80 persons is a great turnout, considering.

    I will be watching the CCTV broadcast. Sounds like the questioning format last night allowed for a broader range of topics.

  3. I totally understand your staying home in air conditioning, Jane. It was difficult for me to go there 2 hours early to help set it up. Fortunately, the PUD Community Room is air conditioned and we took full advantage of it last night.

    In all it was a very good forum with some good questions and answers. If you miss tomorrows broadcast, you might also be able to view it online afterwards.

    I would encourage everyone, regardless of party, to watch the broadcast and then vote according to their view.

    In all I think Tim Leavitt came across the best, but his voting record is troublesome to many. Charlie Stemper was nervous and Pollard was just arrogant.

    But that’s my perception. Everyone voting will have to form their own.


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